Hairstyles for a celebration on medium hair: over 70 photos of the best ideas!

A sloppy, slightly lush, bunch is ideal for both daytime and evening look.

To create a hairstyle you will need:

  • a comb for creating a pile, an ordinary comb,
  • small studs
  • scrunchy.

It is desirable to have two mirrors, which will allow you to control the process of creating hairstyles and immediately correct mistakes.

There are many options for creating a magnificent beam, but for special occasions it is better to focus on the elegant option:

  1. Put your hair in order by combing it with an ordinary comb.
  2. It is necessary to collect the hair in the usual tail, but tying the elastic, you should leave part of the hair, while creating a kind of loop.
  3. The hair on the top needs to be pulled a little, this will make the hairstyle slightly sloppy.
  4. The ends of the curls should be combed with a brush and hidden in the formed loop, after which the structure should be fixed with hairpins.
  5. In order for the beam to last as long as possible, it is necessary to sprinkle it with a little varnish.

To make the hairstyle more festive, you can add a string of pearls or a ribbon to match the tone.

Neat hairstyle-bundle "Ballerina"

To make a hairstyle "ballerina", you should get a few tools for beauty:

  • comb,
  • elastic to create a ponytail,
  • small sponge bagel or thick gum,
  • hairpins and invisible.

So, beam creation takes place in several stages:

  1. First you need to comb your hair and collect it in a high tight tail.
  2. On the tail you need to put on a small bagel and evenly distribute the strands.
  3. The remaining hair must be wrapped around the already formed bundle and fixed with hairpins.

In most cases, such a hairstyle holds well without the use of fixing means, but you can use a special gel to create the effect of perfect smoothness.

Donut Bunch

For work you will need:

  • donut large or medium size,
  • a comb and a couple of invisibles.

Creating a Donut is very simple:

  1. It is necessary to collect hair in a familiar tail, which can be located on the back of the head or crown.
  2. You should moisten the comb a little and run it through your hair, this will allow you to pacify the rebellious sticking hairs.
  3. Then the tail needs to be lifted to the top and put on a bagel.
  4. Then it is necessary to twist the donut so that the hair is fixed on it.
  5. Having reached the base of the tail, the bagel must be secured with invisibility.

This hairstyle looks great even with bangs, in addition, hair can be decorated with an artificial flower or hairpins with stones.

The basic principles when choosing a hairstyle for a celebration

Every woman wants to look one hundred percent at the party. Hairstyle is an important part of the image, so to make it complete, think about styling in advance.

Hairstyles for the celebration are conventionally divided into several types:

  • Evening . It is possible to make such a hairstyle both with your own hands and by resorting to the services of a professional hairdresser. The main condition when choosing a hairstyle is to take into account the cut and style of the dress, the size of jewelry and other important trifles. In particular, a dress with a V-neck is better to combine with loose hair (curls, a low voluminous tail), when cutting a “boat” it is better to collect the hair on the crown (various buns), etc.
  • To graduation party . Stylists insist - it’s better to choose a hairstyle for the celebration of farewell to school, starting from the style, color and length of the dress to make the image as harmonious as possible (if the dress is decorated with floral patterns, it is appropriate to complement it with romantic curls, using jewelry with flowers as a fixation of the hairstyle) .
  • Wedding . Brides spend a lot of time choosing the perfect hairstyle, weighing the pros and cons in each case. Often, girls use the “trial wedding hairstyle” and “trial makeup” options to finally make sure their choice is correct. Wedding hairstyle is usually more expensive than evening, because implies a pedantic approach on the part of the master and a strong degree of fixation (brides wear their hair from early morning to late evening).

How to choose a beautiful evening hairstyle

Fashionable evening hairstyles 2019-2020 are a minimum of styling products that should not be visible on the hair, naturalness and elegance, a minimum of accessories in the hair, you can decorate the hairstyle with a beautiful hairpin or fresh flowers, and do not forget that the evening hairstyle should be suitable for your evening alongside.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the neckline on the dress and choose the most suitable option for an evening hairstyle.

To make it easier for you to choose an evening hairstyle according to the cutout on the dress, see the simple visual instructions.

But that is not all. For the selection of hairstyles, both the type of figure and the shape of the face are important. If the figure can be corrected using the outfit itself, let us focus on how to choose a fashionable hairstyle to the face.

If you have a round face, it is better to make a high collected hairstyle and release strands in front to make the face look more elegant. For an extended type of face, it is better to stop on bun-type hairstyles, pulling your hair back, opening your cheeks as much as possible.

The ideal option for an evening hairstyle for a diamond-shaped face will be hairstyles with loose hair. Girls with a triangular type of face should choose hairstyles with bangs.

A bunch with a heart

These tools will be required:

  • crest,
  • thin elastic and a few small silicone,
  • invisible
  • round sponge roller.

The hairstyle is performed as follows:

  1. First you need to prepare the roller, fixing it on three sides, so that you get a heart.
  2. The hair is tied in a ponytail and a donut is put on.
  3. The tail is evenly distributed over the entire roller.
  4. A thin elastic band is put on top of the structure and a heart is formed.
  5. The remaining curls are twisted into flagella, which are stacked at the base of the bundle and secured by invisibility.

To make the hair a little more voluminous, it is recommended to pull the strands out of the heart a little, but you need to do this carefully so as not to spoil anything.

Triple beam with weaving

You will need:

To make a hairstyle, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. You should start by combing the hair, after which they need to be horizontally divided into three sections and fasten the strands with small elastic bands.
  2. You need to alternately braid all three tails in pigtails.
  3. Each pigtail must be twisted into a bundle and fixed with studs.
  4. Apply hair spray.

A hairstyle with a triple bun at first glance looks difficult, but in fact, you can create such beauty in less than 10 minutes.

Options for the most stylish evening hairstyles for graduation 2019-2020

Now you can look at the most fashionable evening hairstyles of this season and choose for yourself the most suitable and relevant option for an elegant hairstyle.

If you think that braids are more everyday hairstyles, then this is not so. Beautiful evening hairstyles with weaving may well complement your festive look.

More and more often, such evening hairstyles 2019-2020 are used by brides: a beautiful French braid with woven ribbons and flowers looks very gentle and romantic.

Also, a universal evening hairstyle are curls, larger, slightly sloppy or retro waves. Such an evening hairstyle for loose hair will only emphasize beautiful long hair.

The next elegant evening hairstyle is everyone’s favorite bunch. Hair neatly laid in a bun can be worn as everyday for work, as well as an elegant hairstyle that will suit an elegant evening dress.

Depending on your preferences, the evening hairstyle can be made either low or high, smooth and lush, neatly laid out or with strands released. Hair accessories will help to make such a hairstyle even more elegant.

Evening hairstyles 2019-2020 in retro style is a beautiful hairstyle “babeta”, “shell”, “magnificent tail”, which can not do without ribbons, rims and different hairpins. If you are going to a theme party in the style of style, then the evening hairstyle in retro style will be just relevant.

No less beautiful and elegant can be an evening hairstyle in the form of a high ponytail. Make a small pile on the top and slightly curl the curls in the tail. This evening hairstyle looks stylish and elegant.

Also do not forget about the options for an evening hairstyle in the Greek style. Elegant and delicate hairstyle in the Greek style is simple in execution, it is easy to do it yourself. More options for beautiful evening hairstyles, see the photo.

Asymmetric Side Hairstyles

At the peak of popularity are recently hairstyles made on one side. This gentle and very feminine image can often be seen at various celebrations. It suits sophisticated and romantic natures, but it looks neat and natural. Curls are important for this styling. If nature has not rewarded them, you can create them using a curling iron or curlers. And to collect long hair and lay on its side, having issued in a festive hairstyle, does not take much time. Consider the most interesting and popular ideas for creating such an image that fits into the format of any holiday.

The easiest way is to make an air bundle on either side. This can be done with ordinary hairpins or invisible, which is most convenient. Each woman can well do this styling with her own hands.

The rear view of such a beam will look as shown in the photo.

Another asymmetric version of the hairstyle for the holiday is to use different weaves. Scythe weaves diagonally, going to one side. The weave should not be tight, but somewhat relaxed. In addition to curls, a bouffant will be appropriate here, giving the image a certain negligence. Extremely spectacular hairstyle for long hair!

You can make an imitation under weaving. To do this, moving from top to bottom, each curl scrolls in its natural bend and is attached to one side with the help of large and long invisibles that can hold heavy strands. It is important to fix each step with varnish.

Thus, a weaving frame is created. As a result, it turns out as if a scythe, and bends are formed due to invisibility. A great hairstyle for a holiday, for example, a wedding. In more detail, how this image is created, you can see in the next video.

For those who find the above option difficult, you can simply throw the curls on either side, fix them and fix with varnish. And from the side of the open part of the head, braid from the side. What is not an option for female styling for a holiday?

Long hair

Holiday hairstyles for long hair can be done in different ways, but in the end, everything is conditionally divided into several types:

  • the hair is loose
  • hair is piled in a tail or braid,
  • complex weaving is used,
  • hair is raised high and cleaned.

Each option has its positive and negative characteristics, and it’s worth a little thoughtful what evening hairstyles for long hair will be convenient for you.

And of course, do not forget about how you look at all - does your hair color suit you or do you need to refresh it a little? How accurate is your haircut? Many women believe that long hair does not need a haircut - this is not so. Even owners of long hair need to visit a hairdresser in order to cut the ends and prevent them from fraying and cutting.

Unusual evening hairstyles for long hair can be done in a master class - for example, these can be interesting options with weaving or additional accessories.

Ladies of high society are very fond of high evening hairstyles for long hair - it is considered that such a hairstyle allows not only to demonstrate hair, neck length and diamonds in the ears in the best possible way, but also gives the girl growth (which is considered fashionable at all times).

Take a closer look at the assortment of evening hairstyles with long hair in the photo and video - so you can understand what hairstyles you can handle yourself, and where you need the help of a girlfriend or hairdresser. By the way, watching a video, you can try to make certain elements.

Another important aspect that relates to hair is the ability to wear one or another hairstyle. Any styling may require attention during the party process, and the more difficult the styling, the more attention it requires.

If there is any doubt about whether you can fix your hair in case of any misunderstanding, then it makes sense to dwell on something more or less simple - for example, it can be a high tail, laid with curls - this styling option is easy done at home in front of the mirror, it is well fixed with two to three styling tools, and it is easy to fix it in case of anything.

Medium hair

An evening hairstyle with your own hands from medium-length hair can be both very complex and quite simple. Before choosing a particular hairstyle option, you should ask yourself a few questions, and the main one is how much my hair is obedient at the current length?

-> -> The fact is that short hair often seems tougher to people than long hair. In fact, this is absolutely not the case - the stiffness of the hair does not depend on its length, but in the case of long hair they have such a characteristic as their own weight. That is, at a certain length, even the most capricious hair can become obedient if it is long enough to lie calmly under the weight of its weight.

Learn in the pictures how to make evening hairstyles step by step. Start by picking up a few models or photos from the Internet where the girl will look like you - the color and type of hair, face shape, color scheme.

You can use special services that, when downloading a user's photo, show him which star he looks like. Then look at the styling options and haircuts of the selected actor. Hollywood and domestic stars pay a lot of attention to their image, and for this reason they often change their image - most likely, the actor or actress that you look like has photos with the haircut you need.

Look not for the staged shots on the Hollywood red carpet, but for those that the paparazzi shoot, or which the stars themselves upload to their Instagram - there you can see how a person really looks in this way.

If you intend to make evening hairstyles for yourself from photos and videos, then first practice making a hairstyle a few days or even weeks before the celebration - so you can play it safe and protect yourself from mistakes on an important day for you.

With straight bangs

Straight bangs are always stylish and elegant. But not every girl can use it. If you create hairstyles for a celebration, then the bangs must be smooth. You can combine such a bang with absolutely any hairdo, with the exception of only braids. For example, you can leave your hair loose and curl it in elegant curls, create a beautiful bun of braids or perform a hairstyle in the Greek style.

Consider some of the simplest options:

  1. To collect hair in a tail, to fix with an elastic band.
  2. Select a thick strand and create a pigtail out of it.
  3. Twist free rows with a bundle into a bundle, and wrap it with the scythe at the base.Secure with invisibility.
  4. The bangs will be perfectly flat and smooth. You can decorate the hairstyle with a spectacular hairpin on one side or a diadem.

Oblique Bangs Ideas

Oblique bangs are a universal detail in a hairdress. It blends perfectly with any styling option, giving an image of playfulness and mystery. When creating a hairstyle, a slanting bang can be combed back or left loose. Also with a slanting bang, the braid looks great. It can be braided both in the center of the head, and move slightly to the side.

Consider one of the options for hairstyles with oblique bangs:

  1. Comb your hair and create a pigtail using any weaving technique that is convenient for you.
  2. At the same time, it should be laid on the side where the bangs are located. You can also weave a few locks of bangs.
  3. Another good option would be a braid, launched along the edge of a slanting bangs. Fix the pigtail with an elastic band, and spray hair with varnish.

With a slanting bang, hairstyles with a bun and a pile look very stylish and original. If you decide to create a pile, then there can be a lot of options for hairstyles. You can leave them loose, curl beautiful curls, collect in a high tail or in an elegant bunch.

You can see the photo of the haircut cascade on medium curly hair in the contents of this article.

What haircuts for medium length curly hair are the most popular, you can see in the photo in this article.

How to make a French haircut for medium hair, as well as how good it looks on models, is indicated here:

What hairstyles for thick hair of medium length are the most popular, details from the photo and video are indicated in the article.

Curly tail

The hairstyle combines simplicity and elegance, and you can do it in just a couple of minutes:

  1. It is necessary to comb the hair and collect in the tail. So that small hairs do not stick out at the crown, experts recommend using styling gel.
  2. In order to hide the gum, you need to separate the strand, wrap the base of the tail with it and fix it with invisible ones.
  3. It should divide the tail into several strands and wind each into a curling iron. If there is no special device, you need to wind curls on curlers or braid a pigtail for the night.

Long bangs

If the girl has a long bang, then she will successfully fit into any hairstyle. Its installation can occur in absolutely any way. If you lay it on one side, then you can use a tape or any other decorative element as a retainer.

The most popular idea is to divide the bangs into two parts. But to apply this styling option is not worth the girl with a round face. But ladies with an oval face should agree to such an idea. But what is the most popular haircut on a square face with a bang, the details are indicated in the article in the photo.

On video, festive hairstyles for medium hair:

An original image based on harnesses

Hair twisted into plaits in a hairstyle looks original and spectacular. Flagella are formed using circular movements of the finger, there is no need for special skills. So that they do not unwind, each of them must be fixed. A step-by-step photo will demonstrate one of these styling.

This technique can be used on medium and short hair.


To create a hairstyle you will need: a comb, several invisibles, gel or hair wax.

So, it's time to start the hairstyle:

  1. You need to comb your hair using a styling tool. In this case, perfectly smooth hair will look great.
  2. Next, you need to tie curls in a tight tail, and behind it should be fixed at the base, using two invisibles. This little trick will give the hairstyle durability.
  3. Next, you need to separate the strand and wrap it around the base of the tail.

Perfectly even and smooth ponytails can be achieved using an iron straightener.


For some reason, seeing this hairstyle, many girls refuse to do it, because they believe that it is very difficult in terms of performance. But this is not at all true. It is based on a tail, so no difficulties should arise.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Lay all rows back. Select 2 thick hair strands on the face and fix them with a hairpin.
  2. Comb the hair at the back of the head and then varnish.
  3. Lay down the back and comb the upper locks.
  4. Divide the hair that was highlighted earlier, parted, fix with varnish.
  5. Divide each of the locks into 2 parts and make 2 bundles of them. Tips to fasten with an elastic band.
  6. Connect the obtained harnesses with silicone rubber in the occipital part of the head under a pile.
  7. Create a tail in reverse.
  8. Again, select two identical strands from the sides. Divide them into 2 equal parts and get 2 tows. Secure with elastic and unscrew tail again. Repeat the same steps until the hair ends.
  9. The resulting weaving will stretch with your fingers and spread the flagella to create volume.
  10. Varnish your hairstyle and pick up any decorative element.

Low volumetric beams

Volumetric bundles, decorated below, perfect styling for the dress on the floor. Therefore, it is often chosen by the bride as a wedding hairstyle. Bundles are perfectly combined with braids, and can be directly made of them.

Beautiful hairstyles with braids for long hair can be seen here.

The considered holiday hairstyles for long hair delight with their variety of choices and give even more imagination for their creation and improvement.

Double tail

A double tail will allow you to lengthen your hair without overhead strands, and to do this you will need: a comb for brushing, a comb, two thin elastic bands, a clip.

A hairstyle is completed in a few minutes:

  1. For this hairstyle, you do not need to carefully comb your hair, but they should not be tangled.
  2. The next thing to do is horizontally divide the curls into two parts. The upper part of the strands must be temporarily secured with a clip.
  3. The lower part should be collected in the tail.
  4. Now you need to unfasten the upper part of the hair and make a small pile with a brush, and then tie another tail.
  5. The second tail is covered first, which allows you to create the effect of long hair.

Hair stylists recommend fixing the double tail with weak or medium fixation varnish.

In the hands of the master

To get to the experienced hairdresser before the holiday is a great success. A master can create not just a styling on medium hair - a masterpiece. Among the most chic options are:

  1. In the Greek style. Their unifying principle is that hair with or without parting is pulled back, revealing the temporal and frontal parts of the face. Stacked in complex designs of curls, tows, braids. In Greek styling, the effects of light tatteredness are widely used, graceful hairpins, hoops, bandages easily fit into them,
  2. With braids. Hand-crafted pros braids can fit in amazingly beautiful women's hairstyles. More often it’s French braids, which: either turn into a luxurious crown, then they collect hair in a fancy pattern, then they create a waterfall from flowing strands. In combination with accessories, styling with braids is a good choice for a celebration,
  3. Retro. It is difficult to imagine something more feminine than a lady with styling and a diadem in the style of Audrey Hepburn or with a high hairstyle in the form of a voluminous bundle, a roller with rhinestones, feathers, ribbons.

Greek style

Creating styling for a festive event, very often the girls turn their attention to hairstyles made in the Greek style. She look very beautiful and gentle. In the photo - a hairstyle in the Greek style:

When creating it, you must adhere to the following action plan:

  1. Lay the hair on the side parting.
  2. Create curls using a curling iron.
  3. Divide the hair at ear level and get 2 equal sections.
  4. Fix the hair located at the top with a hairpin so that they do not interfere with further work.
  5. Tie the lower strands with elastic, and then lower it at the level of the middle of the tail.
  6. Comb its tip.
  7. Roll the resulting fleece into the steering wheel and fix it with studs.
  8. Dissolve the front hair and do with it the same as with the lower hair.
  9. Decorate the finished laying in the Greek style with beads, pebbles or flowers. At the end, process it with varnish. And in this article you can watch a video on how a Greek hairstyle for long hair is made.

Curls on the side

Curls on the side are a popular hairstyle among Hollywood stars, but to make such a styling is quite possible at home, need for this:

  • thin comb
  • styler or curlers,
  • small diameter studs, invisible,
  • styling mousse, thermal spray, varnish.

It will take time to create such a styling, but the result is worth it:

  1. Mousse should be applied to clean, dry hair and evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair.
  2. To protect your hair from exhaustion, you should use a thermal protective agent in the form of a spray.
  3. At this stage, it is necessary to make a parting on the side, most of the hair should be assembled with a clamp.
  4. The remaining hair should be wound in a convenient way, then the curls must be twisted into a light braid and secured with invisible and hairpins.
  5. Next, you need to wind most of the curls.
  6. Spray the varnish evenly and you're done.


To make a high holiday hairstyle, you need:

  1. Pull hair in a high ponytail.
  2. Fix the curls from the tail on the head with the help of "invisible" hairpins.
  3. Spray the fixing varnish lightly onto the hair.
  4. Roll up the tail with the roller and fasten it again with invisibility on the head.
  5. Pull the resulting beam to the sides.
  6. Fasten with the pins or invisible edges of the resulting "spring" on the sides of the head.
  7. Decorate the resulting hairstyle using a beautiful hairpin or comb.

Do it yourself

Alas, it is far from always possible to get to the hairdresser before the triumph. Often there is not enough time or money, yet complex styling in the cabin is not cheap. But this does not deprive you of the opportunity to look stunning at the holiday.

On an average length of hair, you can create a festive hairstyle with your own hands. Offer a friend or someone from home to assist in the most crucial moments. Do not strive to create extremely complex, elaborate styling. Elegant simplicity is a great option for a special occasion.

And follow the main requirement - good fixation, because the hair will have to stay in shape all evening. Use the entire arsenal of fasteners. What hairstyles for an average length can be done independently.

Sophisticated hairstyle

Having hair of medium length, you can get a stylish and beautiful hairstyle, which is ideal for creating a festive look.

The following instruction will help in its creation:

  1. Separate the hair from the front and fix it with an elastic band.
  2. Comb on top of the head and smooth a little.
  3. The part of the hair that is combed must be lifted and fixed with hairpins.
  4. Divide the hair in the front parted.
  5. Fix hair with hairpins.
  6. Use the strands at the bottom to create a light beam, which can then be secured with invisibles. You can decorate the styling with interesting hair clips.

Hairstyle with collected hair bandage

In addition to the bandage, it is necessary to have several hairpins, a scallop and varnish as desired.

It is necessary:

  1. Part in the middle and put on a bandage. If you need to create a more festive and voluminous version, professionals recommend slightly twisting the strands.
  2. Separate the strand from the total mass of hair, twist it into a tourniquet and tuck it into a worn bezel. In this way, you need to style the remaining hair.
  3. Fix styling.

Bundles and rollers

On their basis it is easy to create Greek, retro-style or trendy sloppy styling. For volume use linings, comb. Such hairstyles on haircuts with bangs look spectacular.

Complement the styling with elegant curls that may seem to accidentally knock out of the beam or frame the face. Use decorative elements. Watch step by step in the video what you can do hairstyles for yourself:

Roller and pigtails

This hairstyle is very simple in terms of execution, so to create it is not necessary to visit a hairdresser. The main thing is to stock up with the necessary materials - studs and roller.

In the photo - how to make a hairstyle for yourself:

If you follow the following plan, then with such styling it’s not a shame to appear even on the red carpet:

  1. Collect all hair in a high tail, which is secured with an elastic band. Leave only one free curl.
  2. Throw the tail forward and fix with the hair 2 rollers that are suitable for the color of the hair.
  3. Lower the tail onto the roller and create 4 pigtails. They should not be tight and airy. Tips to fasten with a thin rubber band. With your fingers, stretch the strands, giving the pigtails volume.
  4. Effectively lay braids so that they mask the roller. Fix the result with studs. But how to make a hairstyle with a roller, can be seen in the video in this article.

Roller Laying

Laying with a roller looks great with a bang, and to create it you need to have: hair color roller, hairpin and invisibility, fixing spray, silicone rubber.

Having prepared everything you need, it's time to move on to the styling:

  1. Comb the hair and separate a small part from above horizontally,
  2. Fix the roller on the back using invisible
  3. Close the roller with the strand separated from above and secure with studs,
  4. Divide the strands into two even parts and braid the braids,
  5. Wrap the roller with pigtails and fix them with invisibility.

Artificial flowers are perfect for hairstyle decor.

Loose hair

If he speaks about holiday hairstyles, then this is not only the collected version. You can dissolve your hair and at the same time get an equally attractive image.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Take and separate the lock on the left side. Create a pigtail out of it. The ends will be fixed with an elastic band.
  2. Do the same with the right side.
  3. Tie both braids with an elastic band in the back of the head and wrap with a thin strand.
  4. Below create two more tips. Combine braiding elements with tail locks based on the principle of a one-sided French braid.
  5. Weave all the ends together and secure with an elastic band.

But how to make two bumps with her hair loose and how much such a hairstyle will look good on both young girls and ladies in age can be seen in the contents of the article.


To create a "Snail" will take time and braid weaving skills:

  1. It is necessary to comb the hair and determine where the center of the "snail" will be. For girls over 15, it is best to shift the cent to one side, so the hairstyle will look more elegant.
  2. Having determined the center of the hairstyle, you need to separate one strand and fix it with an elastic band, and fix all the other curls with a clip.
  3. Then you need to remove the elastic band and start weaving the usual braid, while adding strands from the outside.
  4. This technique should be used for all circles of the "snail", and after braiding, it is advisable to fix the braid with silicone rubber.
  5. It is necessary to slightly stretch the braided braid to make the hairstyle lighter and more airy.

Wrapped bun

An elegant and stylish bunch always looks beautiful with any outfit.

You can create it very quickly if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Collect strands in the tail, which is low. Separate a wide lock from it.
  2. Place a roller over the tail, arrange hair evenly over it, put on another rubber band. Hide and stab the ends under the elastic.
  3. Take the strand that was previously stopped and wrap the base of the tail with it. Hide its tip under a bundle.

But how to make a beautiful bun for long hair and how to do it at home will help to understand the information from the article.


Hairstyle "waterfall" looks very romantic, but simple:

  1. You should comb your hair, and then make a parting on the side.
  2. It is necessary to separate the lock of hair and begin to weave an ordinary pigtail.
  3. Starting the second weave, you need to release the lower curl of the pigtail, instead, pick up a strand of the same thickness from the total mass of hair.
  4. Weave according to this scheme to the very end, and then secure everything with an elastic band.

Depending on the wishes, the braid during braiding can be braided around the head or slightly lowered down. And to give elegance, curls are recommended to curl slightly.

Sloppy bunch

This hairstyle is distinguished by its stylish look. She will look great with a light cocktail dress.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Collect hair and get a low tail from it, located on its side.
  2. Curl hair with a curling iron.
  3. Then twist the resulting curl with your finger and get a ring. Fix it invisible. Perform similar actions with each curl in the tail.
  4. Decorate hairstyles with invisibility. They can be attached in the form of a Christmas tree or a snake.

Hollywood waves

Smooth, smooth large waves, laid on one or both sides, like the movie star in the photo, is the ideal choice for medium-length hair.

If you have a haircut without a cascade, with an even cut, creating Hollywood chic will not be difficult.

Royal styling

If a girl wants to get a truly royal look, then this styling fits perfectly.

For this you have to:

  1. Create a tail on the crown. Place rolls on top of it and fix it. Divide the tips into two equal parts and attach to the head with hairpins.
  2. In front of the head, select a strand and create a small pile.
  3. Lower it onto the roller so that it is not noticeable. Gather strands in the tail, curl it in a curling iron and lay the curls nicely.
  4. Decorate the styling with a diadem.

With braids

If you or your girlfriend can weave a French braid, then the task of creating an elegant look is greatly facilitated. Choose options: with a voluminous elegantly laid braid, or with a pattern of braids, or with a waterfall, when beautiful curls fall from a French braid, braided behind in a circle in a circle. How to beautifully braid a French braid, see the video step by step:

In the style of Audrey Hepburn

You can get a beautiful and spectacular hairstyle for the holiday in just 20 minutes, if you follow the following plan of action:

  1. Separate the strand near the forehead, comb it and lay it in a wave. Lock the tip with a hairpin.
  2. Using a horizontal parting, divide the strands into 5 sections. Use each of them to create a tail.
  3. Lightly comb the tail and create curls on the curling iron.
  4. From the curls create rings and fasten with hairpins.
  5. Decorate the resulting scallop with an accessory.

Elegant hairstyles for medium hair can be created at home, spending a minimum of time and effort. Choosing the right styling option is necessary taking into account the features of the face and outfit in which you will show off at the party. Having laid your hair properly and choosing the right accessory, be sure that you will not go unnoticed.

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With tail

The tail may well become a hairstyle for a special occasion, if combined with braids, original weaving, decorative elements.

Regardless of the natural density of the hair, you can make an elegant voluminous tail. The step-by-step process looks like this:

  1. Pre-roll the hair slightly on the curlers to add volume,
  2. In the parietal part, make a light pile to lift it,
  3. Make a horizontal part from the back from ear to ear, which will divide the hair into two parts,
  4. Gather each piece with rubber bands in the tail, placing one under the other,
  5. Spread the upper tail so that it completely conceals the base of the lower. Fix with varnish.

A voluminous flowing tail will be a worthy addition to the image.

Effective helpers

Hairstyles for middle hair holiday will help you create various devices that the beauty industry offers. These include overhead rollers to give volume to “shells”, elastic bands for volumetric bundles, hairpins, twisters, heags, hair loops, dividers for parting, spirals, zigzags, special hair clips for weaving French braids and “fish tail”.

Create a Greek-style styling with an elastic bandage, which is both an assistant and a decorative element. Do not forget that even the simplest hairstyle will be made evening by beautiful accessories: hairpins, combs, hoops, dressings.

See more hairstyle options in this video:

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