Effective and inexpensive analogues of Reduslim tablets that help you lose weight

There are more and more obese people in the world. Extra pounds cause the development of serious diseases. There are a large number of pharmacy products to combat obesity, including the analogue of Reduslim. But seldom what pharmaceutical drug really has an effect on the body, similar to Reduslim.

The manufacturer claims that none of Reduslim's analogues can be compared with the effectiveness of a biologically active supplement. Let's see why among similar weight loss drugs there are no similar in composition, and why it is better not to use a substitute.

Are there any analogues of Reduslim?

Many overweight people use different diets to reduce body weight. But diets do not always have the desired effect. Usually, some time after the end of the diet, the kilograms return, but in even greater quantities.

The manufacturer Reduslim positions the drug as follows:

  • tablets effectively break down body fat,
  • the medicine eliminates hunger, stabilizes the appetite, thus eliminating overeating,
  • a means for losing weight can normalize metabolic processes,
  • active components of natural origin help to cleanse the body of slagging, and are able to improve intestinal motility.

The course of Reduslim is not addictive. Tablets do not give side effects even when repeating a therapeutic course. The main advantage of the drug is its natural composition and the fact that lost kilograms do not return.

Some buyers, trying to save money and find a means to lose weight cheaper, ask the drugstore substitute Reduslim.

Pharmacists usually offer the following Reduslim analogues:

  • Reduxin
  • Calorie blocker
  • Turbofit
  • Chitosan Evolar,
  • Turboslim.

No substitute sold in pharmacies has a similar effect. None of these tools solve the problems associated with extra pounds, but only allows a person to lose weight for a while.

The advantage of Reduslim, in comparison with pharmaceuticals of a similar action, is the acceleration of metabolic processes and the purification of tissues from slagging. Disruption of metabolism and accumulation of toxic substances are the main factors provoking the accumulation of body fat. Reduslim effectively eliminates both problems, and the weight does not return.

Why is it so difficult to replace Reduslim with a pharmacy?

A person who is trying to replace Reduslim diet pills with analogues will not get the expected effect, and can be harmful to health. The manufacturer explains the situation as follows:

  • the use of pharmacy analogues is not always safe for the body. A drug with a similar effect can get rid of fat, but it will give side effects.
  • most substitutes have a large number of contraindications for use. Reduslim has a contraindication to individual sensitivity to one or more active substances,
  • an analogue sold in pharmacies may be cheaper, but does not eliminate the cause of obesity, but only relieves the symptoms for a while,
  • the effect of most of the similar means from pharmacies is aimed only at losing weight. Reduslim has a complex effect, strengthening the entire body.

The price of the analogue of Reduslim in pharmacies can be cheaper or more expensive. At a cost only Turbofit will be more profitable. Before replacing Reduslim with analogues that are cheaper or more expensive, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the composition and effect of pharmacy products.

What is in Reduslim?

Reduslim's advantage is its natural composition. Active components of the drug:

  • hoodia gordon. A plant from the genus of African succulents helps the body with the breakdown of accumulated fat,
  • coleonol obtained from the coleus plant, frees tissues from excess fluid, regulates intestinal motility,
  • Natural linoleic acid derived from wild saffron. The substance stabilizes cholesterol levels, normalizes blood flow, increases intestinal motility,
  • the horse. Natural polysaccharide inhibits the formation of new body fat, and reduces the amount of existing fat,
  • Gabonese Irvingia extract. The active component removes toxins, has a restorative effect,
  • lipase and protease are natural enzymes. Both components are able to improve the function of the heart muscle, stabilizes the metabolic processes, has a general strengthening effect on the body,
  • the root of the icon. Plant extract increases the amount of endorphins in the blood, saturates tissues with energy,
  • evening primrose. An extract from a plant normalizes the functioning of the hormonal system, due to which the elasticity and elasticity of the skin are restored.

Unlike pharmacy counterparts, Reduslim does not give side effects, and has virtually no contraindications. People with the problem of excess weight, who ordered Reduslim through the official website, and took pills, leave only positive reviews.

What can I buy in a pharmacy?

Many are interested in whether Reduslim is available in pharmacies. Buying the drug in the pharmacy chains of Moscow and any city in the Russian Federation will not work. The manufacturer does not cooperate with pharmacies for the following reasons:

  • high trade margins, due to which prices increase several times. On the official portal, you can purchase packaging for 149 rubles, because a stock for the product is now available. If you see a similar cost in a pharmacy, it means selling counterfeit goods,
  • the presence in the pharmacy counters of a large number of fake products. Real Reduslim can be ordered only through the official portal.

In pharmacies, they can offer Reduslim at almost the same cost as on the official website. This means that the pharmacy chain sells counterfeit goods and issues it as a real product. You can place an order and buy Redislim only through the official portal.

In pharmacy chains, they can offer the following drugs with a similar effect:

The active substance of a similar agent Reduxin is sibutramine. The analogue can cause such side effects as digestive disorders, mental health disorders, and provoke the development of prostate adenoma. When using the drug, you need to drink plenty of water. It is better to take the drug at a certain time: in the morning after waking up or during meals.

Pharmacy drug Calorie blocker in the process of taking is not able to break down carbohydrates. Therefore, the drug gives only a short-term effect of weight loss. The drug is sold in a pharmacy at a budget price, but inferior to Reduslim in results.

If you replace Reduslim with Turbofit pharmacy, then the kilograms will begin to decrease no earlier than 4 months after the start of the intake. In addition to the use of the drug, physical activity will be required, and sweets will have to be completely eliminated from food.

Turboslim has a sufficient number of contraindications, among which are pathologies of the stomach and intestines of a chronic nature, peptic ulcer, autoimmune diseases at the acute stage. A contraindication is age restriction. Turboslim can not be used up to 18 years.

The pharmacy will always find how to replace Reduslim. But is it worth the risk and conduct experiments on health, trying various means for weight loss, everyone decides independently. Those who already take Reduslim will notice the effect in a week. It is important to continue treatment, and drink the tablets in full. Only in this case the kilograms will not return.


Liprina - One of the most famous foreign analogues of Reduslim, produced in Italy on the basis of an extract of hoodia gordonii.

The uniqueness of Liprina as a means for losing weight lies in the extract of the exotic succulent Hoodia Gordonii, whose main property is to accumulate nutrients and maintain the strength and tone of the body with steroid glycosides. The extract of this plant is widely used in the industry of biologically active additives, it is even listed in Reduslim.

In the Russian market, the price of the drug is low - about 400-500 rubles .

Garcinia Forte

Garcinia Forte (Germany) - another foreign analogue of Reduslim allowed in Russia.

BAA Garcinia Forte from the German pharmaceutical company "Elavar" is made on the basis of the eponymous exotic tree Garcinia gummi-gutta. The extract of this plant has the properties of rapid saturation, suppressing appetite, lowering the level of fluid and optimizing the physical shape of the body.

Garcinia Forte allows you to lose weight without losing shape and energy, and chromium picolinate, which is part of the drug, helps to activate metabolic processes.

In Russian pharmacies, Garcinia Forte can be bought at a price of 300 to 500 rubles .


Guarchibao (Guarchibao) - one of the most famous inexpensive analogues of Reduslim. Sachets with a pleasant taste of cream and vanilla contain equal proportions of chia, baobab and guarana seeds.

Guarchibao has a beneficial effect on the body:

  • Baobab improves the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract and helps to remove harmful substances,
  • Guarana breaks down fats and improves the tone of cells, gives energy and increases the level of vitality,
  • Chia meal nourishes the body with beneficial macronutrients, promotes the oxidation of fats and the removal of water and toxins.

The drug is available in bags containing a powdered soluble composition. This powder is poured into a glass, poured with warm water, thoroughly mixed and drunk half an hour before dinner. The complex is taken according to the following scheme: five days with a break of two days, repetition.

In Russian specialized stores, Guarchibao packaging costs about 990 rubles .

What is Reduslim famous for?

Reduslim is a diet pill. The drug is based on natural ingredients. Due to the natural composition and reviews about it, they are mostly positive, since the product does not cause side effects and really helps to get rid of excess body fat.

Reduslim capsules contain the following components:

  • Cactus Extract called Hoodia Gordoni. Helps reduce hunger
  • Tropical Mint. Prevents fat deposition and eliminates deposits that have already appeared,
  • Oil of Primrose. Stabilizes lipid metabolism in the body,
  • Saffron Oil Participates in the breakdown of fats,
  • The root of the yakon. Reduces cravings for sweets,
  • Lipase and Protease. Help break down lipids
  • Polysaccharide. Reduces hunger.

Thanks to these substances, the drug is able not only to reduce body weight, but also to strengthen the immune system, normalize the metabolism of substances, improve the digestive system.

The mechanism of action of the drug is as follows: the active components penetrate the blood and destroy fat cells in a few hours. As a result of this, the figure becomes slim in a short time, and the internal organs no longer suffer from the fat accumulated on their surface.

With the help of Reduslim, it is possible to prevent the development of many pathologies that arise as a result of overweight. These include:

  • Diabetes,
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart muscle infarction
  • Stroke.

The drug has only one contraindication - individual intolerance to the components that are part of the product. But in practice, no one came across it when using this medication. Tablets also do not cause side effects.

You can learn more about the beneficial properties of the drug from the video:

Eco slim

Eco slim It is also an excellent means for losing weight, which can replace Reduslim. Soluble effervescent tablets are composed of natural ingredients and are only beneficial for the body.

Eco Slim contains:

  • Vitamin B (whole group). They improve metabolic processes, the nervous system, the circulatory system and hormonal levels, and also stabilize the condition of the skin, hair and nails,
  • Chitosan . It removes excess fats from the body and is the main engine of the process of losing weight,
  • Taurine . Reduces blood sugar, activates metabolism and destroys harmful lipids,
  • Caffeine . It increases the durability and endurance of the body, improves the functioning of the brain, heart, stomach and intestines.

The active drug "Eco Slim" promotes rapid natural weight loss. One tablet of the drug is dissolved in a glass of warm water and taken in two or three doses per day for a month. Daily intake of Eco Slim will help to lose up to 500 g of fat per day.

The price of a product in Russia is about 990 rubles .

Green Ducane Cocktail

Green Ducane Cocktail - Another analog of Reduslim with a natural composition and quick effect. A serving of green Ducane cocktail can replace a full meal thanks to a huge list of ingredients:

  • Spirulina. Effectively breaks down fats, burns toxins and gives the body energy thanks to its amino acids, vitamins and beneficial elements,
  • Sargassum. The composition of this algae - vitamins C, E, K. It has an antioxidant effect, regulating the metabolism and production of leptin,
  • Linnaeus Egagropila - another algae that prevents the accumulation of carbohydrates,
  • Laminaria - an algae that contains many vitamins and minerals, cleanses the body,
  • Ascophyllum - the fourth seaweed in the cocktail, regulates the metabolism and blood cells,
  • Lime. Not only improves the taste of the cocktail, but also improves the condition of the skin.

The above components are the main ones, however, in addition to them, the cocktail contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals with a relatively low calorie content: 92 kcal per 100 g of product.

You can buy a green Ducane cocktail for 990 rubles .


Of the cheap analogues of Reduslim, the drug Guarchibao is noted. It favorably affects the metabolism of substances in the body, in a short time helps to get rid of body fat. The composition of the product contains only natural components:

  • Baobab. It contains a large number of useful substances that contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes in the body, normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, remove harmful elements, eliminate problems with stools,
  • Guarana. Promotes the breakdown of fats, tones cells, restores normal metabolism. Also, the component provides a person with energy, increases efficiency,
  • Meal CHIA. It supplies the body with nutrients, starts the process of fat oxidation, removes toxins and other harmful elements, and also eliminates excess water.

Penetrating into the blood, the active components immediately begin their therapeutic effect. The metabolic process is accelerated, the feeling of hunger is quenched, the digestive system is being rebuilt. As a result, body fat decreases in volume, energy consumption increases, the desire to eat is reduced.

The effect of the drug does NOT negatively affect human health, but on the contrary helps to increase immunity, improve the condition of the body's internal systems.

“Guarchibao” is available in powder form, packaged in bags. Reception of funds is carried out according to the following scheme: pour one package into a glass, pour warm water, mix thoroughly and drink 30 minutes before dinner.

The course of therapy lasts 5 days, after which a break is made for 2 days and the fight against excess weight is again carried out. You can buy a product for about 990 rubles.


Reduslim analogues sold in pharmacies also work and contribute to weight loss, but their effect is much weaker than Reduslim and in quality they are significantly inferior to it. However, for those who want to save money and get at least some effect, pharmacy counterparts can be a salvation.

Goldline , designed to treat obesity, is based on sibutramine. Sibutramine helps reduce appetite and quickly get enough. The daily intake of tablets lasts for 3-6 months. The drug has contraindications and side effects, a complete list of which can be found in the instructions attached to the drug.

The price of the drug depends on the dosage: between 600 rubles and several thousand .


Turboslim - a pharmacy product from the category of biologically active additives. Turboslim has a more pronounced effect. The drug actively affects metabolic processes, repeatedly enhancing them and removing harmful elements and fats from the body. The entire line of brand products is designed to lose weight and has a number of limitations and side effects.

The cost of Turboslim varies from 200 to 1000 rubles depending on the species.

MCC - microcrystalline cellulose. The tool helps to lose weight, get rid of hunger and quickly get enough. The drug is another more affordable Evalar product.

The drug actively affects arganism, reducing peristalsis, normalizing stool, removing toxins and suppressing appetite. The drug has few contraindications, and side effects are rare and mild.

MCC can be bought on average for 160 rubles .

When thinking about choosing the analogue of Reduslim, approach the issue extremely responsibly, realizing what the drug is for, what the cause of excess weight is, and what side effects may be.

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Why is Reduslim so popular?

Since tensus of thousands of people managed to test the Reduslim diet pills, in the society there was an opinion about the drug as a tool that should be entrusted with the correction of your figure.

Clinical data showed that Reduslim within a few weeks (the period depends on the individual physiology and the reasons for the excess weight gain) allows you to get rid of at least 10 kg.

Reduslim Capsules is a dietary supplement that is completely harmless. In addition to capsules, a dietary supplement can be produced in tablets.

Those who are still in thought, and have not yet decided what to take for weight loss, are of great interest to the composition and reviews of the described tool.

Composition of Reduslim

Ingredients Reduslim ingredients are not a secret. What is included in capsules and tablets is reported on the official dietary supplement website, and can also be read on its packaging. This is a fairly wide list of ingredients, which includes:

  • Evening primrose oil. This component is actively used in medicine. For weight loss, its properties apply to remove "bad" cholesterol from the body, normalize hormonal levels, tidy up the liver, and generally improve health.
  • Wild Saffron Oil Oil helps get rid of the most difficult to remove visceral fat. It also increases muscle mass.
  • Irving Gabon. It takes on the task of producing leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite by slowing down the process of assimilation of food consumed. It has a positive effect on metabolism and breaks down subcutaneous fats.
  • Yacon root extract. Another tool recognized by official medicine is extremely useful. Regular use of the plant leads to a decrease in the content of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. In parallel, metabolic processes are normalized, the digestion process is put in order.
  • Glucomannan from the Konnyak plant. It is useful for its ability to swell in the stomach and thereby create a feeling of satiety that lasts a long time. In addition to swelling, it has useful properties: it has a decreasing effect on the absorption rate of fats consumed by the body, leads to normal intestinal microflora, removes sugar from the blood.
  • Lipase The substance is involved in the process of hydrolysis of neutral fat in the colon.
  • Protease. Inactivates cholecystokinin releasing factors.
  • Coleus forskolia. The ingredient activates the metabolism, stimulates the intestines to work better and removes reduces excess fat mass.
  • Hoodia Gardoni. Supports the body in an active tone, suppresses appetite. Since less food comes into the body thanks to the ingredient, and with it energy, it begins to draw energy from the reserves, which causes rapid weight loss.

As can be seen from the review of the list of ingredients, everything that is included in Reduslim contributes to a rapid decrease in body weight and to bring many body functions to normal, that is, a safe and painless recovery and rejuvenation occurs. This can be found in numerous reviews of Reduslim.

Analogs are cheaper than Reduslim

Having dealt with the reasons for the popularity of the described drug, we consider the question of whether it is possible to find a worthy substitute for it. To do this, we will study the most popular analogues of the drug Reduslim, which can be found on the Internet and in pharmacies.

To begin with, on average, the price of a Reduslim preparation is 1290 rubles. It seems to many that this is quite expensive, and they are looking for ways to replace Reduslim.

We have identified cheaper analogues of the described preparation of domestic and foreign production:

No. p / pName of facilityprice, rub.Main characteristics
1.Waist790-950Capsules containing a substance belonging to the group of anorexigens. It is made in India.
2.Slimia140-350At the heart of sibutramine. It is used exclusively to reduce body weight. The manufacturer is located in India.
3.Vencedor Green Coffee Supplements with Ginger300-500Dietary supplement, the purpose of which is to reduce the body weight of the host. The drug has a number of contraindications.
4.Diuretic collection30-150The action is based on the rapid removal of stagnant fluid from the body. Also, herbal collection speeds up the metabolism. It contains burdock root, dill, horsetail, bearberry, hellebore, lingonberry leaves, birch buds, corn stigmas and centaury.
5.Carnitine300-730It acts immediately in 2 directions: it activates fat metabolism and accelerates the metabolism process.
6.Turboslim230-590A food supplement, according to the manufacturer, is able to optimize the digestive processes in the body.
7.VanTuSlim990Drops for weight loss, reducing body weight. They block hunger and trigger metabolism. They have a diuretic effect and are able to cleanse the intestines from toxins. Break down fat cells.

By looking at the cost of the listed drugs, you decide that it makes sense to change Reduslim to something similar, but more cost-effective. In fact, you do not take into account the important features of Reduslim, which you need to pay attention to when choosing means for losing weight:

  • The presence of contraindications. Reduslia doesn't have them. The only thing that can become an obstacle to its use is individual intolerance. But it is extremely rare.
  • Universality. Most drugs are aimed at solving a specific problem. For example, they help only those who have hormonal imbalances or those whose metabolism is impaired. An important advantage of Reduslim is that it helps absolutely everyone with the vast majority of problems leading to obesity.
  • The ability to harm the body to one degree or another. The described tool is completely harmless.
  • Parallel impact. Most of these drugs are suitable only for weight loss. As for Reduslim, it acts on the body as a whole. Taking it, you will gradually feel an improvement.

If you are thinking about how to replace Reduslim, think carefully about whether it is worth it. Perhaps, after the course, which does not live up to expectations, you will again remember about Reduslim.

Pharmacy analogues

In pharmacies, as well as on the Internet, you can find analogues cheaper than Reduslim. But most of the price exceeds its value. What you have to pay more for are:

  • Goldline Plus. Price 1300 - 4000 rubles. It is declared as one of the best analogues of the described tool. It is made in Russia. Treatment is based on the action of microcrystalline cellulose and sibutramine.
  • Reduxin Light (enhanced formula). It costs from 1,500 rubles to 4,000 rubles. Like Reduslim, it is aimed at reducing appetite and accelerating metabolism.
  • Reduxin Light. It costs 1000-3200 rubles in pharmacies and the Internet. A dietary supplement based on linoleic acid, which prevents fat secretion.
  • Reduxin Met. It is stated that this is an improved Reduxine formula, reinforced with metformin, which has strong fat-burning properties. Cost - from 2000 rubles to 6500 rubles.

The funds listed can be purchased at pharmacies. If you delve into the study of reviews, each of them has both supporters and opponents. The latter are more, because many obese people do not read the instructions well enough and are not interested in contraindications and in what problems the drug will be effective.

The proposed list provides weight loss products that are worthy of attention. They, like Reduslim, are able to solve the problem of excess body fat. Their main drawback is the price. As can be seen in the description, it is much higher than that of Reduslim. The Reduxin analogue is especially expensive.

So, having examined the pharmacy analogues of Reduslim and their prices, we came to the conclusion that the described product is optimal, both in price and in quality. Another important factor in his favor is the large number of positive reviews written by people who were able to lose 10 kg or more in a short period of time.

About the drug

Reduslim is considered a powerful drug for weight loss, which is released in the form of tablets. It has a low price and consists of the following active substances:

  • Lipase and protease,
  • Ancon root extract
  • Irving Gabon,
  • Wild saffron and evening primrose oils, etc.

The composition of these tablets does not include synthetic substances that adversely affect the body. Means for weight loss Reduslim take with quick and easy weight loss. As a result, weight loss occurs in just 7 days.

  • Due to its powerful composition, the drug Reduslim has such a positive effect:
  • burns excess fats,
  • speeds up metabolism,
  • appetite decreases and a feeling of fullness sets in,
  • cleanses the body
  • removes puffiness,
  • blocks body fat.

Moreover, these tablets rapidly enhance thermogenesis (the appearance of heat in the body), as well as break down subcutaneous fat. Reduslim has no side effects.

Thus, after applying this supplement, body weight remains normal and does not increase anymore.

How much do Reduslim tablets cost? The price of dietary supplement "Reduslim" in a pharmacy is 149 rubles. Approximately the same price Reduslim reflected on the Internet.

At this, there are several of the following Reduslim analogues:

  • Reduxin
  • L-carnitine
  • Calorie blocker
  • Turboslim Drainage,
  • Chitosan Evalar,
  • Ortosen Slim,
  • Lipotropic factor
  • Modelform.

These dietary supplements only help if you follow all the instructions for them.

Is it possible to buy at a pharmacy or do I need to order online? At the moment, all of these additives are in retail.

Moreover, it cannot be said that the above analogues are cheaper than the main drug. Most of them, on the contrary, are more expensive than Reduslim.


Reduxine is considered a highly effective substitute for Reduslim, which quickly removes obesity. The active substance of this medication is sibutramine and microcrystalline cellulose.

Reduxin is used for such diseases:

  • primary obesity - the patient’s body mass index (BMI) is 30 kg / m2 or more,
  • Alimentary obesity in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and with a BMI of 27 kg / m2.

This drug, similar to Reduslim, has several contraindications for use:

  • a serious digestive disorder (the formation of bulimia and anorexia),
  • endocrine obesity,
  • various mental disorders,
  • the occurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia,
  • angle-closure form of glaucoma, etc.

Reduxin has many side effects. Therefore, before its use, you should contact your doctor who will prescribe a highly effective treatment with this or another drug.

Such a substitute for Reduslim is taken in the morning, inside, 1 time per day. In this case, the capsules are washed down with a certain amount of water, immediately after sleep or with food. At first, patients drink 10 mg of this drug.

The price of this analogue of Reduslim is approximately 1100 rubles.

When to choose a replacement

Reduslim tablets are deservedly popular among ordinary buyers. You can read a lot of good things in the reviews of doctors (nutritionists, gastroenterologists). Experts note that the complex has practically no contraindications. The only limitation is the individual intolerance of the components.

Most often, you have to choose an analogy for allergies to one of the following ingredients:

  • Hoodia Gordoni (suppresses appetite).
  • African mango (increased leptin production).
  • Konnyaku (mechanical filling of the stomach).
  • Coleus Forskoli (elimination of toxins, toxins).
  • Evening primrose (oil supports the endocrine system).
  • Yakon Root (production of aversion to sweets).

Stop taking when you identify signs of an incorrect immune system response to the exotic components of the drug. It is necessary to be as careful as possible, since similar active ingredients are usually involved in analogues.

How to choose the right weight loss product

Many people try to choose the cheapest complex for weight loss. This approach is definitely not true. The price is about the same. The difference between the funds often comes down to the duration of the course and the reputation of the manufacturer. Reduslim compares favorably with its competitors in a large number of positive reviews from real people. The main thing is to understand that no medicine can help get rid of extra pounds without giving up fast carbohydrates, flour, sweet and fatty. Physical activity (increased mobility) is also needed.

Neurosystem 7

One of the most popular means for losing weight is the Neurosystem 7 complex. The main advantage of the “activator” of metabolism is the shortest possible course. Provided that the instructions for use and the recommendations of doctors are followed, this analogue of Reduslim allows you to get rid of 5-7 kg in one week.

“Neurosystem 7 was advised by a friend of mine. Lose weight by the rules - refused fast food, sweet soda, bad habits. I managed to lose weight by 4 kilograms in the first week, and this is without physical exertion, since there was simply no time to go to the gym ... "

Many people choose this tool as an equivalent and cheap analogue of Reduslim. Suitable for allergy sufferers. The composition of the drug is limited to 3 components:

  1. Fennel extract.
  2. Synephrine (6%).
  3. Chromium Picolinate.

One of the main disadvantages can be considered the lack of Neurosystem 7 in pharmacies. The tool is sold only through specialized sites.


Another popular complex in our country for accelerated “burning” of the fat layer. The tool works on the principle that all calories should be processed into clean energy. Many people choose this analogue of Reduslim because of the balanced composition.Contraindication to treatment is the individual intolerance of orange fruits, cassia leaves, pueraria myrifica or fig prickly pear.

“I chose Turbofit because of the large number of positive reviews on the Web and the affordable price. Honestly, the result pleased, but not impressed. With an average load (walking) and refusal of flour, I threw a little more than 3 kilograms in 7 days ... "

The disadvantage of the drug can be considered a long course. The official website states that treatment should not be stopped within 21 days. In this parameter, TurboFit loses a bit to both Reduslim and Neurosystem 7.

Hoodia Gordoni

One of the most interesting analogues of Reduslim in price and composition. The manufacturer claims that, taking the Hoodia Gordoni complex according to the instructions, you can cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, remove excess fluid, and speed up metabolism. In this case, no one requires to diet or exercise.

“I noticed that hoodia gordononi is found in the description of most drugs for weight loss. I decided to try and did not lose. For the course dropped 10 kilograms (3 weeks). Honestly, from sweet and fat, I still refused and signed up for a swim ... "

This analog of Reduslim has many advantages. Judging by the reviews of doctors, P57 is able not only to accelerate the metabolism, but also to prevent helminthic invasion, cleanse bile ducts, and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Where and how to buy weight loss systems

Often in reviews of people there is indignation at the lack of such drugs in ordinary pharmacies. Perhaps this is even for the best. Thus, manufacturers protect their goods from a large number of fakes and restrain the normal price.

Making an application is easy! To do this, simply fill out the form (phone number, name, country of residence) and wait for the operator to call. The seller’s honesty is usually guaranteed by no need to leave an advance payment. Delivery on average takes 3-7 days (depending on the distance from large cities).

What is the result ... The choice of a complex for weight loss should be based on individual characteristics (age, gender, the presence of concomitant diseases). Most often, people choose Reduslim or its analogues (Neurosystem 7, Hoodia Gordoni, TurboFit). All at the discretion of the buyer and his financial capabilities.

Should I trust analogues?

We examined only a small part of the analogues of Reduslim. The choice fell on the most popular drugs, which can be read reviews on the Internet. In no case do we seek to belittle the merits of the means described above. However, most of them, although they operate, are not as effective as Reduslim. And those that are about as effective are many times more expensive. Is it worth it to overpay?

If you are looking for a substitute for Reduslim, once again pay attention to the effect that it gives when used:

  • total blocking of fat deposits,
  • removal of puffiness,
  • regulation of metabolic processes,
  • rapid weight loss,
  • cleansing the body of deposits of dirt and toxins, which have been stored for years, and maybe decades,
  • fat burning, which happens quickly.

Another important plus in favor of a dietary supplement is ease of use. No need to change anything in your life. You can go to the gym or go on a diet to increase the effect. But even without these radical measures, the effect will also be.

Reduslim will change you on a psychological level. You will notice that sweets and fatty foods are no longer needed. Soon you will feel that it has become easier to breathe. The day will come, and you will be surprised how you could carry this prohibitively huge and completely unnecessary body weight on yourself.

After taking the remedy, your habits will change. No matter what stage your obesity is, a dietary supplement will declare war on him and win a crushing victory. All that is required of you is strict observance of the instructions for use.

Reduslim is taken only once a day with another meal. Judging by the reviews, reception at lunchtime gives maximum efficiency. The tablet or capsule should be washed with plenty of water. During the reception of the described drug, you must cultivate the habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. If the body weight of tens of kilograms exceeds the norm, drink more than 2 liters.

By maintaining the habit of high fluid intake after taking the drug, you will ensure that the effect is preserved for a long time.

Where to buy Reduslim?

If you came to the conclusion that it is Reduslim that will help you bring your appearance to normal, remove fat on your stomach and buttocks, tighten your sides and bring your health condition back to normal, it remains to answer the question of where you can buy a dietary supplement and whether it is sold in pharmacies .

We immediately warn you that Reduslim is not currently represented in pharmacies. If you want to buy this product, go to the official website manufacturer and fill out an application. On the resource you will read a lot of useful information about dietary supplements, in particular about how to take it.

Delivery is carried out by Russian Post. In the application, indicate where to send a notice of receipt in the post office of your package with Reduslim.

After taking the remedy, do not forget to leave a review about it to help others make the right choice of a means for losing weight.

Why is it so difficult to replace?

Reduslim is suitable for the treatment of obesity at various stages and contributes to weight loss while gaining a small amount of extra pounds. Under the condition of prolonged use of the pill, the following functions are performed:

  1. They cause a feeling of satiety.
  2. Transform cellulite into energy.
  3. Improves all body systems.
  4. Favorably affect the functioning of the central nervous system.

The listed properties are not possessed by any analogue of the unique Reduslim. Most medicines have a narrow spectrum of action - they either contribute to weight loss or inhibit appetite. It is because of the versatility of Reduslim that it is so difficult to find analogues of a natural preparation.

Many are interested in the question of whether Reduslim tablets are in offline pharmacies. The manufacturer refused to supply its products to these establishments due to the limited production volumes of Reduslim and the overestimated percentage of the pharmacy margin on the product.

Composition Reduslim

The main composition of the drug included substances with increased biological activity - fat burners, appetite suppressants, central nervous system stimulants, diuretics and more. It is difficult to find a domestic analogue of the multi-component Reduslim in offline pharmacies, because most of the components of the tablets are made in limited quantities abroad and are not supplied to the Russian Federation.

The main components of the fat burner:

  • Lipase - An enzyme that a person needs to dissolve and digest body fat. Lipase is produced by the body on its own, but with obesity, this enzyme becomes insufficient to cope with all fractions of cellulite. Reduslim tablets contain an additional portion of lipase, which is enough to gradually burn off all excess fat deposits.
  • Protease - Another important food enzyme that performs about the same effect on the body as lipase.
  • Hoodia Gordoni - a plant with unique properties that can only be found in Africa. Hoodia helps a person cope with hunger and thirst. In ancient times, the plant was used by everyone who had to spend a long time in the scorching sun without water and food. Now the plant is actively used in the manufacture of slimming products.
  • Saffron (wild) - contains quite rare varieties of vegetable oils, as well as a large number of healthy vitamins. Saffron regulates fat metabolism and helps burn cellulite due to omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Konjac - helps to feel full, and reduces blood cholesterol. This plant is actively used in modern medicine for the production of expensive dietary supplements.
  • Irving Gabon - It contains a large amount of fat, helps to refuse to consume excess amounts of food, saturates the human body with energy and has fat-burning properties.

Read the official Reduslim instructions for a complete list of its components. Next, we find out what all the same you can try to replace the sold Reduslim, based on the proposals of pharmacists.

What to choose?

Since Reduslim has analogues, the question arises - what to choose? In order to make your choice easier, let's give some statistics based on customer reviews:

  1. Reduslim himself has the most positive reviews and the highest popularity. The most favorite quality of this drug among users is the suppression of hunger. If you have problems with disruptions on the diet, then we advise you to choose this particular product,
  2. Buyers who have a problem with a lack of focus and performance on a diet choose Eco Slim. This drug improves your mood and also gives you energy for the whole day. Also, buyers note a significant acceleration of metabolism,
  3. The mildest and simplest drug is Guarchibao. Among the adherents of this product, the majority of new customers are those who have never before had the experience of using dietary supplements for losing weight. Guarchibao is advised to those who need to get a little more energy and easily and safely accelerate the process of burning fat,
  4. A lot of positive reviews and stories about losing weight by more than 20 kg at the Dukan Green Cocktail. And, of course, most adherents of this drug are fans of the diet of the same name. We recommend choosing Green Cocktail for those who want to lose weight smoothly, but at the same time need to get rid of more than 10 kg of excess fat,
  5. Pharmaceutical preparations are the most controversial. More than 50% of buyers do not notice almost no effect from them. Pharmaceutical preparations are not suitable for everyone and are suitable only for those who can wait a long time.

Thus, in the TOP among buyers is Reduslim itself and its analogues - Eco Slim, Guardibao and Green Cocktail.


L-carnitine is considered another highly effective dietary supplement for weight loss, which is sold at a low price. The active substance of this analogue of Reduslim is Levocarnitine. This component of the drug accelerates the metabolism of fats, and also restores appetite and a feeling of fullness sets in, which you already know.

Supplements "L-carnitine" take such patients:

  • patients with various heart diseases,
  • elderly people - while restoring memory and increasing concentration of attention. In addition, this supplement slows down the aging process of the brain,
  • premature babies
  • adolescents - while ensuring acceleration of skeletal muscle growth and when returning their weight to normal.

Also, this analog of Reduslim is taken during the treatment of various diseases of the pancreas, blood vessels, thyroid gland and liver. However, not only sick people drink L-carnitine, but also such healthy people:

  1. Athletes - while increasing the effectiveness of certain physical exercises and accelerating the growth of various muscle groups,
  2. vegetarians - when filling up carnitine deficiency,
  3. people who have severely depleted body and a decrease in appetite - after eating, the feeling of fullness disappears.

L-carnitine is not drunk in the presence of individual intolerance to such an additive, lactation, as well as pregnant women. This dietary supplement is consumed at any time of the day - regardless of the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner. This happens this way:

  1. adults for 4-6 weeks drink this syrup 3 times in 1 day, 5 ml each,
  2. Athletes drink 15 ml of this product before training. Therapy also lasts approximately 1-1.5 months.,
  3. babies up to 1 year old drink supplements, 8-20 drops per 1 time, children 1-6 years old - 20-28 drops each, and small patients 6-12 years old - 2.5 ml. Children drink 1 dose of the drug 2-3 times a day for 1 month.

L-carnitine capsules are swallowed whole and washed down with warm water. Adults drink 250-500 mg of this analog of Reduslim 2-3 times a day. Athletes drink 500-1500 mg of the drug with water before training.

In the treatment of obesity, L-carnitine capsules are taken in several courses and for no longer than 6 months. This medicine does not form side effects, and is well tolerated.

Similar substitutes for Reduslim are sold at such a price - 206 rubles.

Calorie blocker

The calorie blocker is considered another Reduslim analogue and highly effective diet pills, which are sold at a low price. This medication consists of phaseolamine. As a result, the calorie blocker does not break down carbohydrates and provides a short-term reduction in excess weight.

The main active ingredient of such a medication is white bean extract. Calorie blocker is produced in these forms of release:

PBC-20 powder is added to the drink with food or after eating. The drug "Turboslim" is drunk for 20 days, 3-4 tablets per day, 1 piece before a meal. The drug "Phase-2" take 2 tablets 3 times a day before eating. Duration of use is 1 month.

However, not all people can take Calorie Blocker. This analog of Reduslim can not be taken in such situations:

  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • in the presence of chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, ulcers in the duodenum,
  • during steatosis and other liver ailments,
  • in the presence of autoimmune diseases and with their exacerbation,
  • under 18 years old.

Calorie blocker is a highly effective drug that sells for about 139 rubles.

Chitosan Evalar

Chitosan Evalar is considered another dietary supplement (manufacturer China), which is sold at a low price. This dietary supplement has a general strengthening effect, normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood and improves digestion.

This drug quickly reduces body weight. Chitosan has in its composition such an active substance chitosan - aminopolysaccharide. This component is obtained from crustacean small shells, so it has a lot of natural fibers.

As a result, Chitosan Evalar removes excess fat from the diseased organism. Also, many patients in their reviews note the positive effect of the drug on their body.

After applying Chitosan Evalar gives such a positive result:

  1. speeds up metabolism - effectively breaks down fat,
  2. reduces sugar and cholesterol in the blood,
  3. removes various bacteria and fungi,
  4. strengthens teeth and various bones,
  5. prevents the formation of gout or osteoporosis,
  6. reduces pressure and normalizes it.

Chitosan Evalar is used for such ailments:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • type 2 diabetes
  • dyskinesia of the colon of the lower intestine or bile ducts,
  • gouty arthritis,
  • hypertension,
  • osteoporosis,
  • intestinal atony,
  • IHD - coronary heart disease,
  • gallstones formation
  • oncology and others

However, Chitosan Evalar has several contraindications to its use. It is not used by breast-feeding and pregnant women, young children under 12 years old or people with individual intolerance to the drug.

During the use of dietary supplements "Chitosan Evalar" the patient should refuse to take fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of their beneficial effects.

Adults drink 3-4 capsules 2 times a day before eating. At the same time, they drink a glass of warm water. Chitosan Evalar is drunk for 1 month. Re-treatment is only possible on the recommendation of the attending physician.

This substitute Reduslim drink several courses, 2 or 3 times a year, and at the same time follow the therapeutic diet prescribed by the endocrinologist.During the passage of prevention, this dietary supplement is taken 2 capsules 2 times a day.

The price of a similar analogue of Reduslim is approximately 436 rubles.

Ortosen Slim

Orsoten Slim is considered another analog of Reduslim, which is sold at a low price. This drug is a highly effective way to lose weight.

The active substance of this medication is orlistat. This component breaks down certain dietary fats and speeds up metabolism at the cellular level that the digestive tract does not absorb. Then, the drug Orsotin Slim removes them from the body along with feces.

While taking Orsotin Slim, patients eat on a special low-calorie diet - they use foods with a small amount of fat. As a result, side effects from this medication are not formed.

Also, when taking the analog of Reduslim and getting rid of extra pounds, patients observe a normal diet (full breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Orsoten Slim is not accepted in the following situations:

with increased sensitivity to the drug,

if the patient is not even 12 years old,

during pregnancy and lactation,

with the appearance of a syndrome of insufficient absorption of glucose-galactose.

Patients who have kidney pain, and also have diabetes or hypertension, use Ortosen Slim only after visiting their doctor.

Patients drink 1 capsule (60 mg) 3 times a day and drink the tablets with water immediately before, during or within 1 hour after each meal. The price of Orsoten Slim is approximately 558 rubles.

The composition of the drug

1) Coleonol is a miraculous plant whose roots have a lot of useful properties:

  • normalizes metabolism,
  • has an antispasmodic effect,
  • suppresses allergic reactions,
  • normalizes high blood pressure,
  • struggling with insomnia.

2) Hoodia gordonii is a cactus growing in the deserts of Africa. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is responsible for addiction to sweets. The active substances of the plant are able to act on the centers of the hypothalamus and suppress appetite.

3) Wild saffron oil contains linoleic acid, which belongs to the omega-6 essential fatty acids that the body needs so much. Beneficial features:

  • affects the mechanisms of subcutaneous fat formation, suppressing them,
  • lowers blood cholesterol,
  • normalizes the intestines, helping to get rid of toxins,
  • provides a lack of fat-soluble vitamins.

4) Glucomannan (Konnyaku) is a dietary fiber that is found in the Asian plant amorphophallus. Like cellulose, cognac is not digested by human body enzymes. Plant Properties:

  • normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora, which favorably affects digestion,
  • dietary fiber swells and gives the body a feeling of fullness, this reduces the amount of food eaten.

5) Evening primrose oil is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (stearic, linolenic, palmitic). It perfectly cleanses the liver, removes excess cholesterol, stabilizes the endocrine system and has a positive effect on skin elasticity.

6) Lipase and protease - enzymes involved in the digestion of fats and proteins, respectively. They are indispensable components in drugs for weight loss.

7) The extract of the root of the yacon is useful in its high content of inulin, which is called the "reserve carbohydrate." It is minimally absorbed, since digestive enzymes are not able to digest inulin, it crushes the forms of dietary fiber and fills the digestive tract, providing satiety to the body.

8) Irving Gabon activates the metabolism and promotes the burning of fats and carbohydrates from food.

The composition of the drug tablets contains only natural plant components that will not harm the human body.

Lipotropic factor

You can quickly get rid of extra pounds with the help of such a dietary supplement as the Lipotropic factor. In its composition there are 3 active substances - choline, inositol, and methionine. These components have such a positive effect on the sick body:

prevent further weight gain after excess fat is ingested

  • remove fatty deposits from the liver (protect the body from obesity)
  • accelerate lipid metabolism,
  • contribute to the burning of fat cells,
  • remove toxins that are formed during fat burning.

This dietary supplement is not accepted by individuals with individual intolerance to certain components of the supplement, as well as pregnant and breast-feeding.

Before applying the Lipotropic Factor dietary supplement, you should go to your doctor and consult with him. Adults drink 2 tablets 2 times a day while eating and drink them with 1 glass of warm water. The price of such an analogue of Reduslim is approximately 488 rubles.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Reduslim combines a set of effects that contribute to weight loss and body cleansing:

  • activates slow metabolism,
  • helps to suppress the feeling of constant hunger, thereby normalizing appetite and reducing the amount of food eaten,
  • improves intestinal function, prevents food retention in it and thereby relieves the body of toxic substances,
  • starts the process of decay and excretion of harmful fats and cholesterol from the body,
  • removes excess fluid from tissues and interstitial spaces,
  • restores skin elasticity.

In addition, the drug eliminates insomnia, normalizes blood pressure and prevents allergies.

Indications for use

  • Alimentary obesity (due to overeating).
  • Obesity, as a result of metabolism in the body (menopause, puberty).
  • Decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism).
  • Obesity due to the use of hormonal drugs (birth control pills, glucocorticosteroids).

The drug can be used in absolutely any category of people who are obese to some degree.

  • excess weight after pregnancy.


Modelform is considered one more dietary supplement, which is sold at a low price. It has several natural ingredients. Modelform has the following active ingredients: 10% bitter orange extract, lokva extract and psyllium.

Such a drug has the following positive effect:

  • reduces body weight
  • eliminates hunger
  • restores the normal functioning of the stomach and intestines,
  • improves overall well-being,
  • reduces body weight
  • reduces the craving of the patient for sweet and flour products.

Such dietary supplements are not accepted by individuals with individual intolerance to certain components of the Modelform, as well as breast-feeding and pregnant women.

Before using this supplement, you need to visit your doctor who will tell you in detail how this analogue differs from Reduslim itself. Adults drink 1 tablet for up to 12 hours during or after breakfast and drink it with 1 glass of water. The duration of treatment is 2 months.

The price of such an analogue of Reduslim is approximately 790 rubles.

Are there any contraindications

The drug is safe, so there are no contraindications. The only thing that can be is individual intolerance to the constituent components of the drug, which is very rare.

The use of Reduslim is not limited even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is not forbidden to use the drug in children.

Instructions for use

Before you start taking the drug Reduslim, you must carefully read the instructions.

The release form of the drug is tablets, in one piece the entire daily dose is contained.

There are two ways to take Reduslim:

  1. One tablet once a day, preferably in the morning an hour before meals.
  2. ½ tablets in the morning and evening before bedtime on an empty stomach.

  • you need to drink a tablet with 500 ml of warm water,
  • use at least 1.5 liters of fluid during the day (this will enhance the effect of the drug).

The duration of Reduslim therapy is 30 days. If necessary, treatment can be resumed after 12 days.

Special instructions for use

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of the drug Reduslim, several simple rules should be observed:

  • do not exceed the dose of the product,
  • refrain from consuming easily digestible carbohydrates and trans fats,
  • do not overeat at night,
  • exclude drinking alcohol and soda.

At the end of treatment with the drug and strict observance of all conditions and recommendations, patients forget about the extra pounds forever. The "fat belly" and "triple chin" go into the nightmarish past, taking with them diseases of the joints, heart and endocrine pathologies.

How much is Reduslim: the price in pharmacies

It is not possible to purchase the drug in stationary pharmacies or a store. Buy Reduslim is only possible in online pharmacies on official sites. At the same time, when ordering a medicine on the Internet, you need to be extremely careful to avoid buying a fake. True sites are required to provide a certificate of quality, which confirms the authenticity.

The cost of Reduslim tablets is 1,590 Russian rubles, according to the price set on the website www.ru-reduslim.review/). You can get to the action, where the price is halved.

List of inexpensive synonyms for Russian and foreign production

The name of the analogue is cheaper than the drug ReduslimNeoapteka.ru (price in rubles)Piluli.ru (price in rubles)
Calorie Blocker (Pills)228240235245
Turboslim Drainage (drops)455450440453
Chitosan Evalar (tablets)514543520541
Ortosen Slim (capsules)594550596560
Lipotropic factor (tablets)637680629634
Perfetta Energy Diet (effervescent tablets)660655678670
L-carnitine (capsules)760765780720
Diet formula Diet 45 plus (pills)789760787765
Modelform (capsules)790788801798


Today, there are several analogues of the “Reduslim” drug on sale, most of which are sold at a low price in a pharmacy or on the Internet, directly from the manufacturer. They have different composition, principles of operation and prices in pharmacies.

Where can I buy Reduslim, the patient himself decides, along with his attending physician. Only a doctor can choose a highly effective analogue of this drug and prescribe the appropriate treatment for obesity.

Orsoten Slim - (analogue in action, producer Slovenia)

Active substance - orlistat prevents the absorption of fats in the intestines and removes them from the body.

Release form - capsules in a package of 21 pieces. Assign 1 capsule in the morning, day and evening with food or immediately after it. Drink plenty of water.

Contraindications: individual intolerance, children and adolescents under 18 years of age, stagnation of bile, pregnancy and lactation.

Diet Perfetta Energy - (analogue in action, China manufacturer)

The composition of the drug includes metabolic activators (succinic acid, taurine, caffeine, guarana) and a complex of vitamins (B2, IN12, PP).

The daily dose is 1 tablet, which must be dissolved in a glass of water.

During pregnancy and lactation, taking the medicine is contraindicated.

Diet formula Diet 45 plus (analogue in action, manufacturer Canada)

Due to its unique beneficial composition (L-carnitine, Garcinia cambogia, Inositol, grapefruit, vitamin B6, calcium, chromium, Dong Kwai, Chest berry, bearberry, licorice, fennel, bromelain, black black cohosh, choline bitartrate) it speeds up the metabolism several times substances and normalizes tissue metabolism.

Diet 45 Plus is available in the form of tablets that must be taken in pieces in the morning and evening before meals. Be sure to drink plenty of water (at least 300 ml).

The drug is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, since its effect during these periods has not been studied.

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