How to find a phone by IMEI?

This time we will consider the option of how to find a phone via IMEI yourself via the Internet, because sometimes you need to quickly and urgently find a smartphone that has been lost.

The most commonly used gadget in the modern world is a mobile phone. It is always at hand, it stores a ton of information, all important numbers, as well as dates. And it’s not strange that after the loss or theft of such an assistant, a person in the literal sense of the word remains “as without hands". If this happens, the person tries to find the lost gadget as soon as possible. But at such a moment, a logical question arises: what needs to be done in order to make the searches as fruitful as possible? There is a lot of information on the Internet about this. Most common the way to search for a phone on an android is to search using imei, well, provided that you know it.

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What is IMEI Android Phone (Have)

Imei Is a special phone code consisting of 15 digits. Usually it is located on the device’s body under the battery. But, in order to watch it, it is not necessary to pull out the battery. Just dial a combination *#06# and the number will appear on the mobile screen.

What to do and how to find a mobile phone by imei?

In order to track the phone’s location by imei in case of loss or theft, you need to contact the appropriate authorities (police or police), write a statement and attach documents proving the purchase of this device (for example, a check from the store or a warranty card where the IMEI device is indicated )

Further, law enforcement officers request information on the location and movement of the phone from a mobile operator. Based on the information received, they can conduct investigative measures.

The procedure here is described in a very simplified form. In practice, the whole process takes a lot of time, and the likelihood of success is extremely small.

Find a phone through a Google account from a computer

The Android Remote Control service is not well known to anyone, except to users of the Google system. But with his help can find your device. In fact, it is already automatically integrated into the phone’s operating system. Therefore, it allows you to find a smartphone on a virtual map that shows its current location.

But, such a system indicates not just the coordinates of the device that was lost. As a rule, the owner can use the service "To call", As well as" Block and Delete data. " But it is worth remembering that the device that you are trying to find should have android firmware no older than 3.2.25. In other cases, it will be done impossible.

Find A Lost Android Phone Via Computer Using Airdroid

Airdroid is an analogue of Google. True, in this case, you will get the opportunity to independently control the device from a distance at a software level. But there is one drawback, and quite significant! If a SIM card is removed from the phone, or disconnect it from the internet, to do all the manipulations for the search will be impossible. This application can be found through the Google Play system.

How to find a phone by gps through a computer - Lost Android program

Lost Android is quite common, in fact very powerful programallowing you to control the device from a distance. And also, as in the previous version, Google Play will help you to use it. After installation, an application called “Personal Notes” will appear in the smartphone, under which the true program for tracking will be hidden. When activating a program, give it administrator rights to the device. Then you have to go through a small registration using your Google account. After that, the program is completely ready for use. She can use such opportunities remotely, as:

  • Vibration activation
  • Sound on
  • Display on
  • Blocking and Unblocking from the Internet
  • Send messages that will pop up on the screen asking you to return the device
  • Copy and view photos, video files, and contacts
  • Receive notifications about replacing a SIM card and much more.

If the device has GPS enabled, then you can easily find it on the map.

Find a phone through the police

In the Russian Federation, only mobile operators have access to a location. But such information announced to citizens only after those turn to law enforcement. That’s why in order to get such data you need to contact the police, presenting the ownership of the phone, indicating your details, imei, as well as filling out all the necessary papers.

After registering the application, law enforcement officers send an official request to the mobile operator, and they confirm the authenticity of the words you said about the owner of the device. Only then is an official response provided. But as practice shows, if you are an ordinary person, there will be difficult to find a device in this manner. As a rule, the police rarely react to such statements and try to do something. As a result, the fraudster who stole or appropriated the device manages to change the card, or sell the phone on the market. Then find him practically impossible.

But this method is suitable for those who have at least the slightest police communications FSB, or a cellular company. Then the process will definitely give results. Then, the search can last only a few hours, and be fruitful even if the device was turned off. But on practice, only a small percentage of people go to the police after missing the phone. In addition, it is worth remembering that if in the search process it turns out that if a person just lost his phone, then you can get a fine penny


After reading the detailed material on the topic of finding a missing smartphone, you will probably know how to find a phone by IMEI yourself via the Internet, and therefore write in advance to your phone number on your phone.

How to find out and where to find imei on the phone?

If the phone is present with you and there is a need to find an IMEY code, then the easiest and most affordable option for checking imei is a set of USSD combinations - *#06#. Having made this request, the imei code will be displayed on your screen (in some cases there will be two if the phone is designed for 2 SIM cards):

If your information is not displayed, for one reason or another, there are a number of ways where you can find and find imei of your device:

  • On the battery, either under it or next to it, you will find a sticker of a small size, where the code corresponding to the device is indicated (if the phone can be disassembled, i.e. the back cover is removed):

  • The phone’s factory box (if it’s original) must have a sticker with general information about the device (model, color, manufacturer). There is also information about the assigned identifier:

  • The IMEI code of the phone is also contained in the warranty card:

  • In the phone’s system settings: Settings> About phone> General information> IMEI details:

  • Through the Google service “Find my device” (provided that a Google account is connected to the device):

These methods and methods are relevant for Android phones. If you have an iPhone, then, in general, everything is exactly the same, and you can find IMEI:

  • on the original box,
  • on the back cover under the Apple logo
  • in the system settings
  • through the iTunes online interface.

What is IMEI

Each mobile phone is assigned its own identification number, by which it is registered in the network. This number should be assigned to the device at the factory and, in theory, changing it if not impossible, then very laborious. It is to ensure security - that, by stealing a smartphone, an attacker could not change his IMEI - the algorithm for assigning it is constantly changing. At the very beginning, when mobile phones were just starting to do, there were 14 characters in the code, and in 2004 there were 15 of them. This code consists of an identifier, a designation of the place and date of assembly, and so on, that the user does not need to know.

IMEI can be seen if carefully look at the box which your device was packaged with upon purchase. It can also be find on the phone itself if you raise the battery, but for devices with a fixed battery, this method is not suitable. Finally, you can type on the keyboard a specific keyboard shortcut so that the identification code appears on the screen.

They stole the phone. What to do?

If your phone was stolen, first of all you need to write police statement . Well, or say goodbye to your device, because - and this is important to remember - only this body can search for a phone by IMEI. The fact is that, according to our legislation, only the police can send a request to the operator to track the phone .

When the phone goes on the network, this happens precisely with the help of the identification code, and the base station “knows” that this or that phone has entered the network using two factors: the SIM card signal and the IMEI of a particular device. However locate smartphoneonly by IMEI mobile provider can not .

Only the operator can tell where the lost phone is, and he can do this only at the request of the competent authorities.

In order to write a statement to the police in connection with the theft of the smartphone, you need to indicate your passport data, provide documents for the purchase of the smartphone (check, warranty card, etc.), as well as the IMEI device. The district police department transfers the case to the unit that deals with such issues, and it, in turn, sends a request to the operator. As you can see, this is not a quick matter, since the police are not a lost property agency, but the criminal intent must still be proved.

In fact, your gadget will actually be searched only if its loss occurred as a result of a criminal offense, for example, robbery, etc.

That is why any other suggestions find phone by IMEI - via satellite, online, free or otherwise, firstly, they are doomed to failure and secondly by default are fraudulent . Also, there are no programs for finding a phone by IMEI, unless it is a database of stolen devices, created in order, for example, not to buy such a device from hand.

Why can not you find a phone IMEI online

Imagine: your phone was stolen . What do thieves do in this case? That's right: SIM card - to the nearest garbage can, turn off the device itself. It would seem how to track the phone in IMEI? But the myths that this is possible are very tenacious, and not in vain.

The fact is that even with the gadget turned off, they remain working processes : battery consumption control, a network processor that periodically sends low-frequency signals by the radio frequency module, but does not climb into the network, but waits for the alarm to work or connect to a USB port, and static memory are involved. Everything else is sleeping, including the actual radio module. Consequently, no satellite, no base station - but no one at all - this phone does not “see” and cannot find it.

On the other hand, as soon as a new SIM card is inserted into the stolen phone and it tries to register on the network, it is thanks to IMEI that the system will show that the stolen phone appeared there. In Europe and the USA, such a device is immediately blocked, so a pickpocket or a fan of saving money will not receive much joy from theft. But in the Russian Federation there is no such system yet, but perhaps it will appear soon.

However, you can protect your phone from thieves, or at least make their life not so sweet, and in subsequent articles we will tell you how to do it.

Only the operator can tell where the lost phone is, and he can do this only at the request of the competent authorities.

In order to write a statement to the police in connection with the theft of the smartphone, you need to indicate your passport data, provide documents for the purchase of the smartphone (check, warranty card, etc.), as well as the IMEI device. The district police department transfers the case to the unit that deals with such issues, and it, in turn, sends a request to the operator. As you can see, this is not a quick matter, since the police are not a lost property agency, but the criminal intent must still be proved.

In fact, your gadget will actually be searched only if its loss occurred as a result of a criminal offense, for example, robbery, etc.

That is why any other suggestions find phone by IMEI - via satellite, online, free or otherwise, firstly, they are doomed to failureand secondly by default are fraudulent. Also, there are no programs for finding a phone by IMEI, unless it is a database of stolen devices, created in order, for example, not to buy such a device from hand.

How to find an Android phone by IMEI yourself via the Internet?

Before finding a personal phone using this function, you will need to first learn the IMEI of your mobile phone. To do this, look at the back of the battery built into the device. You can also dial * # 06 # and look in the warranty card or on the package.

Having learned this parameter, you will need to perform several actions aimed at finding the loss:

  • A request is made to law enforcement agencies and documents are provided on the smartphone.
  • Employees of the organization submit special requests to all active mobile operators.
  • Specialists, in turn, will search for the device in their databases. This is the best opportunity to find out who owns the SIM card that was previously installed on the lost device.
  • All information received is sent to law enforcement authorities to conduct subsequent necessary proceedings.

Directly through Own employees are not looking for a smartphone. They use this number solely for criminal proceedings, to identify a person as the owner of a smartphone.

Via computer

To find out the coordinates of a lost device and quickly decide how to find Android by imei, you will need to use Internet services and software designed for the Android OS. You can track your device via the Internet only if the functionality is tied to your Google profile. To achieve this goal, you need to perform the following simple steps:

  1. Goes to the account profile of this browser.
  2. In the main section, you can find the Search option and immediately activate Proceed.
  3. The desired device is selected, then the approximate location of the phone will automatically be reflected.

Using this service, users are allowed to see the place where the smartphone is currently located and where a person is moving with it. This is the best opportunity to significantly increase the likelihood of finding a loss.

Via satellite online and free

Check through the satellite and completely free, you can through special programs. Their main feature is the ability to record the serial code of the device and use it to track and resolve the issue of how to find a lost Android phone through a computer using imei.

On the Internet there are a huge number of portals offering services of such a plan, but many of them are a hoax. A lost cell can be found through special appeals to the police, via satellite, as well as through the use of proprietary applications. Among the most basic of them can be noted such free services as:

To use them, it is enough to have a smartphone communicator, go through a simple registration and write down your personal information. We are talking about data such as mobile number, SIM card, address, full name. After entering such information, the search itself can be carried out directly. The desired result appears on the screen after a few seconds and you can easily find the Android device by imei.

Find Android by Have

If a personal smartphone has been stolen, it can be found online by IMEI. Despite the fact that there are no special services on the network that can show the location of the smartphone on this indicator. The best solution here is to use special services that make it easy to track using special devices and software.

If you have any questions, let us know Ask a Question

Another option to get information about the device is to use the analogue of a personal Google account, that is, the Google Play application, which you can find and install from the gallery. In this program, there is a special remote control of the phone, clearing information and blocking all information. The disadvantage of this method is that with theft, a fraudster can simply take complete control over the installed application.

If this is confusing, you can use the special Lost Android software. This is a more powerful application in its functionality, which can also be found and installed from Google Play. Among the main features that the user receives after installation, we can distinguish:

  1. Phone search online,
  2. Lock or unlock your smartphone completely,
  3. Studying and copying information - photos, multimedia, contacts,
  4. Turn on and off the vibration, normal sound signal and screen,
  5. SIM card change notification.

A lot of functions are provided, thanks to this, computer users do not have any special problems with how to find a lost or stolen smartphone.

To summarize

Law enforcement officers search and track lost or stolen smartphones by Email. If a theft is discovered, you will need to contact the police and submit a corresponding application. The document must have a code named Have. After receiving an official request, employees will quickly forward the request to the operators. Other necessary work may be carried out. As a result, you can succeed in the search for a stolen gadget by I have.

Have a device

IMEI consists of 15 digits. The code contains information about the place of production, serial number and model of the device. If you look at the first eight digits, which are called TAC (Type Approval Code), and understand this identifier, it turns out that 2 digits of these 8 are the place of origin of the phone. The serial number is recognized by the following six-digit value. There remains one more figure, with the help of which by a certain formula one can find out the correctness of all previous figures. This check occurs according to the Moon algorithm.

To the owner of a cellular IMEI is absolutely irrelevant. It determines the number of the device from which the network is connected. You can determine the owner only by IMSI number. From English it is translated as the international identifier of the subscriber. IMSI is stored on a SIM card.

How to find a phone by imei yourself via the Internet

Despite the fact that only mobile operators have access to information about the device’s location, a fairly large number of services can be found on the network that allow you to determine a particular phone for fake, theft or loss. Such resources do not help much from preventing theft (but rather do not help at all), but are very useful when buying new and, in particular, used phones, there is an opportunity to verify the seller’s integrity. One such service is SNDeepInfo.

It is the easiest and most affordable way to find out all the necessary information about the device, helps to find the lost and stolen, and also prevents from buying a fake device. SNDeepInfo checks IMEI and serial numbers of phones, smartphones, cameras and household appliances (looks like native advertising, but in fact it is not, just the project is really good and deserves more attention).

Checking IMEI for presence in the database is quite simple. Go to the main page of SNDeepInfo and see the form to fill out:

We select the appropriate section, indicate the serial number or IMEI of the device and click the "Check" button:

After a few seconds, we see the results of the check, which contains information about the device manufacturer, a specific model, status (is it present or not in the stolen / lost database). IMEI decryption is also available:

If you found a device or lost it, you can report it by clicking the "Add to the list of lost or stolen" button. You will see the “Device Registration” page:

The service does not track the location of the device by IMEI, however, if the circumstances are successful, it will help you in your searches or will allow you to find the owner of the phone.

Why do i need

IMEI identifies network devices . That's whycheck phone byhelps to find the lost device.

Also, the owner has the ability to block the mobile. This can be done if you contact your mobile operator. After that, the phone will be blacklisted.

Now it will not be possible to call from him. Even if a SIM card is removed from the device or another is installed, it will still be blocked.

In 2002, representatives of foreign mobile operators provided information according to which it is possible to change the unique IMEI number by a special program.

Cell phone manufacturers today are trying to constantly improve their protection, so changing the IMEI ID is very difficult. Some existing companies claim that in their models this is basically unrealistic.

It is interesting! The Internet takes up most of our lives. How to connect the Internet through a satellite dish is described in our article.

Find it in the cellular settings

For Android-based cell phones, you can find it in the settings. To see the identifier, you need to go to the phone’s settings, open the menu, click “About phone” and click “Status”. This is where it is indicated.

If the device is based on iOC, you can also find it in the settings. You must click "Settings", "Basic" and the last "About this device."

Where to look for it on the device itself

For many phones, a unique code can be found under the cover located on the back. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Before opening the cover, turn off the machine.
  2. Gently open the back of the device.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. After that, find the IMEI at the place where the battery was.

This method is only suitable for those phones that can be disassembled. On iPhone devices, IMEI is located on the back cover. Also, a unique code can be written on the SIM card slot.

We are looking for a phone by imei online with the device turned on

If you follow this action plan, you can find the phone by having it online:

  1. If the device was stolen, it will be easier to find an attacker if calls are made from the phone, SMS are sent. Knowing the whereabouts of the offender, the police will be much easier to find him. That is why it is not recommended to immediately resort to the SIM card lock function. This can be done if there is a significant amount on the phone balance. Also, if a postpaid payment system is used, it is better to block a SIM card. If this is not done, the owner will have to pay for all calls from the lost device.
  2. Next you need to record your cell. A unique code can be found by looking at the packaging. Usually it is on the side. Using the code, the device can be found. If the attacker threw out the old SIM card and inserted a new one, you can find the phone. There is also such that the name on the mobile does not match the code indicated on the package. That is why, even when buying a device, it is important to check these numerical values.
  3. After that, you will need a printout of phone calls from the moment it is lost. In a specialized mobile phone salon, they must provide it.
  4. The next step is to prepare a statement. In it, you need to describe in detail the events and information about the phone. Be sure to include the name of the owner, contact details and the device in the application.
  5. With a written statement you need to contact the police. It is also necessary to take a passport and documents confirming the ownership of the device. Among them should be a check, company packaging and warranty card. The police, having accepted the application, will have to contact the mobile operator in order to help him track the phone via imei.
  6. The operator must find the phone by the number and find out who owns the SIM card that is currently inserted in this device. Information about the owner is sent to the police for further investigation.
  7. Finding a phone can take a long time, because due to the heavy workload, services do not prioritize cases of the loss or theft of mobile phones.

How to find a device that is turned off

In case the mobile is disconnected, forphone search by imeiIt is recommended that you first recall the last steps in your memory. Well, if you can remember the location of the cell. If this method does not bring positive results in the search, then you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. You need to remember whether the device has a notification function in the off state and if the alarm is activated.
  2. Then proceed to independent searches for the phone. It is recommended to be patient if there are animals or children in the house, as they can take the device and hide it in the most unpredictable place. If the search did not return results, you just need to wait until the time for which the alarm is set. When the signal works, a melody will play, and the phone will be easy to find.
  3. There is an object that can come in handy for finding a mobile one - a metal detector.

There is also a method that allows you to find the missing phone, even if it is disconnected. How to find a phone on a sim card? You need to contact the nearest office of the mobile operator, declare the phone missing and ask to find it. You need to have a passport with you, an agreement on a SIM card and know your number.

If the device is stolen

When it is known for certain that the phone was stolen, the question arises of how to find it by imei yourself. To find out about the location of a missing or stolen mobile in-house is almost impossible . The only way could be to use a special tracking function. Modern devices transmit their location over the Internet. More services that allow you to find mobile by IMEI yourself do not exist.

Find iPhone via iCloud

Apple is constantly improving the protection of mobile device users.

Since 2010, an option called “Find iPhone” has appeared, thanks to which users connected to iCloud can track the location of a mobile device.

The Apple mobile device system offers to activate this option immediately when you first turn on the new device.

If for some reason it turned out to be inoperative, you can enable it as follows:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section.
  2. Find "iCloud" and activate the "Find iPhone" option.
  3. Go to the "Privacy" section.
  4. Next, in the "Location Services" option, turn on the "Find iPhone" option again.

The steps described will help you track your iPhone through iCloud.

Internet search

Thanks to the activated iCloud optionfind iphonecan througha computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to using your ID and password from your computer.
  2. Find the menu with applications and click "Find iPhone".
  3. After that, the location of the device will be displayed on the map.

When you click on it, the following functions will be offered:

  • turn on sound:
  • activate the loss mode,
  • delete data.

Sound playback allows you to find the unit due to loud music. In the loss mode, you need to enter the phone number and message, the device itself will be blocked. The person who has found the phone will see on the screen the phone number on which you need to call and report the find. The latter function is necessary to delete all data from the device.

How to find a device through Google

For mobile phones based on Andro> This program provides the ability to find a phone via IMEI via satellite.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must first register in the program.

In case of mobile theft, there is a special function that allows you to make a call to a lost device. The call is free. The call is made at the highest volume level that is possible for a particular phone model.

You can turn off the sound only by removing the battery or from the computer.

The service also provides the ability to block the cellular or erase the data contained on it.

Looking for the lost Samsung

Many will find it usefulfind samsung phonecan using an accountSamsung To do this, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Samsung account.
  2. Enter personal data.
  3. Choose the appropriate action.

The functions will become available to the user:

  • turn on the signal at full volume,
  • phone lock
  • determining the location device on the map,
  • permanent deletion of content.

You can use the service only if the device is turned on. Otherwise, you will have to apply with the application and all documents to law enforcement agencies. They will send a request to the mobile operator, which will be able to punch the phone by imei and indicate its location.

Program for quick and free mobile search

It is not possible to find a phone via satellite yourself. Most likely, the coordinates will help determine the special tracking services of the device, nothing more. There are many programs, but they are free only for a short time, after the user will be offered to subscribe.

It’s possible to find a mobile phone, but sometimes it will take a lot of time to search. Instead, it’s better to take care of security, register the device with accounts and try not to lose your cell phone.

Is it realistic to find a phone by imei?

Track your phone by imei online via the Internet, a program to track your phone by imei, find a phone by imei via satellite for free and other special services that let you know the location of your phone by IMEI - fraud.

Access to the location of the phone by IMEI number is available only to the mobile operator, and information is available only by the law enforcement agency, if there is a statement about the theft of the device.

On the Internet, we can only find databases where people themselves post information that their device has been lost or stolen. Using other resources - you put yourself at great risk.

Good luck in your search! And, as a bonus, a short video from the blogger "overbafer1”, Which tells in detail and shows how the smartphone is tracked by IMEI:

How to find the phone yourself

To get started, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to find a gadget without using IMEI. Self-tracking is effective if the device is connected to the Internet 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi, and a SIM card in place.

ATTENTION! When disconnecting the connection or physical damage to the device, removing the battery and removing the SIM card, the detection methods described below do not work.

Android OS

Gadgets running on Android can be tracked with the built-in Find your Device app. The program is installed on another phone, tablet or PC and log into your account in guest mode. The user will receive information about the last time the device was connected to the network and on the map it will see its location. Find My Device also provides ringer, clear memory, and lock functions.

Proprietary Utilities

Manufacturers provide products with proprietary applications, including for phone search. They all work in a similar way. Xiaomi owners in the Mi Cloud directory can activate the Find Divice feature. At this point, the device must be connected to the Internet. Then the system identifies it on a Google map or BaiDo to choose from. Xiaomi can be blocked, erased from it, or turned on an audio signal if the device cannot be found in an apartment or on the street.

Where to look for a number

IMEI is displayed on the inside of the case under the battery, but this applies to older models. On modern names it can be placed on a sim card slot (sometimes in very small print).

    The easiest and most convenient way to find out the number is to use the settings. For Andro> Why it is important to know IMEI

Unfortunately, independent searches for a lost or stolen smartphone are not always successful. Attackers are aware of all the above methods. The IMEI code remains the only chance to detect the loss and prove that the device was really owned by the applicant. Immediately after buying the device, it is important to fix the individual number (take a photo, record, etc.), so that in case of theft, prove your rights to the device in the police.

Contact the police. How the special services find the phone

The cost of new models of branded smartphones amounts to tens of thousands of rubles, and such a loss is a serious blow to the family budget and nervous system. That is why contacting the police is a natural and expedient step.

  1. Investigators will ask for maximum details. It is necessary to cope with emotions and be prepared to provide accurate information about the place, time, circumstances of the theft and communicate the signs of the offender.
  2. Before you visit the police station or before the patrol arrives, prepare all the available documents for your mobile device: check, packaging, warranty card, insurance, IMEI code. All this will allow you to immediately initiate a case and start a professional search.
  3. If the owner does not provide documentary evidence, it is likely that the opening of the case will be denied or even accepted.

IMEI is immediately entered by police into a special base. During raids on points of sale of telephones, pawnshops, especially used ones, a stolen item can be detected quite quickly. This is one of the search methods, and law enforcement agencies have worked out other, no less effective schemes. Therefore, a statement to the police, if all the certificates are available, will help to find the property “in hot pursuit”.

But keep in mind that the police will be more willing to look for an expensive smartphone, especially if it leads to some sort of a bigger crime: selling stolen goods, for example. If the device is cheap, then most likely no one will show zeal.

Mobile carrier searches

The mobile operator can track the location of a mobile phone, but only if a SIM card is installed and active inside the device. Finding off an apparatus that was lost during mushroom picking in the forest, or tearing it out of the hands of intruders, are completely different situations. In the first case, there are still chances of even self-tracking through applications, iCloud, etc. And in the second, it’s almost unrealistic, since any thief immediately removes the SIM card and gets rid of it.

In the operator’s office, they will definitely require permission from law enforcement agencies. And the search report will also be sent to the police.

Is it possible to find the device by IMEI through the Internet?

You can find, but within the same cell tower, and then knowing the digital codes that the smartphone itself can generate. Read more about the method in the video.

At various forums and social networks, information is spread that the phone can be found independently via IMEI online. Like, just pay. Unfortunately, this is a hoax. At a minimum, time will be wasted. But the saddest thing is that some gullible citizens agree to transfer funds to false detectives. Don't get fooled by this

Is it true that the gadget can be found through the satellite system?

It is possible that in the arsenal of special services there are similar ways to search for any devices. But it is unlikely that someone will use them to determine the location of a private person’s cell phone.

Therefore, satellite searches, for mere mortals, are MYTH.

However, if immediately after the purchase you install the “Track by Phone Number” application from Family Locator Inc. on the android, you will find it via GPS in case of loss. And it’s completely free.

Tips & Tricks

Buying a smartphone is a long-awaited and joyful event, and at such moments you do not want to think about the bad at all. However, experts strongly recommend that immediately after buying or receiving a gift, take care of the safety of their property. Make all the necessary settings, write down the account information, IMEI number, put the packaging and receipts in a separate place. It’s better not to skimp and take out insurance.


Tracking your smartphone by IMEI, if it was stolen, is a difficult task, but there are chances. Especially if you take security measures in advance by installing the above applications. Experienced criminals immediately cut off all the possibilities to identify the gadget. But the mobile phone could simply get lost: fall under the car seat or fall over the sofa. Therefore, first try searching through Google or the "Find a device" function.

If the device is disconnected, does not communicate, cannot be found on the card, you must definitely erase all the information remotely and contact the police.


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