7 Ways to Remove Egg Damage - From Easy to Complex

As a rule, people are always looking for the cause of troubles and misfortunes that suddenly fell on their heads. In most cases, they conclude that the damage that was sent to them was to blame for everything. But before you try to remove the damage yourself, you need to make sure that it is really damage, maybe it is an evil eye, or even it seemed to a person.

In order to be sure of the correctness of the conjecture, it is necessary to conduct a diagnosis, and only after making sure that it is really a spoilage, it is worth choosing a method for its independent removal or contacting professionals immediately. So, let's figure out what is spoilage, how to recognize spoilage with an egg, what rituals with an egg exist to remove it, and how to decipher what happened to the egg after the ritual.

The spoilage of eggs

It is necessary to boil three eggs by adding a few drops of blood from the finger of the left hand to the water. Eggs are bought specifically for the ceremony, they should be dark in color (not white). The ceremony is carried out after sunset in complete solitude. After adding blood to the water, say:

The plot is spoken three times. Then water with eggs is put on fire and boiled hard-boiled for 10 minutes. Pour water into a jar and pour it under the tree outside. The eggs should be taken to the crossroads on foot and laid on a piece of black cloth. Thus it is necessary to say:

Leave the eggs and don’t worry about what will happen to them. Leave home without looking back, silently. Wash your hands under the tap and go to bed, you don’t need to talk after the ceremony.

In what cases is egg cleaning done?

In this article you will learn:

Most often, the evil eye is removed with the help of an egg. You can try and remove the damage, but it does not always work out. It is better to remove spoilage by casting on wax or by contacting a good specialist. I spoke in detail about casting spoilage in wax in this article //manoiloksana.ru/vylivanie-voskom/

The evil eye is the negative influence of another person. So someone looked at you wrong and struck your energy. Of course, to prevent this from happening, you need to maintain yourself in a good, healthy energy state. For this, it is necessary to be in harmony with oneself, to live in good conscience, to think favorably, and to engage in self-development.

The evil eye can be applied consciously and unconsciously. There are people with a "heavy eye." It happens that, as you look, milk is already souring)) a person has very heavy energy and can easily harm another, jinx it, so to speak.

Signs of Corruption

The presence of damage can be judged by the following signs:

  • A sharp deterioration in health for no apparent reason.
  • Atypical behavior (a person becomes slow and inattentive).
  • The development of various phobias, fears.
  • Insomnia, frequent nightmares.
  • Inability to focus on a specific subject, which makes work difficult. Difficulty concentrating during a conversation.
  • The occurrence of visual, auditory or tactile hallucinations. Often appear in the form of the voices of loved ones who have long been dead.
  • Intolerance to the taste of dishes that once liked.
  • Depressive, lethargic state.
  • Excessive passion for alcohol.
  • The desire to constantly be in the dark, aggression due to bright light.
  • Conflict, problems in communicating with loved ones.

How to find out in a simple way whether a person has an evil eye

Before you peel yourself with an egg, you need to use it to check if this is necessary.

This method is often used in rural areas, along with ancient conspiracies and knowledge about medicinal herbs.In general, in the village it is much easier to hold a ceremony with an egg in water than in the city, because it is important for him to take the freshest chicken egg and clean water from a spring or a well. It is important that the water was live, and not from the tap, not chlorinated.

It is also important to carry out this ritual on your own, independently, without the help of outsiders, since someone else's energy can make the definition of damage inaccurate.

The very ritual of determining the evil eye is extremely simple. You just need to put the egg in a glass of water at the head of the bed for the night. In principle, instead of a glass, you can take any other transparent vessel, but healers, and traditional healers recommend using a faceted glass, explaining that the edges miraculously enhance the natural energy of water. The egg must be poured into a glass gently, without violating the integrity of the yolk. And in the morning the decryption is already being carried out, judging by what changes have occurred to him over the past night.

Detecting egg damage

It is practically impossible to determine spoilage “by eye”, but if, with a number of certain signs, the result of a simple verification rite is positive, we can talk about its presence. If it is not possible to seek help from a specialist in this matter, you can do this at home, completely independently.

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the following signs of damage are available:

  • Constant fatigue, loss of strength, apathy, unwillingness to do what you love,
  • Sudden changes in mood, irritation and explosions of emotions,
  • Unexplained phobias, fears,
  • An imaginary wall separating you from people
  • Constant stresses reaching depression,
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain,
  • Unsuccessful attempts to have a baby with excellent health indicators,
  • Signs of the disease with good tests and examination results,
  • "Black Stripe" - failure follows failure,
  • Major troubles that struck you and your family overnight, one after the other,
  • Sudden changes in character, habits, addictions,
  • The emergence of feelings for a person who previously caused exclusively negative emotions,
  • Cooled unreasonably feelings for a loved one,
  • Allergy to holy water, frankincense, church attributes,
  • The ongoing nightmares
  • Sounds, knocking, rustling and shadows present in the dark and causing a sense of persecution in an empty house.

All these problems should not be associated with diseases confirmed by doctors, but the presence of at least a few already indicates a negative impact on your biofield. In this case, you need to make sure that this is really a spoilage.

The nature of the effect is revealed with the help of a simple chicken egg - always fresh and homemade, and a can of water.

Before going to bed, they say the prayer “Our Father” or another famous one. Then a jar of clean filtered water is placed at the head of the head and an egg is broken into it without damaging the yolk. It is necessary to fall asleep immediately, without extraneous thoughts. In the morning, the egg is examined and conclusions drawn.

If the egg is whole, the yolk is in order and the protein is clean - there is no damage, look for a problem in another. If the yolk is dark or blurred, the protein is cloudy, with streaks, bloody clots or white threads - this is definitely a spoilage.

You can also carry out diagnostics at a distance if the person is not ready to recognize the energy roots of the problem. To do this, a person’s full-length photograph is placed on the table and the figure is traced with an egg from head to foot. Any Christian prayer is said 21 times, then the egg is broken and examined in the same way as in the first case.

Having identified the presence of spoilage, do not be scared: it is fixable, and with fairly simple methods.

Features of rituals to remove damage

Rites that involve the removal of spoilage by the egg are absolutely uncomplicated, so they are easy to perform on your own at home.

Chicken egg has always occupied a significant place in all the magical cultures of ancient peoples.If we recall the Slavic mythology, the beginning of the universe was associated with the “world egg”, which floated around the oceans. In this case, the shell symbolized the sky, the squirrel was a symbol of water, and the yolk was a symbol of fire.

The magical properties of an egg are explained by its natural energy structure. Protein is able to absorb negativity and display it with its state. Therefore, an egg test is very effective.

Removing spoilage by the egg consists in rolling the used natural attribute on the human body in a clockwise direction from top to bottom. The effectiveness of such a rite is strengthened if the victim of corruption continues to read the well-known prayer “Our Father”. This is the easiest way. But there are many other variations.

That is why methods that involve the use of eggs are very popular. Rituals are simple and easy to do on their own. But success requires compulsory faith and a desire to get rid of corruption.

How to identify spoilage with an egg?

When they turn to me for help, I use one simple way to check for spoilage or evil eye. This method helps not only to determine the presence of energy negativity on the victim of witchcraft. With it, I will find out in which direction you need to move in order to remove the effects of black magic.

You can do this ritual yourself, or you can ask for help from a loved one. If you decide to bring someone to the ceremony, make sure that this person also believes in magic.

Take a glass of plain raw water and a fresh chicken egg, which is no more than a week old. Gently break the egg and pour its contents into a glass of water.

Important! The yolk must remain intact. If in the process it is damaged, repeat the procedure again.

Sit back, tilt your head and place a glass of water and an egg on top of your head. So you need to sit no more than 5 minutes. Now put the glass on the table and see what happened:

  • The egg evenly lies at the bottom of the glass, the water remains clean - there is no spoilage on you. Perhaps the cause of life's failures is something else.
  • If the water has become turbid, the yolk is separated from the protein, the protein has completely or partially floated, the protein in the water resembles the body of a jellyfish — all this indicates that the whole family is negatively affected. Someone performed a ritual to send you loneliness and petty everyday troubles for seven years.
  • If white threads rise up from the protein, which look like cobwebs in their appearance - this means that you received damage or evil eye from a weak sorcerer. We can say that this person is just beginning to comprehend the basics of magic. This threatens with minor troubles that will haunt you throughout the year.
  • If bubbles can be seen in the strings of protein - hence the negative impact is directed at your physical health.
  • The presence of black dots in the protein threads is evidence of damage to death using cemetery land. This state of the protein suggests that the ritual was carried out quite recently.
  • But the black yolk, which is surrounded by a muddy protein, shows that damage to death has been induced and that it is already working.
  • The combination of the scalded yolk and the bubbles in the protein indicates that your ill-wisher eagerly wants you to live in heavy torment.

With such a simple ritual, you can gather a lot of information about the negative energy program that is haunting you.

You can take detailed pictures of your result. They may be needed to compare the results of diagnosis and rituals.

Whatever the damage, you should immediately be puzzled by the question of removing it, otherwise the consequences can be most dire.

Roll out damage - rite according to the photograph

Take the egg bought at the market with your hands. You can buy eggs in the store, but you can’t keep them in the refrigerator.Put on a clean tablecloth a photograph of a person (or your own), where he is depicted in full growth and is standing alone. Roll the egg on the photo, imagining how it collects negative from a person.

Roll in a clockwise direction and say:

The ceremony is carried out for three consecutive days at the same time - after sunset. At the end, break the egg into a glass cup with water and watch how the protein and yolk are located. After pouring water with an egg into the toilet bowl, wash the glass with salt. You cannot drink from this glass. After removing the spoilage, the glass is thrown into the trash can.

Removing spoilage by yourself at home with an egg

Damage is a serious problem in human energy. When, when working with a client, I look at a person, his energy cocoon, then when spoiling, I often see holes, breakdowns, cracks in him. But if a person has an evil eye, then the cocoon is simply concave in places, deformed, but there are no holes yet.

Those. spoilage is much worse for a person, the influence of the negative is stronger and more harmful. It is worth noting that it happens both at the same time. Then a person has troubles after troubles and if urgent measures are not taken, then in the future this will lead to health problems.

But you need to understand evil eye and spoilage - this is energy and it has its own density, volume, color, and sometimes smell.

The energy is dark, strong, negatively charged, to destruction, destruction. It enters the human biofield and immediately begins to destroy it, thereby causing harm. The consequences can be very different. Until the development of fatal diseases, of course this happens over time.

I will not go into details now. I have a detailed video about the evil eye and spoilage, see the link here //manoiloksana.ru/porcha-na-cheloveka/. In it, I clearly show how it all looks on the subtle plane. Now we are talking about something else, how to remove the evil eye and spoilage yourself with a raw egg and in what cases it will help.

Changes that occur with an egg in the water

If an egg remains unchanged, clean during the night, this indicates that there is no evil eye and spoilage on a person, that his energy is in perfect order.

If you observe minor changes, such as small strings going up or bubbles on the surface of the water, this means that the subject has a small evil eye. If there is more severe damage, more serious changes occur: water or yolk with protein changes color, the contents of the glass begin to look unnatural. The general principle is this: the more pronounced changes have occurred with the egg, the more severe damage is induced on the person.

Changes in the protein symbolize the state of the external conditions of human life, and in the yolk - the internal state of the person. The changes that have occurred with water show how much fate is affected.

Corruption or evil eye

Corruption is a third-party magical effect that seriously damages a person’s energy field, resulting in a black streak in life and poor health. For her guidance, dark forces are often attracted or occult rites are used.

The evil eye is also a negative alien energy sent to a person, but it is not intentional. And the strength of such a blow depends on the psychological state of two people at the moment and the amount of energy that was put into the blow.

The evil eye is based on negative emotions, anger or envy during a state of affect.

For the ritual you will need a raw chicken egg. All the magical properties of an egg can be explained by its energy structure. Protein has the ability to absorb negativity and show it with its state. The ceremony of removing egg damage is based on the fact that the negative impact from a person’s aura is absorbed by an organic object.

Spoilage diagnosis

Sometimes a person who suspects damage to himself is not able to turn to another person for help due to various reasons.Therefore, you need to know the way with which you can diagnose yourself. There is a very simple rite, for which you only need to use a jar of water and a regular fresh egg.

Before going to bed, you need to say three times any prayer that you know. As a rule, most people know a very effective prayer, "Our Father." Then, at the head of the bed, put a jar of clean water and carefully break the egg into it. After that, you need to fall asleep without thinking about anything. But waking up, you need to carefully examine the egg and draw conclusions on its condition.

You can also diagnose damage remotely. Sometimes this is necessary when the victim of the love spell does not want to realize that something is wrong with the negative energy message. To do this, the ceremony will need to use a fresh photograph of a person in full growth. The magic action is that you will need to slowly draw an egg from the image from head to toe. In this case, you need to say any prayer at least 21 times.

Removing Egg Damage

The raw egg of a domestic chicken is a favorite item of white magicians used to remove spoilage. This fact has a simple explanation: a chicken egg is a living thing that has a set of all the functions necessary for life, and at the same time is protected by the shell from external influences. Its use is the absorption of etheric negativity by organic matter - a common magical practice.

There are several ways to get rid of spoilage with an egg: rolling out a person or a photo, morning, night, and even eight-day rituals. They are all united by simple rules:

  • Only fresh, raw and homemade eggs are used. Magazines can be "inanimate", from which the embryos do not hatch, so their energy is powerless against spoilage. It is best to take an egg directly from the chicken coop, do not wash it and do not process it in any way.
  • If it is impossible to use chicken, take goose.
  • In the process of the rite, pre-memorized prayers and conspiracies are read.
  • Do it better on the waning moon.
  • For ceremonies, only glass faceted utensils are used, which are subsequently not used for food.
  • After each ritual they take a shower and wash their clothes.

These simple rules are binding regardless of the type of ceremony.

Egg spoilage rituals

Diagnosis showed that a person very much wishes you harm? Is his desire so strong that he resorted to magical help?

Don’t worry, I provide you with descriptions of several egg-based rituals that will help remove any negative effects on your energy.

How to spoil the egg to remove the full moon

How to roll out spoilage of eggs on a full moon by yourself? For the ceremony you will need a round new mirror, which can be put on the table. At night, stay in the room alone, cover all reflective surfaces with the material and cover the table with a new tablecloth or cloth. Loosen your hair and remove all jewelry, rinse your makeup off your face.

The rite is best done in a nightgown: synthetics conducts energy currents poorly. The roll-out egg must be pre-boiled and cooled. The color of the egg is not fundamental. When everything is ready, light candles for consecration, and turn off the electric light.

Sit at a table opposite the mirror and clearly pronounce the words of the conspiracy, looking into your eyes:

Then slowly roll your body in an egg, starting from the head. When you roll out, take the egg outside and burn it. Find a place where people don’t walk. Together with the egg, your spoilage will also burn. Arriving home, do not forget to wash your hands - this will remove the remnants of negativity. This ceremony can be carried out regularly if evil neighbors live nearby or the situation is tense at work.

Diagnosis of negative programs

Diagnosis of damage in some cases is possible to carry out independently.To do this, you need a container of water and an egg. Before going to bed, say a prayer three times, it would be better if it would be “Our Father”.

A container with clean water is placed at the head of the bed, and a fresh egg is broken there. Fall asleep without extraneous thoughts. And when you wake up, carefully consider the condition of the egg and draw conclusions whether there is damage or not.

Ritual preparation

When there is practically no doubt about the damage, preparation should be started for its removal:

  • observe fasting for two weeks without eating meat, fish and other animal products, as well as alcohol,
  • every day to read the prayer "Our Father",
  • be sure to visit the temple, confess, partake, put candles for your health and yourself and all your relatives.

If the removal of the negative with a raw egg is carried out by another person, these actions should be performed by both the conducting ceremony and the victim of the induced damage. In the most difficult cases, when you can not lose time, the removal of the negative is carried out without much preparation. In this matter, it is recommended that you rely on your feelings and risk assessment for the victim. If you have inner confidence, a sense of readiness for the ritual, you can start it immediately.

Self-rite of purification in the early morning

This ritual should be performed in the early morning during the waning moon. Removing spoilage by the egg is independently carried out in a bright, spacious room in which you need to open a window or window. In the room you need to install the icon and light the front of the church candle. Then you should sit in front of the icon, focus on the desire to get rid of damage.

In thoughts of returning to a prosperous life and perform the following actions:

  • Take the egg in your right hand and perform several circular movements clockwise around the head,
  • Then hold the egg over your shoulders and around your neck,
  • Next, you should perform rolling circular movements with the egg, starting from the right hand, descending along the right side to the foot of the foot.
  • After that, you need to shift to the left hand and carry out similar rolling movements on the left side.
  • At the final stage, you need to draw an egg along the chest and abdomen.

Removing spoilage by the egg should be carried out very slowly, and at the same time, one should not be distracted by any events in the surrounding hands. Therefore, you should take care of silence in advance and remove mobile phones from the room. If the egg has become heavy, then it should be replaced by another. In some cases, up to 7 pieces go to the ritual. It is very important that in a circular motion it is necessary to cover the maximum body area. That is why magicians, answering the question of how to remove spoilage with an egg, argue that the rite must be carried out with an assistant who will help roll the spoilage from the back.

At the end of the ritual, the used eggs should be broken into a preliminary container filled with water. It must be tightly closed and taken out into the street with the shell. Somewhere in a secluded, deserted place, you should dig a hole, pour eggs into it, and also discard the shell and the container itself.

Then say such magic words:

The ritual, which involves the independent removal of spoilage by the egg, is recommended to be carried out every day for a week. You can not refuse it, even if there has been a noticeable improvement.

Rolling out over a person

This rite is the most common of all existing and it is performed in the early morning of any day on a waning moon. It doesn’t matter whether it is carried out on another person, or independently, it is necessary to open a window, let in light into the room and light a church candle in front of the icon of the Mother of God.

Sitting in front of the icon in a comfortable position, without crossing their legs and not blocking the energy, they spend several minutes thinking and visualizing the desire to get rid of damage. During this time, the body manages to relax, breathing slows down and evens out.

The egg is taken in the right hand and the rolling ritual is done step by step:

  • First, the head is rolled in in a circular motion, starting from the crown of the head clockwise.
  • Then the egg is held around the neck and behind the shoulders.
  • If the ritual is performed on another person, then the back is rolled out, paying special attention to the area of ​​the spine.
  • Starting from the right hand, an egg is rolled out on the right side to the foot.
  • After that, the egg is transferred to the left hand and carried out with the same movements on the left side of the body.
  • At the end, the chest and abdomen are rolled out with an egg.

This process should take place slowly and in complete silence. If the egg is heavier in the process, it is replaced by another - sometimes the number of eggs for one ritual reaches seven. With rolling movements, it is necessary to cover as much of the body area as possible. It is recommended that it be carried out with the help of another person, however, it is more efficient to cover a smaller body, but do it on your own, or cover the whole body, but entrust the ritual to a person for whom removing the spoilage is not as important as for himself, magicians argue to this day.

When the rollout is completed, the used eggs are examined for deformations, breaking into a container of water, which is then closed and taken out into the street with the shell, collected separately. In a remote place they make a pit, pour eggs into it and bury it together with the shell and the container. They immediately plot:

God’s land that she gave her - let her take her. I’ll take away someone else’s spoilage, take away the evil eye and drive away bad people, and close the path to illnesses and troubles. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

At the end of the ritual, the used eggs should be broken into a preliminary container filled with water. It must be tightly closed and taken out into the street with the shell. Somewhere in a secluded, deserted place, you should dig a hole, pour eggs into it, and also discard the shell and the container itself.

Such an independent ritual is recommended to be carried out every day for seven days in a row, even if the improvement comes quickly, and broken eggs are clean.

Rescue for Children - Egg Cleaning

Very good egg helps children. By the way, often grandmas do not undertake waxing for children under 7 years of age and here you can just resort to eggs. For many mothers, this is generally a salvation.

Dear readers, adopt these cleaning methods: rolling out an egg and a glass of water and an egg. After all, working methods are 100% and very simple. If suddenly your child is naughty, cannot fall asleep, nervous, tense, overexcited. In these cases, egg cleaning helps very well.

Children in infancy are very vulnerable to the views of strangers, their energy is easy to break through. Breasts, young children, are under maternal protection. One biofield for two for mother and baby for a long time after childbirth. And mothers often sleep little, get tired. And accordingly, their natural defense weakens and they are easy to jinx, both mother and child are vulnerable.

The egg is a very good helper in this case. Egg cleaning works wonders right before our eyes.

It happens that children scream at night, bend, stand on a bridge, run somewhere all night, spin. In such cases, too, you need to urgently clean the baby with an egg.

Older children can fall under the evil eye and begin to behave inappropriately: harm, show aggression. If already running problems in the energy sector, then they can be written. In these cases, you also urgently need to restore the energy of the child. One option is egg cleaning.

This can be done using wax casting, using egg cleaning, or you can turn to the magician, the healer for help, then the result will be certain.

Remove Egg Damage - Night Rite

Removing egg damage at night can do so. Pour in a glass cup or jar of clean water and add a spoonful of holy water. Light a church candle and read a set of prayers:

  1. Our Father,
  2. prayer to jesus
  3. prayer to the Life-giving Cross.

Gently break the egg into a glass of water so as not to damage the yolk, and place the glass at the head of the bed. Let it stand until morning. In the morning, read over prayer glasses and pour the contents into the toilet. Wash a glass with salt. Read the prayer to Jesus.

The rite should be done until well-being improves. But no more than nine times. If improvement does not occur, perform another rite of removal of spoilage.

Egg roll

Rolling out spoilage with an egg is a very effective way to remove almost any witchcraft “muck”.

To carry it out you will need:

  • fresh chicken egg from the village, which is no more than 3 days. It must be washed with melt or spring water,
  • a glass of water
  • consecrated icons
  • church candle
  • assistant

The ritual must be carried out in a bright and spacious room with open windows. The victim of witchcraft should sit facing the icons, and the assistant should stand behind him.

The assistant must light the church candle and hold it in his left hand. An egg is taken in the right hand and spoiling is carried out. Throughout the process, you can not tear the egg from the victim’s body and you need to hold them for every centimeter of the body.

Begin with the head in a circular motion clockwise. Then, you should go down the neck and spine. Now you need to roll the egg all over the back, moving to the right hand. The next step is to roll the egg across the chest, stomach and left arm. Do not forget about the legs: first, the egg is rolled on the right, and then on the left leg. Throughout this process, the assistant should read Our Father.

When the rollout is finished, the victim must break the egg and pour it into a glass of water and let it stand for several minutes. After that, you can evaluate the result.

The result should be interpreted as follows:

  • If the yolk and protein lay evenly on the bottom of the glass, their appearance remained unchanged - the damage was removed.
  • If in the state of the egg some “deformations” are still observed, the ritual should be repeated.

You can repeat the ritual for 7 days. Then you need to take a break for a month. Each time, after carrying out the ritual and interpreting the results, the contents of the glass should be poured into the toilet bowl, and the glass should be hidden and not allowed to be drunk by anyone. At the end of the week, this container must be discarded.

Yes, this is not an easy and quick way to remove spoilage, but its effectiveness is simply amazing.

What signs of the evil eye can be found in the egg-water mixture?

  • lush protein foam in a glass means that the person’s financial well-being is affected,
  • white “ropes” or “columns” going to the surface of the water indicate that the karma of a person has undergone a strong negative influence. If there are many such columns, then the negative impact may affect family members and loved ones,
  • a pattern of protein resembling an octopus also indicates the presence of a negative effect on human energy,
  • blood or other blotches in the yolk, its severely damaged appearance means that a person has been intentionally severely damaged.

As a cleaning, you can use the rolling method. You can use other methods, which will be discussed below. But no matter what method is chosen, the egg is cleaned until the water remains clean, and the yolk with the protein in it is unchanged and neat.

Roll out an egg to another person in his presence

If you need to help another person, it is recommended to use a very effective ancient rite.

It needs to use:

  • Fresh chicken egg that was laid by a village chicken. This is an important condition, since the egg from the incubator does not have such strong energy and the ceremony will not be indicative.
  • Faceted glass.
  • Spring or well water. Tap water will also reduce diagnostic performance.
  • Church candles.

The ritual is held at sunset.Having retired in a separate room, turn off the artificial lighting and light candles. Pour spring water into a glass and give it to the person who needs help.

Next, the egg should be taken in the right hand and say this spell:

Then you can start to drive the egg clockwise, from the crown of the head and lower in the body to the very bottom. This procedure must be carried out carefully and very slowly. At the end of such an action, the egg is broken into a glass of water, which is held by the person who is being diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis can be made about the condition of an egg poured into a glass.

Choosing the right tools

The ritual is carried out exclusively with the use of home-made chicken eggs, which did not lie in the refrigerator. At the same time, there should be a rooster in the chicken coop, as the egg must be fertilized. You can use an unfertilized egg, but in this case, the rite will be less effective.

The egg for the ceremony should be with one yolk. If during the rolling process it turned out that there is a double yolk in the egg, it should be disposed of and the ritual performed again using another product.

Water for the ritual is taken from the spring. If this is not available, melt or holy water is suitable. Melt can be made from tap water. In the process of freezing, water is purified from any information accumulated in it.

How to remove the evil eye and spoilage yourself raw egg?

Need to take a chicken egg. Desirable living, i.e. fertilized, domestic, so that after the rooster. But if suddenly, you need to clean the egg urgently and there are only store, farm eggs in the house, then it is possible with them. More precisely, it’s better to clean it with some kind of eggs and remove at least a little bit of negative energy than not to do it at all.

Rolling out a photo

You can remove damage from anyone, even from a stranger at the request of mutual friends. To do this, you will need a fresh photograph of a person taken at least three months before the ritual of removing spoilage. In addition, the necessary materials such as:

  • Church candle
  • Icon of the Guardian Angel corresponding to the person’s birthday,
  • Fresh egg
  • Holy water.

The ritual is carried out under the same conditions as rolling out over a person. The icon is put on the table, a candle is lit in front of it, and a photograph is taken of the person from whom the damage will be removed.

Working hand i.e. - the right one for the right-handed person, the left one for the left-handed person, the magician puts it in the photo. So within a few minutes tuned to the aura of man. After that, the candle is taken in the left hand, the egg in the right, and they begin to roll the egg directly from the photograph, from the center in a clockwise direction along the silhouette of the figure. At the same time, they read the church version of the prayer “Our Father” seven times. The used egg is broken and poured into the toilet, in the photo they are sprayed with holy water. Then it is necessary, sitting in silence and mentally sending wishes of good to the person, to wait until the candle burns out to the end.

With water

Removing spoilage or evil eye with an egg and water is somewhat similar to a diagnosis. Pick up a chicken egg and read aloud one after another three times the prayer “Our Father”, the ninetieth psalm, and then the prayer “May God rise again”.

After all the prayers said, break the egg into a jar of water, hold it for 15 minutes above your head and put it at the head of the bed. The next morning, take out the jar with the composition to the cemetery and pour everything onto the old grave, and discard the jar.

Repeat this ceremony for eight days without interruption every evening. Do not tell anyone that you are performing the ritual so that no one can harm you again.

Removal of damage from the child

Our children are also exposed to damage or the evil eye. This can be manifested by constant nightmares, feelings of anxiety, and frequent illnesses.

If you have a restless child, conduct a ritual with him to determine the damage, which is described at the very beginning of the article.So you confirm or deny the presence of extraneous negative impact on your child.

If the “diagnosis” is confirmed, a ritual should be performed to remove witchcraft from the child. There is a simple way for this - rolling out the photo. The essence of this rite is the same as in the previous one - to roll out. Only here it is not necessary to rape a child with a motionless sitting on a chair.

To roll out damage from the photo you will need:

  • Photo of a child - victims of witchcraft,
  • His personal thing (it’s best to take an element of clothing that was recently worn)
  • A candle from the church
  • Icon of Our Lady,
  • Fresh chicken egg.

Put on the table the clothes of the child from whom you want to remove the negative program, and on it a photograph of the child himself. Place a lit candle and an icon of the Mother of God nearby. Now roll the egg in the photo in a circular motion clockwise.

In the process of rolling out, you must say any prayer: Our Father, Prayer to the Virgin or any conspiracy to remove negative energy. Upon completion of these measures, the egg must be wrapped in a newspaper and taken to a wasteland. Be sure to choose a deserted place that no one can see you.

Burn a newspaper parcel, trying not to get into the puffs of smoke from this “bonfire”. Now you can return home. Be sure to take a shower or wash your hands in water.

In the process of rolling out, you will feel how the egg becomes heavy. The ritual must be carried out until this feeling disappears.

How to remove the evil eye with an egg on your own

In order to effectively remove the evil eye with an egg and water yourself, you must first believe in the magical power of this folk rite, and choose one of the four existing methods of removal.

  1. The simplest egg cleaning from spoilage is on its own similar to the diagnostics described above, with the only difference being that removal of spoilage with an egg and water must be carried out repeatedly. That is, you need to put a glass of water and an egg at the head of the bed until its contents remain clean. In case of severe damage, about ten sessions may be required. It is very important to pour the waste mixture into the toilet bowl all without residue, and in no case touch it.
  2. The second way - to remove damage at home, you can also use a photo in which a person is depicted alone, in full growth. In this case, the ritual of removing spoilage looks like this: a person who will conduct it on his own should wash himself, ask for help from the Almighty, and sit down in a room with a window. You need to light candles, put a photo on the table and roll an egg on it. You can do this in any direction, the main thing is to collect the negative from the photo carefully and believe that it will really help. You need to roll out the egg 3 to 12 times, and use one to three pieces at a time for this. After rolling out, the spent units are broken into a container of water, they look at the result, then they get rid of the mixture. In general, treating an egg for spoilage from a photograph requires up to ten sessions.
  3. You can cleanse yourself from egg damage by yourself, rolling it on its own. In this case, the effect will be faster and stronger due to direct contact of the product with the body, and you can sometimes get rid of the evil eye in just one session. You need to roll the egg, starting from the crown of the head, gradually moving along the body to the feet, while imagining how it absorbs all the negative along the way. In the process of riding, you can read a prayer. The ritual also ends with breaking the egg into water, examining the result and disposing of the mixture.
  4. The fourth method is suitable for those who are physically difficult to roll the egg on their own. You can make it simpler: break it into a jar filled with water. After that, you need to sit down, lower your head and put the jar on the crown, hold it there for at least three minutes. The main thing is to sit still. You can read a prayer.After this, you need to consider the changes that have occurred in the jar, pour the mixture into the toilet, rinse everything to the last drop, and throw the jar out.

Cleaning an evil eye with an egg will not have effect on your own if you want revenge on the person who has jinxed you. It is very important to discard even the slightest thought of revenge, bearing in mind that revenge is a great sin. It is only necessary to sincerely wish all the very good and kind to the person who intentionally or accidentally brought damage to you.

Rite of rolling out spoilage by egg

This rite must be carried out at dawn, facing east. You can do it for yourself and for another person. Prepare a fresh egg and a piece of paper. Roll yourself or the patient, starting from the top of the head, and to the toes. Make movements smoothly so that the egg does not slip out of the hands and does not crush in the hand. For safety, you can put spare eggs next to you.

When rolling out, you need to read the plot from spoilage 40 times:

After rolling out, wrap the egg in a sheet of paper and take it to a dry stump or tree - bury it. You just cannot throw an egg - it must rot. Thus it is necessary to say:

Come back home. Keep in mind that damage will resist removal and will try to return. How to determine this? There may be interference on the way home - you will be hailed, stopped. If it’s impossible not to stop and answer, say this:

No matter what a person thinks. It is important not to take the damage back. Take a shower at home. If the damage is strong, perform the ceremony three times, but not in one lunar cycle.

Features of the sacrament

Before proceeding to the ritual, it is useful to familiarize yourself with several features of its conduct:

  • rolling out the head takes longer than other parts of the body,
  • the egg after rolling out is broken so that the yolk remains intact,
  • immediately after breaking the eggs, wash your hands elbow with cold water,
  • if the ceremony is carried out in the evening, its effect can be enhanced with a lit church candle.

Removing damage from another person in his photo

You can remove damage from another person using his photo. It is important that the picture is fresh, that is, it must be taken no earlier than three months before the rite.

For such a cleansing ritual, you will need to use the following attributes:

  • Church candle
  • Icon of the guardian angel of man,
  • Fresh Chicken Egg
  • A little holy water
  • Photo of the victim.

Having retired to a separate room, you should install an icon and light a candle in front of it. Before such an installation, you should put a picture of a person whose aura is planned to be cleaned of negative. At the beginning of the ceremony, you should put your right hand on the picture. If you are left-handed, then you need to put your left hand in the photo. In this position, you should sit for a while. This will allow you to tune in to human energy.

After that, you should take a candle in your left hand, and in your right - a fresh chicken egg. Next, you need to start rolling the egg, starting from the center clockwise in the image of the victim. In the process, you need to read the prayer “Our Father” seven times. After that, the egg should be broken and poured into the toilet, and sprinkle the photo with holy water. Then you need to sit in silence and wait until the candle burns out naturally.

Rolling out damage on a person

How do I spoil an egg from another person? Prepare the room - put the image, church candles, do a wet cleaning. Fumigate the room with incense, read prayers. Then seat the person on a stool and stand behind him.

Start rolling damage from your head, directing the egg counterclockwise:

Press the egg to the person’s chest, roll and say:

Transfer the egg smoothly to the solar plexus and say:

Roll the egg to your knees and say:

Next, roll out the whole body of the patient with an egg, and then press it to your lips and say:

Take the egg to a crowded place and leave. Leave without looking back, keep quiet until the very threshold.The ceremony is best done in the early morning, and immediately take the egg to the market or a large store. Leave and don’t think about anything.

A very simple ritual with an egg

This method of removing damage can be called "lazy." Take a glass of plain water, add a tablespoon of holy water into it and carefully add the contents of the raw chicken egg. This mixture must be left overnight at the head of the bed. in the morning look at the result.

If everything is clean, then the ritual helped. But if there are noticeable changes, then compare them with the pictures after the diagnosis of damage. Evaluate - the situation has worsened or improved.

Wax egg from spoilage

How to remove spoilage with a wax egg? You can buy a wax egg, or you can cast it yourself. Damage can be rolled out on a living person and on his photograph. If you will be rolling around the photo, take a picture where the person is depicted in full height. Rolling out with a wax testicle is an alternative to wax casting. It is better to roll on a naked body or a thin T-shirt, other clothes will interfere.

Roll out damage to the chest, grabbing the shoulders and the solar plexus - 33 times clockwise and 33 times counterclockwise. If you roll on the photo, drive the egg crosswise. At the same time read:

Then take a black felt-tip pen and write on the egg:

Light the wick on the egg, let the candle burn to the ground. At this time, stand under a cool shower, turn counterclockwise and say:

In order not to forget the words of the conspiracy, you can write them in advance on a sheet and attach with scotch tape in your soul. After taking a shower, wrap yourself in a new white sheet. When the body is dry, dress. At night, lay a sheet on the bed.

Returning from the shower, see what happens to the candle-egg. If the flame burns evenly, there is no negative: you took it off. If the flame rushes about, and the wick bursts, it is necessary to carry out the ceremony once again. If the wick starts to go out in wax, make a match in the shape of a cross with a match - help the wax drain onto a candlestick.

Swimming the wick indicates a strong negative, which must be removed two more times in the same rite. What to do when the candle-egg burns out to the end? You can’t take the cinder with your hands - wrap it in foil and bury it under a tree. You can throw it in a street trash can, but not near the house.

Be careful

Today on the Internet you will find many effective ways to remove almost any damage yourself. Sorcerers who perform black witchcraft also know about this. Therefore, often spoilage is equipped with a “protective mechanism”, which will not allow you to remove it yourself by simple methods. Evidence of this may be that the results after removing the spoilage were even worse than with its diagnosis. In this case, you should immediately go to a strong magician or psychic. This person will be able to look in detail at your energy, determine its “hole” and correctly eliminate all the negative.

I am not inclined to hide my methods of work and therefore I share with you the simplest and most affordable rituals for removing corruption. But from my own experience I know that an ordinary person, even in such simple things, can make a large number of mistakes. In turn, this causes the simple evil eye to degenerate into a tribal curse, which is very difficult to remove.

Therefore, I advise you immediately after the diagnosis to contact a specialist who can correctly read your ritual results to determine the damage and determine the most effective method to eliminate the negative.

You can use my services. I will help to eliminate all the negativity that has been brought at you, your family, housing and other areas of life.

I look forward to your contact information on the contacts listed on the site.

Very strong ritual

There is a very strong and productive ceremony, which is carried out for seven days. The ritual is very capacious, so first you should carefully read its rules and conduct preliminary training.For this rite, an assistant will be needed, it is impossible to independently carry out this ritual of removing spoilage. Prior to the ceremony, for nine days it is necessary to observe strict fasting as a victim, and that person who will perform the cleaning.

For the ritual, you will need to prepare such additional attributes:

  • 14 fresh chicken eggs
  • 7 church candles
  • A container filled with a saint
  • Icon of Panteleimon the Healer,
  • Icon of the Virgin.

The rite of purification from corruption provides for the morning and evening magical acts. Every morning during this period of time you need to wake up before sunrise. In a separate room, the victim of damage should sit on the floor, face up.

The person who will conduct the ceremony sets the Icon of St. Panteleimon on the table and lights a candle in front of her. After that, an egg is placed on the victim’s head, it is held in one position.

At the same time, a prayer to Saint Panteleimon is pronounced:

Next, you need to stand for some time and imagine how the egg absorbs the negative. When the candle burns out to half it can be extinguished, and the egg can be taken out and buried in the street.

In the evening, immediately after it gets dark, you need to conduct an evening ritual. It is carried out similarly, but during it you should turn with a prayer for help to the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can use any prayer for this. The egg must be kept on the victim's head until the candle burns out. Then, along with a cinder, candles should be buried in the street.

The described ceremony should be carried out without interruption for seven days. If it cannot be completed, then after a while everything will have to start all over again.

We evaluate how we cleaned with an egg - is there another evil eye?

After that, you need to evaluate your work, the result of egg cleaning.

Take a half-liter glass jar. It should be clean, transparent, without labels or stickers.

Pour ¾ room temperature of water into it and break the egg into the water, which removed the evil eye. Now look carefully.

How to roll out damage to another person?

It is preferable to conduct this ceremony on the waning moon, during the morning or evening dawn. Algorithm:

  1. 1. A fresh egg is taken in the right hand, a person is planted facing east.
  2. 2. The performer of the sacrament becomes behind him.
  3. 3. An egg is driven over the head, gradually increasing the circles so that in the end they cover the entire head.
  4. 4. Then the radius of the circle decreases again until it reaches one point in the crown of the head.
  5. 5. After that, a cross is drawn over the head three times.
  6. 6. The egg is broken on the edge of the glass and poured into water.

Depending on the decoding of the results, the sacrament can be performed several times. If the first ceremony showed that a person is seriously damaged, it is necessary to carry out the ceremony 7 or 9 days in a row. The contents of the glass should be disposed of. After the final procedure, you need to get rid of the glass.

Passive night egg removal

There is also an effective method that allows you to remove damage passively. To do this, you can remove the damage to the egg at night.

Rite of conduct the following actions:

  • Before going to bed, you should read the famous prayer “Our Father”, it is very effective and greatly enhances the rite.
  • Then you need to mix a few tablespoons of holy water with clean drinking water so that you get about half a glass.
  • After that, it is necessary to carefully pour fresh chicken egg into a glass of water so that the yolk does not spread.
  • Then you should put a glass at the head of the bed and go to bed.

During the night, the egg absorbs negative extraneous information. After the removal of spoilage at night, all that will be needed is to pour the contents of the glass into the sewer or into the ground in the morning.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

It is important to read the prayer “Our Father” afterwards and wash your hands to the elbows with cold running water. This rite can be repeated many times until the damage is completely removed.Each time there will be a noticeable improvement in overall well-being, and it will also be noticeable that bad luck and adversity will recede. But if within a month there were no visible changes, or if the condition continues to deteriorate, then you should contact an experienced magician to remove the damage.

Morning rite

As a strong morning ritual, a ritual with an egg, water and salt is used. Before washing, they stand in front of the mirror and roll the egg according to the reflection in it, condemning the conspiracy:

The egg rolled, the egg broke, the water spilled water, the salt dissolved, the spoilage from God's slave (s) (name) disappeared. Amen.

The egg is broken into the toilet, sprinkled with a pinch of salt and washed off. Then they thoroughly wash their face and wipe the mirror with a wet rag. Repeat every morning for seven days.

Egg Cleaning - Decryption

If there are bulbs, cobwebs, hairs, fibers, bubbles on the surface or in the bank itself, then this indicates that there are problems with energy. The egg took on some of the dark energy, but there is another evil eye.

It happens, in rare, severe cases, that the yolk breaks, bursts and spreads. In this case, it is better to immediately contact a specialist.

A broken yolk indicates that the situation is not simple, a strong evil eye or spoilage. Email me [email protected], attach a photo and specify a name. Briefly explain your situation. You can also write to me if you just need help or have questions.

You also need to carry out a similar procedure for cleaning the egg.

Correct decoding when removing egg damage

Removing spoilage by an egg on its own decryption is required. Indeed, the decision on further actions depends on this.

After rolling out the egg, it is neatly broken into a pre-prepared vessel with water. The fact that the rite was successful and the spoilage was completely removed can be judged if the egg gradually sinks to the bottom, fully retaining its natural round shape.

All other signs indicate the inefficiency of the rite, involving the removal of spoilage by the egg. Deciphering magic signs on a natural attribute will help determine the power of corruption and make the right decision for further actions.

The following symptoms should be noted:

  • If a visible film is formed on the yolk or it is torn into several parts, then in this case your energy strength was not enough to completely remove the negative, and the ritual needs to be repeated.
  • A clouded yolk indicates that the spoilage was induced by someone close to you.
  • In the case of the presence of pronounced black, greenish or gray spots on the yolk, you should know that the damage was done to death, so you can’t remove it yourself, and therefore, you need to urgently contact a professional magician.
  • Unclear columns appearing in the structure of the egg indicate the presence of a “birth curse”, in which case it will be necessary to seriously work on cleaning karma.
  • Small, barely noticeable columns of protein make you aware of a weak spoilage, which can not seriously harm and is removed very easily.
  • If something like a white jellyfish spread with a protein, with tentacles affecting the yolk, then damage to the failures and destruction of the family was brought about. Such a spoilage, as a rule, lasts for a year and if during this period the partners stayed together, then they have a chance at the end of this time to establish relations again.
  • The cobweb in the protein indicates the presence of weak damage, which, most likely, was caused not by a professional, but by a beginner. Such a negative program is easily removed using a passive rite with an egg. It is noteworthy that in this case the induced damage returns to the person who made the promise with triple force.
  • Seals in the protein in the form of caps and hemispheres indicate the presence of a negative program.Moreover, if the cap is located on top of the yolk, then this indicates that the negative overlaps the possibilities for creative development. If the cap is located below the yolk, then a spoilage is imposed on the person for money. It affects the financial sector as a whole, and the victim's ability to earn money disappears and over time his well-being worsens significantly. Such damage is removed by the ceremony with the egg, but for this you will need to conduct several sessions.
  • Bubbles scattered around the protein indicate that they tried to harm the person, but the body's defensive reactions minimized the negative. It should not only continue to remove the damage, but also to find out, it is trying to harm you, because if the enemy realizes that he did not succeed, he will attempt an energetic re-attack.
  • The appearance of blood droplets in the yolk indicates that the negative program was based on a rite of passage with use. As a rule, such a ritual induces severe damage, which poses a great threat to life. If within a week it is not possible to remove it with an egg, then you should urgently contact a professional magician.
  • If the yolk looks like cooked, then this means that a spoilage is imposed on the person, limiting his freedom. Such a negative is quite easily removed by the egg, and the person quickly recovers after that.

After decryption is complete, the egg must be disposed of. It must be washed off to the sewer together with the water used. The glass container should be thoroughly washed under a stream of cold running water, but some professional magicians believe that it should also be disposed of. It is allowed to bury the used attributes away from home. And if possible, it is better to take the egg to the cemetery and pour it on an abandoned grave, and bury a glass container next to it. In addition, at the end of any ritual for diagnosing egg damage, prayers of thanks must be read.

Remember, at the first incomprehensible sensations and inexplicable events in the world around you, you must try to remove the damage yourself. The decryption in this case will tell you what strength was the harmful magical effect and what needs to be done next.

Most negative programs are removed independently. An important condition for success is a belief in the power of magic and self-confidence.

Rite of the night

To conduct this rite, pour in a container of clean water and add a spoonful of holy water. Light a candle purchased in a church and say prayers in order.

Start with “Our Father,” then pray to Jesus, the last will be the prayer to the “Holy Cross.” After all the manipulations, break the egg into a vessel with water, being careful not to damage the yolk, and place it at the head of the bed.

In the morning, read the prayers again over the container and drain the contents into the sewer. Rinse the container with salt while reciting a prayer to Jesus. The ritual is carried out until the moment when you feel better, but no more than 9 times. Provided that no improvements are visible, use another method.

Passive rite to determine and remove spoilage per night

The ceremony is carried out in the evening, before bedtime. Without preliminary manipulations, the egg is broken into a glass of water and placed at the head. In the morning, they carefully look for changes in the water and the egg. If during the night metamorphosis did not occur, there is no damage. If they arose, go on to interpretation.

To completely cure spoilage, the rite is performed for 6-7 nights, following the changes in the egg.

How many eggs are needed for reading?

You may need 2-3 eggs, if there is a slight evil eye, and only –– only it has occurred. And maybe 10 eggs can be few if the energy is badly damaged.

It is necessary to clean and roll out the eggs until the water is completely clear and clean and the egg should lie evenly and whole.

Photo Cleanup

The photo for the ceremony should be one where the person is depicted in full growth and in a sober state. Before the ritual should light a candle in front of the icon of the Virgin and put a photograph near the holy face for a few minutes. This will enhance the effect of the rite. Then they take in the photo in the left hand, and with the right they roll an egg over it, while saying the prayer "Our Father".

The eight day ritual

An eight-day purge is a powerful magical ritual that will help not only to remove damage, but also to cleanse yourself of many physical, moral and spiritual slander. For this ritual, you need to choose Monday for the waning moon and go to church. It is advisable to confess or participate in the service the day before. On Monday, eight candles and an icon of the corresponding guardian angel are bought at the church.

They go to the market from the church and buy eight eggs one at a time from eight different saleswomen, without explaining why they are needed. At home, the eggs are refrigerated. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, they take out one egg, light one candle and roll out according to the method described above, at least three times reading Our Father. They get rid of the eggs immediately, leave the candle to burn out until the morning. The eggshell together with the cinder the next morning is put in a tightly closed glass jar, where then the next "portion" is added every morning.

The next night, the ritual is repeated. On the morning of next Wednesday, the last cinder is added to the former and taken out onto the street, where it is buried in the ground without opening the box. Read the plot:

The time of troubles and ailments has passed, the time of weaknesses and pain has passed, it is time to fight and live, and not to see the stranger, not to endure damage. I give to the earth that which I did not ask (a), to the one who brought in - I want only peace. Amen.

After that, you must immediately take a bath, change into new clothes and make any changes in your appearance, for example, change your hairstyle, hair color or style in clothes. The effect of the ritual appears on the same day.

Interpretation of Results

Deciphering the result of the ritual helps to determine the strength and nature of the impact of someone else’s slander. This is necessary in order to understand how serious the problem is, and also - or rather, who could cause the appearance of damage. Sometimes it is random, sometimes it is a deliberate influence, and in the latter case, the negative impact is much stronger, and it is much more difficult to deal with it.

You can understand the situation by the structure of the broken egg. The proof of clean energy is an ideal structure, without inclusions, branches, clots and other signs of corruption. Changes should be alert as:

  • The yolk, covered with a film or darkened - the ceremony requires repetition.
  • Black spots and dots indicate the destruction directed to death.
  • Protein filaments stretching upwards are a long-standing corruption, possibly generic, which has gnawed into karma.
  • Rising, bubbly protein - envy.
  • A bursting yolk requires a sevenfold repetition to cleanse the strongest damage.
  • The likeness of a jellyfish floating in a glass is an extensive family corruption.

It is necessary to compare the results at each repetition of the ritual. Depending on their dynamics, various actions may be required:

  • The egg mass has become cleaner and more beautiful - the rituals have had an effect, but you can not stop there.
  • There are no changes - the ritual is not suitable, or it was wrongly brought. It may also mean a lack of magical energy performing the ritual.
  • Change for the worse - urgent help of a professional white magician is needed.

Damage is not a sentence at all, many people have been living with her for decades, not even suspecting it, but judging the level of their comfort in life is quite difficult. Do not ignore the problem, especially considering the fact that the rituals for removing spoilage are simple to perform and can be carried out by everyone, independently, at home.

How to remove by yourself?

For the ritual you will need a new round mirror.At night, put the mirror on the table, cover reflective surfaces and mirrors with a cloth. Lay a new tablecloth on the table.

Remove makeup, remove jewelry, loose hair and put on a cotton nightgown. To roll out, boil the egg and cool. When everything is prepared, light candles, and turn off the light in the room. Sit on a chair and clearly speak the plot, looking into your eyes.

Then slowly roll yourself into an egg, starting from the head. When the egg rolls out, take the egg outside and burn it where people do not go. Upon returning home, wash everything off your hands. This will help remove the remaining negative. The ceremony can be carried out periodically if evil people live with you in the neighborhood.

How to remove damage from yourself in the early morning?

The ceremony is held in a spacious room. All curtains, curtains and windows open. An icon of the Mother of God is placed in the room, a candle is lit near it. In the process of carrying out the ritual, it is necessary to continuously read "Our Father" and imagine how negative energy passes into the egg. The sacrament is held as follows:

  1. 1. Sit down to the icon. The egg is taken in the right hand and counterclockwise make several turns over the head.
  2. 2. Circular movements are made around the neck and shoulders.
  3. 3. Then go to the right side of the body: forearm, arm and so on to the foot.
  4. 4. Similarly roll out the left side.
  5. 5. The back area is rolled out. Circular movements may not be entirely clear due to inconvenience, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the rite.
  6. 6. Then roll out the chest, stomach, hip area.
  7. 7. The egg is broken into a glass of water along with the shell, covered and taken out to a deserted place. There you should dig a small depression, pour out the contents and put the glass there too. At the same time they pronounce an appeal to the earth: "The holy land created by the Lord! Take away the terrible evil, the dirty libel, the disease inevitable. Amen."

Decoding magic signs

When removing the spoilage by the egg yourself, in order to make the right decision, you need to correctly decode the seen magic signs. After the ceremony, the egg is slowly broken into a prepared container with water. If the ceremony was successful and the spoilage was removed, the egg gradually sinks to the bottom, maintaining its round shape.

All other forms that an egg broken into water takes after rolling out, suggest that the spoilage is not removed or partially removed. Having correctly deciphered the magic signs, you can determine the power of corruption and make a decision for subsequent actions.

Attention should be paid to the following signs:

  • when a visible film is formed on the yolk, a darkened yolk, or its rupture into several parts. In this case, the negative is not completely removed, the energy force was not enough to carry out the ritual, and it needs to be repeated again,
  • after the rite, the yolk in a glass of water became cloudy, this is evidence that one of the close people brought damage,
  • black or green spots, as well as gray patches on the yolk warn of damage done to death. Do not remove such damage yourself; immediately contact a professional,
  • thin protein threads pass from the bottom of the glass to the top. Think about the birth curse and work on cleansing karma,
  • small, almost invisible strings from the protein indicate a weak spoilage, which is easily removed and can not do much harm. You can handle it yourself
  • Did you see a kind of floating protein jellyfish in a glass? This means that the damage was aimed at the whole family and to failure. She is able to act throughout the year, and if the family has not completely disintegrated during this time, then she has a chance to establish relations and return everything to its course,
  • the resulting web in the protein indicates the presence of mild damage that was not brought by a professional. It is easily removed with a simple rite with an egg. After removing the spoilage, she will return to the one who sent her with the triple promise,
  • seals in the protein in the form of caps or hemispheres - you have been damaged.The cap is located above the yolk, which means that the damage is aimed at closing the possibilities for creative development. If the formations are located below the protein, then the damage was done for money, it applies to the entire financial condition. You will no longer have the opportunity to earn money, which will lead to a deterioration in well-being. It’s possible to remove such spoilage with an egg, but several rituals remain to be performed,
  • the protein rises and bubbles, this indicates that someone has a great envy for your business or creative success,
  • bubbles throughout the protein indicate that they tried to harm you, but the body's defensive reactions have reduced spoilage to a minimum. Remove the damage further by performing the rite, and try to find out exactly who is trying to harm you, in order to avoid repeated pointing,
  • a thick and cooked yolk warns of the threat of prison. Be careful what you do. Such a negative is easily removed independently at home, and a person after it is quickly restored,
  • the droplets of blood that appeared in the yolk suggest that a complex rite was used when spoiling. They are subjected to severe damage that will bring a terrible threat to your life. Trying to remove it yourself and not seeing improvements within a week, immediately contact the professionals,
  • torn yolk - the rite must be repeated 7 times.

When finished with the decryption, get rid of the egg. Drain the contents of the can into the toilet. Rinse the container under cold running water, but professionals say that it is also worth getting rid of it.

The attributes used for the rite are buried away from home, where people do not go. Or take it to the cemetery and pour the contents of the jar onto the old grave, and bury it nearby.

Do not forget, having completed any rite of removal of spoilage by an egg, read prayers of thanks. If you experience negative feelings or suspicions, as well as unexplained phenomena in the world that surrounds you, try to remove the damage yourself.

In this case, the decryption will be the main assistant in the interpretation of magical influences, and in the future, relying on it, choose the method by which you will remove the damage yourself.

Sacrament using the Plakun conspiracy

They move an egg over a person’s body while pronouncing a conspiracy on the egg “Plakun” and imagining how it absorbs all the negative energy.

Prayer text: “A cry, a terrible sorcerer! You cried for a whole week, did not cry a drop of water. Your tears did not roll across the field, your howl did not spread across the sea. Demons and old witches are afraid of you. Drown them in a terrible cry, imprison you in hell the chamber. From century to century. "

The ceremony is performed for three days. Each time the egg breaks into a faceted glass half filled with water. The contents should be poured into the toilet so that the yolk is broken. After the ritual, the glass is instilled in a deserted place.

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About the technique of self-spoiling egg damage in a video:

Believe it or not in spoilage, remove it yourself or turn to magicians, each person decides for himself. But before you carry out the ceremony of rolling an egg at home on your own, make sure that this is really a spoilage, not an evil eye, which itself can disappear after a while. If after the ceremony you realized that you did not succeed, then take the help of specialists.

Powerful rite of severe corruption

The following ritual is suitable for removing severe damage. It is carried out within seven days. Since the ceremony is time-consuming, it is first recommended to familiarize yourself with its features, to prepare in advance. The presence of an assistant is required. Sacrament cannot be carried out independently. Before the ceremony, both the person and the victim of corruption must observe strict fasting.

The sacrament is performed using the following tools:

  • 14 eggs
  • 7 wax candles from the church,
  • Bowl,
  • Holy water,
  • icon of Our Lady,
  • Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

This rite involves special actions in the morning (at sunrise) and in the evening (at sunset). You need to wake up before dawn. The person to be cured lays in a separate room on the floor, facing east. The conducting ceremony puts the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on the table, lights a candle in front of her. Then, holding the hand, lay the egg on the victim’s head and hold it in one position.

They say a prayer: “Nicholas the Wonderworker, Christ's Pleasure! I beg you, have mercy on me, the humble slave of the Lord (name). Hear my prayer, help me soon. in the earthly vale of suffering to the living. In repentance and service to God I will lead my life. Hail and grant salvation to me, the servant of the Lord (name). Amen. "

Then you need to stand for several minutes, imagining how all the bad goes into the egg. When the candle burns to half, it is extinguished. The egg is taken out to a deserted place and buried.

At sunset, as soon as it gets dark, the next rite is performed. It is carried out similarly with the difference that they pray for the help of the Virgin. For this, any prayer from a prayer book is suitable. The egg is supported on the head of the healed until the remainder of the candle is burned out. Then the cinder along with the egg is buried.

The sacrament is held daily for a week. If at least one day is missed, the ritual will have to be carried out from the very beginning.

Method Two - How to Remove Damage with an Egg and Water

This method of egg cleaning is also quite simple and effective, but it cannot be used urgently, instantly and momentarily. If you need quick help and a quick result, then it’s better to still use the method that I wrote about above.

This egg cleaning is suitable for both children and adults.

Energy can be restored after evil eye, damage and other unpleasant energy influences.

You need to take a clean transparent glass. Collect water at room temperature. We pour water in an almost full glass, somewhere around 2 centimeters we do not add to the edges. Next, we take a live egg, what it means described above in the first method, and break the egg into a glass with water.

We put a glass of water and an egg under the bed to the person whom we will clean from damage or the evil eye. This should be done at night, before bedtime. Put a glass with an egg and water in the head of the bed all night while the person is sleeping.

There is a nuance. If someone else is sleeping in the room, in addition to the person whose needs to be cleaned, then information may overlap from the energy field of another person. And when reading in the morning, the result will probably be misinterpreted.

Removing damage to family relationships

This rite allows you to remove the negativity and return it to the sender. To carry out the ritual, they take an egg, a piece of black fabric and a shoe needle.

The ritual is carried out as follows:

  1. 1. First you need to completely undress and take the chicken egg in your hand.
  2. 2. Put the egg on the fabric and tie it crosswise.
  3. 3. The words of the conspiracy are uttered three times: "As this egg rots, how the earth takes this rot, so you, the enemy (name), take upon yourself all the calamities that I wished for. To be that way."
  4. 4. A needle is inserted into the center of the resulting assembly.

The knot must be hidden in a deserted place or in the forest.

How many days to lay an egg under the bed?

As much as required in your particular case. It depends on the degree of complexity of the situation, on how badly the energy sector is damaged. The evil eye goes away faster, damage in general can thus not be removed. And it is very important who carries out this act. The strength and power of this person is important.

It happens that a person tries to help himself, this is laudable of course, but if the problems are serious, then it is unlikely that they will be able to solve them. Most likely there will be a barely noticeable improvement. But in order to radically change the situation, it is better to turn to a specialist for help.

How often can an evil eye or spoilage be removed with an egg?

Egg cleaning can be done every time the need arises.

If you often have to resort to such an egg cleaning, then most likely there are serious violations in the human energy. In this case, it is better to make an energy diagnosis using a photo and I will tell you, as a specialist, what is the reason why they often pierce you.

Email me [email protected], attach a photo and specify a name. Briefly explain your situation. I will show you the best way out of the situation in your case.

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I, Manoilo Oksana, am a practicing healer, coach, spiritual trainer. You are now on my site.

Order me your photo diagnostics. I will tell about you, about the causes of your problems and tell you the best ways out of the situation.

Rite of passage for reading Psalm 90

This method allows you to remove the evil eye with an egg from yourself. To do this, you need to memorize the 90th Psalm:

Prayer during the ceremony is pronounced 40 times. You will also need to prepare the appropriate number of matches or beads for reference. You do not need to drive an egg over the body during the sacrament. They hold him in his hand and begin to read prayers. As soon as you get the feeling that the egg has become heavier, you should take another. Saying prayers cannot be stopped for a moment. After the ceremony, the egg is broken into a glass cup with water and examined.

Eight day cleaning

If it is reliably known that a spoilage has been induced on a person, you can take advantage of this effective cleaning carried out at home. Treatment is carried out before bedtime as follows:

  1. 1. A glass cup is half filled with water.
  2. 2. An egg breaks into it.
  3. 3. The words of the spell are pronounced on the contents: "Transfer all dashing, malice, evil, corruption, death, misfortune from the servant of the Lord (name) to the egg."
  4. 4. Then the glass is placed at the head of the bed.
  5. 5. The next morning, all its contents are poured into the toilet with the simultaneous casting of the spell: "Mother Earth, take everything famously, spite, malice, corruption, death, misfortune from the servant of the Lord (name). Thank you."
  6. 6. A glass is washed under running water, at the same time any Orthodox prayer is read.

The ceremony is held for 8 consecutive nights. PAfter the final procedure, the glass is disposed of in a garbage chute or buried.

Decoding of the rite, the diagnosis of corruption

The ritual with an egg allows you to simultaneously diagnose the presence of spoilage, and decrypt the data obtained, and cleanse the destructiveness. The withdrawal results are interpreted as follows:

The water is clear, the appearance of the yolk is not changed: it lies in the protein, and the protein envelops itNo damage
The yolk remains intact, but threads or bollards rise from the proteinSlight damage to family troubles and financial problems has been brought. Validity of such damage is from 3 to 7 years. If the posts are reminiscent of a web of threads - the damage is light, induced by a lay person. But it still gives a person problems, illnesses, difficulties. The lightest spoilage lasts no more than one year. In both the first and the second cases, after the expiration of the period, light damage always returns to the performer, destroying his life 3 times stronger
Protein stretched in columns, there are bubbles on itThe disastrous was induced by a professional magician. Damage is imposed so that a person in everything is pursued by failure, illness, financial problems. Witchcraft starts to work suddenly - problems fall on a person simultaneously in several areas of life. Damage can be ordered by a competitor in the business or by any ill-wisher
There are black dots on the squirrel or yolkDamage is made to death using cemetery land. The person who ordered the corruption hates the victim to such an extent that only death will calm him. Usually this is the one whose victim stands in the way, or the person who believes that she has deprived him of something. Witchcraft takes effect after three weeks and destroys a person in a year
There are bubbles on the protein, and the yolk resembles a boiled one. Sometimes there are spots of green, gray or brown on the yolkDamage was made to torment during his lifetime. The victim will not die, but her life will become like hell
Protein looks ordinary, and the whole yolk seems to be cookedBlight restriction. It is done with the aim that a person never feels happy and free. There are no difficulties or obstacles, but the victim seems to be tied hand and foot. Sometimes a person can spoil his energy field himself. This happens if a law-abiding and decent person is guilty of something, and conscience does not give her rest. It is extremely difficult to remove such damage, as a person internally resists healing, wanting to punish himself for misconduct
In the protein columns there are bubbles and black blotches, and the edge of the egg yolk is as if scalded. In the yolk itself there are green (or another shade) spotsThe most terrible witchcraft brought to death in terrible agony. The performer of corruption hates the victim so much that he longs to see her torment and experience pleasure from this sight. This is usually a person with whom the victim is closely acquainted.
The protein covers the yolk in the form of a parachuteThe slander was made in order to block the path of life. Sometimes it looks like a strong spoilage, which over time has become even harder
The yolk and protein are not damaged, but are in fogThe covenant was made by an unprofessional sorcerer. Damage is completely removed in a few cleaning sessions.
The yolk or protein is stretched upDamage to the disease was made. If there is a vial on the yolk, witchcraft was done on the grave
The yolk is tornHeavy witchcraft from enemies
There is blood on the yolkWitchcraft was made using human or animal blood.
The yolk is covered with a filmTalks about the sharing of energy entities that feed on the life force of the victim
Yellow threads stretching upExtremely strong corruption for which one ritual is not enough
In a defended squirrel or yolk you can see the faceThis is the image of a person who sent corruption, jinxed, cursed or envied

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