Scythe-waterfall: how to weave, photo step by step, video scheme

Braiding technique French waterfall photo

One of the most fashionable trends of recent years is braids. Spit “French waterfall” got its name for its similarity to the waterfall. Strands of braids are neatly stacked in cascading rows and resemble a real waterfall. In this article you will learn how to weave a braid “French waterfall” with your own hands.

For the “waterfall” braid, you will need a comb comb and a thin elastic band to match the color of your hair.

For those who are familiar with other types of hair weaving, weaving a braid “waterfall” is not difficult. It is woven according to the principle of the classic “spikelet” braid. The difference is that the strands on the one hand must be constantly released, and in their place to collect new ones.

Best of all, such a braid, like any weave, looks highlighted. Because highlighting favorably emphasizes the pattern of strands, and also creates an unusual effect.

DIY weaving spit weaving scheme.

1. Scythe waterfall looks great on curly hair, so if your hair is naturally straight, you should make small waves. A similar effect can be achieved using a curling iron with a round nozzle or a hair dryer.

Weaving braids waterfall lessons

2. We pass to the very weaving of the braid. A fairly deep side part should be done. First you need to take the hair from the front of the head and divide it into three even and identical strands as shown in the photo.

How to braid a scythe waterfall step by step photo

3) We start weaving like a classic braid. Only the lower strands should be constantly released from weaving. In place of the released strand, a new one is taken, from the top of the hair, moving along the head.

4) To securely fix the weave - grab one of the strands above the ear.

How to braid a scythe waterfall scheme

5) Moving along the head, braid the braid and release strands until you reach the next ear.

6) Now you need to fix the lock using a thin and invisible rubber band.

How to braid a braid French waterfall photo

7) Now we should repeat the weaving on the other side.

8) As soon as free hair ends and you get to the second braid, remove the elastic and connect the last two strands to each other. Fasten them together with an elastic band so that the joint is imperceptible, and then your hairstyle will look perfect!

How to make a braid waterfall photo

Kosa French waterfall is perfect for both daily and evening hairstyles.

The “waterfall” braid can also be made in two rows, repeating weaving a second time already at a lower tier. Very unusual is the option “scythe waterfall with a beam”.

Scythe waterfall in pictures

The hairstyle has many advantages:

  • it can be worn on short hair (square up to the chin),
  • Looks great on straight and wavy hair,
  • it’s not difficult to weave,
  • Ideal hairstyle for thin and liquid hair. Thin hair first needs to be combed a little and weave, capturing thin strands,
  • if you have highlighting or coloring - the scythe waterfall will successfully emphasize the locks that are different in tone. The hairstyle will look voluminous, with an outstanding pattern of weaving.

Scythe-waterfall is also woven in several versions. It can be braided from one temple and finished weaving from the opposite side, while securing with a hairpin or invisibility. You can also finish braiding with a regular pigtail, which will be on the side and playfully hang - this option is suitable for straight hair. Or lay a braided pigtail in a flower. You can braid the braid, starting a new weave on each side and connect the two braids on the crown. Also beautiful are hairstyles created from a two-tier braid waterfall. That is, under the first weaving, you can braid the second waterfall pigtail.

What hair is suitable

Before proceeding to the procedure for creating a braid-waterfall, you need to understand what hair is suitable for this procedure:

  1. Thick. If the hair is very lush and thick, then during the creation of the hairstyle you will have to use wax. This tool will pacify naughty hair and simplify the weaving process.
  2. Rare. Since the hairstyle itself is magnificent, it is ideal for thin and rare hair.
  3. Thin. With the help of a braid, a waterfall manages to add volume to thin hair. At the same time, they will have to be pre-curled using a curling iron.
  4. Direct. The hairstyle looks great on such a head of hair. If you need to give playfulness to the loose ends, then it is worth curling them with a curling iron.
  5. Curly. If the strands are naughty, then you can treat them with mousse.
  6. Long. This is the best option for creating a braid-waterfall. With the length of hair open up a ton of ways to create hairstyles. Thus, the girl will be able to get new styling at least every day.

But who will have to abandon the scythe-waterfall is the girls with very short hair.

On the video how to weave a hairstyle a waterfall:

Scythe-waterfall, how to weave, diagram. Photo step by step

Comb your hair well before weaving to unravel all the knots that might interfere with the weaving. Separate 3 strands of the same thickness on the side.

Start weaving a regular braid: put the top strand in the middle (through the top), then the bottom strand in the middle. Make two such bindings.

  1. Again shift the upper strand to the middle, now move the lower one to the middle. Then, the strand that is at the bottom is left (photo 4) and no longer participates in weaving - this will be that first trickle of the waterfall, a free falling strand.
  2. Instead of the left lock, take a small new lock from the total mass of hair from below.
  3. To the upper strand add a small strand of the total mass of hair on top, as if weaving new hair into an existing weave.

We continue weaving according to this scheme further. The pigtail can be taken a little down and weaved diagonally, or keep the same level. It is better to lead the falling strands during weaving and let the girl who weave this braid hold. If weaving a braid a waterfall on its own, falling strands can interfere, it is convenient to hold them with your mouth very conveniently.

Weave in the same way to the opposite side and fasten the pigtail with invisibility behind the ear. The strands can be slightly straightened to give the effect of a volumetric braid. It is advisable to fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

Scythe waterfall photo

Scythe waterfall on straight hair. Bunk spit waterfall.

If the strands during weaving are not shifted over the top, but across the bottom, as with an inverted, voluminous French braid, a slightly different pattern of weaving is obtained, the pigtail is voluminous.

Scythe waterfall looks great on short hair and allows you to diversify your image.


You have to go through the hair with a comb. Run a parting. Grab three strands, equal in thickness from the side of the face. Proceed to weaving the usual three-row pigtails. When the first crossing occurred, it is necessary to release the lower strand, replacing it with a new one. It is to be taken from the total mass of hair on top. Therefore, to obtain a braid, a waterfall will have to involve upper strands in the process, capturing idle curls, and lower ones outside the braid.

Perform similar actions until the braid reaches the desired length. To fix it, use an elastic band. The remaining hair will remain fluffy. To make the hairstyle more luxurious, you need to curl them with a curling iron.

On the video, the classic way to weave hairstyles waterfall step by step in Russian:

What is a scythe waterfall

The main emphasis is placed on flowing curls flowing from the base of the braid. Hairstyle will be a great addition to any romantic look, it is relevant for celebrations and for working days. Looks great on long curly hair, especially highlighted - the game of shades successfully emphasizes the bends, which are the highlight of this hairstyle.

Classic version step by step instruction

  • In the center of the head we draw a parting line.
  • Then we separate the strand from the temple, form three identical parts from it and begin to weave the braid. The tension between the cells should be relatively loose.
  • At the ear level, we leave the lower strand of the formed pigtail at work and replace it with a new one, taken from the lower tiers. As a result, you have the first curl of the future cascade.
  • Next, add part of the hair to the upper strand of the braid and place it in the middle of the weave.
  • We continue to work on this principle, forming more and more flowing strands.
  • At the final stage, we fix the braid with a hairpin.

Scythe waterfall step by step with twisting

  • We draw a parting line with a comb, then a strand taken from either side of the head is divided into two equal parts.
  • From the formed curls we make a semblance of harnesses and hide the upper twisted strand under the lower.
  • Next, we put a new one in the center of the already processed strands.
  • The affiliate “colleague” remains lying on the hair, and the previous two are again folded with a flagellum. By this principle, we continue weaving further.
  • Thus, every third strand will form a trickle of water in your waterfall. The direction of movement of the braid can be either parallel to the back of the head, or diagonal.

Diagonal braid waterfall weaving

The main highlight of the hairstyle in the diagonal braiding. In this variety, you can do without a parting. We comb the hair back and weave the braid according to the method described in the classical version with one slight difference - a change in the direction vector. Instead of moving the braid from the left temple to the right (or vice versa), form it from the temporal zone to the earlobe region from the opposite side.

Weaving a zigzag braid a waterfall with a ribbon step by step

  • We designate three strands at the front of the head and attach a narrow ribbon to the middle.
  • We weave a braid a waterfall according to the classical pattern, placing it diagonally, and use almost the entire volume of hair.
  • The tape must be passed on top of the right curl and below the left. When the braid reaches the opposite side of the head, turn it back and continue weaving.

Double waterfall

Slightly above the ear area we braid a classic scythe waterfall, moving from one temple to another. We complete the weaving with an ordinary oblique and fix it with an elastic band. From the beginning of the first pattern, in parallel, we form another braid-waterfall with the inclusion in its frame of strands remaining after the first braid. At the end, we switch to a normal pigtail and as a final stroke we combine two braids into one. If hair length allows, the number of wicker fragments can be increased.

How to braid a two-sided braid yourself

  • After preparing the hair and creating the necessary curly curls, we form a deep parting.
  • Then, in the front of the head at the right temple, we separate the three strands necessary for your spit of the waterfall.
  • Then weave parallel to the nape line according to the scheme:
    • When the movement of the braid reaches the center of the head, fix it with an elastic band and start weaving a new braid of the waterfall from the area of ​​the left temple.
    • When the second pigtail reaches the level of the first, connect them in any way you like.

How to braid a French braid a waterfall with a beam

This option is based on the classic way of weaving a waterfall spit with only one small variation. The hair hanging from the pigtail and the pigtail itself must be combined into a bundle fixed on the side opposite from the base of the pigtail. To give volume, it can be slightly combed, and the hair is fixed with hairpins.

On both sides

First, divide the hair into two equal sections using a parting. Start weaving on one side of the head using the technique described above. When weaving is over, fasten the pigtail with an elastic band and start creating another element of weaving.

But only its beginning will be on the other side of the face. When the two elements of the hairstyle are finished, you can combine them into one braid, secure it with a hairpin.

Pigtail with a bundle

Proceed to the creation of the braid is also necessary, as described above. But only, reaching the ear, it is worth fixing the remaining free hair with an elastic band.

Those strands that were not involved in the course of weaving, comb and create a bundle. It should be formed under the waterfall and fixed with hairpins. How a beautiful bun for short hair looks and how good it looks on models is indicated in the article.

With curls

Run a pigtail according to the standard scheme, and those hair that remained free to curl with a curling iron. Be sure to varnish the finished hairstyle so that it keeps its shape throughout the day. But how volume curls are made at home and how difficult it is to execute, is indicated in the article.

With ribbon

To weave a braid with a ribbon, you will have to use a thin ribbon from a satin, it can be in color with an outfit, make-up or stand out against the general background.

The process of creating a hairstyle is as follows:

  1. Attach the tape to the middle strand so that its tips could be masked in the hair.
  2. Weave braids in the same way as in previous versions. At the same time, make sure that the right part of the braid and ribbon is concentrated on top.
  3. Complete weaving with an ordinary braid. The part of the ribbon that remains free must be tied nicely near the tip of the braid. But how good a Hollywood wave hairstyle with a ribbon looks and how simple it is for execution will help to understand the video in the article.

TOP fast New Year hairstyles that can be done an hour before the holiday

  • Shining image

New Year is a very bright and cheerful holiday, and therefore you can shine on it without fear of being accused of vulgarity or lack of exquisite taste. Hair sprays with glitter and sparkles for hairstyles can be purchased at any nearby store - if you don’t have time to look for something high-quality and professional, a regular mass market is also suitable for one night.

Glitter is applied to the roots or ends of the hair, which immediately makes the hair elegant and festive. In this case, it does not matter at all whether a complex structure will be created on the head or whether the hair will simply be loose and combed. The sequined option is also suitable for girls with short stitches, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

  • Open forehead

Hair pulled back is considered a business styling, but for special occasions it will do just fine. Such styling is best done on long or medium hair, although on short haircuts it looks quite impressive. To create an image, it is enough to apply hair gel on the measles of the hair, then comb it back and tuck it slightly over the ears.

  • Putting the beam together

The bunch is considered a haircut home and everyday, but it is also used to create a festive look. A slightly disheveled bunch on the back of the head or, on the contrary, perfectly smooth and symmetrical is created using styling products - the hairstyle looks relaxed and very stylish.

  • Horse tail is always in trend

An ordinary tail can also become festive if it suits the image chosen for the celebration. High or low, disheveled or smooth, and maybe with strands wound - you should choose the one with which you will feel as confident as possible. Glitter decoration will help to add a little refined shine to the hairstyle.

  • Weave braids

The braid is also far from a festive hairstyle, but made in asymmetry or in the form of an original spikelet suddenly becomes a very original decoration. To cope with weaving quickly, it is worth practicing a few days before the holiday.

Of 4 strands

Divide the hair with a direct or oblique parting. From the side, select 4 strands. In this case, the third strand, the second from the face, should be thinner than the rest. It is necessary to turn lock 1 under 2 and above 3. Carry 4 under 3 and above 1. After that, carry out a pickup. It is necessary to attach to the extreme strand a thick strand of the total mass of hair.

Now hold 2 strands over 3 and under 4. Take 1 strand to the side, as she will no longer participate in the creation of hairstyles. Replace it with a pickup. Skip the bottom strand under 4 and above 2. Next, perform all the steps from the very beginning with pickups from the bottom and top. Secure the braid with an elastic or a beautiful hairpin. But what a hairstyle of a waterfall of 3 strands looks like, you can see the photo in this article.

What is the pattern of weaving a French braid on the contrary, can be seen in the photo and video in the article.

But what a French waterfall looks like for medium hair and how difficult it is to do is described in detail in the article.

For those who want to know how to make a hairstyle a French waterfall and how difficult it is to do. help to understand the information from the article.

Hairstyle for the New Year for short hair - how to look as elegant as possible

Light negligence is nowadays considered the most fashionable hair styling option. And girls with short haircuts will have to spend only a few minutes to complete the festive hairstyle. It will be enough to fix the disheveledness with varnish, wax or gel - the styling is ready.

To make festive accents, you can use a hoop, shiny hairpins or glitter, without which, as already became clear, New Year's Eve 2020 can not do.

Multi row option

Given how many braids will show off on your head, you can get a double or more complex styling, consisting of several rows of braids. Proceed to weaving the first braid from the top of the ear. In this case, you have to move around the circumference of the head.

When the first row is finished, then fasten it with an invisible. Then you can proceed to the second row. Similarly, create as many rows as fit or you wish. Secure each pigtail with invisibility, and weave the tip into a new element. At the end, process the styling with varnish.


If you need to give your hair a larger volume and delicacy, then it is worth taking the pulling method as a basis. When the hairstyle is completely ready, you need to carefully pull the braid loops to the sides. This must be done from the end.

In the photo - volumetric braid waterfall:

Everything must be done efficiently and accurately so as not to destroy the braid. At the end, apply hairspray. If suddenly the curls begin to disintegrate and level out, you can easily convert such a hairstyle to medium hair in Greek. But how the hairstyles look on medium hair curls with volume can be seen in the photo in the article.

How to braid yourself

Scythe Falls looks great any interpretation. The process of its creation is not complicated and does not require special efforts. First, the girl should master the standard version, and when the experience is gained, then you can proceed to more complex styling.

The classic version of independent execution involves the following action plan:

  1. Walk through the hair with a comb so that no nodules and shreds. Divide hair with a central parting.
  2. Start to create a braid from the side. Take a thick strand and divide into 3 sections. At the beginning, make the weaving of an ordinary braid. Then you have to cross the middle and right parts, and the third is taken from above and covered with a free curl. After that, the first part with the auxiliary strand goes down, creating a trickle of a waterfall.
  3. In your hands you hold two strands, which again have to be baptized, and take the third curl from the total mass. Continue the same steps until the braid is fully completed.
  4. Fasten its ends or leave them free. To create a lace effect, it is necessary to weave its loops after weaving a braid.

On a video hairstyle a waterfall how to weave step by step with your own hands:

But to give the styling a more glamorous look, you can use curls, which can be obtained if you loose your hair. You can give the styling a casual look with the help of strands that freely fall on the shoulders. A bang can be included in a braid or be on its own.

Hairstyle waterfall always looks very feminine and cute, regardless of which option weaving was chosen. Very often, this kind of hairstyle is chosen for a wedding, graduation, party. This suggests that it will ideally be combined with an elegant dress and is suitable for special occasions.

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Hairstyle Features

This hairstyle allows you to leave your hair loose, adding charm and originality braided part of the braid.

At the same time, the locks are removed from the face and do not interfere with work or household chores.

  • Highlighting or coloring adds to the waterfall volume and overflow of color.
  • When cascading haircuts go down curls can vary in thickness. The solution may be to wind the tips onto the curling iron.

Weaving braids “French waterfall” with a do-it-yourself bunch.

This weaving differs only in that the braid weaves on only one side and then gathers into a bundle.

Braiding braids French waterfall photo

Scythe waterfall instruction

We proceed to weaving the waterfall spit as described in the instructions above.

Scythe waterfall step by step photo

Having reached the ear, we fix the last strand and the remaining hair with an elastic band.

Scythe waterfall step by step photo

The remaining hair is fixed above the tail with the help of invisibility. So that the future bundle turned out to be quite voluminous, we comb the tail. Next, we fix the hair in a bun with the help of hairpins.

Scythe waterfall scheme

French waterfall with a beam ready!

Braid french waterfall for long hair

Scythe waterfall weaving pattern

Scythe waterfall weaving technique photo

Scythe waterfall lesson

Master class braiding waterfall braids

Weaving braids french waterfall pattern

Hairstyle braid french waterfall scheme

Classic way

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To begin with, we will learn how to make the simplest scythe-waterfall. Step weaving looks like this:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply any styling agent to them.
  3. Parting in the middle, dividing the hair into two parts.
  4. Grab a small lock at the temple, for example, on the right.
  5. Divide the taken hair bun into two parts.
  6. Take the third lock from the inactive zone.
  7. Bind the first two bundles so that the strand from the inoperative zone is between them. Do not weave it into a braid. She should hang freely.
  8. Take the next lock from the non-working zone.
  9. Cross the two working bundles again. A new lock should be sandwiched between them.
  10. So continue to the middle of the head. Having reached this point, fix something created by the pigtail.
  11. Follow all the same steps, starting from the left temple.
  12. At the junction of two braids, you can fasten them with an elastic band, connecting in one tail. Another option is to weave a classic braid out of these two braids and another strand.

If you wish, you can give the weave an even more original look by twisting the pigtail from the tip itself in the form of a flower. Then fix it on the head with studs.

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You can collect loose hair in the original bun or tail.

We looked at a simple way to weave a scythe-waterfall. A step-by-step photo will help you understand this technique. It’s hard to do such a hairstyle yourself. It is advisable that someone help.

French Spit Waterfall

This hairstyle is liked by many girls, as it looks very romantic. How to weave a French braid-waterfall? The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply any styling agent to them.
  3. Parting in the middle, dividing the hair into two parts.
  4. Grab a small lock at the temple, for example, on the right.
  5. Divide the taken hair bun into three parts. Start weaving a regular pigtail.
  6. After the first crossing, release the lower strand. You must have 2 workers left.
  7. Take the third strand for weaving an ordinary pigtail from the inoperative zone.
  8. Make one weave again.
  9. Again, release the lower strand, and take a new one from the inactive zone.
  10. So continue to the middle of the head. Having reached this point, fix something created by the pigtail.
  11. Follow all the same steps, starting from the left temple.
  12. At the junction of two braids, you can fasten them with an elastic band, connecting in one tail.

Bunk Spit Waterfall

This is a more complex weave. It looks really very original and spectacularly a two-tier spit-waterfall. How to braid it so that the hairstyle lasts a long time? The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Comb your hair well. Apply styling agent to them.
  2. Parting in the middle.
  3. Take a lock of hair on either side, for example, on the right.
  4. Divide the taken lock into three parts.
  5. Start weaving a regular classic pigtail.
  6. After the first weave, release the lower strand. As in the example described above, you should have 2 locks left.
  7. Take the third from the inactive zone.
  8. Continue weaving a regular pigtail. Release the lower strand again. You will again have two beams.
  9. Take the third from a non-working zone.
  10. In this way, continue weaving to the middle of the head.
  11. Having reached this point, fix something with the resulting pigtail. All the strands that are weaved down after weaving should be firmly fixed by interlocking hair so that your hairstyle does not fall apart.
  12. Start weaving the second tier. Separate the strand from the same side from which weaving of the first tier began. Now the pigtail should be a little lower.
  13. Divide the hair bun into three parts.
  14. The second tier is woven in the same way as the first. The main condition is that the strand that you will add each time to the pigtail, you need to take the one that you let go when weaving the first tier. Only in this case, the hairstyle looks beautiful and neat.
  15. So you need to continue weaving until you reach the middle of the head. Lock the second pigtail.
  16. Follow all the same steps on the left side.
  17. In the place where all four braids converge, you can fix them with one rubber band or fasten together two from the first tier and two from the second.

Many girls prefer to weave a scythe-waterfall, starting from any one side of the head (for example, on the right) and end it on the other side. Near the left temple, the pigtail needs to be fixed with hairpins. If you wish, you can braid another tier in the same way.

How to make a scythe-waterfall for yourself

For the reason that most of the hair is braided behind the head, it is quite difficult to do it yourself. However, if you get the hang of it, you can do it too. The skill will come in handy when there is no assistant, and you really want to look spectacular. An excellent option in this case would be a spit-waterfall. How to weave it without assistance? The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly. Make a parting. In this case, it will be oblique. If you have a bang, start weaving with it.
  2. Take a lock of hair. Divide it into 3 parts and start weaving an ordinary braid with pickup. Turn the upper strand into the middle, then the lower one also into the middle.
  3. Make a grab to the top lock (add some hair from the inoperative zone).
  4. Take the bundle located below, and bring it to the center strand, making a catch from the bottom. In this way, braid the whole bang. Whoever does not have it, you can immediately start weaving a scythe-waterfall from the temple.
  5. Leave the lower lock to be braided. Take the equivalent strand near her.
  6. Continue weaving further according to the same principle, making a grab from above and leaving the lower strand to flow down. Take a nearby bunch of equivalent.
  7. So weave to the middle of the head. Fix the scythe-waterfall with an elastic band.
  8. Repeat these steps on the other side of the head.
  9. Correct all the locks and give the hairstyle volume.
  10. We connect the pigtails at the back together, pulling them together with an elastic band.

Of the four strands

This is another way to create an original hairstyle. How to weave a braid-waterfall of four strands? The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Comb your hair. Apply any styling agent to them.
  2. Separate hair parted. It is advisable to do it in the middle.
  3. Take a small bun of hair to the right. Divide it into 4 strands.
  4. Get the first lock (the farthest from the face) under the second, then above the third.
  5. Get the fourth under the second, then above the first.
  6. Make a grab by taking a little hair from above from the inoperative zone and attaching it to the nearest extreme lock.
  7. Turn the second strand over the third and under the fourth.
  8. Release the first strand. To have four of them again, take the bundle from the inoperative zone below. Get it under the third and over the second lock.
  9. Next, repeat all the actions, doing alternately grabs from above and below.


Scythe waterfall looks very original. The advantages of such a hairstyle is that the weaving technique is quite simple. You can create a braid-waterfall on hair of different lengths, on thick and thin. It goes well with bangs.

The disadvantages include the fact that it is difficult to do it yourself.

French waterfall - hairstyle with its own characteristics

There are several options for weaving a braid waterfall on long, medium and short hair. Girls love her for a fairly simple implementation that does not require much effort and time, as well as for a beautiful result.

The weave of the “waterfall” is very similar to an ordinary French braid, but there are some differences.
The advantages of styling are the following:
- no need to seek help from specialists, you can do a waterfall hairstyle with your own hands at home,
- weaving will hold perfectly throughout the day even without the use of fixation aids. This is very important, because the frequent use of such funds can significantly spoil the hair,
- the hairstyle of the French waterfall looks great on any hair, it is especially interesting when it is painted with dyeing or in the style of ombre,

- any girl will add such a hairstyle to the image of greater tenderness and femininity, which cannot but attract,
Each type and length of hair has its own hairstyles and features of their implementation, so for which hair such styling is best suited and how to adapt it to different types of curls.

Who would like a waterfall style hairstyle?

1) When performing work on thick strands, problems may arise when separating one strand from another. To prevent this from happening before starting, you can process the hair with wax and then everything will be done easily.
2) An excellent salvage styling will be for rare hair, as it creates additional volume. And beautiful curls, which most often complement the image, also along with a braid, will make the hairstyle more magnificent.

3) It is not necessary to wind the curls, if they are straight by nature and very difficult to twist, you do not need to injure them once again, so it will turn out wonderful.
4) To cope with curls is not at all difficult, you just need to use the mousse and the problem will be solved. If this does not help, then you can resort to ironing, but this option is not the best, since the iron can spoil the hair, so do not forget about the tool with a thermal protective effect. 5) But, and the length of the curls can be different, the main thing is not too short, not shorter than to the middle of the chin.

Some tips

It is impossible to weave a braid a waterfall very tightly, this will lead not only to the fact that it will not look very beautiful and natural, but also to possible headaches that will cause a lot of inconvenience.
In order to make the image perfect, it is best to use two mirrors, one in the front and the other in the back, then it will turn out to control the entire process.

Hairstyle waterfall - step by step weaving braids

A hairstyle with a braided waterfall is best for medium hair, but for long hair it can also turn out fine, you just need to act carefully so as not to get confused.

As mentioned earlier, there are several options for weaving, to begin with, the classic version will be considered.
The scheme of weaving a waterfall spit is not complicated and even a beginner can do it. Step by step instructions for weaving and photos will be presented below.

So how do you make a waterfall hairstyle for yourself? Firstly, the hair should be clean and combed, only then you can start work. To begin with, a small strand is taken from one of the temples, it must be divided into three parts and begin to weave an ordinary pigtail. But there are some differences, a strand that in normal weaving is shifted between the central and lateral, in this case it should fall into the total mass of hair, this will be the first trickle of the waterfall, and another one will be taken instead.
Then you should act in the same way, gradually picking up strands and dropping some. In this case, you do not need to take too thin curls, they will create a small pigtail and then it will turn out not very expressively.

The strands that are left hanging freely will look better if they are slightly twisted into a curling iron.

Weaving is done around the head from one temple to another. But you can make it oblique or, for example, create several rows of braids, if you want to complicate the hairstyle.

There are a lot of options for weaving braids of this type.

For girls, this image is also perfect, you can use it for some holiday or even at graduation. This is a great summer hairstyle. Braids are very relevant in this summer season.

Scythe waterfall - weaving scheme of the second option

This option of a braid hairstyle called a waterfall will make it possible to make not a straight, but an inclined braid, that is, it will go down from the temple to the back of the head. It is best here to make one pigtail on each side and connect them on the back of the head.

The meaning of weaving here is the same as in the previous version, just as the strand drops and another one is taken instead, but at the same time you need to move in the downward direction and pick up the lower strands. At the end of the work, it is also better to tighten the hair.

Such a hairstyle falls perfectly with bangs. At the same time, it does not need to be captured in a braid, and the curls that remain hanging over the face can also be wound. It turns out a very gentle and romantic image.

Braiding waterfall short hair

Owners of short hair can also find a suitable version of the waterfall hairstyle.

Of course, you can’t do a hairstyle on very short hair, but when cutting, for example, on a square, it is very possible to create such an image. Moreover, in this case, it will work even more convenient, because the hair is less and there will be no confusion with them in the hands.

And the weaving pattern remains the same, as for longer lengths.

Hairstyle waterfall with ribbons

This version of a waterfall type hairstyle is performed using additional ribbons. Such beautiful ribbons can be purchased at any needlework store or where hair accessories are sold.

The tape is tied to one of the strands, you need to do this in such a way that the end is not too long and can be hidden in the future with a hairdress. You need to snap to about the middle. Then everything is weaving, as before, only you need to control so that the right lock and the tape itself are in the upper part.
At the end, the tape can be wrapped around the tip of the pigtail, it will turn out very interesting.
This type of weaving can also be considered as a children's hairstyle, because it is perfect for school, because the ribbon makes the girl neat and pretty.

Beam using waterfall

If you do not want to leave the curls in a dissolved state, then you can collect them in a bundle, it will turn out original and beautiful.
To begin with, the usual weaving of a waterfall is carried out according to the standard scheme. When it is finished the tips that are not used are collected in the tail. The rest of the hair is well combed. Further, from this whole head of hair, an ordinary bunch is created, which is fixed under the waterfall’s hairdo, this can be done with the help of hairpins.

Spit weaving waterfall step by step - video

The step-by-step weaving of a waterfall spit in the written design is not always immediately clear, especially for those who are just starting to train. Therefore, a video lesson on weaving such a braid to itself will be more useful than ever, because it is clearly much easier to understand the correct operation.
And one more tip, before starting to weave such a braid for a beginner, it is better to practice simpler ones, and then move on to a more complex version. And also, for starters, it’s better to try to do a waterfall hairstyle not for yourself, but, for example, for a girlfriend or sister.

On the model

  • Separate the strand at the temple and divide it into two.
  • Cross 2 parts together, putting the bottom on the top.
  • To separate curl thicker from parting.
  • Hold it under the upper thin strand and over the bottom, that is, put between them, release.
  • Cross the thin parts together again.
  • Repeat steps towards the opposite temple or diagonally.

This video shows how to braid a pigtail waterfall from two strands.

4 strand waterfall

  • The selected initial strand is divided into 4 parts.
  • The first part to spend under the second and put on the third (numbering from the toe to the face).
  • Hold the fourth under the third and put on the first.
  • Make the upper pickup and hold together with the second under the fourth over the third.
  • Release the first strand, grab from below hold under the third over the second.
  • Continue weaving in the desired direction.

Scythe waterfall for princesses

Little fashionistas always it is necessary to quickly and reliably collect hair, and the scythe waterfall allows you to leave the curls loose, removing them from the face.

Such styling is also suitable for festive events, without spending a lot of time and money to prepare.

A variety of ways to perform every day will make beautiful and diverse hairstyles.

Lacy braid from a waterfall to herself

Lace from hair is considered the height of craftsmanship, therefore embody lace waterfall on it will require great skills and patience.

  • Braid the first half of the braid in the usual way.
  • Then continue weaving, picking up the released strands, starting from the first, one at a time in the lower turn. Curls down do not let go anymore.
  • The subsequent strand should be held under the upper one, forming non-rigid waves.

Wedding hairstyle braid french waterfall

French waterfall makes the image of the bride romantic and light thanks to its simplicity. It’s enough to decorate a classic waterfall with curls of flowers or beautiful hairpins to create a festive look.

If you complete the weaving in a bundle, gently laying the curls on the back of the head, then we get an elegant collected hairstyle.

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