Conspiracies and prayers on the face and feet

Erysipelas or erysipelas may suddenly appear on the leg or other area of ​​the body. Against this ailment, there are effective conspiracies that can be read independently at home. This will require simple tools at hand or church paraphernalia. Before proceeding with the treatment of the disease in this way, you should make sure that the patient received the necessary medical care. Prayers or conspiracies will be effective means to alleviate the condition of the patient and rid him of the infection as soon as possible.

On the effectiveness of the conspiracy from erysipelas

Erysipelas is an inflammatory disease that is caused by the presence of streptococcal pathogens. This is a serious illness, accompanied by general intoxication of the body, fever, nausea and other symptoms. With a severe course of the disease, confusion appears, blood poisoning is possible, and necrotic foci appear in the localization area.

In this case, treating erysipelas on legs at home is unlikely to succeed. If you do this yourself, then you can harm a loved one. A good addition to medical care is to conduct a ritual against painful erysipelas. It is aimed solely at alleviating the condition and improving the well-being of the patient. Conspiracy and prayer will be useful in that they give strength to the patient to fight a serious infection.

Features of the rituals

For treatment to be effective, you must adhere to certain rules. If a girl reads the ritual, then you should choose Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday for him. For men, "men's" days are better - Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. On Sunday, reading conspiracies is prohibited. Getting rid of the disease is only possible with a waning moon. If you carry out the ritual in the growth phase, then you can get the opposite effect - the patient’s condition worsens significantly.

The tools and attributes that were used during the ceremony must be destroyed. If salt is used, then it must be replaced on time with another, as it absorbs all the negative. It is not worthwhile to turn to higher powers on great church holidays, unless this is an appeal to the saints in the form of prayer.

Rituals based on the location of the disease

It is possible to carry out a ritual to eliminate erysipelas yourself, however, it should be taken into account exactly where the affected area is. Most often, the disease is located on the legs or arms, but there are known cases of its appearance on the face and other parts of the body. It is also worth paying attention to its color. To get rid of red mug, simple rituals will do. Blue erysipelas is a serious form of the disease, so for it you need to use more powerful conspiracies.

To eliminate on the face

Usually erysipelas on the face is extremely rare. But from this form of the disease, there is also an effective conspiracy using a knife. In addition, you will need to buy a tow, but you can’t take change during the purchase. It is required to stock up on trifles in advance to give the exact amount. Performing a ritual:

  1. Left home alone, prepare a new pack of matches.
  2. Then take the fabric in the left hand and the knife in the right.
  3. Driving a blade over the affected area, pronounce the words of the conspiracy.
  4. After surpassing three times over the left shoulder.

Such a ritual should be performed three times a day for three days. The patient's condition should improve significantly.

Rules for reading conspiracies and prayers for erysipelas

There are a number of rules that must be strictly adhered to when performing ceremonies to get rid of erysipelas:

  1. The right attitude. It is necessary to believe that a magical effect will have a result. Skepticism, an ironic attitude have reduced the effects of conspiracies.
  2. Waning moon. Any ritual aimed at curing the disease must be carried out on those days when the moon is in a waning phase.
  3. Follow the instructions that accompany each magical rite. You cannot replace components, change the order of actions, etc.
  4. One-time use of materials. Any substances that are taken for the rituals should be discarded after the rite, for example, let go in the wind, pour under a tree, etc.
  5. Natural fabric. To carry out rituals to get rid of diseases, red material is often used, which should be made only of wool, silk or cotton. Synthetic fibers are dead, they do not have the necessary energy.

There are various rituals with which you can get rid of erysipelas. The rite should be liked by a person, none of the stages of action should cause rejection or rejection.

On the video, you can find out the doctor’s opinion about erysipelas:

For deliverance on the foot

When looking for ways to speak a mug on a leg, you should use a ceremony with chalk. To do this, you need to prepare a candle, blue paper and a piece of chalk:

  1. To perform the ritual, you need to wait until darkness and ignite the flame.
  2. With the help of chalk, draw crosses on paper, while pronouncing the words of the conspiracy: “A huge peasant went to the rock, brought armor made of iron. Destroy a burning, bad face. God is on his side. Amen!".
  3. The paper is applied to the affected area and tied with a bandage.
  4. Say the words of prayer.

What is erysipelas and how does it manifest

Erysipelas is an infectious disease that occurs on the body locally - often in the mucous regions of the body, as well as on those where abundant hairline is visible. In this case, a sick erysipelas manifests itself as follows:

  • Body temperature rises to 40 degrees,
  • The general weakness of the body is felt,
  • Muscles, headache,
  • In the inflamed areas, itching, burning,
  • Red spots appear a day after the first symptoms.

If there is erysipelas on the face, then swelling is often observed. Moreover, if the infection has formed on the limbs, locally there is a fever from the affected areas. Often, this disease affects animals in villages. Mostly erysipelas occur in piglets, in pigs. Those people who work closely with infected livestock are at a 95% chance of catching the disease,

The primary reason why erysipelas appear on the legs, arms and face is streptococcus, which enters the body through mechanical damage to the body. In magic, there are a large number of rituals for corruption or evil eye, as a result of which the object also arises such an ailment. If there are no injuries on the body, it is safe to say that this is a magical effect.

For help, you can turn to the healers, who folk remedies will get rid of negative energy and speak mug. But if there is no time, effort, or trust in fortune-tellers and other specialists, there is an opportunity to carry out the ritual yourself.

How to speak face on the face

A woman needs to perform this ritual against erysipelas on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. The best day for a man is Monday, Thursday or Tuesday. Such a magical effect involves a course of nine-day prayers, which should be carried out starting from the first odd day. In the evening before going to bed, with all sincerity and faith in healing, such words whisper:

“Lord God, bless God, help me. Erysipelas hurts and severely swells. Come out, you’ve got a subcutaneous erysipelas so that it doesn’t hurt and does not swell. God will protect, and the pain will ward off. Amen".

Another option for getting rid of a skin disease on the face involves the use of a knife and a small piece of tow in the ritual. When buying it, you will not be able to take change, so you should prepare small money so as not to overpay.

The ceremony should be performed without the presence of other people in the room. They take the tow in the left hand, set it on fire from the match from the new box, and with the right hand with the knife clamped in it, they drive over the area of ​​the skin that was infected, saying:

“Pray to the Lord, crossing all the saints, bowing to the Virgin. Dawns-zoryushki, the helper god, help from the disease, drive off the mug. Our Lady walked through a mountain high, carried three bunches of grass in her right hand. One withered, the other wilted, the last disappeared. Sickly erysipelas, you are lost, do not go over my body. So that the body does not ache, that the body does not howl, that it does not glow and does not ache. Don’t go back. God will help. Amen".

After the conspiracy has been uttered, one should spit over the left shoulder. Such a magical rite is performed for 3 days, 3 times a day. If all actions were done correctly, then after a specified period in the patient's condition, there will be improvements.

To disappear on the hand

If the lesion occurred on the arm, then there is a conspiracy against erysipelas, which you can read yourself. It is necessary to purchase 3 candles in the church, holy water, stock up with a piece of chalk and a piece of scarlet fabric. This rite is performed 5 times a day for three days:

  • Pound the chalk in a mortar and mix it with table salt in equal proportions.
  • Stirring, it is necessary to repeat the words of the conspiracy three times: “I didn’t click on the body, I didn’t let sorcerers into the house. Solyashka, chalk, charm return, drive away the disease. I close the sore, destroy it with a solyushka, sprinkle with chalk dust, and wipe it with a fabric blanket. ”
  • After this, pour 7 drops of holy water into the mixture.
  • Treat the affected area with the resulting product and repeat the words of the conspiracy.
  • Wipe the sore spot with a red rag.
  • Surpass the left shoulder.
  • Burn used fabric.

Conspiracy from erysipelas on legs

Often, magical rites are performed alone, but a plot from erysipelas on one's legs can be read both by oneself and by a person who suffers from a disease.

After the sun has set, the following words should be whispered over the patient:

“At God's slave (name of a person) I am confronting a face. I give birth to a sickly, explosive, erysipelas creeping, far-fetched, earthy, clawed and watery. I ask you, erysipelas, with kind words and a bow to the earth - leave the servant of God (man’s name), don’t touch his blood, don’t break your bones, don’t break the blood, don’t make a fool of his head.

You run, erysipelas, to the blue sea, to the distant sea, beyond the distant mountain. On the water of that stone lies on which the throne stands. The same throne holds 3 baskets on itself. Our God sits there and reads a little book with prayers. He reads a book - he takes off his illness. The servant of God (the name of a person) saves from a mug. Amen".

Treatment of erysipelas with prayers

A miraculous prayer from erysipelas on a leg is recognized as a prayer on a red fabric. In this situation, linen or cotton fabric is needed, on which the following prayer will be read:

I grind, chase away from the Servant of God (name) earthly, watery, natural, coined, ridiculous, sentenced, sick, fiery, creeping, flowing, strange faces. You mug, with a low bow, an obedient word: (name) doesn’t stand for you, don’t break bones, don’t dry blood and don’t bow your head. I will send you an erysipelas over the blue sea. On the blue sea is that blue stone lies, on that stone the throne stands. Three boxes are full on that throne, the Lord himself stands behind that throne, holds a prayer book, reading that book from his slave (name) begging his face. Amen!

After reading the words of prayer three times thoughtfully, tie the affected area with a prayed cloth and wear it for a week.

Rules of conspiracies and prayers for erysipelas

Before conducting the ritual, it is important to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and rules of conspiracies and prayers against erysipelas.

  1. Believe in the result. If a person is a great skeptic, higher forces will not hear his request and leave the plea without attention.
  2. The phase of the moon, in which the spoken words are pronounced, must necessarily be waning. In this period, according to magical traditions, there is a farewell to everything unnecessary in life.
  3. A conspiracy from erysipelas on the hands, face, legs must be carried out strictly according to the instructions offered by professionals in their field.
  4. Use the material indicated in the ritual part once. Salt, water absorbs negative energy, so the substance is used only once, after which it is destroyed.
  5. In many rituals, red cloth is used to get rid of erysipelas. It must be made of natural material.

The main number of conspiracies under the authorship of the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova are distinguished by a quick result. She collected and developed independently rituals for all occasions. In order for the effect to be visible, the general recommendations and advice of the author offering the ritual part should be followed.

Conspiracy from erysipelas on the chest

If inflammation has appeared on the chest, spells and prayers addressed to Panteleimon the Healer will help. You can read them at home, but during the month you should regularly attend church, put candles on health, lead a healthy lifestyle, abandoning alcohol and tobacco, fatty foods.

A conspiracy using a church wax candle may help. It should be ignited and held three times in 15-20 cm from the affected area, while saying:

“Erysipelas, go away, perish, leave my body. As I said, so be it. Amen".

Prayer to Saint Panteleimon

With such a serious illness, prayer from erysipelas on the arm of St. Panteleimon also helps. According to many believers, an appeal to this Saint helps even with a very advanced form of the disease, when the patient’s state of health is already more than deplorable:

O great servant of Christ, passion-tolerant and multi-merciful doctor, Panteleimone! Have mercy on me, a sinful slave, hear my moaning and crying, please the heavens, the Supreme Physician of our souls and the bodies of our God of Christ, may God grant us healing from an oppressive illness. Accept the unworthy prayer of sinners more than all men. Visit me with a gracious visit. Do not be abhorred by my sinful ulcers, anoint with your oil of mercy and heal me: yes, wholesome soul and body, the rest of my days, the grace of God, I can hold in repentance and pleasing to God and I will be honored to accept the good end of my stomach. Her servant of God! Pray for Christ God, and by your intercession will grant my health to the body and the salvation of my soul. Amen.

Using red cloth

If erysipelas are red, then a ritual with a red rag will be effective. It is necessary to apply a flap to the sore spot three times a day, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy. After that, you should surpass over the left shoulder. The rite must be repeated within 5 days. Used fabric should not be stored at home - it must be taken out to the trash or burned.

Erysipelas - what is it and what does it come from?

Inflammation on the skin can occur in both adults and children. The lesion may be red or blue. The foci of inflammation can cover any part of the body.

  • heat,
  • headache,
  • pain in the whole body
  • chills,
  • foci of inflammation can spread further along the body of the patient.

A disease can be caused by various factors:

  • inflammatory process in the body
  • spoilage
  • evil eye.

Even if you have a suspicion that the disease was caused by witchcraft exposure, do not give up traditional treatment until this issue is fully clarified.

Is conspiracy treatment effective

A magical conspiracy from erysipelas is able to eliminate the inflammatory process, pain in the muscles, migraines, manifestations of the disease on the limbs, face. Magic eliminates the cause of erysipelas, activates the internal forces of the body, returns the body to a healthy state.

Magical treatments complement the visit to the doctor, taking medication. People’s conspiracies with a ritual part should be carried out 2-3 days in a row, the exact dates are agreed for each specific rite. A single whisper will not be enough, you need a complex effect.

Religion permits light rituals. The main thing is faith in one's own strength. For a tick, pronouncing magic texts is pointless.

You can read conspiracies on husband, child, friend, relatives. In a weakened state, treating another with magic methods is ineffective; there will be a weak result.

Prayer for erysipelas to Archangel Raphael

Prayers to Archangel Raphael, who helps in the healing of seriously ill patients, also help in critical condition:

Oh, holy great Archangel Raphael, stand before the throne of God! You are by grace, from the Almighty Physician of our souls and bodies, given to you, the righteous husband of Tobit healed you from bodily blindness, and tossing his son Tobia, you saved him from evil spirit. I heartily pray thee: wake me a guide in my life. Save from all visible and invisible enemies, heal my mental and physical illnesses, manage my life to repentance to sin and to do good deeds. Oh, holy great Raphael the Archangel! Hear me less sinful, praying to you, and be merciful in this and the futuregive thanks and glory to the common Creator of ours for endless ages. Amen.

If the disease popped up on the foot

After sunset, pronounce a conspiracy from erysipelas on a foot or foot to yourself or over a person in need of help:

“I pronounce and extort from the servant of God (the name of a sick person) a watery, earthy, coined, natural, sentenced, funny, boiling, sickly, green, creeping, green face.

I ask you, giving a humble obedient word, a low bow - you no longer have the servant of God (the name of a sick person), do not stand in his blood, don’t break your bones, don’t dry your roof and don’t bow his head.

I send you, erysipelas to the distant blue sea. On the blue sea lies a blue stone, and on that stone the throne stands, and on the throne 3 full boxes.

The Lord God himself sits at the throne, holds on to the little book of prayer, reads, and at the servant of God (the name of the patient) the disease begs the rye. Amen".

Health conspiracy can be brought in soon.

How to recover from erysipelas?

If you are not confident in yourself, then you can seek help from a professional healer. He will help to cope with the disease.

If you decide to fight the disease yourself, then you can use a number of rituals and conspiracies that are aimed at the speedy healing of the patient. The result will be affected by how much you believe in success, and how strong your energy is.

With a church candle

If a blue erysipelas appears on a leg or other part of the body, then stronger conspiracies are required from it. One type of ritual is using church attributes. You should go to church on Friday evening and buy one candle. It is also necessary to stock up with holy water and prepare a rag of blue cloth. It is advisable that the ceremony be carried out by a person close to the patient.

While the patient will drink holy water from a glass, you need to light a candle above him and quietly whisper the words of the conspiracy. The name of the saint in the text should coincide with the name of the patron saint of a sick person. Pronounce the plot three times, and then apply a flap to the affected area of ​​the body. After half a day it is removed, and after a day the rite is repeated.

Conspiracy from a blue erysipelas

With a blue face, a special conspiracy should be used, since spells and prayers from defeat with red spots will not help. For the magical rite, you should take a small piece of blue cloth, a candle bought in the church on Friday evening, and the water consecrated in the church.

A person suffering from erysipelas needs to drink a glass of holy water, then a candle is lit above his head and the following words are whispered:

“An erysipelas, a rabid rabbit, a rabbit-bird, a bird-bird will fly, sit on a rabbit, wave its wings, tear its claws. Here you will disappear, you will forget bones, you will lose blood, you will not dry your soft body, you will not tighten your heart. Lord, save me from disease. Saint (name), pray for us. Amen".

The name of the saint must belong to the patron saint of a person (determined by the date of birth). Conspiracy words are pronounced 3 times, after which the blue tissue is placed on the sore spots. On the affected area, a piece of material should be worn for 12 hours.

After a day, the rite is repeated.

Prayer "Our Father"

Despite the patient’s condition, any treatment of erysipelas with prayers should begin with the reading of the prayer “Our Father”:

Our Father in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, may Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven, give our daily bread to us today, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. For Thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever. Amen.

The rite of passage from the blue erysipelas

It happens that a blue erysipelas forms on the body. This is a rarer phenomenon and in the fight against it it is very difficult to rectify the situation with conspiracies from red erysipelas. Therefore, for such a case, you should collect:

  • Blue cloth
  • A wax church candle purchased at a church Friday night,
  • Holy water.

The patient should drink a glass of water, and while a person is drinking, light a candle near his head and whisper to say:

“An erysipelas, a rabbit, a rabid rabbit, an eagle flew in, sat on a rabist, fluttered its wings, tore its paws. You won’t be here, don’t break yellow bones, don’t drink red blood, don’t dry your white body, don’t torment a zealous heart, don’t break a lush head. Have mercy and save, Lord, the servant of God (name), pray to God for us (to name the saint). ”

The saint must be mentioned one who is the patron saint of a sick person. The words are pronounced three times, after which the charmed tissue is put on the inflamed area. The bandage lasts 12 hours, and then it can be removed. Repeat the procedure in a day.

Ritual with salt

A rite with salt is suitable for the treatment of this disease - it will take about a kilogram. The only day of the week when a ritual can be performed is Thursday. You need to buy three wax candles in the church in advance. You should also prepare a flap of natural fibers - flax or cotton. The order of the ceremony:

  1. Apply material to the affected area and light three candles.
  2. Open a package of salt next to a patient with erysipelas and read the plot for the disease.
  3. Remove the flap and immerse it in salt without touching it with your hands.
  4. The next day, leave the house and remove the material from the bag with salt using a stick.
  5. Burn the fabric, and sprinkle the salt out of the blue.

Three-day conspiracy from erysipelas

For the ritual, you need to take a piece of scarlet tissue and spend 3 days on it on the inflamed areas of the skin, saying:

"Erysipelas, erysipelas, I will give birth to you, I’ll sleep with fire and drown you with water, mash with cloth and fill it with clay."

You need to read three times, and after each time, spit over the left shoulder. Complete the magical action by reading a prayer:

“The Lord the Merciful, the Mother of God the All-Forgiving, I ask you, save. Sickly erysipelas, cursed erysipelas, vanish from God's slave (name of the patient) from his body, from his bones, from his blood. Go away, erysipelas, into the swamp, and there you will perish. Go away, go away forever. Amen".

This rite is carried out for 5 days, 3 times a day.

Types and rules of reading

In order for conspiracies to work, girls need to pronounce a text healing from erysipelas in the middle of the week, on Friday evening or Saturday. Guys - on the first, second, fourth days of the week.

Vorozheya wants to get rid of ailments, which means that the moon should wane. If you ignore the phase, you will get the opposite effect, increased erysipelas. When you urgently need to remove the symptoms, and the month is inappropriate, use runic formulas that are not dependent on the movement of the night light.

Items, household items used in rituals are used once. It is important after the conspiracy to change the salt, which takes over the negative program.

Belomagic, church conspiracies, eliminating erysipelas, are allowed to pronounce on major holidays - Christmas, Easter. Demonic, black - it's dangerous, get the opposite effect.

How to beat a sick face

Wrap a new red cloth around the knife purchased at the market and read the plot against erysipelas:

“The mother of Christ walked, 3 brothers met her on the road, began to ask:“ Where do you keep the mother of Christ? ”-“ I go to the Beshihu and give birth to a nasty whisper from a slave (the name of the sick person), baptized, born, communed, prayer. Household erysipelas and beshiha are boiling, purulent, chubby, watery, windy, subsided, assigned. It’s not me who I pronounce; I call upon the help of the Lord our God, 12 angels and apostles. Amen".

For ceremonies from erysipelas, chalk and paper are required

For another ritual, you need to buy chalk and blue paper. While reading magic words, draw crosses with chalk on a sheet. The plot sounds like this:

“A large man walks along the mountain, carries an iron harrow. What will he take? This hated face. May the Lord our Father help him. Amen".

After that, tie the paper to the part of the body on which the erysipelas appeared, and pronounce the appeal to God “Our Father”.

Plot with salt

A plot for inflammation can be made using 1 kg of salt and 3 church candles. You should also take linen or cotton fabric. Do the rite on Thursday. Candles are set on fire from an open fire, such as a bonfire. If this is not possible, you can use the flame of another candle or matches from a new box. A container of salt is opened, matter is applied to the affected area, and then they first read the prayer to the Virgin, and then “Our Father”.

After this, the fabric should be removed in a bag of salt. The next morning, you need to burn the material in an open space, away from prying eyes, and sprinkle salt on the field.

With chalk

To treat face erysipelas at home with a conspiracy is effective with the help of rituals with chalk. In advance, get a white piece, a cardboard, a piece of paper of dark blue color. The text, driving away from the body, hands, face, illness, it is better to read in the dark. To enhance contact with the Higher powers, light a candle with matches. While you will cast a spell, draw crosses with a chalk on a leaf.

A huge peasant walked up to the rock, brought iron armor. Destroy a burning, bad face. God is on his side. Amen!

The paper is applied and tied to the face, leg, arm - the place where the disease manifested. Say a prayer. Health will soon recover.

A more complex ritual healing from erysipelas is done for three days. The plot must be repeated 5 times a day: after waking up, in the morning, afternoon, evening, before going to bed. Get 3 candles, scarlet cloth, blessed water, chalk in the church. At home, find regular table salt with no additives. Crumble the chalk, mix with salt. Proportion - 1 to 1. Hinder, sentencing the spell:

I saw the face, on the face was. An evil sorceress jumps from happiness, but does not know: the clock is ticking, chalk and salt will curse all curses in vain, burn, forever rid of ailments.

Repeat three times, pour water from the church - exactly seven drops. The mixture should be dry, sour cream-like. When you first read the plot, apply the pulp to the sore spot, then - circle in a circle, moving for an hour with the hands. Again, drip onto the spot just before bedtime, saying:

I didn’t click on teles, I did not let sorcerers into my home. Solyashka, chalk, charm return, drive away the disease. I close the sore, destroy it with a solyushka, sprinkle with chalk dust, and wipe it with a fabric blanket.

Repeat three times, wipe the area with a scarlet cloth. After - spit, turning your head to the left. For three days, use one rag, after the final rite, burn it on the street, pronouncing a conspiracy:

In flames, I destroy the curse, I drive the disease away. Aki fire burns, the tissue flap disappears, and the face turns white face.

Come back home. There are no special rules, no restrictions. Redemption is not needed; the conspiracy ritual works on personal strength, without involving otherworldly entities.

Help of the Archangel Raphael

A rite-appeal to the archangel Raphael can help get rid of erysipelas. To do this, light a candle from the church in the morning, go to the open window and say:

“Saint Raphael! You are strong: you will save you from blindness, you will cast out the evil spirit. I ask you, I pray you, save God's servant (your name) from the face of the ill. I ask you to forgive my sins, to direct my mind and body to save. Amen".

The candle should burn out, standing on the window. The cinder from it must be buried as far as possible from the house. Such a prayer should be read as often as possible.

Red rag

A piece of red tissue will help drive the face from the body, the face. A simple remedy: apply 3 times a day, wipe the damaged area of ​​the skin, repeating the plot three times:

Erysipelas are nasty, sickly, born Christmas, baking, I lock the ice, I burn with fire, I pour wine on top, wipe honey with honey, wipe with cloth. To be one.

To finish reading you need to spit over your left shoulder. In the end, utter the magic words of the conspiracy:

God, Mother of Jesus, I am addressing a sincere prayer - give help. I give birth to a sick, bothering, drive away, remove from (name) from the skin, blood, bones, send into the water a musty swamp, let it burn there, give the swamp pain, give redness. So I command: I went away. From now on (name) do not torment, heat, do not send pain. Amen!

Repeat the ritual recommend 5 days. In the future, burn the used fabric outside the house. It is forbidden to store indoors - rye will return.

Another method with scarlet fabric used by grandmothers in villages: put a piece on a reddened area. Autumn cross, read the prayer. Light 3 candles from the church and utter a conspiracy:

The rye attacked, a witch who had been sent by the witcher to burn, burned with pain. With the name of the Lord on my lips I chase away the ailment, (name) I fill with healing power, I send the filthy disease to the enemy. Go scarlet, hot, from strawberry, from water, from grain and a worm, from a poured, poured. Taken in the palm of your hand, attacked, spoken, sent - whoever sent, go there and go, to (name) never return. Go there who (name) gave. On the body (name) do not live, do not be. Torment, burn, break bones, torture muscles, take rot, you will tear the skin of the enemy, (name) you will not touch. Go to the swampy water, into the thicket of the forest - this is your home, live there, and lead friendships with aquatic creatures. Make the body (name) forever free. Amen!

Cross the patient and separately damaged area. Take away the red piece of cloth, speak our Father. Wash yourself with water. Better - from the church. You can not wipe the skin, wait until it becomes dry itself. Repeat the plot to get rid of erysipelas for 3-4 days.

Ritual of erysipelas using salt

Salts are attributed to both magical and healing properties, this explains its use in many rituals associated with the treatment and healing of seriously ill. You can use this rite separately or with traditional treatment, it will not adversely affect the result. This ritual is especially effective if the cause of the manifestation of the disease is a negative witchcraft effect on a person.

If you started treating a person with conspiracies, but they still do not help, and the symptoms of erysipelas begin to manifest themselves more and more, then start the traditional treatment and do not rely only on the help of prayers. It's better combine both of these treatments.

In order to conduct a cleansing ritual that can restore health, you will need:

  • 3 wax church candles,
  • 1 kg. salt
  • a small piece of matter.

a small piece of matter wax church candles 1 kg. salt Rite is carried out only on Thursday. Place a piece of cloth on the affected area and, in turn, light all 3 candles. Open the salt bag next to the sick person and read the words of the prayer:

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Mother of the Virgin Mary I ask you - help. Squerch erysipelas, prickly erysipelas, go away, step out from the servant of God (the name of the sick person) with relics, from the bones, go to the swamp, where you burn, there you will stab and ache, and give redness. I am talking to you: “Go away. And here, the servant of God (the name of a sick person) never burn and do not give a hunk. Amen.

After the ritual, remove the matter from the person and carefully place it in salt. It is advisable not to touch the product with your hands. Therefore, with your chopsticks, push the matter deeper.

Leave it as it is, and the next day go outside, remove the cloth from the bag of salt with chopsticks (watch carefully so that it does not wake up) and burn the fabric. Then go out into the field and sprinkle all the salt there. At this, the ceremony is completed, and the result will depend on the strength of your faith.

A plot for 12 sisters

To make a ritual conspiracy from erysipelas, you should take a piece of red material. They are ligated to the affected area, and then the text is pronounced, which is better to memorize:

“12 faces, 12 sisters, from night, from day, from morning, from noon, by inlet, red, bony, dull and blue, icy. Your power is unchallenged, uninvited you come, you yourself leave, you punish yourself, and you have mercy. Go away, erysipelas, with my skin you are in distant fields, in forests high, in swamps, in mosses. You don’t need to know me anymore, you won’t torment me anymore. My word is strong. Amen".

Using thread

To get rid of erysipelas on the legs or arms, you can use woolen threads. It is enough to read the conspiracy itself, after tying the thread on a sore limb. In this case, the color of the coat should correspond to the shade of the affected area - blue or red.

The approximate text of the conspiracy: “Let the sickly face retreat, and my life will become better. The disease will never return and my soul will not be disturbed. Amen". After the ceremony, the threads should be burned.


You can cure a mug on a leg by conspiracy on Thursday. Bring 3 candles from the church, a new packet of salt, a piece of natural fabric. Synthetics are not suitable. Candles are set on fire from a fire, at home - from matches. Cover the affected area with matter, print out the salt, ask the Virgin to help. Take a rag, put in salt. On Friday morning, go outside, burn the fabric. Fingers are forbidden to touch, protect yourself with gloves. Sprinkle salt on the road. Leave without looking back.

The plot is read on coarse fiber, tow. Additionally, you need a knife. Healers use special for magic rituals from erysipelas. Beginners are limited to kitchen, refined salt. Scratch the fibers with a blade, saying a healing prayer:

I pray the mother of Jesus Christ, I turn my face to God. Bright dawn, divine power, destroy the sore. There is the Virgin Mary on the hill, squeezes rye in her palms, carries 3 bundles. 1 - dried up, 2 - dried up, 3 disappeared. Also disappear erysipelas, to (name) do not run to visit. The body will no longer hurt, inflammation will drive away. Not a man drove away the disease, God himself said so. Amen!

Take the tow after conspiracy from erysipelas outside the home, burn or bury it in the ground. Before you use the knife in the kitchen, sprinkle it with holy water, let it lie in salt.

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael

A disease like erysipelas is easier to prevent than to treat. When you are sick, do not disdain to turn to the saints and ask them for protection. Often those who suffer from erysipelas help the prayer to the archangel Raphael.

This conspiracy against erysipelas on the leg is very powerful, therefore it helps many people to be healed. If you are already sick with erysipelas, then early in the morning stand in front of the window, light a church candle and say a prayer:

Oh Holy Great Raphael Archangel! Hear less than a sinful man praying to you and be grateful in this and future life to give thanks and glory to the common Creator of ours for endless ages. Amen.

After you finish the conversion, you can ask the archangel in your own words to help you. Prayers will be answered. You can conduct the ceremony daily. And remember, the stronger your Faith is, the faster you will be able to recover from the disease.

Plot on red cloth

With a piece of new red cloth, you need to wrap a new knife and say these words:

“Go away, erysipelas, from my skin. Go forever to where the water is. Swamp water, dashing water. You have to be with her, you live in her. Amen"

. The tissue should be carried out in all diseased areas. Such a plot against erysipelas must be read within 5 days.

Conspiracy from Natalia Stepanova

The conspiracies of the Siberian healer help with many diseases. You can get rid of erysipelas with the help of the morning ritual. At dawn, you need to go to the balcony and scream the spoken words:

“Dawn-darling, shout your face. Where she came from, let her go there. May it be so. Amen".

How to cure a mug on the face by conspiracies?

Erysipelas on the face appear much less frequently than on the legs, but it is much more difficult to hide it from prying eyes. Therefore, the treatment should be very strong. And the result is fast. In order to make the inflammation less noticeable, the prayer of the Mother of God is used.

Such a rite will help to significantly reduce inflammation in the face in a few days. Prayer is the same for eliminating the blue and red faces. But in the second case, the result will have to wait longer.

The text is read not only to those who heal the person, but also to the sick themselves. It happens at the same time. Light a fire and hold a flame with a sharp object, then say in chorus:

At once, the first, hour, to the best Lord God, we will all pray, and worship the Holy Virgin Mary. Dawns you are lightning, God's bright helpers, proceed, but help from the disease to speak at this hour.

The Mother of God gave through a high mountain, carried 3 bunches of rye. The first withered, the second wilted, and the third disappeared altogether. And you, erysipelas, disappear and in this face, do not roam the body. In order not to burn, not to hurt, and did not return back.

I do not speak, the Lord our God speaks. Amen.

The strength of this conspiracy depends not only on how strong the magician cleanses the patient, but also on the person’s desire to recover. If he is passive and does not take part in treatment, the result will be almost imperceptible.

Healing with Strong Prayer

If the disease is too neglected and the intervention of higher forces is required, then it is best to turn to the saints for help. For the treatment of erysipelas, a prayer is suitable for the archangel Raphael. To turn to the saint, you need to go to the open window and light a church candle. Then you should say the words of prayer and leave the candle burned out on the window.

A conspiracy from erysipelas is a good way to help the patient if he suffers from this disease. To quickly get rid of the disease, it is advisable to carry out the ritual several times a day. However, it is worth remembering that this method is only an addition to treatment and is aimed at strengthening human strength.

How to understand that erysipelas is a consequence of witchcraft?

Often, erysipelas are provoked by negative magical interference. A witch sometimes purposefully sends this disease or it can be side effect of the witchcraft rite. There are a number of signs by which you can easily understand that the disease arose as a result of witchcraft exposure:

  • the symptoms of the disease pass very quickly, literally 1-2 days after reading the conspiracy,
  • damage to the skin began at the same time that nightmares began to occur to people,
  • spots on the body have clearly defined boundaries, if you look closely, you can see the images,
  • traditional treatment does not bring effect for a long period, it is not possible to bring down the patient’s temperature,
  • after you performed the ritual and the patient recovered, the health of your friend sharply worsened.

The latter suggests that the witchcraft was removed, and it affected the one who made it. Pay attention to such nuances during the rituals. This will help you protect yourself in the future from unwanted magic attacks.

A plot against erysipelas is a powerful medicine, but only if a large amount of positive energy is invested in prayers and conspiracies. Both the doctor and the patient themselves must believe in healing. Only when they make maximum efforts in the fight against the disease, the ailment will be defeated.

Features of the disease

Erysipelas, like all diseases, has its own characteristics. Starting treatment, it is recommended to know everything about the disease:

  1. An infection causes the disease, it enters through damaged areas of the skin.
  2. It can be cracks, scratches and even diaper rash. An additional condition is a weakened immunity and a stressful state of the body, an overworked or supercooled body is perfect for the development of infection.
  3. It proceeds over time and causes complications, side effects in the internal organs of a person.
  4. Of the negative consequences, it is necessary to highlight the infection of organs, body tissues and even blood. The body often swells, necrosis, thrombophlebitis, ulcers and abscesses appear.
  5. Lymphatic outflow is disturbed, blood vessels become clogged and as a result elephantiasis appears.

Conspiracies and prayers: rules

Conspiracies from erysipelas have been used for many years, a number of rules have already been formed that must be observed. At that time, medicine was still powerless against such an illness, but many held the idea that it would be better not to involve magic in the treatment, so as not to bring disaster upon oneself or the patient. A lot of time has passed since then and now modern people use prayers.

The first basic rule for reading any conspiracy is to believe in the result.. Without faith in healing, you should not start any treatment. The second important point is to wake up at dawn..

Do not eat food, but with an empty stomach, go outside, preferably in a field or park. Collect dew from the lawn and wash it. You can still approach the river and wash it with water, bow to the earth on all four sides.

Now turn to the side where the sun sets, and read "Our Father."

It has long been believed that prayers have tremendous power.

If you do not have access to the street and you want to read the plot in your apartment, then face east (if you will read the plot in the morning) or west (if it is evening time to read the plot). Keep the room clean and ventilated before the ritual. It is not necessary to pronounce the words in a whisper, because it should sound clearly, do not rush, but pay attention to each word.

Erysipelas spell on legs

The plot against erysipelas on the leg is very strong, and it is recommended to take it seriously. Reading a prayer can only be entrusted to a completely healthy person or a healer. The one who will read the plot should bend over the red leg and pronounce the text:

“I break out, expel from (name) earthly, watery, airy, fiery, invented, ridiculous, conspiracy, sick, boiling, crawling, flowing, alien faces! You mug, with an bow to the earth, an iron word: you (name) not to stand. You can’t break his bones.

You can’t dry his blood. You can’t bow his head. Banish you, mug, over the blue sea. In that sea the blue rock stands, on that rock the throne stands. On this throne are three baskets full. But the Lord stands behind the throne, holds the holy book. He reads that book from (name), he drives out his face.

The second plot is different in the preparation process. Prepare a scarf from linen or cotton paper, always red. Take the scarf from these materials, because each fabric has its own properties, which must be taken into account when applying the spell.

If you have a sore leg that is not red, but a blue erysipelas, then change the color of the scarf to blue. A disease has the property of distinguishing colors. The essence of the conspiracy is that you are not talking a sore spot, but the scarf itself. Only after that it is applied to the place and as a result, over time, it is healed.

A person who will read prayers must have strong energy and faith. The actual text of the plot:

"Erysipelas, erysipelas, besyha-beshiha! An eagle flew in, sat on a Besyha, flapped its wings, tore it apart. You can’t be here, don’t break white bones, don’t drink scarlet blood, don’t starve your body, don’t dry your heart, don’t beat your head up. Remove your obstacles from your health, get out, madam, get out! My words cannot be undone, my words cannot be forbidden! Amen!".

It is easy to get rid of erysipelas on the leg, if you believe in the result.

Salt Rite

Salt has always been considered a component of magical rites; it has often been credited with magical and healing properties. A large number of rituals that are used to treat diseases, including erysipelas, were not without the use of salt.

Read prayers for salt can be separately or combined with conventional treatment, these facts do not affect the result. If the disease of erysipelas manifested as a result of witchcraft, then this rite will be as effective as possible.

Do not rely only on the cure by prayer, seek traditional medicine for help. Bear in mind that it is best to combine these treatments.

Salt is often used in conspiracies, as it is an excellent energy keeper.

First of all, to begin the ritual, which helps to cleanse and restore your previous health, you need to buy one kilogram of salt, three church candles and take a piece of cloth. This ceremony can only be performed on Thursdays.

The first thing that is recommended to be done is to attach the tissue to the sore spot. Now take the candles and light all three in turn.

When you have prepared everything, open the salt packet directly next to the sick person and read the words of the prayer:

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Mother of the Virgin, I ask you - help. Squerch erysipelas, prickly erysipelas, go away, step out from the servant of God (the name of a sick person) with relics, from bones, go to the swamp, where you burn, there you will stab and ache and give redness.

And an extra spell:

"Go away. And here, the servant of God (the name of a sick person) never burn and do not give a hunk. Amen".

After completing the ritual, remove the tissue from the patient and put it in a pack of salt. Try not to touch the salt itself. Take the stick and push the fabric so that it is completely immersed in salt. Today the ritual is completed.

The next day you need to go outside, get a cloth from salt (use chopsticks) and burn it. To complete the ritual you need to go out into the field and sprinkle all the salt that was used to read the prayers.

Remember, the result depends on your willpower and faith in recovery.

Conspiracy - prayer for erysipelas

  1. Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  2. Items required for the ritual: none.
  3. Methodology: Read the plot 9 times, during which time you baptize and circle the sore.

“The mother of Christ was walking, her three brothers met her, they began to torture her:“ Where are you going? Mother of Christ? ”“ I go to a Beshikhu and I mug whisper from the servant of God (name) born, baptized, prayer, communed.

Beshikha and erysipelas are scrap, plump, plump, purulent, windy, watery, thoughtful, given, not filed, I do not say it myself, I call the Lord God for help, twelve angels and apostles. ” Amen. Amen. Amen".

Erysipelas Conspiracy

  • Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  • Items required for the ritual: none.

Read 3 times the prayer “Our Father” and 12 times the conspiracy: “Our mother stood on the sea-ocean, planted flowers: scarlet, blue, and all kinds of colorful.

Go away, erysipelas, for the dark forests, for the yellow sands, and there you will be left behind by the handmaid of God (name). Amen. Amen. Amen".

And also 12 times read the conspiracy from the evil eye:

“From all eyes, from eyes of joyful and hateful, and from gray, and from white, and from black, and from yellow, and from the violent wind. Help, Lord, the Queen of Heaven, a controversial helper, I trust in you, Lord, my intercessor, and St. Nicholas the Great Wonderworker, in the good health of the servant of God (name). Amen. Amen. Amen".

Conspiracy from erysipelas is the easiest

  1. Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  2. Items required for the ritual: none.

Say the plot 3 times:

“Erysipelas, erysipelas, a red girl walked across the field, red roses tore. I’ll go get a big lesson. There is a girl under a talnik, red, dressed up. One eye is watery, the other firey, and fire extinguishes water.I would extinguish it with the slave of God (name), from the eyes, from the face, from the nose, from the head, from the lungs, liver, heart, stomach, hands, legs, bones and veins, from the whole organism. There would remain a servant of God (name), as the mother gave birth, as the Lord created.

Conspiracy from erysipelas long

  • Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  • Items required for the ritual: none.

Say a conspiracy: “I extort and pronounce (name) earthy, watery, natural, coined, funny, sentenced, sickly, boiling, creeping, flowing, black mug, blue mug, yellow mug, red mug, green mug, white mug.

I ask you, erysipelas, with a low bow, a humble word (name) does not have you, do not stand in the blood.

do not break bones, do not dry blood and don’t bow your head. I am sending you, erysipelas, to the blue sea.

On the blue sea a blue stone lies, on that stone the throne stands, on that throne three boxes full. Behind that throne, the Lord Himself sits behind a prayer book holding on, reading a book and begging his face on (name). Amen. Amen. Amen".

Conspiracy from erysipelas with paper and chalk

  1. Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  2. Items required for the ritual: blue paper and chalk.

Draw crosses and dashes with chalk on blue paper, saying the words: “A big man walks along a mountain, carries an iron harrow. What will he take? This face. May God the Father help him. ”

After that, tie the painted paper to the sore spot.

Conspiracy of erysipelas on potatoes

  • Suitable time for the ritual: in the evening, before bedtime.
  • Items necessary for the ritual: 2 potato tubers, grater.

Say the following conspiracy, "Erysipelas, erysipelas, you are not handsome here, you will see an aspen, erysipelas in the forest at the edge of the forest, you will be very beautiful on the aspen, you will sing, have fun and burn, and leave the servant of God (name) alone. Amen. Amen. Amen".

After pronouncing the final three words “Amen”, baptize the face 3 times, then take two potato tubers and grate them.

After that, give the potato to the patient, and let him put this mass on his leg, bandage him and go to bed. In the morning you need to untie the bandage and remove the potato mass.

Conspiracy from erysipelas on fabric

  1. Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  2. Items required for the ritual: red fabric.

Cover your leg with a red cloth, cross yourself and bring the conspiracy “Twelve faces, twelve sisters: night, day, morning, midday, pretend, red, bone,” jinxing, unhappy, dull, blue, cold, your will is unchallenged by anyone.

You yourself come uninvited, you leave yourself, you spread rot, you yourself have mercy. Go, erysipelas, come down from this skin to distant fields, high forests, to mosses, to swamps, to a white birch. Not that you, erysipelas, Vasily Kosaretsky will beat, burn. your navels on all sides will carry. Here you, no faces, no nests, no slave of God, no slave of God (name), no heart to shiver, no body to destroy.

Be my words, quick-witted, talkative now, forever, forever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Now, and ever, and forever and ever. Amen".

When will the result appear and why the magic did not work

There are no exact dates in magic. The cure time for erysipelas depends on the general condition of the body, the neglect of the disease, the powers of the witch. The first improvements - the disappearance of itching, pain, burning - come in the first. A full recovery usually takes 1-2 weeks. Periodically renew rituals, recite conspiracies.

The lack of results is often caused by errors in the ritual, lack of powers of the warlock, improperly selected conspiracy.

With a lack of personal strength, use the energy of the elements to eliminate erysipelas. Light candles, ask the fire spirits to help in magical action. You can’t turn to pagan gods and demons for help when reading Christian prayers - a conflict of forces will arise that worsens the condition of the patient. You can’t talk about a cure for erysipelas - you will tear off the effects of the conspiracy, the forces will turn away or require a hard fee. Magic loves silence.

Conspiracy to the Spirit of the Keeper

The guardian spirit is next to the person from his birth. His main task is to protect a person from anxiety and help him in good deeds.

  1. Suitable time for the ritual: any time.
  2. Items required for the ritual: red cloth.

Read the plot 9 times, circling the sore spot with red cloth:

“The erysipelas, rabies, the eagle flew in, sat on the rabies, waving its wings, tore its paws.

You won’t be here, don’t break yellow bones, don’t drink red blood, don’t dry your white body, don’t torment a zealous heart, don’t break a lush head.

Have mercy and save, Lord, the servant of God (name). Saints (list the names you consider necessary), pray to God for me. ”

Treatment of erysipelas in folk ways

Before you use the plot, you need to take other measures. Preparatory activities should be as follows:

  • Purification of the patient’s energy from the negative. You can turn to experienced fortune tellers or esotericists for help. The specialist will diagnose the aura and identify weaknesses
  • Appeal to official medicine. Perhaps the cause of the disease is not at all in the evil eye or spoilage. The doctor will prescribe the treatment that you need to apply. And only if traditional methods did not help, you can resort to the rite

Next, let's talk about how to read the conspiracy from erysipelas correctly.

Conspiracy-prayer for erysipelas

This option is suitable if you and the patient are faithful and religious people. You will need a wax church candle and the icon of St. Panteleimon the Healer.

Wait until the moon enters a waning phase. Get up at midnight at the patient’s bed, light a candle and place it next to the icon.

After that, take the candle in your hands and start leading the flame along the patient’s body, pronouncing the words of the prayer:

The rite does not end there - after reading the first conspiracy, you must immediately begin to read the second. Here is the text:

The second conspiracy must be spoken three times. Repeat the ceremony for three days.

Important: the words of conspiracies must be pronounced clearly and without the slightest hesitation. Therefore, memorize them in advance so that not a single word is forgotten at a crucial moment.

To salt

Salt is an excellent conductor of energy, so it is often used in folk magic rituals. Such a ritual will be especially effective if a person gets sick with erysipelas after an evil eye or induced damage. It works best from erysipelas on the leg.

  • three wax church candles
  • kilogram of salt
  • natural fabric - it is better to take cotton or linen

The most favorable time for the ceremony is the evening of Thursday, after sunset. Apply tissue to the affected area. Open the salt packet and say the plot directly above it:

After you pronounce the magic text three times, remove the tissue from the patient’s body and put it in a container of salt. Leave it overnight.

In the morning, the fabric needs to be burned. This is best done on the street, and the ashes dispelled in the wind. Then you need to go out into the open and sprinkle the salt completely. After the manipulations, the ceremony will take effect, and the person will begin to recover.

Rules for the plot to work

There are certain recommendations that you need to follow in order for the plot to work. They are as follows:

  1. You must believe in the healing power of the rite. If in doubt or skepticism, the plot will be futile
  2. Rite must be strictly on the waning moon. During this period of time, the energy of the celestial body takes away everything bad: illness, failure, negative emotions
  3. Be sure to follow the doctor’s recommendations. Home conspiracies are not able to heal the patient completely, but they can significantly accelerate the result of official treatment

It will not be superfluous to go to church and light a candle for the health of a sick person.

Strong prayers from erysipelas on the leg, to those at risk

People with varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, foot fungus, diseases of the lymphatic system, trophic ulcers have a predisposition to erysipelas.

For such diseases, read the Christian prayer from the face to the Lord, "prayer to the Most Holy Trinity." At risk are those who, due to their work, are associated with skin pollution and micro-injuries: workers, builders, etc.

Going to work, ask your Angel in prayer to protect you from erysipelas.

Orthodox prayers from erysipelas, to those who are already sick

If you suffer from erysipelas, in addition to strictly following the recommendations of the doctor, be sure to from funny faces read strong prayers to the archangel Raphael, "The Tsaritsa". So the recovery will go faster. You should also know.

That the erysipelas is a recurring disease, therefore, to reduce the risk of re-development of erysipelas, you need to take more care of yourself: avoid overheating or hypothermia, treat even the smallest cuts and scuffs, make sure that diaper rash does not appear.

The text of the church miraculous prayer from the face to Archangel Raphael

Oh Holy Great Archangel Raphael! Stand before the Throne of God, You are by grace, from the Almighty Physician of the souls and telos of you, the righteous husband of Tobit given to you from bodily blindness, he healed thou, and his son Tobias, having confessed to him, saved thou shalt from evil spirit.

I earnestly pray thee, if I have a guide in my life, save my enemies from all visible and invisible, heal my mental and physical illnesses, direct my life to repentance for sin and to do good deeds.

Oh Holy Great Raphael Archangel! Hear less than a sinful man praying to you and be grateful in this and future life to give thanks and glory to the common Creator of ours for endless ages. Amen.

Strong independent conspiracy from erysipelas

“I grind, chase away from (name) an earthen, water, natural, invented, ridiculous, sentenced, sick, boiling, creeping, flowing, alien face.

You mug, with a low bow, an obedient word: (name) doesn’t stand for you, don’t break bones, don’t dry blood and don’t bow your head. I will send you an erysipelas over the blue sea. On the blue sea is that blue stone lies, on that stone the throne stands.

Three boxes are full on that throne, the Lord himself stands behind that throne, holds a prayer book, reading that book by (name) begging face. Amen! (3 times)".

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