Why does a woman dream of a tiger - interpretation of sleep

A tiger is a symbol of striving for a goal, activity, endurance, strength. But at the same time it is aggression, cruelty, stubbornness and danger. The duality of this sign confuses the interpretation of the dream in which this animal is present. The color of the tiger is of great importance in determining sleep, and its behavior is no less important.

Tiger - Wangi's Dream Book

Hunting or absorbing prey, a tiger dreams - despite all the difficulties, you will come to a long-awaited victory and get everything you want.

The dream where you see a tiger resting can portend a surprise that will confuse your plans, cloud your thoughts and plunge you into gloom.

A trained tiger in a circus in a dream, as it were, warns that much can be achieved only with the help of tact and delicacy.

Why dream of a white, red, big tiger

If you dreamed of a white tiger, you can expect good luck and luck in absolutely all your affairs. By tradition, an animal of white color is a very auspicious sign. You can meet a powerful patron or finally deal with all the doubts tormenting you. Also, the albino tiger in a dream is a harbinger of great surprise.

The red tiger, in contrast, is a negative symbol. He always foreshadows any threat. To understand what this threat is, you need to analyze the behavior of the tiger.

Big tiger is big power. Moreover, the nature of this force depends on the color of the animal.

Why dream of feeding, stroking, killing a tiger

Stroking a tiger in a dream means pacifying its animal instincts, coping with negative emotions. It may also portend the conquest of the location of an influential person.

To feed a tiger with his hands, to tame him is to cope with difficulties, to receive support from a worthy person.

The dream in which you kill a tiger can symbolize victory in some important matter. This can be a career, achieving a personal goal, or fighting bad habits.

To dream in a dream a good, benevolent tiger

Those who dreamed in a nightly dream of a kind, complacent beast who did not commit absolutely any aggressive actions can hope for success in their career growth. It will be nice to pay attention to the people next to the big cat, as it is they who will somehow contribute to the increase. To see several non-aggressive predators at once - to the patronage of high-ranking officials. But, what color the skin of the animal had is of great importance, the following colors are most often found:

  • white with contrasting black stripes - to luck in all endeavors,
  • black with contrasting white stripes - a failure in business, the cause of which will be excessive emotionality, lack of restraint in words and actions,
  • blue - for luck
  • albino - to unexpected luck.

An excellent dream is where the girl managed to stroke a big cat in the coat. This promises a successful resolution of disagreements with competitors. Although it happens that when petting an animal, there is a feeling that it is cunning and only pretends to be kind. In this case, you should look in your inner circle for an intriguer, an ill-wisher who dissolves gossip that defames his business reputation.

Tigers dream of a woman

The appeared striped beast warns a married woman of an impending family drama. It is likely that the impending conflict between the spouses will result in a real scandal with breaking plates.

If a single girl saw a tiger in a dream, then soon she can count on meeting a very interesting man. He will be overbearing like a tiger and quite wealthy.

If a predator in the title role was dreamed of by a pregnant woman, then her child from childhood will show obstinacy, obstinacy, willpower and independence.

Dream interpretation tigress

If a tigress had a dream, then the interpreters of dreams recommend recalling whether there are any acquaintances surrounded by the dreamer who, according to the Eastern calendar, were born in the year of this predator. After all, a tigress in a dream can act as a creator and assistant, as well as a destroyer.

Perhaps the dreaming tigress is a certain female person, who can be a very friendly and wise woman, who is not ashamed to ask for advice, but may turn out to be a vile intriguer trying to ruin the dreamer's life.

If the dreamer panicked and was frightened in a dream when he met a graceful tigress, it means that in reality the dreamer's enemies are not asleep and actively participate in your life to spoil it. If you do not take action, all the worst will happen.

If the dreamer killed the tigress in a dream, then in reality he may very well count on luck in all matters.

If a tigress growled fiercely in a dream, biting sharp fangs, fasten: your wallet is empty, you will have to tighten your belts and wait for a better period in life. In addition, dream books predict a quarrel with a loved one. On the other hand, lack of money and conflicts are a productive period when you can rethink your life and begin to act contrary to circumstances, bringing closer a favorable moment for meeting with happiness.

If the tigress attacks the dreamer, it means that in reality he will have to face troubles that will destroy the plans. The dreamer will be very upset that close relatives will not do what they promised.

If in a dream a tigress sat in a cage, it means that in a dream's life all the cards will be in the hands of a dreamer in order to beat rivals and bypass them in many ways. But if the dreamer stood next to the cage or was with a tigress inside it, then the interpreters predict the threat of an accident, accident, catastrophe and other troubles hanging over the dreamer.

If a tigress in a dream was an inhabitant of the zoo, then the dreamer needs to work on his behavior with colleagues, he is aggressive against them, and this is very unproductive behavior in the service.

If you dreamed that the tigress was quietly pacing around the house, then soon the dreamer will be appointed to a new position, perhaps he will become the boss.

If a tigress lies in a house or sleeps in a dream, then a period of inactivity begins in the dreamer's life. He should not wait for any progress at work or personal affairs.

If you dreamed of a friendly white tigress, the dreamer can count on good news or the arrival of a good friend. Perhaps the dreamer himself will make a pleasant journey.

If you dreamed about how a tigress gives birth in front of a dreamer, then a very wise, educated and influential person will soon appear in his life.

If the predator gave birth to cubs, then in reality the dreamer awaits family well-being and happiness.

To see a tiger cub in a dream

Remember what a little tiger cub looks like. He's cute, handsome, playful like a kitten. In general, it causes positive emotions. If a person saw in a dream a pretty striped tiger cub, this means that there is a strong and powerful person in his environment, but he cannot harm the dreamer. Perhaps the dreamer is friends with this person.

But if a tiger cub growled in a dream, grinning, angry, then this is not a good sign, especially for a woman.

It is likely that the man whom she loves is not quite what she seems to be, from time to time he can show aggression, get angry from scratch, behave inappropriately. Either the woman is poorly versed in men, or she does not know how to behave in such situations.

If a tigress had a dream with cubs, then the dreamer is advised not to shoulder a lot of tasks, let alone do the work for others. It's time to think about the quality of work, and not about the number of completed tasks.

A tigress with cubs is a symbol of a new stage and a new business in which you will have to invest effort and money, and the game is undoubtedly worth the candle.

White tiger in a dream

The white tiger in a dream is a symbol of a person’s inner world, his craving for knowledge, creativity and creation. Perhaps a period has come in a person’s life when it is time for him to think about self-development, to prove himself in some area, perhaps in a matter in which there were some doubts.

Also see a white tiger in a dream - get the good news.

The dream predicts that people who can solve all difficulties will come to the aid of the dreamer.

Run away from the tiger

Running away from a tiger in a dream means in real life encountering a dangerous enemy who will put sticks in the wheels at work, preventing him from gaining the trust of his boss. And to defeat the dreamer the enemy will help money and communication.

If the dreamer in a dream just met with a predator, then in reality he will be able to solve boring problems. To survive the red tape will have to those who dreamed of a tiger in the distance.

If the dreamer observed several striped animals hiding in the bushes at once, it means that soon he will feel out of place, he will fall into an unfamiliar and unusual society.

If in a night vision a tiger attacked a dreamer, then in real life one must prepare for the appearance of a dangerous adversary.

If a fight broke out in a dream between a man and a tiger, then you need to remember your emotions and feelings: if the dreamer was focused and confident in himself, that means he can count on his experience and luck in implementing his plans.

If the dreamer fought desperately with the beast, imitating his habits and trying to kill the predator, it means that in life a person has grown in all plans, he has accumulated so much vital energy that is more than enough to move on, overcoming and even sweeping away obstacles on the way.

If in a dream the dreamer managed to kill the tiger, it means that in reality he may not be afraid of anything and go forward, not a single enemy will prevent him from achieving what he wants. Also killing a tiger promises to receive a huge inheritance.

If a tiger ran away in a dream, then in real life, the enemies decided to quiet down for a while, to fade into the background, fearing the strength of the dreamer.

If the fanged predator bit, the dreamer in real life angered a very important and influential person who intends to avenge the moral trauma inflicted.

Feed the tiger

If you dreamed about feeding an attacking tiger, then in real life the dreamer will have to try in vain and pore over some = thing. It will be completed, but no one will even say thank you, which is why the dreamer will be very upset.

If in a dream a clawed predator ran for food, then in the life of the sleeping person there will be events that will protect the dreamer from the wrong act.

If a woman dreamed about how she feeds a tiger, then she needs to answer the question: is everything all right in her personal life? Her happiness is very fragile.

To feed meat in a dream of a tiger - to build up potential and energy in life in order to start new business. And tiger qualities will help this dreamer: leadership talents, caution, activity and powerful energy.

If in a dream you feed the tiger from your hands, it means defeating the enemies in real life, it also means support from the people, the beginning of new achievements.

If you feed playful tiger cubs in a dream, then the dreamer will have a lot of family troubles.

If you are breastfeeding a baby cub in a dream, then in reality the dreamer needs to stop sacrificing himself, the people for whom you are doing this are unworthy of your attention, so stop wasting energy!

Pet tiger

If in a dream a woman strokes a tiger, then in reality she walks along the blade of a knife, for the sake of pleasure and comfort.

If you dreamed about how you pet and caress a friendly tiger, then soon you will have to forget a little about yourself and follow the orders of superiors.

If in a dream the predator did not at all want you to touch it, but you still continued to stroke its striped back, then expect intrigues and bad conversations about you.

If you stroked a tiger, and he wanted to attack you, then in your life begins a streak of total bad luck. Pull yourself together, everything is fixable!

If you caress the white tiger, then in reality you can expect an influx of big money and the successful completion of all business transactions.

A large amount will bring a dream in which you stroked a predator living at your place.

The dream, where the dreamer strokes the tiger, portends a sincere friendship with a certain person who will help the dreamer in everything.

If you stroked a tiger cub, then you are in danger. But calm and moderation in everything will bring a dream in which the dreamer stroked the tigress.

If there is a dream in which the dreamer stroked the tiger cub in the face, then in reality he will have to deal with problems in his personal life, relations.

Stroking a tiger in a dream along the back means a misunderstanding with the leadership.

Stroking the tail of the tiger means that the dreamer will be allowed to use someone else's success and money for some time, but it will not last long, so do not relax, because free cheese is only in the mousetrap.

But if in a dream stroking a tiger against wool, then the dreamer will make friends with his enemy, and they will have common interests.

Premiums in monetary terms can be expected by the dreamer, who stroked tiger cubs in a dream, and a tigress watched this action next.

Other dreams

If the dreamer dreamed of a friendly tiger, which is not scary to stroke, this means that in reality the dreamer cannot find harmony within himself, often argues and quarrels with others, shows aggression towards them. The time has come to rectify the situation; this is what your tiger came to say.

If a good tiger stands next to a dreamer, taking care of and protecting him, then in reality, the right person will appear in the life of a person who will solve the dreamer's problems.

If a predator entered the house, then the dreamer will receive important news about a person from his environment. If the beast burst into the house of the woman, then soon she will meet a wealthy man with whom a stable relationship will develop, or she will marry a man much older than her, while he will turn out to be a masterful and powerful man who will psychologically put pressure on the woman.

If a tiger who came to visit had a dream about a man, then he had a rival in real life. In addition, a man whose house the tiger entered in a dream and made an attempt to attack should think about his attitude to the household. Perhaps he is too restrained, and sometimes cruel.

If a tiger in a dream was on a chain, then the dreamer in reality will be able to reveal all the secrets and plans of enemies. By disarming the enemies, the dreamer will triumph over circumstances.

If a tiger was sitting in a cage in a dream, then a person needs to be more careful in communicating with colleagues. For some reason, the dreamer ruined his relationship with them.

Whatever tiger you dream of, remember that the solution to all everyday problems depends only on you! Perhaps the predator that appeared in your dream signals that the moment has come in life when it is time to use tiger qualities to succeed!

See a tiger in the house

The dream, where a woman meets a tiger in her own house, is positive and foreshadows an early meeting with an influential person. If the dreams were seen by an unmarried girl, then she can hope for a marriage with a wealthy man. Married ladies will receive a money patron, but you should be careful with him, otherwise the positive aspects of the relationship quickly transform into negative ones. Another good sign is night dreams, in which the beast enters the house and lie down at its feet. Soon, public recognition awaits you, it will entail material well-being and all this will happen thanks to the intervention of an influential person.

A tabby cat in the house can be considered as a certain accumulation of energy ready for emission, and depending on the nature of night vision, this emission will entail certain consequences, for example, such:

several tigers entered the house - communication with wealthy, influential people is ahead, it is likely that one of them will offer his protection,

  • play with animals - to career growth,
  • feed meat - helping an outsider get rid of competitors with subsequent success at work,
  • to kill a predator that has entered the house is a bad sign predicting the loss of finances if they were received not in an entirely honest way,

If a woman is engaged in creativity, then for her auspicious sign is to meet at home a classic red beast. This means that creativity will finally be appreciated, the lady will receive fame, incentives for new achievements. But the appearance of a black predator in the home carries a discord in undertakings and relationships. One should be wary of insidiousness from the side of both close circle and unfamiliar people.

People tend to accumulate internal energy and many are reluctant to part with this reserve. Visions with a tiger indicate that now is the most opportune moment to use the accumulated benefit.

Tiger by Miller's Dream Book

If you dream of a tiger walking at you, it means that your enemies will in every way annoy you.

If in a dream a tiger attacks you, it means that future failure will plunge you into despair.

If in a dream you repel the attack of the tiger or kill it, then all your endeavors will be extremely successful.

Seeing a tiger running away from you in a dream portends your victory over your enemies, consolidation of your position.

If in a dream you see a tiger in a cage, then you will be able to confuse your opponents.

Tiger skin - promises exquisite pleasures.

Tiger characteristics: size, physical condition

A predatory cat in dreams dreams differently. One is in its natural form, the other appears fantastically altered. This must also be taken into account:

  1. The big tiger pushes for more confidence. The dreamer has a well-deserved authority, which causes no doubt in anyone.
  2. Huge - indicates pride. You really know how and know a lot. But this is not a reason to humiliate thoughts, words, deeds of others. The smartest is simply not there.
  3. Small - lack of strength to move towards the cherished goal. You need to discover other resources within yourself.
  4. Living - increasing energy potential. Good health, desire to act.
  5. Dead is a disease. Killed with his own hands - the struggle with enemies exhausts, will deprive of desires. Need a rest.
  6. Dying - instability. The situation can turn for the better, and for the worse at any second.

Amur predator (Ussuri or Siberian) is a symbol of power and power. If he is kind to the dreamer, then these qualities are within receiving.

Tiger in a cage - dream book

Of course, fear in the soul of a person at the sight of a tiger will not arise if he sees him in a cage. This dream portends that you will triumph over your enemies in real life. The tiger in the cage symbolizes your difficulties with self-realization. Therefore, in reality, be more confident in your actions, as this can significantly accelerate the receipt of the desired result.

Don't get scared of a growling tiger

The dream is favorable, in the plot of which you were not afraid of the growling tiger. This is a harbinger of promotion. But remember that serious responsibilities will be assigned to you and analyze how you are ready to deal with them. The dream in which you see a tiger in your own house has a similar interpretation.


The next factor influencing the interpretation is the emotional content of the plot. Tigers are far from always angry and attacking. If they are not affected by nature, then they will pass by. And what was the matter in the dream?

Decryption of the main emotional states of the cat:

  1. Affectionate rumbling - respect in society, high position, wealth.
  2. kind - finish what you started and rejoice.
  3. Evil - there will be a fierce battle for their own interests, upholding of the worldview.
  4. Furious - open conflict. The ill-wisher will try to push the dreamer out of his occupied position in the service or in the family. Can prophesy treason.
  5. Calm - tension will increase. You will expect trouble. But the result is not yet visible.

Fighting predators - a neutral forecast if you are not hurt. You will witness the clash of powerful people. Both sides are equally indifferent. For example, there will be a confrontation between candidates for a post that you can’t afford yet.

Family Dream Tiger

If you dreamed that a tiger was coming at you - your enemies will plot against you.

The dream in which the tiger attacked you is fraught with failure.

If you were able to overcome the tiger or kill him - all your undertakings will be successful.

Runaway tiger - symbolizes the victory over enemies and the consolidation of position in society.

Saw a tiger in a cage - you can fool your opponents.

A dream about a tiger skin - promises exquisite pleasures.

Wild or tame

A domesticated animal symbolizes relationships with people of one social status, a similar worldview and position. In contrast, a large cat, living in natural conditions, speaks of something extraordinary, unusual. Interpretations:

  1. Domestic tiger - conditions have been created for settling the recent conflict. You can act.
  2. Manual - one of the family members has serious problems. Mom and dad sleep recommends talking frankly with the children. One of the offspring suffers, but cannot open.
  3. Wild - the unusual will burst into life, turn everything upside down.

The sleeping inhabitant of taiga prophesies harmony in relations with his beloved, relatives, friends. You understand each other perfectly, you are going in the same direction.

What is the Tiger dreaming of

Seeing a tiger behind bars in a dream is a complication of relations with colleagues.

Fighting a tiger - to the joys of love, riding it - the collapse of all hopes.

To put your head in the mouth of a tiger - in reality you will be in serious danger.

Killing a tiger portends a rich inheritance.

Seeing a white albino tiger in a dream is a successful undertaking in any business.

A tiger running away from you means complete defeat in the competition, rushing at you - show nobility and generosity to the destitute.

A tiger according to the dream book of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

To see a tiger in a dream is a warning that in reality you could overlook some danger. Most often, such dreams suggest that you can get involved in some kind of risky enterprise or come into conflict with a cunning and ruthless opponent. Alas, the image of the tiger suggests that this can turn into a big disaster.

Defeating a tiger in a dream means that in reality you are ready to fight with enemies, no matter how dexterous and strong they may be.

Seeing trained tigers in a dream portends participation in a dangerous business in which endurance and discipline will be required of you. At the same time, if the action takes place in the circus arena - a dream suggests that this business will not bring you any benefit or benefit.

Quantity (one, two, many)

It is not necessary to associate a predator with a specific person. Many dangerous cats appear to enhance the effect of vision. In this way, the subconscious tries to fix the image, to push for analysis. Namely:

  1. A lot - you are confused in business, accumulated unresolved issues. Now you have to fix the flaws at the same time.
  2. One is interpreted according to situational factors. Usually offers to look at personal circumstances.
  3. Two are relationships between sexual partners. Lonely - a forecast of the appearance of a lover, intimate soul or seducer.
  4. Three - competition in one of the areas of life. The sleeper will be tightly involved in the contest.

A whole flock of striped animals is a sign of a dangerous, unfriendly team. For example, get a job in a company where everyone is for himself. Friendly participation from colleagues can not wait. Only tricks, criticism, suspicion, gossip. To the girl, the vision tells about the family of the narrowed.

What does the tiger dream mean?

If you dreamed that a tiger was approaching you, then your enemies will plot against you.

The dream in which the tiger attacked you is fraught with failure.

If you were able to overcome the tiger or kill him, then all your undertakings will be successful.

The fleeing tiger symbolizes the victory over enemies and the consolidation of position in society. Saw a tiger in a cage - you can fool your opponents.

A dream about a tiger skin promises exquisite pleasures.

See a dream with tiger hitters

European and eastern esoterics disagree in the interpretation of dreams, where a tiger attacks a person. Europeans believe that such dreams have a negative connotation, and the person who sees them should expect some kind of cunning, deception. Eastern gurus, on the contrary, consider the attack of the beast a positive sign. According to them, in this way, the Universe expresses its favor to people, gives them energy, strength that will help to overcome difficulties, achieve success in new endeavors.

Despite such a different interpretation, one can find a common denominator in the dream books. So the sages of the east and the European part of our continent agree that a girl who sees a striped cat in the night dreams should prepare for the implementation of serious projects, trials. In the process of overcoming them, assistance will be provided, but it is better to rely on our own strengths, and not on outside interference, since you will have to pay for it. If during an animal’s attack there is a feeling of fear, a desire to run away, to avoid struggle, pain, then such a dream indicates the presence of an opponent. Most likely, he has serious connections and is not shy about using them. Therefore, it makes sense to find a patron, otherwise success in business will not be achieved.

A dream where the girl was not afraid of the predator, decided to fight with him to the bitter end indicates the presence of a large supply of energy in the body and it must be spent on something useful. The time has come to cast aside passivity, laziness, and begin to lead a more active lifestyle. A very good sign is to see the defeated tabby cat in the night dreams. This means that the sleeping person has well-known advantages over the opponent and it will be advisable to use them. Such a vision is especially relevant for women who have been trying for a long time to achieve career success through hard work. Now it is time to make the last leap and achieve your goals.

The meaning of sleep tiger

(See interpretation: animals, animals)

The tiger in a dream is a symbol of great danger and represents your worst and merciless enemy. If you dream that he is attacking you, then you will find great misfortunes and troubles. Such a dream sometimes warns that your life may be in real danger. Killing him in a dream means complete success in a difficult and profitable business, after which your friends and enemies will respect you. Lying on a tiger skin in a dream is a harbinger of the great success and wealth that you will achieve thanks to your courage and determination. Selling a tiger skin in a dream is a sign of victory over a dangerous enemy that you gained thanks to your cunning or dexterity. If the skin is eaten away by moth and torn, then your grandiose plans will not be fully realized.

What is the dream of the white tiger

Many are interested in what the white tiger dreams of. Such an elegant and beautiful predator, seen in a dream, warns that in your environment there are imaginary friends who are very dangerous and can seriously harm you. The most unpleasant thing is that even after such a dream it will not be easy for you to determine who is the hidden enemy. Keep in mind that they may be someone you fully trust.


Any harm done in a cat's dream is interpreted directly. Suffer a shameful defeat, survive humiliation. And who exactly does the harm can be understood from the plot:

  1. He bit him by the hand - look carefully at your colleagues. Someone substitutes.
  2. Behind the foot - be careful on the way. There is one more decryption: they will be sent on a business trip without your desire. The trip will be unpleasant, difficult, and the task impossible.
  3. A wound with blood prophesies trouble in the family. Married - treason, lonely - loss.

I ate you or someone else (a child, a husband, a wife) - this person will fall ill or go bankrupt.

Dream tiger from A to Z

Seeing a tiger behind bars in a dream is a complication of relations with colleagues. Fighting a tiger - to the joys of love, riding it - the collapse of all hopes. To put your head in the mouth of a tiger - in reality you will be in serious danger. To kill a tiger - portends a rich inheritance.

Seeing a white albino tiger in a dream is a successful undertaking in any business. A tiger running away from you - means complete defeat in the competition, rushing at you - show nobility and generosity to the destitute.

Little tiger cub

Also a frequent question is why a little tiger cub is dreaming. It is clear that the cub in the dream will look so touched that it will simply be impossible to get scared. Such a dream indicates that in your environment there is a very influential and powerful person. This person is not dangerous for you and does not suppress you. And, most likely, sincere friendship connects you with this person.

If a tiger cub shows at least the slightest aggressiveness in a dream, then this is not an entirely favorable sign, especially for a woman. Such a dream indicates that she does not know her partner well, who is capable of the most unpredictable acts, accompanied by a surge of anger and anger. Therefore, in real life, you should carefully communicate with a partner, not provoke a quarrel and try to analyze his behavior.

Guard tiger

The plot that the fierce predator stands up for the dreamer is always positive. He often comes to uncertain but talented people. Believe me, your abilities are already appreciated by higher ones. Interpretations:

  1. Protected from a leopard attack - in a crisis, a patron will appear and disperse all enemies.
  2. He helped to overcome obstacles - you can gain confidence by passing through the test with honor.
  3. Protects from people - do not be afraid of aggressive individuals. Whoever screams a lot is a coward.

If a tiger dreams often and always guards, then you have a secret powerful patron.

The tiger according to the dream book of Fedorovskaya

If you dreamed of a tiger, you will meet a person who in fact will turn out to be completely different from what you thought.

To hunt a tiger is to get acquainted with an amazing person.

You dreamed that you turned into a tiger - in the near future you will commit an act that will greatly surprise your friends.

Non-dangerous predator

If it seems that the striped is sweet and kind, then you need to recall specific events. They can provide valuable information about the future:

  1. To pet a pet or resident of the menagerie - to please. You’ll probably become licked on your own initiative to the one on whom fate depends. But sometimes a dream warns of a forced occupation of a humiliating position.
  2. To feed with meat - to give in to the small to get everything.
  3. Play with a cat - go along the blade of a knife. There will be threats from all sides, but you will get out. The playing animal symbolizes the underestimation by the enemies of your strength, resourcefulness, ingenuity.
  4. Hugging with a tiger - flirting with an unfree man.
  5. To kiss him is to feel gratitude to the man who will get you out of trouble.
  6. Striped caresses - fate favors.
  7. Sitting calmly - show composure, take an example from a dreaming tiger.

If the beast lives in your house, then talk less about your own affairs and plans. Households are not inclined to support the “dreamer”, which leads to the evil eye, the accumulation of negative energy.

Watching a stern cat play with its tail means keeping silent where necessary and finding the right expressions. This is a very valuable property of character.

Tiger on the dream book of a modern woman

If in a dream you see a tiger approaching you, your ill-wishers will in every way annoy you.

If a tiger attacked you, you would fall into despair due to some serious setback.

If in a dream you repel a tiger attack or even kill it, success will accompany all your undertakings.

To see a tiger running away in a dream is a portent of victory over enemies, the consolidation of your position at work or in society.

A tiger in a cage is a sign that you will be able to confuse your opponents.

Tiger skin in a dream - portends exquisite pleasures.

Where have you seen

The scene also makes adjustments to the meaning of the vision:

  1. Unpleasant, noisy, sloppy guests will come to see the beast in the house, in the apartment. During the holiday, trouble will occur. The neighbors will flood.
  2. In water - an unexpected threat will enter into a stupor. And the situation needs to be resolved immediately. Beware. If the predator swam underwater, you will get important information.
  3. In the cage - a complete victory over the enemies. But you can enjoy its fruits if you refuse from vile methods.
  4. In a clearing - a safe time. Have a rest.
  5. On a leash - the most magnificent sight. Forecast: you are provided with friendly communication with the rich who rule the world.
  6. On the chain - deceive the enemies, lure into a trap.
  7. Next to you - angels patronize your endeavors. In reality, they will lead you to someone who can direct the business towards success.

Typically, the scene tells the realm of life, which will undergo changes. For example, a girl saw a cat's house, which means that her fate leads her to move to a narrowed one. And it’s bad to kill a man who burst into a house. Push away a wealthy philanthropist.

Tiger in the Modern Dream Book

To see a tiger approaching you in a dream means that you will be pursued and tortured by enemies in reality.

If a tiger attacks you, failure will fill your life with darkness and gloom.

Driving away or killing a tiger is a sign that you will be extremely successful in all your endeavors.

To see a tiger running away from you in a dream is a good omen. You will defeat all enemies, overcome all difficulties and occupy a worthy position in life.

To see a tiger in a cage means that you will confuse the plans of your enemies.

The dream in which you see the tiger skin - predicts that you are on the path to a carefree life, joys and pleasures.

A tiger according to the dream book of Catherine the Great

You see a tiger in a dream - someone will demonstrate ferocity towards you, while you look at this person, he is not afraid of you, but do not turn your back on him and do not show that you were afraid. A tiger comes to you - a dream warns: enemies are plotting against you, do not enter someone else's office when there is no master in it, do not leave someone else in your office. The tiger seems to attack you - failure will lead you to despair. It is as if you are fighting a tiger and in the end killing it - a dream guarantees you success in a very important enterprise. You throw a tiger skin on your shoulders - soon you will experience a rare pleasure. The tiger cowardsly flees from you - you will overcome all enemies and strengthen your position, your position requires keeping people at a certain distance - even friends, make gifts more often, accept them less often. It’s like the tiger is sitting in a cage - you are so penetrating that you can easily forestall the attack of enemies, they will only think, and you already know, your enemies will be puzzled when they stumble upon the slingshots that you have placed.


The dreamer begins to fight for a place in the sun. Forward - opposition to hostility, friendly - removal of envious people to clean water, running - dispelling rumors.

Depending on the position and condition:

  1. Marriage is recommended to become bolder. You need to be able to present and defend your point of view. Otherwise, households will ride you, forcing them to constantly give up their interests and pleasures.
  2. Unmarried - a fateful meeting with a powerful, but very dedicated gentleman.

Tiger in the dream book of the subconscious

A tiger associated with power and treachery can symbolize a person or a situation that frightens or confuses a sleeping person in real life.

The dream that you managed to escape from the tiger is most often considered a good sign, perhaps it portends the receipt of good news.

Being chased or caught by a tiger in a dream is a warning of danger.

The tiger is most often considered a symbol of fear, but it can also reflect your cunning or ability to manipulate people.


A dream talks about the future of the baby. A woman will have an extremely independent child. He should not forbid anything. The person of the offspring will not tolerate violence against himself. If you do not obey the prompts, then negatively affect the fate of the offspring.

Eating tiger meat is good health. If this is the spouse’s booty, then the first child will be followed by the second. The age gap will be less than two to three years.

See a tiger from Miller’s dream book

Psychologist Miller considers the tiger purely from the point of view of its bestial nature - he is a meat producer, a dangerous and successful hunter. Therefore, a woman who sees this essence in her night dreams will face dangerous situations, but in most cases they will be able to be resolved with benefit for herself. Miller recommends paying attention to the following points:

  • see the beast in the cage - despite the fact that a person has strong enemies, they will not be able to harm, do not be afraid to start a new business, it will end in complete success, although you will have to spend a lot of effort on its implementation,
  • kill a predator - you have undeniable advantages over opponents, it's time to take advantage of them,
  • the beast runs away - in the future a complete victory will be won over ill-wishers, we should expect a restoration of our business reputation, which will rise to an even higher level,
  • a tabby cat attacks - a failure in new endeavors, but it should not be treated as a negative event, on the contrary, in the end you will find yourself in a winning situation,
  • the predator holds prey in his teeth - to a cash prize or to praise from his superiors.

Attention! Dreams with a tiger almost always predict personal development, which will ultimately lead to financial well-being. But, this will happen only if the accumulated internal energy will be directed in the right direction.

The man

Feline give mixed sex ambiguous clues:

  1. He hunted the beast, drove the dreamer - the enemies are activated.
  2. Harassment is an unpleasant attention of a certain woman. Married events are threatened by scenes of jealousy, sobbing spouses.
  3. Kill a striped hunter - win a lawsuit, a contest, get a big fortune.

Attention: cubs in male dreams are a sign of a lack of frankness with offspring. If the situation is not corrected, then over time the rejection will develop into a conflict.

To kid

If your son or daughter dreamed of a striped beast, then think about the family atmosphere. Such pictures show hidden experiences. Children feel insincerity, coldness, indifference. They still do not know how to talk about their feelings. And fears accumulate, harm.

What needs to be done if the baby is tormented by nightmares? Buy a toy tiger cub and make friends with him.

Miller's Dream Book

Favorably, the psychologist interprets the plots that managed to drive away the frightened predator. There is a period of complete success in business, harmony in the soul, happiness in the heart. Entrepreneur picture encourages activity. A good business project will soon mature in his head.

The striped dragged prey in the mouth - the chief will praise. Probably material gratitude.

Islamic dream book

The Eastern worldview takes a deeper look at the dangerous image. The Muslim dream book contains the following descriptions of dreamed tigers:

  1. The attacker prophesies a thunderstorm. Dangerous events will plunge only a wimp into depression. A strong one will stand and become more powerful.
  2. A biting hand is a black ingratitude. Do not help the petitioners; they will not be able to appreciate kindness.
  3. Threatening - competitors in the current period are stronger.
  4. Murder is career growth.
  5. Putting a predator in the letka - the complete opening of roads, gaining control over the situation.
  6. Protecting - respect for those in power.

The tiger family offers the man to concentrate on building his own "empire." This is a sign of a powerful kind. 2 individuals basking in the sun mean a successful marriage.

Wanga Tips

The seer explains the vision in an original way. In her opinion, will have to communicate with an aggressive person. Fate will throw such a partner to a woman. Do not rush to renounce fate. Since she decided to do this, it means that you can cope and conquer a lush heart. Over time, you will understand that the chosen one will stop at nothing for the well-being of his beloved.

A pair of males - a rivalry for your hand. A trained tiger is a clue. It is necessary to control emotions, not to follow the impulses.

Predator Actions

Other activities in predator dreams:

  • The attacking tiger portends a failure in the launched project,
  • The killing of an evil tiger portends success in all matters,
  • The flight of the predator, scared by you, indicates that soon you will win a bright victory over the enemies,
  • When a tiger serves as a vehicle for you, it means that you will find a way out of the most hopeless situation,
  • When you pet a predator in a dream, then prepare for the fact that you have to please the management in everything.

According to fred

In Freud's dream book, a connection is made between a tiger seen in a dream and the sexually realm of man. The predator symbolizes the sexual excitability of the dreamer and his excessive sensitivity. In a person who often has dreams with tigers, natural inclinations associated with violence can be developed. Therefore, if you consider yourself a reasonable person, and understand that such nightly dreams visit you more and more often, then you should contact a therapist.

Dream Wanga

According to the famous prophetess Vanga, the tiger symbolizes the vital activity of a person. But at the same time, such a dream focuses on such natural features of a person as aggressiveness and obstinacy.

The interpretation of the following tiger stories is given in the dream book:

  • If you dreamed about a tiger in a circus, then you can achieve success in real life only if you curb your irritation and show delicacy,
  • When you see a tiger resting peacefully in a dream plot, then unexpected events will occur in your life that will take you by surprise,
  • The dream in which you saw a hunting tiger, or a predator that swallows its prey, predicts a long-awaited victory, to which you went on a thorny path.

Interpretations of the Islamic Dream Book

In accordance with the interpretations of the Islamic dream book, the following decipherments of dreams are distinguished:

  • If a tiger is threateningly approaching you, then in real life you will be greatly annoyed by ill-wishers,
  • If a predator attacks you, you will face a nervous breakdown that will result from despair from any life failure,
  • If you managed to repel a tiger attack - you can take on any business, as success will accompany you in everything,
  • If the predator runs away from you, then you can strengthen your position at work and gain an advantage over competitors,
  • If a tiger sits in a cage, you can confuse your adversary and calmly achieve your goal.

Having analyzed the basic interpretations of tiger dreams, we can conclude that these predators can be harbingers of danger not only in reality. After all, such dreams are always warning, which means that by changing your behavior in real life you can avoid the negative and turn any situation in your favor.

See the tiger from Wangi’s dream book

The soothsayer Vanga believed that the striped predator is a symbol of stubbornness, activity, struggle and excessive aggressiveness. All these qualities are able to demonstrate a woman, depending on the characteristics of the dream. So the beast in the circus indicates that you will show excessive irritation, which will have a negative impact on some aspects of life. It is necessary to curb your emotions, show delicacy, add more tact to your behavior and then all your goals will be achieved easily and quickly.

Night dreams can give a vision of a striped cat lying on the ground or on the grass. Such a dream predicts unexpected troubles, they will not have a big impact on everyday life, destiny, but they will bring a sense of anxiety to the soul, spoil the mood, there is a high probability of getting into a prolonged depression. In order to prevent this from happening, you should bring more positive aspects into your life. For example, you can arrange a small family holiday, invite close friends to your house, immerse yourself in activities that are guaranteed, normalize your state of mind.

Observe the predator's hunt - to achieve long-term goals. Such night dreams can be seen by those who purposefully and for a long time tried to realize their dream, of any success at work or in their personal lives. Now it remains to pass a very small segment of the path, and all that you want to be embodied in reality. But, it is precisely on this segment that the biggest breakthrough will have to be made, and a maximum of domestic energy reserves should be used.

British Dream Book Tiger

Tiger - the largest cats that prefer loneliness, strong, beautiful, ruthless, unpredictable and very dangerous. They are connected with the mysteries of India and can indicate tremendous inner strength. Why do you have a dream: Was the tiger hunted in your dream or was it in a cage? If so, then a dream suggests that you feel persecution by envious people.

The tiger according to the female dream book

If in a dream you see a tiger approaching you, your detractors will in every way annoy you. If a tiger attacked you, you would fall into despair due to some serious setback. If in a dream you repel a tiger attack or even kill it, success will accompany all your undertakings. To see a tiger running away in a dream is a portent of victory over enemies, the consolidation of your position at work or in society. A tiger in a cage is a sign that you will be able to confuse your opponents. Tiger skin in a dream portends exquisite pleasures.

The tiger in the male dream book

A symbol of power and power. If you dreamed of a tiger hunter with game in his teeth or legs, you can hope for an unexpected encouragement from his superiors. Tiger vacationer means peace in a personal and professional way. If you dreamed about yourself in the image of a tiger, then soon, probably, you will have to start a fight against the higher persons who infringe you.

Relationship Dream Tiger

Tiger - this symbol came to us from India. Usually on the tiger skin depicted a female hypostasis of the destroyer god Shiva.

Of course, she will not appear in the dreams of a European, however, a woman sitting on a tiger skin has the same meaning - these are human passions, which a woman can both pacify and awaken.

A dream in which a woman sees herself on the skin of a tiger - may mean that she is skilled in the ancient art of seduction and is able to gain power over any man

Dream tiger for the whole family

The tiger is a symbol of power and power.

If you dreamed of a tiger-hunter with a game in your teeth or legs - you can hope for an unexpected encouragement from your bosses.

Tiger resting - means peace in a personal and professional way.

If you dreamed about yourself in the form of a tiger - soon, probably, you will have to start a fight against the higher persons who infringe you.

Tiger online dream book

According to the dream book, if a tiger is rapidly overtaking you - in real life, ill-wishers will not give you rest.

He attacks you - your bad luck will plunge you into depression.

If he is hiding from you - your efforts will not be in vain, enter the white streak of life, where you will find prosperity and success, and there is no place for enemies.

The dream in which you threaten the tiger or kill it - portends luck to you in everything, no matter what you undertake.

You want to catch him - there is a meeting with an extraordinary personality.

If a predator is seen by you in an aviary, you will be able to warn all the insidious plans of your rivals.

To be this beast yourself - with your extraordinary and unusual actions, puzzle people around.

If you dream of a tiger skin - very soon you will be able to enjoy a free and joyful life, where there is no place for problems and hectic.

If a tiger attacks you - be careful, your enemies will prepare a trap for you, and if you cannot avoid it, then your life will worsen significantly, you will not be left with it.

The interpretation of the white tiger is a dream sign - as a very favorable sign that promises you undead happiness, everything that you undertake will bring you exceptional success and contribute to your prosperity. Right now, we need to start new ambitious projects, realize our cherished desires, everything will succeed.

If in a dream you try to run away from the tiger, and you succeed - in reality now many threats are dominating you, but you can successfully prevent them, leave all your detractors far behind.

If you pet a tiger in a dream, run your hand along its mane, and the tiger is very calm at the same time, you will be able to establish equal and mutually beneficial relations with a very strong and influential person who will contribute to your success. Or defeat the beast within yourself.

In a dream, you play with a tiger and feel on equal terms with it - which means that in real life you will have the opportunity to show all your best sides and abilities, to prove that you can do much more than others expect from you.

Tiger by detailed dream book Denise Lynn

The tiger is a vivid symbol of energy, strength and talent. The words from William Blake’s poem: “The tiger, the tiger, scorchingly bright ...” are a wonderful illustration of the incredible, dynamic energy that the tiger emits. Such energy can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. State yourself: “I always use energy for constructive purposes.”

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