The magic of the new moon for money, wealth, good luck

A new moon is the phase of the moon at which it is between the earth and the sun. During this period, a new lunar month begins, but the moon is not yet visible in the sky, since it faces the Earth with its dark side.

Astrologers pay close attention to this time, give a lot of tips and advice on what to do on the new moon.

New moon in zodiac signs

Like other lunar days, the new moon happens in different signs of the zodiac:

  • in Aries - quick decisive action, rejection of doubts, recommended
  • in Taurus - a good time for shopping,
  • in Gemini - the right time to start training, advanced training,
  • in Cancer - a good period for gardening, strengthening family relationships,
  • in Leo - a good time to purchase jewelry,
  • in Virgo - you should refrain from spending money,
  • in Libra - you can devote this day to cosmetic and wellness treatments,
  • in Scorpio - the likelihood of social upheaval, sudden changes, transformations,
  • in Sagittarius - the period of obtaining important information,
  • in Capricorn - a favorable moment for conversations with superiors,
  • in Aquarius - a time of strengthening friendships,
  • in Pisces - a period of creativity, inspiration, relaxation by the river, pond, lake.

A common mistake is to consider a new moon a time when a thin moon sickle is visible in the sky. It is impossible to make out the new moon with the naked eye, since the old moon has already disappeared from the horizon, and the new one is not yet visible.

Therefore, wondering how to determine the new moon, it is better not to guess, but to use the lunar calendar, compiled for a particular locality, taking into account the time difference.

How does a new moon affect a person?

It is known that the phases of the moon have a direct effect on the state of mental and physical health of a person.

What happens to people on the new moon:

  • immunity decreases
  • there is a breakdown
  • causeless anguish, depression, depression
  • irritability aggravates,
  • mental exhaustion is felt
  • there is a feeling of indifference to what is happening, apathy,
  • the nervous, cardiovascular system is in tension.

In this case, the effects of the new moon, people feel differently. Persons with a strong stable psyche may not even notice the features of this period of time. Individuals with a shaken nervous system, low immunity, very keenly perceive all the costs of the arrival of the new moon.

Basic Rules

Astrologers recommend that you follow a few rules that will help smooth out sharp corners when there is a new moon:

  • Do not overload yourself with physical work,
  • refuse contact with suspicious people,
  • drink plenty of water (due to the fact that the elimination of fluids from the body is accelerated),
  • arrange a fasting day, do not overeat,
  • limit your stay in society, spend as much time as possible in solitude.

It is better to refuse to start new business and make important decisions at the new moon.

Why do magical practices work with the rising moon

The universe exists in accordance with strict, well-known laws. Moreover, they are interpreted in different ways. Mages are confident that the planetary system is a living organism. Earth smothers, feels, thinks, makes decisions. Only her inner world is different from the human. Inhale-exhale are outlined by lunar cycles. A satellite is growing - the energy of the planet is increasing, decreasing - degrading, decreasing.

These waves affect all space, every object on Earth. They are saddled by knowledgeable people, flying to their goal with minimal effort. Everything is quite simple. It is necessary to make a witching action in time. Then the lunar energy of the planet will work for the performer of the ritual. Moreover, magic minimally depends on faith in its reality, effectiveness. Although the latter will enhance the effectiveness of fortification.

Hint: on a new moon it’s good to bring what you want into your life. Letting go, reporting damage, cleaning should be in the opposite phase.

Simoron ritual

To fulfill a cherished desire, you need to brew a potion. They put a pot of water on the fire, they tell their desire on the water, imagining it is as if it has already come true or will come true very soon. After boiling, seasonings, salt, bay leaf, greens are added to the pan.

On the resulting water, you need to cook soup, borsch or any other dish. During the meal, you need to repeat your desire out loud, try not to hear it.

Ritual of wealth

In order for the new month to deliver cash profit, you can conduct a ritual with a pot and coins. Coins of different denominations are poured into the bottom of a beautiful new flower pot. They are sprinkled with earth and planted in it a houseplant.

The bore is watered, imagining how money will grow with it. This plant will become a talisman for attracting money not only for one month, but for the rest of the time while the flower is in the house.

Ritual with a wallet

For the upcoming lunar month to bring favorable financial opportunities, you need to carry out a ritual to charge your wallet with monetary energy.

To do this, take the charge from the phone, stick one end of it into the outlet, and the other into the wallet. At the same time, it is necessary to imagine that instead of the current, magical monetary energy comes to the wallet, which will not allow it to empty. The wallet can be left to charge for the whole day, or at least for several hours.

To love

Among the rituals of the new moon, young girls can choose a ceremony to attract love.

To do this, they need to take a ripe peach, divide it into two halves, then attach them back to each other and sew them with a needle and thread. At the same time, these words are pronounced:

“As the two halves merged, turned into a single whole, so let me find my love too, I’ll attract the second half into my life”

Money magic of the young moon

The energy of money is capricious and incredibly volatile. She envelops some from head to toe, and even does not come close to some. It is difficult to hold it in your hands, but it is possible if you use the conspiracy for money in the near new moon.

The most powerful and effective rites and rituals will not work if you do not prepare for magical actions. Money loves comfort. To attract them you need to fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Before you read the conspiracy for money on the new moon, you need to clean. Wash windows, doors and floors, clean toilets and sinks, wipe off dust from all objects and properly ventilate the room. You can add a pinch of salt to the water, it will absorb the negative.
  • Clear housing of possible entities. This can be done with a church candle or dry wormwood. A candle is lit and bypassed all rooms, wormwood is laid on a pallet, slightly sprayed with water and also set on fire. It should smoke, not burn. This weed perfectly cleanses the house of negative energy.
  • Pick up a small bell and go around the house, filling it with a jingle. These vibrations will attract money energy.

After all the preparations, you can safely proceed to the monetary ritual, attracting wealth and luring luck.

Mental magic

Lunar rites can be performed by the power of thought. External attributes are required by the brain. During the ritual, a person changes his consciousness. This can be done in a different way. It is not necessary to embody old techniques. Today there are more effective ones - mental ones. They work on confidence, the thoughts of the magician. You only need to be able to connect to the wave of the breath of the earth.

Consider the simplest method. He is well known, brought a lot of positive results:

  1. A thought form of the desired state of well-being is created. It can be supported by a collage, pattern, list.
  2. On the night of the new moon, you should remain alone, concentrate on the mental image. The mental form must be felt by all nature. The image should become almost real.
  3. Stand up, holding the form in front of you. Perform a sharp action (stamp your foot, bounce, shout, break a jar or plate).
  4. Confidently say: “So be it!”.
  5. Hide the collage (if one was used).
  6. Forget about the magical action.

Attention: it will work for sure if you can distract yourself. It is better to charm wealth before meeting friends, sleeping, watching a positive film. Be sure to switch, push the desired target into the background.

Rules for applying money magic

The new moon is the most powerful time for most rites of white magic. In order for any rituals to be valid, the person who uses them should not forget about the rules.

For a successful impact, a conspiracy on money on a new moon is worth reading, following these recommendations:

  1. It is best to use conspiracies during the phase of the growing moon or during a full month.
  2. Keep clean throughout the home and in those places where family members spend time (place of work or suburban area).
  3. Get rid of unnecessary trash and old clothes in a timely manner.
  4. Do not keep cracked mirrors or dishes with chips and cracks in the house.
  5. When performing the rites, take into account the alternation of male and female days (if a woman reads the conspiracy to attract wealth, it is better to do this on women's days, and if a man on men's days).
  6. Strict fasting for 3 days before the ceremony.
  7. To clear as much as possible the soul and consciousness of negative emotions and thoughts.

Esotericists do not recommend the use of money magic during periods of illness, even if the body is affected by a common cold. This can lead to the fact that conspiracies will not work at full strength, or even have the opposite result.

Water conspiracy

This rite and a conspiracy for money for the growing moon begin to be performed on the first day of the new moon, when a new month appears in the sky. At midnight, a glass or transparent glass is filled with spring, well or clear river water and placed on a windowsill so that moonlight reflects in the water. The glass should stand before the full moon. During this time, water absorbs the energy of moonlight. At the full moon they begin the ceremony.

A conspiracy for money, looking at the full moon, is read in a distinct whisper:

“A bright and clear month, how thin you were and replenished again, even if my wallet gets so fat. Start-up goes into my hands and does not decrease anymore! Amen!".

The words are repeated three times, after which they are washed with the spoken water, without wiping. Water is poured out the window and go to bed. If the first time did not work out, the ritual is repeated on the next new moon.

How to make a wish in the new moon?

If you make a wish for a new moon in front of a burning candle, there is a greater chance that it will come true. You need to retire, light a candle and mentally express your dream, imagining in all details how it is being realized.

After that, you need to put out the fire and try not to remember your desire anymore so as not to interfere with its fulfillment.

What rituals are performed on the new moon?

With the help of magic, in the new moon, you can draw something new into your life, achieve positive changes in the following areas:

  • Improving your financial situation is the most common wish on this day. As the moon grows, so will cash receipts.
  • Luck. The first lunar day is the best time to make fortune more favorable to yourself, to draw luck. During this period, you can ask for the fulfillment of a cherished desire.
  • Love. You can make your husband glow with love again or intensify his longing for a lover if he is far away.
  • Pregnancy. At the new moon, pregnant girls can ask for the health of the child, safe bearing and childbirth without complications.
  • Trade. Carrying out rituals to increase sales, the emphasis should not be on getting rid of the goods, but on the growth of revenue. If you need to sell something one-time, it is better to wait for the waning month.
  • Health. It is recommended to carry out rituals to increase vitality, increase immunity. You can not read conspiracies for the treatment of cancer, the tumor may begin to grow.
  • Protection. In order to protect yourself from an attack on a physical or energy level, it is worth reading protective conspiracies every new moon.

Do not get too carried away and carry out several rituals in one day. It is better once a month, at the birth of a new moon, to improve some sphere of life.

Fortune telling is not recommended at the new moon. Any fortune-telling will be untrue, since the moon has not yet gained its strength and will not be able to help know the future.

Hexes simple and strong

Many rituals used to attract wealth are notable for their ease of execution. However, this does not affect their effectiveness and efficiency. It sometimes happens that simple rituals help to get what you want better than multi-stage complex rituals.

Features of the new moon conspiracies for money

New Moon cash rituals are a clear articulated desire sent to the universe. To make it come true, you must fulfill certain conditions:

  1. The main condition for any rite is the belief in the effectiveness of the conspiracy and the power of the moon.
  2. Rituals for wealth are carried out only on the growing moon.
  3. In rituals, various things are used that speak up and turn into an energy amulet that attracts success and wealth.
  4. It is necessary to clearly articulate and present your desire.
  5. New Moon rituals are carried out alone.
  6. I select the appropriate rite individually
  7. The result depends on the strength of the plot. On average, it appears the next day or within 2-3 weeks. If during this time the plot did not work, then it is necessary to repeat the ceremony.
  8. White magic used in rituals will not help if a person performs the ceremony with a feeling of greed or out of a desire to harm another person.
  9. If you carry out the ritual without making an effort, then the money will not appear. Persistence and decisiveness are needed, then the rites will help to achieve the desired.
  10. You can not conspire if a person has damage to lack of money or evil eye. You must first remove them.

Magical rites

Magic to attract money works in certain conditions, which are required to provide the magician. Such magical manipulations with money energy have a positive effect on the adult's life, if magic is respected. Money rituals for the New Moon is a clear message to the universe, a request that a person makes of his own free will. If you do not pay due attention to the rite, then you should not expect it to work unconditionally. To conspire objects to the full moon, you need to believe in the forces that your magician turned to for help.

For magic rituals, in-depth knowledge of ancient rituals is not required. Even a novice can carry cash rituals on the New Moon. Simple and complex clandestine actions will help break the vicious cycle of poverty, eradicate the negative poverty program and get rid of constant restrictions. The money trap will work from the first days, freeing people from stress due to lack of money. The principle of operation of such a magical attraction program is simple. A person speaks up an object, thing or amulet, turning a trinket into an “energy magnet” which attracts pure magic with its power.

Every living person, thing or non-living object is surrounded by an energy background. With the help of conspiracy magic (any attraction program), under the New Moon, money energy will begin to come into the house of a man or woman.It can not be seen or touched, but the work of forces can be felt by the results. For a person who is not afraid to seem stupid and inexperienced, for someone who studies and learns a new world, the program will work, and the full moon will only help in this. Money is only a means to any achievement, but not the ultimate goal.

The new moon is a special time for the ceremony. Money, success and wealth is attracted to a house or apartment only on the growing moon. A waning month in combination with a money ritual will not bring any results, it will also harm practice. Will make him weak and completely inert. The ritual on the New Moon is carried out in complete solitude. Excessive eyes and ears will only harm the work of the spell.

For a ceremony for money, success and wealth, special attributes will be needed that are chosen by chance. Each ritual is unique, and by performing sequential actions, a person gets a unique result. The New Moon rite and additional ancient symbols placed in the house instead of protection will strengthen the work of the rite. Experienced magicians recommend combining several rites of attraction at once.

Ritual with coins

In the proposed ritual, there is no need to read the conspiracy to raise money for the new moon. This is a strong rite of passage for wealth, which is performed without words.

Before a new moon rises in the sky, you must purchase any essential oil from a pharmacy. It can be lavender, mint, rosemary, etc.

In order to have money in the house, in the evening, when a young month appears, you need to collect all the coins that are in the house. They can not be counted!

Put the coins on the table, and add essential oil to each of them. Fold them in a “column” and wrap them in white cotton fabric. Put the package under the pillow and go to bed. Before going to bed, it’s useful to figuratively imagine how you can manage your future wealth.

In the morning, without getting out of bed, count the coins seven times. Hide one of them in the house, put the rest in your wallet. Money must be spent on the same day. Very soon, large bills will appear in their place.

What conspiracies read

Each conspiracy has its most favorable time throughout the lunar month. At the new moon, the following conspiracies will be most effective:

  • to increase wealth
  • to the beauty
  • to attract love
  • for recovery
  • for promotion
  • to increase wages.

Despite the recommendations of some magicians, it is better to refuse love spells. Such rites of the new moon belong to the category of black magic, in addition to the desired, they will bring serious problems to life, significantly worsen karma.

Rules for Reading Conspiracies on the New Moon

To hold the ceremony on the new moon correctly and not get the opposite result, you should follow a few simple rules.

  1. The purpose of reading conspiracies in the phase of the new moon should be only to attract positive, prosperity, happiness. To wish evil to anyone, even the worst enemy, to avenge themselves with rituals during this period is strictly forbidden.
  2. It is impossible to conduct rites of love spells, enslavement of the will of another person. When reading a conspiracy, in order to provoke love for a man, it is necessary that sympathy be mutual. It is not necessary to lead a man away from another woman, to destroy other people's relations on the new moon.
  3. It is not recommended to apply to the rite to those people who are under the magical influence - love spell, spoilage, evil eye. First you need to get rid of these charms so that they do not interfere with achieving the desired and do not intensify.
  4. When conducting rituals, one must necessarily believe in the power of the moon, in the power of a conspiracy, to present the result. At the slightest doubt nothing will come of it.

Appeal to the moon

It is performed on a young growing moon. For 3 consecutive days at sunset, the text of the conspiracy is repeated:

“As the king begins to give expensive gifts, so will God's servant (God's servant) (his name) from those gifts. I will not refuse, I will take a gift, I will say a word of gratitude. The ball will spin round, the damask sword will shine, gold will always ring in my pockets. I’ll go to the Tsar King naked and barefoot, I’ll bring a simple cup, I’ll bring a human cup. I won’t erase my feet in blood, I won’t work my hands in corn. The king will begin to give gifts - so I will be the first. I will say, servant of God, the word, I will do the work. I will accept wealth and I will not refuse. ”

Soon after the implementation of the magic action, new streams of money will begin to flow into the family. The financial situation will gradually begin to improve to the desired level.

How to prepare for new moon cash rituals

The money ritual for the new moon must be carefully prepared. For this:

  1. Before the start of the ritual, they stand a three-day fast and attend a church.
  2. They do a general cleaning in the house (add a teaspoon of salt to the water for washing floors), and get rid of unnecessary and excess trash in the process. They also sprinkle the walls with holy water and place small saucers in the corners with salt, which will collect the remains of negative energy.
  3. They carry out energy cleansing with incense fumigation. Amulets and runic protection are also housed around the house. Without this, it will not be possible to keep the incoming finances.
  4. They buy candles and holy water in the church.
  5. It is necessary to prepare all the attributes for the ritual in advance.
  6. The following symbols are present in rituals for money: round stones of white color, silver jewelry, photographs of money, coins and banknotes of various denominations.
  7. The energy of the moon and water are closely interconnected, therefore, water is used to carry out rituals for the new moon.
  8. It is advisable to be close to the fire during the ritual. Fire helps a person to relax and calm down, which is important for the success of the ceremony.
  9. It is very important to carry out monetary conspiracies in a calm state, without fuss and noise.

These recommendations for new moon rituals will help make the plot effective.

Attracting money to your home

Before the new moon, you need to calculate the number of corners in the apartment or house, without missing a single one. Cook as many coins of any value. At midnight, on the first day of the new moon, go outside, putting coins in a glass bowl. Moonlight should illuminate them well. Read the plot thrice:

“The young moon is prudent and smart - it’s growing itself, and it gives me money. I’ll wash myself in the moonlight, I’ll hide with money, I’ll live living and not know grief. Grow, moon, as always, grow a money cover for me! My word is strong and tenacious. ”

Return to the house and put a coin in each corner. Leave them there until the next full moon, then collect and repeat the rite.

For money

The first three days of the lunar month are a good period of rituals to attract money. The renewing lunar power increases what man desires. Especially successful will be the reading of conspiracies to attract wealth, profits, major purchases, including real estate.

Rite with a basin

Before the onset of the new moon you need to buy a basin. The ceremony is held on the growing moon.

On the young moon you need to wake up and get out of bed before sunrise. Collect clean water in the basin. You also need to prepare a clean handkerchief.

Together with the appearance of the first sun's rays, you need to wash your face with water from the basin, repeating the text of the conspiracy for money on the new moon:

“As water flows from a basin, so let money pour on me and never end. Amen".

In order for the ritual to work, the text of the spell must be known by heart. Repeat it 12 times. After pronouncing, they wipe their face and hands with a prepared handkerchief and take it with them for a month, like a talisman that attracts wealth.

Rituals and rituals for money on the new moon

Ceremonies and rituals for money on the new moon include conspiracies to the wallet, coins, banknotes, essential oils, rice, water.

Also attracted money will help the charmed talismans: stones, books, rings, coins, banknotes.

Some rituals need to be repeated.

On poppy

Before the rising moon appears in the sky, you need to go to the market and buy poppy seeds. The seller must certainly be a woman. Pay the bill, do not bargain, leave the change to the seller and leave without looking back.

To carry out the ritual you will need:

  • red candle
  • matches
  • natural black fabric (cut),
  • remnant.

When the young month rises, one hour before midnight, move the table to the window and spread the black fabric. Use a remnant to draw an even circle on it. Light a candle with matches. Pour the poppy into the center of the figure so that not a single grain falls outside the circle.

Looking at the new moon, read the plot:

“On the far side, in the deep ocean, the island is big. The earth on the island is holy, I’ll walk on it with bare feet. I will meet Mother Mary and ask for help. And I’ll come to the Lord and I’ll turn to him to give me money no less than poppy seeds sprinkled on a table. Amen!"

Repeat the plot three times, read aloud, singing. Shake the poppy out the window, put out the candle with your fingers, hide the fabric and go to sleep. The ritual will attract wealth and good fortune.

With bills

This method can be used once a month, on a new moon.

Take several bills of different denominations. They are laid out around the house in corners hidden from prying eyes: on the upper shelves, in drawers, cabinets.

Before you hide the money, you need to straighten each bill and read the plot over it.

I lay out the money for a month young, so that they would be with me, multiplied.

Keep in hiding places for three days, then collect and spend on purchases in the house (not on yourself). The new month will bring money in three times.

Darkmoon Power

The new moon and the enchanted money to attract wealth - this is what prudent people use. Carrying out rituals on the new moon to quickly raise money without preparation or thought is dangerous. The wrong rite technique or the coming month will turn the already hard life of the conspirator into a real curse. Money on the New Moon is not an easy casual profit, such material resources can become a permanent income. What needs to be done for the quick effect of the rite of attraction?

The new moon to attract money is a special time, it will help each person gain not only money, success or wealth. Magic on the day when the moon is filled with power, works thanks to the rites:

  • a strong new moon conspiracy or ritual for quick money,
  • promotion rite
  • ritual on the wallet
  • permanent money spell (monthly stable profit),
  • rite of passage for money (bills or coins).

Each practitioner magician chooses magic programs according to his own capabilities and means. Having thought over the goal to the smallest detail, the person acquires a new path. Magic only reveals its inner potential, helps to get more material benefits from work or personal affairs. Success is work and luck, and wealth is only one of its components.

The duration of the rite depends on the strength that a mage or a novice uses. Additional attributes and amulets enhance the effect of the conspiracy, but this type of magical action needs additional nourishment. Success when performing cash rites for the new moon is not always easy. If it is not possible to attract wealth in the usual ways, then effective rites on the young moon are exactly what a person needs.

Rites to attract money and strong conspiracies to the wallet will work without fail if a person believes in magic. It is impossible to carry out such magical actions for fun or out of interest. Even though these types of magic cannot seriously harm, they have the most unexpected consequences. What attraction of money will pass without complications?

People born on the new moon

Children born to the new moon, most often at an early age are painful, weak, they lack energy. But as they grow older they grow stronger, are filled with strength and health.

They are destined to live a long life if there are no malicious planets in the natal chart. Their future largely depends on how childhood passed.

Happy years spent surrounded by loving parents will lay the foundation for a successful future. The lack of love and attention in childhood will make losers, whiners, and infantile personalities born of the new moon.

The young month endow these people with activity, a passion for change, an unstable psyche, good intuition, insight. They have a rich inner world, project their worldview on the people around them, and often find it difficult to objectively assess what is happening around them.

Often in the life of those born on a new moon, various kinds of obstacles, contradictions, and temptations arise. They have to make a choice between good and evil, desire and duty, momentary whims and long-term goal.

Wanga's plot for good luck and money

The famous clairvoyant Wang left not only predictions, but also a way to attract wealth to herself. The rite proposed by her is very effective, accessible to everyone.

The ritual is performed on the growing moon for a week. The best time to perform the ritual is noon.

Standing on the street or opening a window so that the sun can be seen, a person should reach out to him and repeat the magic text three times:

“The sun is the sun, you are warm and affectionate. You walk in the sky, light all, help everyone and give everyone the good. So give me, sweetheart, your warmth, light and all good. So be it".

After casting the spell, the hands are held pressed to the chest. This body position is maintained for at least a minute. You need to repeat the ritual daily, even if the sun is not visible in the sky.

How to grow money in your closet

This interesting rite is suitable for housewives and will symbolize the landing of money on the garden. It will be necessary to monitor the "planted" money so that no one finds the money "garden".

Before the new moon rises, you need to carefully tidy up the house, especially in the closets, and prepare a few banknotes. They should not be new.

In the first minutes of the new moon, the bills must be neatly laid out in the closet - put them on the "bed" and cover with linen or clothes. Read the plot:

“So that money always grows in my house. They themselves multiplied, and were not going to run away! Amen!"

Repeat words 9 times. Sentence in a caring tone, with tenderness, and then go to sleep.

After three days, collect bills, making sure that during this time no one in the household finds them. Put money in your wallet, mixing with the rest. Spend bills as soon as possible by buying something useful for the home. This powerful ritual is performed for the well-being of the whole family, and not for oneself. Otherwise, it simply will not work.

With coins

For the ritual take 7 yellow coins and a church candle.

At midnight of the new moon, a candle is placed in the middle of the table and lit. Coins should be held in the palm of your right hand.

The plot is read 7 times to the moon.

I hold the right coin in my hand, I have exactly seven of them. I attract the power of heaven, I want to increase coins. To where there were seven of them - a hundred have arrived! Where a hundred was - a thousand became. Amen!

After the end of the ceremony, you need to leave the coins on the windowsill, and spend them in the morning.

How to prepare a ritual for the new moon?

Attraction of wealth takes place in several stages, which are enhanced by moonlight. Rituals for setting up cash flow are carried out only after a complete cleansing of the house. It is not easy to clean the house, but completely clean it from all kinds of garbage and trash. During this cleaning, the homeowner gets rid of everything that is unnecessary and long gone. Rituals for a stable income are not held if you do not clear the living space in advance.

Harvesting takes place with well-salted water. Salt is a universal remedy for negative energy that expels evil spirits.Energy cleansing involves the placement of amulets or runic protection around the house. Without additional protective measures, it will not be possible to keep the material goods entering the house. Conspiracies are not used if damage to lack of money is imposed on the owner of the house. In such situations, conspiracy magic can not cope with a strong negative program. First of all, it is important to get rid of the evil eye and only then speak up the wallet.

It’s very easy to bring prosperity to your own home, even if you haven’t previously encountered magic and rituals. Before cleaning the living space (it needs to be cleaned on the waning moon, which destroys the harmful connections and affection) it is necessary to speak salt and holy water. After the conspirator has thrown out unnecessary trash, you should sprinkle the walls of the house with water and place small saucers in the corners with salt. Conspiracies for material stability will pass without complications if all the necessary attributes are prepared in advance. The ritual for attracting money to the New Moon works from the first days, systematically improving the financial situation in family life.


It is believed that the beginning of a new lunar month is a mystical time. Some regularly check the lunar calendar when the new moon begins to plan magic rituals for this period. Also, some signs are associated with the new lunar cycle:

  • lend money - to ruin,
  • moving to a new home - to live in comfort, wealth,
  • sprinkle salt - to a quarrel with a loved one,
  • sowing seeds - to obtain a rich harvest,
  • swim in the lake - to gain good health,
  • find a coin - to increase wages,
  • receive a gift from a loved one - to strengthen relationships, a wedding,
  • to find a hole in your pocket - to financial difficulties.

Some consider signs to be simple superstitions, but they have evolved over the centuries, from people's observations of what happens in the new moon and what consequences this will lead to in the future.

With three oils

A plot for a young month for money can be read every new moon, preferably on Wednesday or Thursday. Collect as many coins of various denominations as possible. Each coin is lubricated with essential oil (mint, rosemary and cinnamon). They put the money under the pillow, mentally pronounce: “I hide the coins under the pillow for good luck. Capital is growing, wealth is increasing. ”

In the morning, not getting out of bed, counting money five times.

Volshba for continuous growth of prosperity and good luck

The light power of the magic of money offers to use a simple but effective rite for the constant growth of wealth and good fortune.

For the ceremony you will need a piece of bread. The ritual performer reads a conspiracy against him three times:

“The grain fell into the ground, it grew up as a sprout, it was gilded with an ear, it turned into bread. Like plenty in the fields of bread, so I have money to heaven. As bread grows and ears grow, so my money grows and increases. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!".

After that, the charmed bread is eaten by the performer. Soon, the inflow of money will begin to gradually increase.

Magical attraction of money

Practice and diligent implementation of all conditional rules will allow you to change your life for the better. Money conspiracies and spells for good luck should be carried out only at a time when the young moon begins to grow. A small nuance decides the outcome of all actions. The time and money spent pays off if rituals are carried out in a strictly defined order without initiative.

There are several popular and effective ceremonies to enrich your own wallet. Conspiracies that take place during the New Moon period will only work if the conspirator is visible to the moon. Moonlight is the main energizing force that underlies any ritual. If you need to speak a wallet, then it should be put on the windowsill and say a simple spell. Throughout the night, moonlight should fall on an object that will raise money. Otherwise, all the actions of the magician will go down the drain.

During the full moon, a new moon is born. This is a special time that is used by absolutely all experienced magicians. The conspiracy to cleanse the house with the help of water takes place late at night, when the moon will be visible in the sky. A glass of water is placed on the windowsill and the liquid is charged with words for several days in a row. On the fourth day, you should wash your face with water and read the words of the spell:

"Just as you, a month, were thin, but replenished, so I have all good to be complete."

Immediately after performing the ritual, a person feels lightness, previous affairs are given to him easily and without special difficulties. With the help of charm water, all adversities disappear, and income only increases. A green candle placed next to the glass will enhance the work of the rite. To attract considerable wealth is simple and affordable for anyone who is tired of swimming with the flow. The easiest practice is to charge water from one Full Moon to the next rising moon period. The green candle participates in the ritual only in those cases when the financial situation in the family sharply worsens. How to attract profit every day?

Powerful conspiracy for wealth

The ritual for attracting money to the New Moon, which was resorted to a hundred years ago, was used for their own benefit and for wealth in the family. You can attract funds to banknotes. For the ritual, protective amulets must be made that will fill the wallet of a man or woman with a constant profit. Multi-stage ritual to help overcome poverty:

  1. On the first day of the New Moon, all the money in the house is collected. Counting bills is optional.
  2. Cash is lubricated with special essential oils. To attract more money, a bill or coin is wiped with cinnamon or peppermint oil. The simplest rite will not cost too much.
  3. Banknotes are hiding under the pillow.
  4. The next morning, all bills are recounted exactly 7 times.

The word is power, so all rituals are accompanied by casting spells. He speaks not only of currency or coins, but also of food. Mack after the conspiracy is able to attract new income for several months.

It is not worth rushing to perform the ritual. Each magic has its own order and patience and caution must be exercised for each rite. If you hurry and skip one stage of money rituals, then you should not expect profit soon.

Question answer

In addition to signs and magic to the new moon, some questions remain regarding this period of time.

Is it possible to cut hair?

A haircut for the new moon is not recommended, since the moon has not yet gained its strength. Hair cutting will lead to the depletion of the body's defenses, weakening of the aura.

What needs to be done on such days?

Favorable actions for the new moon:

  • room cleaning
  • summarizing,
  • forgiveness of insults
  • eating plant foods
  • creating lucky charms,
  • incense fumigation,
  • freeing the house from unnecessary things.

What can not be done?

The following actions are contraindicated in the new moon:

  • solving important issues
  • disputes with superiors,
  • Large purchases
  • Surgery
  • alcohol consumption,
  • purchase of vehicles
  • clarification of family relationships,
  • signing of contracts.

How does the new moon affect health?

On this day, the cardiovascular system is in a vulnerable position. It is worthwhile to guard against increased pressure, headaches, dizziness are possible. In order not to harm your health, you should abandon excessive physical exertion, give proper time to rest.

What is the most favorable day for?

The new moon is an ideal time to get rid of bad habits, to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction.

How to manage this day with money?

Keep them with you, do not give or borrow. Otherwise, the owner of the funds will lose their income, the debtor will not be able to pay on time, will fall into even greater debts.

With cinnamon oil

The ceremony is carried out in the new moon as needed. At midnight, collect all the coins of different denominations and drip on each cinnamon oil, saying:

Place the coins in a fabric (preferably cotton) bag and put under the pillow. In the morning, not getting out of bed, count the money seven times. They select one coin and hide it, and for the rest they buy gifts for relatives and friends. After the trifle from the wallet is spent, large paper bills will begin to appear.

Wangi spell on poppy seeds

This magical action aimed at attracting wealth is very powerful. It is not recommended for use in combination with other rituals.

For the ceremony, poppy seeds will be required. It is best to buy them in the market. However, if this is not possible, you can use several packages used in the confectionery industry of grains.

The ritual is carried out as follows:

  1. On a new moon, spread a new scarf on the table.
  2. In the center, scatter the purchased poppy.
  3. Draw a cross on the grains with your finger.
  4. Repeat the plot:

“Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Most Holy Theotokos, save and save! I am baptized with a cross, I bow to you. Mother of God, you know you all my needs, how much money I need. Without a coin in a purse, neither put on shoes, nor dress, nor a sip of water, nor a piece of bread. Give me as much money in your wallet as poppy in a scarf. Amen!"

A handkerchief with charmed poppy seeds is tied tightly to several knots and hidden in a place hidden from prying eyes. He will work as a magnet, attracting material wealth to the house. The sacred word "Amen" will only enhance the effect of the rite. It is worth noting that he works not only when the sky is a young month, but constantly.

Crossroad ritual

You need to take a few banknotes of medium denomination. At midnight, go to a deserted intersection and stand on it. The plot is read in turn on all four sides.

Animals, people and plants live and multiply from the light of the sun, And money from the moon. So grow my money, multiply, increase, In the pockets of God's slave (your name) appear. It will be so. Amen!

Money should be held with the right hand.

After completing the ritual, you should bow to the moon and go home. You should leave the enchanted notes in your wallet and do not touch them until the next month.

Rite to raise money on the new moon with rice

Rice has long been used in ceremonies, including rituals to attract wealth.

To plot a new moon to raise money, take a handful of rice in the right hand and pronounce the words of the plot:

Rice is poured into a purse and a little in your pocket. Store grain until the next new moon.

You can use another conspiracy. At midnight (with the new moon) a handful of fresh rice is pinched in the right hand and quietly read the words 9 times:

Gently sprinkle rice in places where money is lying (bag, wardrobe, pocket, wallet). It is necessary to wear rice for three days without dropping a thing. Only in this case the rite will be effective.

Money water

Before the new moon, you need to collect spring water, prepare a few coins or the available gold. Rites for gold can attract more wealth, but wait longer. Coins will give less profit, but immediately.

A glass of water is placed on the windowsill (before the advent of the new month). Then they plot for a month.

Silver Month, do not go idle in the sky. Spell voditsy to me unprecedented strength. Let money flow to me in little hands, let me know nothing of sorrow. Thank you, but I do not know sorrows! May it be so!

The glass must be left all night so that the water is charged with magical power. In the morning you should wash yourself with the charmed water, saying:

I wash the sadness of poverty and the cover of poverty from my face. I attract joy and wealth, so as not to know my troubles and lack of money. Power of the Month, help!

Money rite for a new moon with water

The element of water is closely related to the energy of the moon, so water is used in many conspiracies.

I collect water in a glass container, put on a windowsill. At midnight, light a candle. They look at the fire, take a container of water in their hands and pronounce 3 times:

They wash their face with water, do not wipe it, and pour the remaining water through the window.

You can use a more complex rite. A conspiracy for money is read on the new moon. Take a liter bottle and pour spring or melt water into it. They set themselves, close their eyes and mentally imagine how money is falling from the sky. They take a breath, open their eyes and clasp the bottle with their hands, and on the exhale mentally transfer the falling money into the bottle, charging water.

They draw a dollar sign on a small sheet of paper, stick it on a bottle and put it on the windowsill so that the moonlight falls. They look at the moon and say three times:

Leave water on the windowsills to charge for 2-3 hours.

They put water in the refrigerator and drink a little every day.

Rice grains

To always have money in your wallet, you can use ordinary rice.

For the ceremony, you need to purchase a pack of rice on the eve of the new moon. He will attract good fortune and wealth.

Exactly at midnight, open the pack and hold a handful of rice in the palm of your right hand - as much as it fits. Open a window or go outside. Looking at the young moon, in a whisper read the plot:

“This rice grew under the moonlight, fed on water and reached for the sky. Let me have so much money, how many seeds grow in rice fields. Let money to me from all sides stretch, and the moon helps them in this! Amen!"

Repeat words 9 times. Gently sprinkle rice in places where money is usually stored: wallet, purse, purse, etc. Do this so that you do not drop a single grain. Carry with you for three days. Not a single grain should be lost, it is very important. Three days later, feed the rice to the pigeons and wait for the money to appear.

Witchcraft on the stars

A strong ritual that allows you to attract new cash flows into the life of the performer. To conduct it, you need a small amount of holy water.

On a growing moon on a cloudless night, the performer goes out into the street and begins to count the stars in the sky. It is also possible to conduct a ceremony at home with an open window.

As soon as a person goes astray, he needs to wash himself with prepared holy water and pronounce the text of the conspiracy:

“Like stars do not have a number, so I have no number of money. Till the end of time. Amen!".

Soon magic will work in full force. Material well-being will begin to gradually improve and reach the desired level.

For bread

At the new moon you need to bake bread from the charmed dough. Ready bread should be eaten completely by the person who baked it.

To speak the dough, pronounce:

As you will, the dough, grow, rise and increase, so I will grow, in a position to rise, above people in my glory and increase in money. Amen.

Money magnet

On the new moon you need to purchase a small magnet, preferably red. If a suitable color was not found, then it can simply be painted using metal paint or nail polish.

The wallet must be freed from money and put the magnet in a separate pocket with the words:

“As iron sticks to a magnet, so money will reach the wallet!”

Return the paid money back, close the wallet and do not open the day. After that, go to the store and buy something, handing the seller a large bill. Put change in your wallet with the words:

The magnet must be changed every six months, talking again, since its strength weakens over time.

Use rituals to attract money is recommended only if necessary. Wealthy people should not get involved in conspiracies, you can get the opposite effect. Rites should be performed with good intentions, they work better if money is needed for a specific purpose.

Affluence Tips

Money magic is not only rituals or rituals. It lies even in those little things that seem unimportant and insignificant.

To attract luck, prosperity and wealth will help a series of simple tips.

  1. After waking up, you need to put on the right slipper first, then the left one.
  2. Wear slippers only after slippers are found and placed next to each other.
  3. It is necessary to rearrange all the furniture on the new moon to exit the black strip.
  4. Avoiding need, you cannot leave a cut piece of bread half-eaten or throw it away.
  5. It is necessary to count a large sum for abundant living on New Year's Eve.
  6. You need to count money or lend before lunch.
  7. Do not turn money into a pipe so poverty is bypassed.
  8. It is not recommended to recount the contents of the piggy bank or wallet without the intention to make a purchase.
  9. Do not place the bag in which the wallet lies on the floor.
  10. It takes some time to bring an expensive gold jewelry in a newly purchased wallet.

These simple, but effective tips will help establish the financial side of your life. Such trifles are spoken by such well-known clairvoyants as Wang or Marilyn Kerro.

White magic helps a person to improve his life and get out of difficult situations. The main thing is to correctly apply the desired rite and monitor how a person handles money, since each coin deserves proper treatment. The energy of the magical flow of the rite will help attract new funds to the house and improve the well-being of the family.

On pic

With their right hand they take a handful of rice, on which the plot is read.

Rice grows on water, the moon grows and rice pulls along. May I have as much money as there are rice grains on the field, may money be attracted to me from everywhere, and may the moon help me in this — it will attract my wealth to me. May it be so!

Then the rice is scattered in the places of storage of money. Several grains are put in a purse and pockets. Rice in these places is stored until the next new moon. In case of loss of figs, the ritual is again repeated to a new moon.

On the stone

The ceremony is carried out over a small round stone of white color, on which magic words are uttered.

The moon is growing and my income is growing. As water draws water along with it, so do money. Amen!

The charmed stone is stored in the wallet as a money talisman, so that no one sees it and does not touch it.

The plot is repeated monthly in order to constantly charge the stone with monetary power.

Rite "Money Bank"

The ritual is carried out if a specific amount is urgently needed.

You will need: a glass container with a lid, seven coins of the same denomination, a sheet of paper and a pen.

At the full moon, at midnight, take a sheet of paper and write 2 times (in numbers and words) the specific amount of money that is needed. Fold the sheet and put it on the bottom of the container. With the hand they write, they take 7 coins and take turns throwing them at the bottom of the can, saying: The glass container is left on the windowsill so that the moonlight gets in. In the morning they hide the jar in a secluded place. Each evening, the plot is repeated, adding three coins of any denomination before the full moon.

At the cemetery

When the first night of the new moon comes, you must go to the cemetery. Before this, a ruble is put in the left shoe under the heel. In front of the cemetery gate, you need to hit the ground with your left heel, pronounce the words of the conspiracy, turn around yourself and leave.

Chur, chur, deceased, your place is holy, and let my place be rich. To you, the dead, good sleep, and to me, the servant of God (name), gold and silver. Chur, chur, deceased, your place is holy, and in my pocket - silver and gold

The plot is best used by experienced magicians. You can’t get lost or scared - you can get very sick. Like all other rituals and conspiracies conducted in the cemetery, this method is quite dangerous.

New Moon Money Ritual in the Garden

Just as vegetables are grown in the garden so that there is a supply, so you can create a “money garden”. The ceremony is carried out at the new moon. For this you need: a white saucer without a pattern, 7 copper coins, a guest of wheat, a green handkerchief.

Coins are laid out on a saucer, wheat grains are placed on top, everything is covered with a handkerchief.

Once every three days, they watered the handkerchief with water a little warmer than room temperature with the words:

Sprouted seeds are transplanted into a clay pot so that they grow and increase income.

The coins participating in the ritual become talismans, which are put in a purse, pocket, handbag. You can’t spend these coins.

You can also bury an odd number of coins in a clay pot, and plant fast-growing grass for animals on top (sold at pet stores). At the edges of the pot 4 matches are stuck with their heads up so that a square is obtained. Pronounce:

Shoots will appear quickly, within three days. Importantly, do not forget to water every day and then the money will begin to appear magically.

Water recharge

At midnight, on the new moon, drinking water is collected in a transparent glass container and placed on a windowsill so that the moon illuminates it. Water should stand before the full moon.

At full moon night take a container of water in their hands, look at the moon and say three times:

Wash your face, you can not wipe. The remaining water after the ritual is poured out the window. Go to sleep, presenting the desired changes.

Simple plot

At the time of the appearance of the new moon, go out and read the plot.

Roses fragrance from the sun in the world is manifested. And my soul longs for love. May the born moon bring it to me, plunge it into another world! Amen!

You can apply to this rite in marriage to renew feelings between spouses.

For food

This is the most popular new moon ritual of love.

To conduct a ceremony over food, it is necessary that the man is in the house. To do this, you need to invite him to visit the new moon, set the table with candles. Food should be covered in the new month. Before treating a man, you need to whisper magic words on food.

Food is in the blood, in the heart is love!

And make sure that he ate the charmed dishes offered to him.

On the photo

Before the ritual, they take a recently taken full-length photograph of a man, a candle, red threads and oil from rose petals.

In the new moon light a candle. With the index finger of the left hand, crosses are drawn in pink oil on the photograph, on the heart and genital area of ​​a man, while they read the plot three times.

On a clear night, sometimes beautiful roses are fragrant, the body is called to passion. I give my beloved happiness on a sunny day, and in bad weather. Let his heart burn, a dream invites me to embrace. As the moon grows in the night sky, beloved peace loses. He gets confused by his thoughts, worries with blood, reaches out to me, remains forever near me. Amen

Red threads wrap the picture crosswise. The ends of the threads are tied with seven knots, sealed with candle wax.


The ritual is carried out on a new moon or full moon. They go out in the evening to a well-lit place. They look at the moon and transfer money from one branch of the wallet to another. They look down for a few seconds and look again at the night star. Pronounce:

At home, they rub money with cinnamon, and put it next to a lit candle, thinking about fulfilling a desire. After 15 minutes, the money is removed back to the wallet, thanks to the moon and wait until the candle burns out, the remains of the wax are buried in a deserted place.

For fidelity

This ritual for the new moon is carried out not to attract love, but to preserve it.

You will need a red candle, three pieces of bay leaf, paper and a pen.

In the new moon light a candle. The name of the chosen one is written on paper, which is pronounced aloud three times. The note is folded three times, a bay leaf is placed inside, then again the paper is folded three times. Sealed with candle wax. The sheet is cleaned away from prying eyes.

The plot of Stepanova

No less powerful are the magical conspiracies from the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova. Her love spells are very effective. One of the effective rituals is the ritual performed with a basin of water. You need to stand in his feet and read the plot.

Whoever finds the entrance to my heart will reward himself with love forever. Whoever can tame me will be the happiest person. I will replace the Sun and the Light for him, without me this white inhuman light would not be nice to him. Holy voditsa will help me, the heart of the narrowed one will alarm me.

With grain

The use of this rite helps to choose the right path, not to make a mistake in making a decision.

It is necessary to take grain (wheat or rice will do). On the new moon you need to pour a handful of grain in the palm of your hand, show the new moon and pronounce a conspiracy.

Under the moonlit sky the ears are poured. Their full birds feed. Winged in front of me fly, lead happiness and good luck by the hand. Amen!

Then the grains are removed to the windowsill. In the morning they should feed the birds.

Against bad luck

If a person has a black streak in life, you can get rid of it with the help of this conspiracy.

The day before the new moon you need to bake a cake. Then cut a piece from it.

Prepare a glass of milk, a handful of coins of various denominations.

With all the items you need to go to the cemetery, find the grave without a name and put what was brought on it.

Bowing three times to the grave, uttering three times the words of the conspiracy.

You, a dead man, would have remembered me, the servant of God (your name), would have taken everything dashing and unlucky, would have taken me off. May now all the dashing go away forever! From now on, let it be so forever and ever!

After the rite is completed, head home without looking back.

Again, be careful. A ritual with a cemetery, and therefore potentially dangerous.

To the pin

You can attract good luck with a pin. During the new moon, you need to pronounce a pin three times in the conspiracy, which then must always be carried with you.

I am talking to you (looking at the subject of the conspiracy) so that it helps, magic helps me. In all endeavors, luck brought me. Pin-pin, would you help me, happiness and success attracted! Amen!

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With candles

At midnight (on the new moon) they take 7 yellow candles bought in a church, put them on a table and set fire to them with the words:

Or such words:

Read the plot 7 times. They look at the coins and pronounce:

Leave the coins until the morning on the windowsill. The next day they spend it. In the near future luck will come.

With seven coins and a candle

For the influx of finances into the house, they use a ritual for coins. At midnight, light a church candle and set it on a table. In the right hand take 7 coins and look at the moon. Seven times they read the words of the conspiracy:

They look at the money and say:

Coins are left on the windowsill, illuminated by the moon, and in the morning they are spent.

With magnet and candle

For the ritual you will need 3 coins of any denomination, a small magnet and a small green candle. In the evening, on the new moon, thorough cleaning is carried out. 3 coins are arranged in the form of a triangle, and a lit candle is placed in the center. Wait until she burns out. Put coins in the left pocket of the clothes they wear. A small magnet is placed in the right. Carry with you for a week. If you change clothes, money and a magnet are transferred to another pocket.

Tips & Tricks

To attract money into your life, you need to handle it correctly. The wallet in which the money is stored must be capacious so that the bill in the expanded form is placed in it.

If you gave a crumpled paper bill, it must be straightened.

The wallet should be made of natural material, for example, leather, suede, since synthetic ones prevent the passage of positive energy and block the flow of money and wealth.

The wallet should be the color of the earth or material: black, brown, yellow, red or golden.

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