How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Thinking about how you can beautifully dress up a Christmas tree for the New Year of 2019 - we will tell you everything about how to decorate a traditional green beauty in an original way and offer interesting life hacks to create creative analogues with a photo and description.

Christmas tree - an integral attribute of the New Year celebration. Large or small, living or artificial, the Christmas tree creates a New Year's atmosphere and uplifting. Today, there are many options for decorating the New Year’s beauty for home and office, for a child care institution, thematic and, of course, creative.

Christmas tree in retro style

For most people, the New Year is a family holiday, and the process of decorating the main New Year symbol symbolizes not only the arrival of holidays, but also the connection of generations. If you have a lot of old toys in your box, each of which has a lot of childhood memories, the question "how to dress up a fluffy Christmas tree for the coming 2019" is not so relevant, because traditionally retro ornaments are placed on the branches of a beautiful woman in a chaotic manner. You can supplement the composition with rain and garlands, as well as sweets, which will be especially pleasant to look for, sorting out the Christmas tree after the holidays.

Importantly, do not forget that, in the continuation of the family tradition in 2019, your toy collection should be replenished with at least one Christmas-tree decoration with the image of the symbol of the year - a cute pink pig!

In a single color

Not so long ago, the so-called “European” winter beauty design options appeared. So, in the winter of 2018-2019, the Christmas tree decorated with toys of the same color will be in trend. Moreover, the size, texture and shape of Christmas toys can be different. The main thing is the perfect match of the shade.

When planning how to decorate a Christmas tree in a single shade for 2019, you can focus on different fashionable colors of this season, but it will look best on a green Christmas tree:

Features of Christmas tree decoration for 2019 of the Yellow (Earthen) Pig

The tree has long been considered a symbol of the coming year, so without it a real holiday atmosphere would not work. The smell of mandarin with coniferous aroma is familiar from childhood memories of the New Year holidays. Now many prefer to put artificial Christmas trees at home. If you decide to buy a living spruce to create a real New Year holiday at home, choose a fresh, not a dead tree. Pay attention to the height of the tree: it will depend on how many decorations are needed.

What is the best way to decorate the Christmas tree for the new 2019 year? In the New Year of the Yellow Pig, the tree should shimmer with all colors, sparkle and shine. The pig will love the rainbow style tree. To do this, begin to decorate the Christmas tree with garlands from the crown, dropping them in a spiral to the very bottom. So the Christmas tree will be divided into sections, each of which must be decorated with toys in one color scheme.

On a note! If the tree is tall, you should get at least 6-7 sections. In each section, be sure to hang a toy in the form of a pig or a pig to appease the mistress of 2019.

To make the tree look like a rainbow, in the lower section there should be red toys, the next section is orange, then yellow, green, blue, blue and finally the purple section. After the garland is turned on, the Christmas tree for the New Year of the Yellow Pig will sparkle with all the shades of the rainbow. The mistress of the coming year will be pleased with how you decided to decorate the Christmas tree.

How to decorate a house and a Christmas tree for 2019 pig - How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The most important attribute and symbol of the new year is, of course, the beautiful Christmas tree, so let's start with its decor.

Christmas balls are best placed on the branches in a ring - on the lower branches - the largest balls, in the middle - the average size and on the upper - small.

It is also better to wrap a garland in a ring.

The main colors of this year are coral, pink, beige, burgundy, orange and all shades of yellow - golden, lemon, amber, sunny ...

You can diversify these colors by combining them with each other and combining with white and silver shades. The main thing is to know the measure and not make the tree too colorful, the pig does not welcome this.

Decorate the Christmas tree with figures of pigs, acorns, wooden toys, the more natural, the better.

Room decor

Choosing the general style in which you plan to decorate your home will help you decide on the decor of all rooms.

It is better to adhere to one style, then the rooms will not stand out too much, and overshadow, for example, a Christmas tree or a decorated fireplace.

Choose a New Year's palette of shades and stick to their combination - green, pink, white, lemon, gold.

The main thing is that the colors are harmoniously combined and contrasted.

You can add sparkle and light - New Year's garlands, of various shapes and colors, lamps in the shape of a Christmas tree, stars or pigs, and in the bedroom - to place holiday candles, decorated with their own hands.

The walls can be decorated with garlands of oak twigs with acorns - the favorite treats of pigs.

How to decorate a house and a Christmas tree for 2019 of the pig - New Year table decor

The festive table is also an important participant in the New Year's interior.

Decorate it with cloth napkins of yellowish, greenish or golden hues, decorate with cones, apples, decorated candles and beautiful dishes.

Decoration of windows and mirrors

You can stick beautiful lace snowflakes carved from paper napkins on the windows or buy ready-made stickers in the form of stars, snowmen, Christmas trees, deers and other New Year's symbols.

LED curtains, brilliant rain can be hung on the curtains.

Glue the images of snowflakes, snowmen, Santa Claus and pigs on the mirrors too.

Door decoration

Interior doors and openings can also be decorated with shiny tinsel, Christmas balls, snowflakes, garlands, and on the front door it is better to hang a large Christmas wreath made of pine branches or from cones decorated with dry tangerines and cinnamon sticks - so that you and your guests can immediately feel the spirit of the holiday.

Now it will be easy for you to navigate in all the festive chores and now you know how to decorate a house and a Christmas tree for the year 2019 of a pig!

New Year colors 2019

The pig loves luxury and chic, so the Christmas tree should be decorated richly. The main color is yellow, because it is the color of the mistress of the holiday. The Earthen Pig patronizes the crop, so of those that decorate the Christmas tree, you can also call brown and green - the colors of nature. These color combinations are on the tree and should be in the upcoming 2019.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with balls for the New Year 2019: 7 decor ideas

There is no single option on how to dress up a New Year tree. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the owners. However, there are several trends in decorating the Christmas tree. In 2019, it is fashionable to decorate a Christmas tree in one of the following styles:

  • Classics of the genre. Without leaving the fashion balls of 1-2 colors. In the Year of the Pig, they must be golden, brown, green or yellow. Gold color in Christmas-tree decoration has not gone out of fashion for several years. It looks great in any interior and goes well with such popular jewelry as bows, caramel sticks, paper figures of angels.

  • Retro style. Fans of antiquity should stock up for the New Year with tangerines, oranges, round sweets in bright wrappers. Such unusual balls can be supplemented with "antique" items made of paper, wire or papier-mâché. Beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the style of "Soviet vintage" will be loved by middle-aged people. This decor does not require any effort and preparation. It is enough to look in the attic for glass balls that evoke intimate childhood memories from those who grew up in the USSR.

  • Do it yourself. The Yellow Earth Pig loves chic. Therefore, this year, shiny and elegant balls - the main Christmas tree outfit. If there is no way to purchase expensive decoration for the Christmas tree, you can make the original Christmas decoration yourself. Simple balls will turn into exquisite decorations, if you decorate them with sequins, tinsel, lace, fabric, beads, buttons, sequins, etc. And if you choose the decor of the same color, but different shades, you will get unusual beauty jewelry.
  • Eco style. In 2019, it will be fashionable to dress up a Christmas tree in an unusual eco-style, which includes everything that is made from natural materials. The tree is decorated with balls made of wood, paper, dried fruit. You can decorate such toys with cones, twigs, dried flowers, figures from salt dough, etc. Eco-style. You can prepare for decorating the main New Year's symbol with your children: in summer, collect seashells on the sea or acorns in the forest, dry unusual plants.

  • Country-style. Do-it-yourself Christmas tree decorations are valued. Balls in a rustic style can be made from socks, pieces of fabric, etc. Knitwear looks beautiful. Each ball can be made plain or knitted from threads of different colors corresponding to the symbol of 2019.
  • Rainbow decor. The balls are hung in tiers in the order of the colors of the rainbow. In such decoration yellow and green colors beloved by the Earth Pig will be present.
  • Pompons. Replacing glass balls with pompons is a trend of recent seasons. The advantage of such jewelry is that they are inexpensive and have an original appearance. Soft balls are easy to make on your own, you just have to buy a skein of thread in the store and show your imagination.

There are many options for decorating the Christmas tree. Children should be involved in creating a festive atmosphere in the house in order to develop a sense of beauty and creativity in them.

Where to put and how to dress up a Christmas tree in Feng Shui

The main rule for installing the New Year beauty in Feng Shui in 2019 is its purpose: the tree should bring happiness and joy.

In a small room you should not have a large tree. It will impress the home, will delight the children, but because of the cramped atmosphere in the house will deteriorate. For the celebration, a small tree located in the corner of the room or on the table is enough. Spruce can be replaced with coniferous branches in a vase.

In a large room for the New Year, the coniferous beauty should occupy the main place. The tree is placed in the center of the room, because positive energy is concentrated there. This will help family not only to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, but also to solve the problems accumulated over the year. If you set the main attribute of the holiday in the western room, then it will attract luck and prosperity to the house, and the couple will bring replenishment. The Christmas tree in the western part of the house favors "piglets", "pigs", "wild boars" - all whose year comes.

The New Year tree in the eastern side helps to improve the well-being of home, and in the northern room brings success in professional activities. Coniferous beauty should not be placed in the southern rooms, since negative energy is accumulating in this part of the house.

Dry wood in any room will create an unfavorable atmosphere. An artificial tree is also useless for activating positive energy. It is best to choose a living pine for the holiday, which is also a symbol of longevity.

It is important not only to choose and install a Christmas tree for the New Year, but also to decorate it correctly. Toys that attract health include figurines of cranes or deer, lotus flowers, and walnuts. If you decorate the coniferous beauty with banknotes, goldfish or a brilliant rain, then the financial condition of the family will improve. Love will help attract hearts or paired figures of pigeons, swans, cupids. And for family happiness and the birth of children, it is worth hanging a miniature nest of swallows on the Christmas tree.

Preparing for the New Year holiday is an exciting activity that unites all members of the family. The Yellow Earth Pig does not tolerate lazy people who do everything after their sleeves. She loves creative, fun and unpredictable people. Therefore, the design of the Christmas tree for 2019 should be unusual and bright.

How to choose a Christmas tree so that it attracts luck

Now most people choose an artificial Christmas tree, as it can last for more than one year, and after it there is no garbage and Christmas tree needles. However, in China, people are categorically against artificial wood. It is believed that it has dead energy, which means that it can only attract troubles and failures. A living Christmas tree has a completely different effect, since its energy is so strong that it can radically change the owner’s life.

It is better to buy a live Christmas tree from trusted intermediaries. So you buy not a Christmas tree cut down by poaching, but a tree specially grown in the nursery. The best option is spruce in a pot. With allergies to needles or big problems with crumbling needles, you can take an artificial Christmas tree.

The color of the spruce matters. By tradition, most people choose a green Christmas tree, as it looks more natural. With it, you can attract wealth and success into your life.

But every year, white Christmas trees are gaining popularity, as they look more unusual and fabulous. In addition to a positive mood, such a tree will create harmony in your home, and in 2019, quarrels and conflicts will become a very rare occurrence in your home.

Where to put a Christmas tree for New Year 2019 in Feng Shui

Many people make a mistake when choosing a place for the New Year tree, because of which the energy of the Christmas tree can immediately weaken. First you need to decide what you lack in life, and then it remains to arrange the Christmas tree according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Each house has sectors that are responsible for a certain area of ​​human life. Therefore, if you want to get what you want in 2019, you need to install the tree in one of these areas of your home:

  • north, career, success,
  • south, fame, self-development,
  • west, creative growth, children,
  • east, family, health,
  • northwest, travel, business trips,
  • northeast, knowledge, experience,
  • southwest, love, marriage,

  • southeast, money, luck, prosperity.

Before placing the tree in one of the above sectors, be sure to clean it up and free up space from unnecessary things. Near the tree should not be antiquaries, photographs, books and objects that cause you negative thoughts and unpleasant memories. These things can weaken the flow of positive energy, which means that the energy of your Christmas tree will be very weak.

How to decorate the Christmas tree for the year of the Pig

Of no less importance are Christmas-tree decorations, as they enhance the energy of the tree. Most importantly, you do not need to clutter up the Christmas tree with a huge number of toys, otherwise all its energy will be spent on managing this overwhelming load.

The mascot of 2019 will be the Yellow Earth Pig. Therefore, Christmas tree balls of yellow, gold, orange or beige must be present on your tree. You should not combine all these colors on one tree, as in this case your Christmas tree will look ridiculous.

The patronizing element of 2019, the Earth, so you can also hang natural decorations on the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be decorated with cones, fruits, berries or nuts. In addition, in this outfit, even an artificial Christmas tree will look like a living tree.

Do not forget that Pig, sweet tooth: gingerbread, cookie or candy decorations would be appropriate. If you want your wish to be fulfilled in the new year, a few minutes before the chimes, put your favorite dessert under the tree and make a wish at midnight.The patroness of the year will be pleased that you met her with a treat, which means she will definitely contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams.

To give the tree a more festive look, you can decorate it with bright ribbons, tinsel, rain and a garland. If you want harmony to prevail in your house in the coming year, give preference to white and silver tinsel. To attract wealth, choose jewelry in gold, yellow and green. Red ribbons will help to tie, love. It is best to give preference to a garland with multi-colored paws, and then in 2019 your life will be filled with positive moments.

It is difficult to imagine a Christmas tree without toys in the form of fairy-tale characters. Despite the fact that these jewelry do not carry strong energy, they will make your tree truly festive.

New Year star, the final element. Now many people have refused this jewelry, although it has a strong positive energy and helps to attract good luck. Everyone knows that if you make a wish on a shooting star, it will certainly come true. In this case, you can fulfill your dream with the help of a New Year star. After the chimes, go to the Christmas tree, and looking at the star, think about your dream and focus. The desired must be fulfilled.

Many people are already composing a holiday menu, and perhaps make a lot of mistakes. If you want good luck next year, these three dishes must be present on your table. With their help, you can change your life for the better. We wish you happiness in 2019,and don’t forget to press the buttons and

The color scheme for decorating the Christmas tree in 2019

Yellow Earthen Pig loves beautiful jewelry, brilliant decor, rich colors. This should be taken into account not only when choosing a festive outfit, but also when choosing jewelry for the Christmas tree.

Astrologers note that the main colors of the Earthen Pig are golden, brown, all shades of yellow. Green coniferous branches are perfectly combined with golden balls, shiny bells, tinsel and "rain". Do not overdo it with brown, it should not be much. It is advisable to dilute golden balls and tinsel with decorations of brown shades.

In what colors to decorate a Christmas tree in 2019? Even if you do not believe in horoscopes, a Christmas tree in golden tones will look elegant at a festive evening.

What other colors can I decorate a Christmas tree in 2019? In addition to yellow, golden and brown colors, Pig will also approve of gray and white colors. But it is better to refuse red, blue and green decor in 2019. However, a little red, pale green or blue will not upset Mumps.

You can decorate the Christmas tree with an edible decor: oranges, tangerines, cinnamon sticks, bags of coffee beans. So you can combine your favorite colors of the Yellow Pig and delicious New Year's aromas. To appease the mumps, place acorns or chestnuts under the tree. You can just sprinkle them under a tree or gently stack them in a chest.

Basic styles

In modern times, Christmas trees are decorated in accordance with the style and a certain concept. The festive tree should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. There are many styles, so everyone can find a suitable option for their home, how to decorate a forest beauty.

Dress the Christmas tree so that it is in harmony with the room. We offer some useful tips:

  • The colors of the decorations should be combined with the shades that prevail in the room. For example, if items of upholstered furniture and curtains in a room are turquoise in color, there should be turquoise tones in the Christmas tree decorations.
  • Follow the general New Year theme throughout the house. It will be strange if one room is decorated in an eco-style, and the other room has a metallic sheen in the decor.
  • In any style, it is important to correctly combine colors with each other. Use suitable combinations for Christmas tree decoration: blue-silver-white, beige-golden-brown, silver-gray-olive, matte gold-ivory.

Classic style

Many people remember how back in the Soviet years they decorated Christmas trees with homemade toys, purchased “rain” and bright Christmas balls. The classic-style Christmas tree will bring us back to our childhood when we, as children, helped young parents decorate the New Year tree and looked forward to the morning to look under the Christmas tree in search of gifts from Santa Claus.

The main attributes of the classic decor of the festive tree:

  • Golden and silver balls,
  • Bright red ribbons
  • Paper or cardboard angels,
  • Pointed crown (or star),
  • Multi-colored huts, bells, curly toys.

Decorate the Christmas tree in a classic style with handmade toys: sewn or crocheted pigs, paper garlands, cardboard figures. If you still have grandmother's old toys, be sure to hang them on the branches.

Colors for decorating the Christmas tree in 2019

Being interested in what color it is better to dress up a Christmas tree in 2019, remember that Earthen Boar prefers bright and fiery shades. These include red, orange, yellow, gold, pink, purple, etc. These funny colors can be combined with calmer tones: white, silver, light blue, green, lemon, brown. The combination of colors on the tree should not be too lurid and tasteless. It is advisable to use the scheme of their 2-3 colors, so as not to overload the composition. In this case, the New Year tree will harmoniously fit into the festive interior.

Fashion trends and decorating ideas

To beautifully decorate the Christmas tree at home, study the fashion trends of the New Year season 2019. These include:

  • shiny balls of various shapes and sizes,
  • solid garlands and large fluffy rain,
  • DIY toys (carved snowflakes, paper lanterns, jewelry made from beads, felt, wire or thread, etc.),
  • glazed cookies and gingerbread cookies,
  • soft pompons
  • large fabric bows.

The design of the Christmas tree for the New Year 2019 should be thought out to the smallest detail, because the Yellow Boar is demanding on exquisite details. Therefore, replace the fastening systems of toys made of threads with special green clips that will be almost invisible on the branches of the holiday tree. The holders can also be made of bright ribbons and ropes, harmonizing in color with the main decor.

Among the fashion trends of the season, a special place is occupied by original jewelry for the top of the spruce. Big red stars remain trending. In addition, the crown can be decorated with an angel figurine, a large golden bow, a toy pig.

If you cannot decide how to place the toys on a conifer, use the following ideas:

  • arrangement of jewelry in a spiral,
  • scattering of toys and circular placement of garlands and rain,
  • the distribution of jewelry in the vertical direction,
  • circular hanging toys.

Symbols for good luck

If you want to put a Christmas tree in Feng Shui, first decide what goals and desires are priority and in which direction you need to direct positive energy. According to this teaching, each side of the world is responsible for various benefits:

  • southeast: material well-being, wealth, cash profit,
  • East: harmony in the family, mutual understanding, home comfort,
  • south: public recognition, fame,
  • West: replenishment in the family, birth of children,
  • North: professional achievements, career advancement, success in work,
  • northeast: new knowledge, wisdom,
  • Northwest: interesting travels, adventures, meetings with like-minded people,
  • southwest: harmonious personal relationships, a happy marriage, luck in the field of love.

If you place the decorated Christmas tree in 2019 in the center of the room, it will become a symbol of good health and vitality, since in this place positive home energy is concentrated.

According to Chinese teaching, red lanterns with tassels, coins with a hole, balls with hieroglyphs are considered symbols of good luck. Banknotes, toys in the form of lotus flowers, cranes and walnuts can be hung on a Christmas tree. To attract prosperity and happiness to the house, place figures of pigs and piglets under the tree.

7 options for decorating the Christmas tree beautifully and inexpensively

You can decorate the Christmas tree with balls and other New Year attributes in various styles. The most popular in 2019 will be the following options for an inexpensive holiday decor:

    Classical. To elegantly decorate the Christmas tree in 2019, Pigs, use balls of 2-3 shades of the same size. It is advisable to take a golden color as a basis, because it goes well with other bright colors. In the classic version, decorations are placed on a conifer in a circle, garlands with small light elements and a monophonic rain are used.

  • Retro. This style is characterized by the use of old Soviet toys, round candies in colorful wrappers, glass and plastic balls. You can complement the decor with paper snowflakes and stars, and put figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden under the Christmas tree.
  • Eco. To decorate the Christmas tree in this style, use natural materials: cones, acorns and chestnuts, branches, dried fruits and flowers, cinnamon sticks, cookies and gingerbread cookies. Christmas balls and decorations can be made of wood or paper.

    Country. Rustic motifs should prevail in this style: toys made of thread and fabric, knitted boots and mittens, figurines decorated with lace, matte plain balls, felt ornaments. A Christmas tree decorated in this style should embody home comfort, warmth and harmony.

    European. When decorating a Christmas tree in a European style, use 2 shades of balls. Traditional combinations: gold and red, silver and blue. Also on the tree you can hang satin bows of the same colors and a plain garland. The use of tinsel and rain is not welcome. Christmas tree decorated in the European version should be stylish and neat.

    Scandinavian. Light shades, moderation and simplicity predominate in this decor. If you like this style, you can change the natural spruce to artificial or make an imitation of a New Year tree from garlands, wire and other improvised materials.

    Handmade. If you are a creative person, make Christmas decorations with your own hands. For Christmas decorations, decorated ceramic figures, paper balls, clay toys, coffee beads, soft pompons, etc.

    To decorate the New Year tree, it is not necessary to purchase expensive designer toys. To get an excellent result, it is enough to approach the process of decorating creatively and not be afraid to bring bold ideas to life.


    A trend that has been leading in Europe for many years. By the new 2019, it is better to remove all unnecessary items, focusing on natural beauties. A Christmas tree decorated in the style of minimalism will sparkle with a garland with small bulbs. Perfectly combines minimalism with the Scandinavian style. Put the Christmas tree in a wicker basket, or wrap the pot of wood in craft paper. You can do without toys at all, giving preference only to sparkling lights. And you can hang on a spruce foot a golden or wooden pig in the author's performance.


    This style is associated with a homely, cozy rustic setting. In the bustle of the city, there is so lack of domestic warmth and comfort that many prefer the country style in the life of a big city. Country-style decorations are big sparkling balls for the Christmas tree, small wooden toys, gingerbread cookies and homemade gingerbread cookies.

    On a note! Creating a country style is impossible without DIY toys. The more all kinds of hand-made on the tree, the better. The Yellow Pig will appreciate your efforts, and the next year will be successful for you.

    If you are not friends with needlework, you can cut out snowflakes from craft cardboard or bandage several cinnamon sticks with shiny braid. Such New Year's toys will become a wonderful decoration for the New Year’s beauty.


    Yellow Pig loves shine, chic and luxury! Focus on this when choosing jewelry for a Christmas tree in the style of glamor. Do not hold back your emotions: choose sparkling balls, sparkling tinsel, a large number of multi-colored garlands, scented candles, magnificent bows. The Christmas tree should shine, shimmer, sparkle!

    Glamor is impossible to imagine without pink. Pink artificial Christmas tree will add a playful mood and brightness to the New Year holiday. Decorate the pink branches with golden balls, silver cones and bells, garlands of golden beads.


    If you are having a retro party or have invited parents and grandparents to celebrate the New Year, it’s best to decorate the Christmas tree in the “Soviet retro” style. Watch the classics of Soviet cinema: “Enjoy your steam!” And “Carnival night”, from where you can borrow ideas for decorating the Christmas tree.

    What were the toys in Soviet times? A clock showing five minutes to twelve, owls, fir cones, samovars, papier-mâché snowmen. Such toys can be purchased at flea markets or borrowed from grandmothers.

    A retro-style Christmas tree must be decorated with a silver “rain”, multi-colored flags, a star-shaped top, and under the branches put figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.


    Several options for decorating the Art Nouveau Christmas tree:

    1. On the Christmas tree there are exclusively balls without tinsel, garlands and "rain". It is better to combine two colors of balls: white and blue, olive and blue, gold and purple, gray and golden.
    2. Christmas tree decoration - garlands, without balls and other toys. Garlands should be two-three-color, this will be enough.
    3. Plain Christmas tree. For example, a golden tree, golden toys and golden tinsel. In this case, it is better to place a luminous garland closer to the trunk, and choose miniature toys. Such a Christmas tree will look very impressive and will surely appeal to the Yellow Pig.


    Many connoisseurs have been looking for suitable vintage items for a long time. They seem alive, have their own difficult history and are much more valuable than the most expensive Christmas tree decorations. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase real vintage jewelry, do not despair. In the shops you can find Christmas decorations with the effect of aging, which will help to create a real vintage style in the decor of the New Year tree.

    What Christmas toys are suitable for vintage Christmas tree decoration:

    1. Lightly frayed cones and bells,
    2. Large glass balls with an exclusive pattern,
    3. Toys embroidered with beads, rhinestones and bugles.

    How to decorate a Christmas tree: options and ideas

    How to dress up a Christmas tree in 2019 Year of the Pig? It's simple, you just need to prepare the necessary decorations in advance:

    • Garland. Hang colorful sparkling garlands on the Christmas tree in a spiral. Also garland the windows and front door of the house outside. You can stick miniature stickers depicting pigs on bulbs.
    • Glass balls. What tree without festive balloons? Use 1-2 colors for decoration.
    • Snowflakes. They can be bought or made with their own hands from thick cardboard, beads, beads, ribbons.
    • Pig will appreciate if you decorate the Christmas tree in 2019 with your own hands. Tie miniature mittens, a snowman or a pig, cut snowflakes from a tree, decorate Christmas balls with rhinestones and beads. Pig will love any creativity, so expect prosperity and financial success next year.

    From natural materials

    In the year of the Yellow Pig, astrologers recommend hanging several toys made from natural materials on the Christmas tree. Choose any material you like: fir cones, bark, twigs, twine, craft paper. From the bumps you can get funny crafts that will help you make the kids. For example, they will happily stick wings and heads to cones and turn them into funny penguins. From winded twine we get excellent Christmas balls in eco-style. Balls can also be made from cotton threads.

    Wood jewelry

    Since the Yellow Pig is also called the Wooden Pig, toys made of wood must be present on the tree. In the event that you love woodcarving, making several Christmas tree decorations is not difficult.

    On a note! Do-it-yourself wooden Christmas toys can be a suitable New Year's gift for loved ones and friends.

    Toys can be painted, but can be left in a natural color. Such figures are suitable for decorating Christmas trees in eco-style.

    Yellow Pig Toys

    Astrologers strongly recommend hanging several figures of pigs on the New Year tree in the year of the Earthen Pig. The hostess of the coming year will like this, and the whole of 2019 will pass in abundance, health and good mood.

    You can buy ready-made Christmas pigs, but it is much more pleasant to make toys with your own hands. The flight of fantasy here is unlimited: felt, knitted, embroidered pigs, gingerbread figures, plush pigs, ceramic figures, and much more. Even if you have never taken up needlework, before the new year try to craft a small toy in the form of a pig on a Christmas tree. The Yellow Pig will appreciate your efforts and hard work.

    Christmas tree decoration order

    To beautifully decorate a Christmas tree, you must follow some recommendations:

    1. First of all, a garland is hung on a tree, and only then toys. If you do the opposite, a garland for toys will be difficult to hang.
    2. Glass toys are hung from the top of the head to the lower branches. Wooden, paper and fabric decorations are hung in any order.
    3. Silver "rain" and tinsel are placed on the tree at the very end of the decoration. Please note that the "rain" looks beautiful only on the green beauty. If the artificial Christmas tree is white or silver, the decoration will simply be lost on the Christmas tree.
    4. Do not hang toys too close together. Glass jewelry can break, and all other toys will lose their attractiveness if they merge into a solid mass.
    5. In conclusion, you should consider how to decorate the top of the tree. It can be a traditional star or a sparkling tip.

    How to decorate a white Christmas tree beautifully

    The white tree itself looks gorgeous. It is not difficult to decorate it at all, because on white all colors look bright. So, we will consider jewelry options:

    • With red toys
    • In blue tones
    • With gold decor
    • In white

    So, you have learned the most popular ideas for decorating a Christmas tree in 2019 for pigs, I hope you like them!

    Street tree decoration

    If you have spruce, pine or thuja growing in your yard, decorate a street tree by the new year to create a real holiday atmosphere. An interesting solution is to decorate the street tree with your own hands.

    What toys can decorate a street tree:

    • Candy. New Year holidays are associated not only with tangerines and champagne, but also with a large number of all kinds of sweets. Make decorative “sweets” from cardboard, colored paper, satin ribbons and tinsel, hang them on a street spruce as a decoration. You can put sweets inside each “sweetie” so that guests on New Year's Eve receive a New Year's “sweetie” with sweets from Santa Claus.
    • Gift. Wrap a small box in gift paper, tie a ribbon and hang on a street Christmas tree.
    • Snowmen. Cut a snowman pattern from the foam, draw the nose, mouth, eyes, cap, scarf with acrylic paints.
    • Piglets Sew the muzzle of the pigs from the felt, instead of the nostrils sew two buttons. Eyes can be made from black beads. Tie a knitted scarf around the neck of the piglet and hang it on the Christmas tree so that the symbol of the coming year will protect your home.

    We are all waiting for the New Year miracle, in the hope of a change for the better. Let's appease the Yellow Pig so that it brings us next year a lot of health, prosperity, prosperity and good mood. And start with decorating the Christmas tree, which must be present in every home. If the Christmas tree will be decorated with pleasure, Pig will notice your efforts! Use our tips and celebrate the new 2019 year in harmony, joy, in a good mood. Happy New Year!

  • Watch the video: CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING. Watch This BEFORE You Decorate Your Tree (February 2020).