Best fortune telling at home

Nowadays, a large number of different methods of fortune telling are known, a person can spend some of them independently, without turning to professional magicians and sorcerers for help. Just remember that, looking beyond the bounds of fate, you should be extremely careful. After all, the results of magical actions can exceed all expectations.

Rules of Home Ritual

It is very important to complete the fortune-telling procedure in complete solitude. Even if you are guessing on a plain sheet of paper, there should not be anyone in the room. In addition, the desire to do predictions should not be reported to outsiders, even the closest friend.

Magic is always next to a secret, public disclosure will not do it any good - this may incorrectly affect the results of the procedure. A separate point is to calculate the time at which you are going to guess.

Afternoon is best suited for this. If you want to achieve maximum accuracy in the results, start divination after seven in the evening. It is permissible to perform this magical ritual on any day except Sunday and church holidays.

Fortune telling is better to postpone if you hear bells ringing. It is important to concentrate fully on this procedure: turn off the phone and TV, close the curtains on the windows tightly.

Favorable dates

For the procedure, it is best to choose days and nights that are significant in magic: at this time, intuition escalates, and the connection with the world of mysticism is maximized. Most of these days fall on the full moon.

The strongest dates, from the point of view of magic, are Vasiliev evening and Christmas Eve. At this time, it is allowed to guess even in noisy companies. Not suitable for fortune-telling Friday and Saturday.

You will not only not get the exact result, but also risk getting a pile of troubles that will haunt you all the time. The exceptions include Fridays falling on Christmas Day and Christmas time - they relate to common fortune-telling days.

The most favorable month of the year for fortune telling is January. At this time, it is best to guess for the long term. If you are interested in financial matters, you should turn to magic in February, October or November. They think about health in the summer, and in September they are interested in the next trips.

The most simple fortune-telling

If you want to see your future husband in a dream, put a small lady’s mirror under the pillow. Asleep, mentally imagine your future chosen one. For reliability, say a few times to yourself: “Narrowed-over, come dressed up.”

To make fortune-telling on a cherished desire, take twelve pieces of paper, on each of them write what you dream about. “Magic” notes are put under the pillow before bedtime. Waking up in the morning, pull out any three pieces of paper.

The wishes written on them should come true this year. Each of us is probably familiar with the famous fortune-telling from the book. Formulate the question you are interested in. Take any book you like, then guess the page number and line. Read the result of divination.

Winter fortune-telling with water was popular in Russia. On New Year's Eve, you need to pick it up in a spoon and take it out in the cold. In the morning, when the water freezes well, an interpretation of the prediction was made. The flat surface symbolized good luck, hollows and deepenings carried diseases and misfortunes.

Using candles

Light a candle and carefully monitor its flame. With his calm, the fortuneteller is guaranteed success in all endeavors. If the flame is bifurcated, then disaster cannot be avoided. In some cases, the candle goes out all the time. This means that fate will present you with an unexpected surprise.

You can also write on a small piece of paper the name of the person cherished for you. Ask yourself: will we be together? Then burn the paper on a candle flame.

The resulting ash is collected in the palm of your hand and at midnight with it they approach the window. Put your hand out of the window: if the ashes continue to lie quietly, it will be possible to create a wonderful union with the mysterious person. If the remnants of the ashes flew away, then the gentleman in the near future will disappear from your life.

Treasured card

With just one card, you can quickly and specifically find out about the future with your loved one. Take the deck and shuffle it.

Slide a part of the deck with your little finger and lay down. The first card left after the shift will tell you about your prospects in love.

The suit of hearts signals love, “crosses” warn of difficulties, tambourine cards promise happiness, and “peaks” promise trouble.

The rules of divination for love at home

The presence of certain items necessary for the ritual, and the desire to quickly find out your fate is not a guarantee that the results will be correct. There are a number of rules that are important to follow when performing fortune-telling at home:

  1. The time of the ritual. Fortune-telling was carried out on Christmas Eve (on the night of January 6-7). All days from January 6 to January 19 (the so-called Christmas time) were also considered favorable. It was during this period that it was customary among unmarried girls to guess at a betrothed.
  2. Day of the week. Fortune-telling on Friday or Saturday is not recommended, but only if the Christmas Eve is not falling these days.
  3. With whom to guess. In Russia, rituals were conducted in a noisy company of unmarried girls, with the exception of those rites when the bridegroom was to appear in a dream.
  4. Times of Day. The best time for divination is after sunset or after 7 pm. Many girls prefer to conduct ceremonies at midnight.
  5. Environment. It is necessary to prepare for fortune-telling. To do this, you must turn off all communications, TV and computer, close the doors and curtain the windows with curtains. Well and most importantly, it is the right attitude and faith in what is happening.


To carry out such a ceremony, you will need a phone. Dial absolutely any number and at the same time think about your betrothed.

You will recognize the decoding of fortune-telling by the answer on the other end of the wire:

  • no beeps - a person does not feel for you,
  • the line is busy - it’s worth a little wait, soon everything will work out
  • subscriber out of range - do not make hasty decisions, it’s better to think it over again,
  • number dialed incorrectly - the beloved does not treat you the way you would like it to be,
  • "Hello" - a white streak has come in life,
  • "Listening" - the person you like is serious about you,
  • "Yes" - troubles, they will soon forget about you,
  • "Speak" - the desired person declares his love,
  • "Where are you calling?" - wait for a quarrel with your loved one,
  • "On the wire" - betrothed misses you.

Fortune-telling in a dream

The presented method is one of the simplest. The ideal period for divination for future love at home is Christmas time. But many girls perform it at other times during the year.

The essence of fortune-telling is as follows. Before going to bed, an unmarried girl should put a glass of water on the bedside table and put a piece of bread or a roll on it, and light a candle next to it. It is only important to take care in advance so that it does not tip over in the middle of the night. In order for the girl to dream of her future husband, she must say the words:

"Narrowed-over, come to me for dinner."

In a dream, a young lady should see her future love.

With needles

Prepare thirteen pins or long needles in advance: bend three of them in half, leave the rest untouched. Mark one needle with a marker - it will be “yours”.If it is necessary to tell fortunes to specific people, they should also be marked. Place a blank sheet of thick paper in front of you.

Place all the needles in your left hand and carefully drop down - onto the prepared sheet. For the correct interpretation of the results, the fortune-telling sheet is mentally divided into five parts: upper, lower, right, left, central.

The needles of the upper sector govern the circumstances, lower - obey them. The left sector is responsible for the past, and the right - for what lies ahead. The central field is the rest zone. The first thing to do is look at where your needle fell.

If the sewing tool is located in the middle and intersects with others, then in the near future you will find luck in love affairs and meeting interesting people. Look where the eye of the magical attribute points to.

If it is rotated to the upper right corner, then changes in personal relations will be only with a plus sign. When heading to the lower right corner, expect the opposite result. The upper left corner is preparing for you global change. Lower left - wants to remind that the development of relations depends only on ourselves.

Fortune telling

The next ritual is performed using a candle. This method of fortune-telling is connected with calling a brownie to the apartment, which should indicate the unmarried girl to her betrothed. Before performing it in a water bath, melt the wax. At the same time, a small saucer with milk should be placed on the doorstep of the house. After that, the girl says the following words:

"Brownie, my master, come under the threshold to drink milk and eat wax."

After this phrase, melted wax should be added to the milk. By the shape of the figure resulting from the ritual, you can judge your future. If the wax resembles a flower, it means that this year the girl will be able to meet her soulmate and even get married. A figure similar to the silhouette of a person symbolizes great love. If the wax will resemble a star, this means that the girl expects success in all endeavors, including in school.

The presented method can be attributed to one of the best divination for love, despite the fact that it is rather difficult to interpret its results.

How to divine for love - the preparatory stage

Decide on the purpose of the ritual. If you want to just have fun, special preparation is not required. When you are serious about learning the future, follow a series of rules.

  • If you are wondering with friends, call those who believe in the veracity of the process. There should be no skeptics in the company.
  • Seriously think about whether to conduct the ceremony, because this is magic, which means it can carry certain consequences.
  • Do not invade the future without good reason.
  • Get ready to see honest answers, not always positive ones. If you see something you don’t like, don’t get hung up on bad information.
  • Follow the rules of fortune telling clearly, otherwise you may get problems.
  • The most true witchcraft on the full moon, however, referring to it for the sake of entertainment, there is a risk of incurring troubles.
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Ritual with pen and sheet of paper

One of the easiest and safest is a ritual with a pen and a sheet of squared paper.

The method will help to find out what feelings a particular young person experiences. The nuance of the ceremony is that left-handed people need to write with their right hand, and right-handed people, respectively, with their left hand. In the corner of the sheet write the name of your lover, and in the center draw a heart.

On the contour of the heart, separate whole cells from those that touched the contour. Cross out whole cells in three pieces, and those that remain will tell you about the result of fortune-telling.

Explanation of the number of remaining cells:

One cellA man loves you.
Two cellsThe young man does not feel love.
No whole cellsYou will meet your love, you just have to wait for it.
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Guessing the thoughts of a lover using thread

Prepare balls of yarn in five different colors: white, red, blue, green and black. Cut five small pieces of each color, put it in a small bag or box and say the words: “What my dear I want to know in my heart and heart, tell me the whole truth.”

After that, take out 5 threads - when all of a different color has fallen, higher forces cannot give an exact answer to the question. When there are two threads of the same color, it means that the predictions will come true at different intervals.

WHITEA man will become your husband.
REDThe feelings of a man are very strong, and he is ready for anything for you.
BLUEBetween you more friendship than love.
GREENThe partner is not ready to take responsibility for you.
THE BLACKThe young man is not interested in a serious relationship, perhaps there was a betrayal.
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Rite on the relation of the narrowed on playing cards

It is recommended to read odd numbers in late evenings. Shuffle the deck, slide the cards with your little finger and shift them below the bottom. Each card after the shift will reveal the secret about the feelings of the young man and the further development of relations.

☞ Interpretation of drawn cards

  • Heart - Symbolizes love
  • Cross - Adversity is Coming
  • Tambourine - Joy and happiness
  • Pica - Troubles and troubles
  • 6-ka - Unexpected news, travel
  • 7-ka - Fun, entertainment
  • 8-ka - Discussions of the future
  • 9-ka - Mutual love
  • 10-ka - A happy future, plans and dreams
  • Jack - Problems
  • Lady - Opponent or ill-wisher
  • King - Chosen One, Chief, Colleague
  • Ace - Strong and stable relationship
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1. Fortune telling by sticks drawn on paper

Remember how in the first grade, before learning to write letters, did you learn to draw straight sticks at the same angle? Now this skill is useful to you, although the sticks do not have to be perfectly straight. Simply, there should be a lot of them, you can even draw the whole sheet with chopsticks.

In general, you think, while sitting at home, about your chosen one and draw sticks until you get tired (draw), and then you begin to cross them out two at a time. If all the sticks ended up crossed out, your love is mutual. If there is one non-crossed out wand left, it means that in these respects you will be alone, because the guy either does not love you, or will abandon you anyway.

2. Fortune-telling love yes

This requires a clear wording of the question, suggesting clear answers “yes” or “no”. Then the number of letters written is summed.

With a two-digit indicator, the numbers that compose it are summed up until you get a value from 1 to 9. Next, you just need to familiarize yourself with the interpretation of the result - and now you know for sure whether the person you were guessing for loves you.

How to say yes or no:

Interpretations of the yes-no test:

  • 1 - you yourself know about it,
  • 2- yes
  • 3- no
  • 4 - of course
  • 5 - 50 to 50,
  • 6 - yes, but something is hindering your feelings,
  • 7 - there is a hope that yes, but more like no,
  • 8 - yes, they will tell you about it soon,
  • 9 - probably not.

Please note that the unequivocal “yes” in different variations falls on even values, and the variants “no”, “possible” and “most likely” - on odd ones. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you formulate the question with or without a part - two more letters will “shift” the interpretation into two positions, and the answer, on the whole, will be the same, although with a different shade of emotions.

Fortune telling on the mirror

Rites with mirrors are considered the most dangerous and rarely girls decide to conduct them at home.

Fortune telling is quite simple - put two mirrors against each other so that you get a certain labyrinth of reflections, and in front of them light one candle. Say: "Narrowed-over, come to me for dinner." After that, he should appear in reflection. You need to quickly say: “Chur, I”, if you do not have time to do this, misfortune will occur.

Modern fortune telling on the phone

Enter a random combination of numbers on your phone and dial the number.Next, carefully listen to the voice and phrase that will be answered:

What is heard?ValueWhat is heard?Value
Male voiceNew acquaintance in the coming year"Speak"Success in love is up to you
Female voiceIntrigues and envy from rivals“Well, who is this ?!”Don't be too intrusive
"Yes"No one will refuse in the coming yearThe line is busyYour actions will affect the future of relationships.
"Hello"Implementation of plans and goalsNumber dialed incorrectlyPayback for mistakes made
"I'm listening"Wait for help from a strong personSilenceWaiting for nothing serious
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Many of us dream of knowing what lies ahead. Who will we marry and will we marry at all? Will we have children, in what quantity and gender? Will a career go into growth? Will we get our own housing, a car, a summer house? Everyone has their own questions, desires, dreams. And we all want to make sure that we are going in the right direction. The easiest way to do this is fortunetelling. And most often this ritual is carried out at home, and not at a party with a professional fortuneteller.

Today there are a large number of rituals for fortune telling at home. These are fortune-telling on love, finance, relationships, health, and many others. All home rituals are built on accessible objects and attributes, so that anyone who wishes can fulfill them and received, if not a clear picture of the upcoming, then advice on action in the right direction.

Ways of home fortune-telling a lot. You can find them in books, specialized publications, on the Internet. Which method is the most effective and truthful? It's hard to judge. We hope that from the proposed variety you will choose the right option. We will offer you the basic methods and practices.

How to find out the name of the married

Get off at the crossroads at midnight and ask the first person he met for his name. This will answer the question about the name of the future groom.

Another option: write male names on small pieces of paper and place them in a small bag or box. After this, mix and get the first one you get - they will call the narrowed one. Usually this type of fortune-telling is carried out at night before Christmas.

Fortune telling at home with needles

There are various ways that will demonstrate how a loved one feels and what kind of development awaits the relationship. They use different magic attributes: flowers, books, wax, tarot cards, playing cards. The main thing in the art of conducting rites is the interpretation of the results.

Often an answer will be explained only by a person with a rich imagination or with sufficient experience. A large number of fortunetelling is known in which needles are used.

Prepare 13 long thin needles or pins. 3 bend in half, the remaining 10 remain intact. Take varnish or markers, mark one of the needles - the fortuneteller’s needle.

If you are guessing at certain people, note the needles that are responsible for them. The fortuneteller puts a blank sheet of paper in front of him, takes the needles in his left hand, picks them up above the white sheet and throws them down.

Interpretation of the result

In order to correctly decipher the result, mentally (or preliminary) divide the sheet of paper into 5 parts (upper, lower, right, left and center).

The needles that fall into the upper sector govern the circumstances, and into the lower sector they obey. The sector on the left tells about the past, on the right - about future events. The central region is a zone of peace, confidence, harmony.

Determine in which sector the needle needle lies. If the attribute is in the middle and intersects with others, luck in love relationships, meetings with interesting people, pleasant surprises from a partner are waiting for.

They look at where the attribute eye points: if in the upper right corner - changes in love are positive, if in the lower right corner - they expect unpleasant news from a lover. If the eye looks up at the left corner, global changes in love relationships have already taken place, no changes are expected in the future.The eye, directed to the lower left, says that the relationship depends only on the efforts made.

If the needle does not intersect with others, there will be loneliness, difficulties in communicating with people of the opposite sex, conflicts with a loved one.

If the needle is at the top, it all depends on the girl. If the eye is directed to the right, a gradual loss of influence on the relationship. The eye is directed to the left sector - a warning to follow words and deeds, so as not to destroy harmony.

If the needle is below, the girl is led to a partner. See if the needle intersects with other tips or ears. The more ears are directed towards the needle, the stronger the union and the more the chosen one loves. Curved needles, which lie next to the signifier, will tell about troubles in relationships.

If the attributes are close, pointed with the tips towards the needle of the fortuneteller, there are many ill-wishers who will try to destroy the union. If the needle lies clearly on the signifier, there is a rival.

To make the fortune-telling clearer, divide the sheet into 12 sectors in a circle: each area is responsible for 1 month. Fortune telling will show how relations will develop throughout the year.

Fortune telling a guy's love

There are many ceremonies that reveal secrets in love relationships. A part is carried out independently at home or online for free.

To perform the ritual, you will need stockings or socks. Fortunetellers say that it is better to conduct fortune-telling at night, from February 14 to 19. Before going to bed, put on one sock or stocking and say:

My fiancée is narrowed (name), if you love, if you take a sip, come come to me to shoe.

Put 2 stockings under the pillow and go to bed. If a young man experiences warm sincere feelings, he will certainly dream at night and put on a second stocking.

Rite with thread

To tell fortunes about love, men use a simple method that will reveal what the beloved has in his heart. To carry out the ritual, they are armed with colored threads: black, white, red, green, blue.

Cut 5 short strings of each color and put them in a small bag. Speak:

I want to know everything that is in my beloved’s heart. Open darling to me, tell the whole truth.

Having closed their eyes, they pull at random 5 threads in turn from the bag. Begin to interpret the result. Look, what color thread more. If each is a different color, guess again. If there are two of one color and 1 of the other, and one and the other prediction is true. Perhaps events will occur at different time intervals. Or the situation is unstable, relations are developing in different channels.

What does the color of the thread say:

  • Black - the guy stares at other girls, is not ready for a serious relationship, another is sweet to him.
  • White - a person will lead down the aisle. It is not known whether the marriage will be successful, but the man will make the girl happy.
  • Red thread - a man loves strongly, faithfully, is ready to do everything so that his beloved is happy.
  • Green - the man is ready to be with his beloved, but the responsibility for making decisions and the family will shift to her shoulders.
  • Blue - the guy is more a friend than a lover. Perhaps the relationship burdens the lives of both.

Fortune telling new love

The ritual was carried out by women to determine what their married name would be. Take two pieces of paper and a pen.

On the first sheet, they draw a big heart, cut the second into small squares, write letters A to F. They put a painted heart in front of them, pick up the prepared squares, mix, squint and say:

My heart, show my betrothed.

Without opening their eyes, they pour out pieces of paper with letters on the drawn heart. With her eyes closed, the girl takes out at random 4 squares. The assistant makes sure that all pieces of paper lie on the territory of the heart, and not outside the picture.

When the letters with letters are selected, they read what happened. The letters that are written on the leaves will be in the name and surname of the future husband.

True divination by love will help to find out what is happening in the soul of a partner and reveal its secrets.

How to learn to guess on the cards?

Ways to determine your fate by playing cards are considered one of the simplest and most popular. Such independent fortune-telling for love at home allows you to get answers to many questions of interest, including what happened in the past and what awaits a person in the future. To carry out the ritual, in addition to a deck of 36 cards, you will need a special interpreter of their meanings. It can be purchased at the bookstore.

The essence of the most simple fortune-telling is as follows. The deck of cards should be well shuffled, not forgetting to formulate the question of interest. Further, with the left hand, the upper part of the deck is removed and shifted to the bottom. After that, you need to take nine cards and lay them face-down with a fan. Then the cards can be turned over and the meaning interpreted by the interpreter.

The next method of fortune telling is to determine your past, present, near and distant future, as well as learn about those things that interfere with the fulfillment of desires. In the process of performing the ritual, 5 playing cards are removed from the deck. On the table they are laid out in the following sequence: No. 1 to the center, No. 2 to the top, No. 3 to the left, No. 4 to the bottom, and No. 5 to the right. It is necessary to interpret the results as follows: the first map shows the present, the second - the near future, the third - the distant future, the fourth - the past, the fifth - things that impede the realization of desires.

With pencil and paper

In the corner of the sheet in a small square with your left hand write the name of your beloved, and in the center with the same hand draw a heart. If you are left-handed, then you need to draw with your right hand. Then, along the contour of the heart, it is necessary to separate all whole cells from those that touched the line-contour of the heart.

Next, it is necessary to cross out whole cells of three pieces, those that remain will be the result of the ritual. The one remaining box says that the guy loves you, but so far he himself can not admit it to himself.

Take the initiative in your own hands. Two cells report a lack of love for you. However, do not rush to be upset - it can still change. If there are no cells left at all, this is a good sign. Over time, everything will turn out in the best way in your life.

Fortune telling with a match and a basin

This is one of the most interesting and most accurate divination for love. For the ceremony, you will need a basin filled with clean water, an ordinary match, a piece of apple, a pencil, several sheets of white paper and scotch tape.

Write on the sheets the male names you are interested in. Glue them with tape along the entire upper edge of the pelvis. Then light a match, stick it in an apple slice, lower it into water and watch what is happening. After a few moments, an apple with a burning match will swim up to one of the leaves and set it on fire - your fiance will bear the name inscribed on this sheet.

3. Fortune telling on paper: 1-2-3-4

This is a great fortune-telling for girls who are not experienced witches or have poor visual memory. You just need to think about the person you like, write the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on paper in any arbitrary sequence and see the interpretation.

The interpretation of fortune-telling on "1-2-3-4":

On the croup

For fortune telling you will need the same handfuls of rice and buckwheat. The cereal is mixed and thrown into a bowl of water. The result of the ceremony will depend on which cereal remains on the surface more.

If rice is the leader, then you have only happiness ahead, buckwheat warns of possible difficulties. If it is impossible to determine the ratio of cereals, and it remains in approximately equal amounts, then what is happening is only in your hands.

Execution Rules

Carrying out the ritual of fortune-telling at home, it is very important to observe simple, but at the same time effective rules that make the result true:

  1. sacrament of the rite.It is very important to guess for the future all alone. Regardless of whether the ritual is performed on paper or cards, there should not be anyone else in the room except you. In addition, no one should know about the performance of the ritual, even the closest people. Magic is a sacrament and publicity can negatively affect the result and its veracity.
  2. time.Special attention should be paid to the time of divination. It is best to guess for the future, for love, and for a betrothed in the afternoon, closer to evening. The ideal time is after seven in the evening.
  3. day of fortune telling.A ritual of love can be performed on any day except Sunday and church holidays. It is also not recommended to guess to the sound of bells.
  4. concentration.Performing a ritual on a betrothed or love, you need to fully concentrate on this process. To do this, turn off the phone, radio and TV, close windows and doors tightly and give yourself completely to this process.
  5. faith in the ritual.A ceremony can only be done if you believe in its effectiveness. Only in this way can you find out the truth. It is not recommended to guess if a person does not believe in magic and makes a ritual out of interest.

Following these simple rules, the ceremony at home will turn out to be true and effective. You should also pay attention to the details of each individual fortune-telling.

Fortune telling - guessing, causing a dream

Take a sheet of plain paper, write on it the desired male name. Make up your lips with your favorite lipstick and leave a trace of your kiss on the sheet. Before going to bed, hide the paper under your pillow with your pocket mirror and say the words that are cherished.

"On the night of Monday to Tuesday,

I look through the windowsill.

The one who dreams of me

Let him come to me in a dream! ”

At night, a man with this name will necessarily dream, but is that the one you were thinking about? Fate often surprises us, looking into the future you need to be prepared for everything.

There is another version of this fortune-telling. Take three large bay leaves and write on each of them by name: Azarius, Ananias, Misail. And your betrothed will certainly appear in a dream tonight.

Basic Rules

This way of knowing the future combines numerology and classical fortune telling, but without maps, and is remarkable for the fact that it does not require special tools. In this case, you do not need to perform any complex actions. All that is necessary for fortune-telling on a piece of paper is to adhere to certain rules, namely:

  1. It is necessary to charm no more than once a day, and better - only if necessary. But if it’s difficult to stop and you want to try again, then you should understand that with different results the most accurate is the first. The rest will be far from the truth.
  2. It is necessary to concentrate, tune in to a serious process, and not to have fun. To do this, it is better to retire, conducting fortune telling at home without too much noise and strangers.
  3. The state of mind is also important and should be emotionally stable and calm.
  4. The question of interest must be clearly and clearly formulated, with a minimum of words.
  5. Fortune-telling will be as accurate as believing in it and will work only if the person really wants to receive valuable information, and does not perceive it as a trifle or a joke.

One should not talk about the intention to tell fortunes and about the received prediction until it comes true. Otherwise, the magic will disappear and everything may change or not be fulfilled.

Fortune telling with a match

Take two matches, one associate with yourself, and the second with a young man to whom you have a liking. Set them on fire at the same time, holding them upright. When they are completely burned, look at their position, it will tell about his attitude towards you.

Matches bowed to each otherHe is in love with you
Their position is evenMan is indifferent
His match leaned in the opposite direction from yoursYou cause negative emotions in the man whom
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4. Fortune telling at home on paper by the principle of chamomile

Fortune-telling on a camomile "loves - does not love" with separation of petals is known since ancient times. If it’s winter in the courtyard or you live in a metropolis, from where it takes at least an hour to get to the nearest daisy field by electric train, then you can divine love on paper using the very same calculator.

You write down the name of you and your desired in the same format - for example, name and surname - and begin to count on the principle of "one letter = one petal." The counting is cyclic, suggesting six options for the relationship of a young man to you.

The format for writing names and counting:

If you are too lazy to count, you can simply cross out 6 letters and “count” on the last 4. If the result is not encouraging, try writing the names in a different format. For example, just names or full name. The main thing is that the format is the same for you and for your chosen one. That is, the record, "Helen + Ivanov Ivan Ivanitch" will not give a correct answer to the request.

Fortune telling method on the mirror

The effectiveness of this method was proven many years ago. In Russia, a mirror and a candle were used as one of the main means for performing strong fortune-telling on love at home. A step-by-step ritual is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare two absolutely identical mirrors. One of them should be put on the table.
  2. Next, you need to light two candles. Place them in front of the mirror on the table so that it reflects fire.
  3. The girl picks up the second mirror and becomes the back to the first. It is advisable to prepare both large items in advance. It is important that in the second mirror she can see the first and burning candles.
  4. After that, the girl pronounces the words with which she calls her fiancée to appear before her. Moreover, in the mirror behind her, she should see a reflection of her future husband.

With salt

If a person wants to see a prophetic dream, he needs to eat something very salty. This method of fortune-telling was loved by girls in the old days. Going to bed, they would say: "Whoever is my fiancé will serve me a drink." But fortune telling with salt and onion scales is popular today.

If the salt has melted since January, then soon you will need help. The lack of salt on the February flakes predicts an interesting leisure. March onion without salt warns of a violent quarrel, and April warns of disagreement with a good friend.

If the salt disappeared in May - do not leave anywhere in the near future, in June this alignment will bring success in new affairs. July and September flakes without salt promise a favorable vacation, August without salt bodes a profitable job.

The October disappearance of salt promises an early marriage, the November promises successful purchases, and the December predicts interesting acquaintances.

Fortune telling time

The most important thing in any fortune-telling is the time of its implementation. For fortune-telling on love, Christmas Eve is considered the best time, which falls on the night of January 6-7. Christmas time is also ideal - lasts from January 6 to 19. At that time, from ancient times, they were wondering about a narrowed-down and loving relationship.

In these fortunetelling candles, wax, mirrors, cards, rings, paper and much more were used. And if for ancestors fortune-telling in most cases was fun for a pleasant pastime of the evening, today he is given a special magical meaning.

Among the girls who wanted to know the bridegroom or the fate, Christmas night on Ivan Kupala was especially popular. However, no one forbids guessing throughout the year, because problems and questions always exist, and curiosity in general is an inexhaustible thing.

Fortune telling with fire

Fire is a beautiful bright element, a symbol of youth, thirst for life, love and passion.Perhaps the beauty and power of fire forced our ancestors to compose and carry out many different fortune-telling, which used all forms of open fire - from matches to bonfires.

Here is one of the most accurate divination with fire. Make puzzles over each of the two matches of yourself and your loved one. Place the matches on the sides of the closed matchbox and light them, wait until they burn out. Strong mutual feelings will be displayed as embers striving for each other.

For a fun company of unmarried girls, there is another way of divining love through fire.

Each girl takes a thread (equal to each other's length). At the same time, all participants set fire to the lower end of the thread. The one whose thread burns out faster will be the first to become a married lady. If your thread, not even half burned out, goes out - do not wear a wedding dress this year.

Useful Tips

When conducting the ritual, it is important to follow the rules that will help to receive truthful answers.

  • First, choose the day and time for the ceremony. An ideal time is considered to be evening after about seven hours. As for the day - choose any day except Saturday and Sunday, as well as church holidays.
  • It is recommended to bewitch on the future and love, being alone in an empty room. Do not tell anyone about the ritual, otherwise the otherworldly forces may not give true answers.
  • When divining, concentrate fully on the process. Turn off all devices that violate the silence: mobile phone, TV, computer, radio. Close windows and doors tightly so that peace reigns in the room.
  • If you decide on fortune telling, faith will help a beneficial result. Do not guess out of interest without having faith in magic, otherwise you will not get honest answers to the questions asked.
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5. Fortune telling by spelling names written on paper

  1. Write your names - for example, Michael and Elena.
  2. Cross out the matching letters - here it is “a” and “l”.
  3. Count those who did not match - there are seven of them.
  4. Read the interpretation (7 - remain friends).
  5. If you are not happy, try the option Misha and Lena.
  6. Cross out the general letter “a”.
  7. Count the remaining letters - there are six of them.
  8. Check out the interpretation (6 - made for each other).

Trying other options is, of course, not a completely honest maneuver, but in real life we ​​often go for tricks in the name of our love. And, interestingly, it helps a lot! It is only important to “read” the hint correctly.

Perhaps if the informal “Misha and Lena” gives a more pleasant result than the semi-official “Michael and Elena”, then it’s time for you to stop pretending and seem more serious than you are.

Spelling fortune-telling:

Fortune telling by book

This method of determining fate is considered one of the most romantic. For fortune telling about love at home using a book, popular female novels are most suitable.

In order to find the answer to a previously posed question, it is enough to name the page and line number (top or bottom). Then you just need to read the phrase aloud and try to find the answer to the question.


For fortune telling, it is better to choose days and nights that are significant in witchcraft, when a person’s intuition is aggravated, and the connection with the otherworldly and mystical world is strengthened. Most of these days and nights fall on the full moon and some days waning - 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and 13 days of the flax cycle.

Friday and Saturday are not suitable for fortune telling. It is believed that if one wonders these days, then subsequently you can not part with a pile of troubles that will follow you on the heels. The exception is Fridays, Christmas and Christmas time, as they relate to generally accepted "fortunetelling" days. Christmas time is also called "holy days", dividing into two weeks, from Christmas to Baptism.

At this time, fortunetelling is the most reliable, and magic rituals are the most effective. The most powerful were Vasiliev evening (January 13) and Christmas Eve evening (January 18).These evenings can be wondered even in noisy companies. What topic? Any! You can find out your future, ask a question about love relationships, weddings, financial well-being, career advancement and much more.

January is the best month of the year for fortune telling, especially for the long term. The exact answer to financial questions can be obtained on the growing moon. The best months for financial fortune telling are February, October, November.

Better to guess on a betrothed on the feast of St. Andrew - December 13, as well as in Christmas time and Epiphany.

When and what is better to guess? In January for life expectancy. For love and relationships - in April. Health is wondered in July. In September, they are interested in long trips.

Fortune telling with personal items

The point is that the fortuneteller throws her boot, shoe or shoe on the road, the direction of the sock will indicate the side in which she is destined to get married.

Another option with a towel. A clean, dry towel is hung out at night by the window, saying, "My dear, narrowed one, come, wipe yourself with a towel." If in the morning the towel turns out to be dry, there will be no marriage this year. But a wet towel indicates a fast wedding.

When is the prediction not fulfilled?

Several reasons why fortunetelling is untrue.

  • You are still inexperienced and cannot correctly interpret the answer seen.
  • At the time of divination, your thoughts were focused on something else.
  • During the ceremony, there was a feeling of ill health or mood.
  • Your emotional state is restless.
  • Fortune telling happens too often.
  • Incorrectly asked question.

Following the advice described in the article, the result of fortune-telling will certainly be true and effective.

The most important thing to remember is that our happiness depends only on us, so do not focus on the answers received. Listen to your heart and go to your goals and dreams!

On boyfriend's feelings

This option is one of the easiest and is suitable for girls. A prerequisite - in the question you need to use a piece of "whether" and it should begin with a verb. For example: “Does Vladimir Natasha love?” It is necessary to cross out the repeating letters and count those that remained. Their number will be the number of the answer to the feelings of the boy.

L and b and t l and V l a d and m and r N and t and sh at

After strikethrough, the following symbols remained: w, b, c, l, d, m, p, n, a, w, y - only 11. The number must be unique, add it: 1 + 1 = 2. Now we are looking for the answer:

  • 1 - yes
  • 2 - no
  • 3 - most likely yes than not,
  • 4 - no more than yes
  • 5 - you need to listen to your intuition,
  • 6 - someone interferes with the relationship,
  • 7 - feelings will appear, but later,
  • 8 - hardly
  • 9 - maybe.

6. Fortune telling on checkered paper

  • Draw a heart with your left hand (left-handed - with your right!) With your eyes closed.
  • Contour the "whole" cells inside the line of the heart.
  • Cross out the cells in groups of 6 pieces.
  • The last 6 cells (if 6 remain) do not cross out.
  • If less than 6 cells remain - see how many whole cells remain inside the heart.
  • Learn the interpretation of meaning.
  • Cells crossed by the heart line do not participate in the calculations.

The value of the number of cells is from 1 to 6: the number 1 is love, 2 is friendship, 3 is a slight sympathy, 4 is a feeling of jealousy, 5 - you entered his dreams, 6 - complete indifference.

How to draw counting cells in a heart:

Fortune telling

This method allows you to get the answer to the question and find out what will happen in the future. For fortune telling, you will need a wedding ring that you can borrow for a while from mom, sister or grandmother, as well as a strong thread. To clear the subject of the energy of its owner, it is immersed in ice water for 5-10 seconds.

The rite is performed over a photograph, in case the girl is familiar with a young man, or over a glass of water, if fortune-telling is performed on a bridegroom who is a stranger. The ring is threaded through a thread and lowered over a glass or photo.Next, you need to monitor how the item will move. If the ring rotates in a circle, it means that the fortune-telling answer will be positive. The girl will soon meet her soulmate or get married. If the ring rotates like a pendulum, this means that the answer will be negative.

Fortune telling with a cock

It’s not so easy to get a rooster in the urban jungle, but nothing is impossible for a girl who wants to know her fate! But we also need chicken. When the animals are in your hands, place two plates, a mirror and a chicken in front of the rooster.

The first bowl should have grain, and the second should have water. Stand back and watch the rooster for a while. If he comes first to the mirror - your chosen one will be gentle and beautiful.

Having preferred grain, the rooster will point to the rich groom, and if the bird decides to get drunk - to be your narrowed drunkard. The cockerel, who first approached the chicken, personifies the womanizer husband.

To love

In order to divine on love and relationships, you must write your full name, middle name and last name, as well as personal data of the partner. Then in both lines you need to write letters that are repeated. Consider an example:

  1. Zhukova Irina Fedorovna: about, in, a, and, r, n.
  2. Semenov Ivan Sergeevich: s, e, n, c, and.
  3. We write out and count the matching letters: c, and, n - there are 3 of them.

  1. In a pair, everyone thinks only of himself. A happy and harmonious relationship will be obtained if both manage to get rid of selfishness.
  2. Expecting disappointment in the partner, and perhaps this has already happened. But you don’t need to hold on to the past in any case, because a lot has changed since the meeting. Partners may have grown out of this relationship.
  3. Feelings are real and mutual. The union is not afraid of any difficulties and is not threatened by serious quarrels, as well as rivals.
  4. Relations with a loved one, in principle, are not bad, but they are aggravated by frequent disputes for minor reasons. You need to be more tolerant, compromise and try to understand each other.
  5. The fortuneteller is often forced to concede to her partner, sacrificing her own interests.
  6. There is dominance in the relationship, but perhaps it suits both. If not, then it is necessary to relax the grip and give a half more freedom of action.
  7. The union is strong and harmonious. It will turn out to create a happy family.
  8. Between partners, complete mutual understanding. The chosen one met all expectations, and the relationship between them can be called ideal.
  9. Same interpretation as figures

7. Fortune telling on paper by pictures

You need 10 identical pieces of paper, from you - 10 schematic images. After the leaves are mixed and one gets at random (do not peep!). Let us clarify that this is a kind of “extended” fortune-telling not only for love, but for everything connected with it - desires, perspectives, accomplishments.

You study the interpretation of the image and evaluate the prospects of relations in this context. For convenience, we provide a single list of what you need to draw, and what this picture means if you come across it at random.

Divination by drawing on paper:

  1. Woman - you want too much, so either lower your requests or match them.
  2. Man - your desire will be fulfilled with the help of others, maybe even with the help of the man you are guessing at.
  3. Home - a desire will be fulfilled only if it is thorough and serious.
  4. The door is a symbol of future achievements and good luck, if you are active.
  5. A tree - financial troubles are possible, and if relations are built on a mercantile basis, then nothing good will come of it.
  6. The fence is the end of difficulties, including in love.
  7. Bird - until there are no major changes, but perseverance can, in the end, be rewarded.
  8. Flower - powerful changes in your life path.
  9. Cat - your hopes will not come true, but you will survive it.
  10. A river is a romantic trip or meeting, however, the fulfillment of a desire is still far away.

So, now you know the 7 best ways to divine for love at home on paper. The question may arise: can such simple fortunetelling be reliable?

We will answer with the words of the great thinkers of the era: "Everything ingenious is simple." Who wants to deliberately complicate the task - we offer a video how to divine for love on burning paper:

Fortune telling on paper

Find out the future of your love and the answers to all your questions!

Fortune telling

The methods of predicting one's fate presented above were more popular in Russia. Today, girls in fortune-telling about a narrowed one are increasingly resorting to modern technologies, namely to a mobile phone.

To carry out the ritual, just think about your loved one and immediately dial the phone number that first came to mind. Fortune telling is interpreted depending on what happens on the other end of the wire:

  • no one answers - a loved one does not think about a girl at all,
  • the number is not available - you have to make a difficult decision,
  • the answer "Hello" says that a serious relationship will develop between you,
  • if the answer in the receiver sounded like “Yes”, then the girl’s life will radically change for the better,
  • the answer "Speak" promises a declaration of love soon,
  • if they answered "Where are you calling", it means that very soon a serious scandal awaits you.

Fortune telling love

This method of divination is most common because of its simplicity, accessibility and truthfulness. Take all four kings from the deck and send them under the pillow. Falling asleep, say: "I am waiting for you, my beloved, I am waiting for you to be dressed up, I am waiting for you, my dear, dream me in a dream."

At night, the King of Hearts may appear to you - that means the bridegroom will be rich and young.

The appearance of the King of Spades will mark the old jealous.

The tambourine king portends that which is unique and desired.

Cross - a sign of a successful businessman or military careerist.

In the name of the betrothed

Such a fortune-telling will help to learn about the feelings of not only the chosen one, but also other young people who are interesting to the fortuneteller, or vice versa. And suddenly the wrong one will turn out to be completely narrowed. This is a 7 by 7 fortune-telling and for its implementation, in addition to a sheet in a box and a pen, you will need another calendar.

It is necessary to draw table 7 by 7, a total of 49 cells. Above, outside it, in arbitrary order, write 7 of any months, on the left - the days of the week, below - the numbers from 1 to 7, you can also arbitrarily. To the right are written 7 names of guys. In the middle of the square you need to place the numbers from 1 to 31 - these will be the days in the dates. Since there are only 49 cells, therefore, some numbers need to be repeated at your discretion.

Then you need to take the calendar and compare the resulting dates. If the number, day and month coincided, that is, they actually exist, then such a figure is circled, the rest are crossed out. You should look in front of what name the guessed number is and go down, looking for the dropped number - this will be the answer to the guy’s feelings.

  • 1 - shows sympathy and intends to take the first steps towards rapprochement, but he needs to overcome his insecurity,
  • 2 - complete indifference, perhaps there is interest in another,
  • 3 - the young man really wants to meet,
  • 4 - the guy has feelings, but not a fortunate one, you need to be smart to find out the truth,
  • 5 - a fortuneteller likes a guy, and if it’s mutual, then you need to act without wasting time,
  • 6 - relationships are possible, but feelings are only on the one hand, in the end everything will end in disappointment,
  • 7 - only friendship is guaranteed, but real and strong, therefore it is not worth completely breaking up the relationship.

Other easy ways of divination at home

There is a whole series of rituals with the help of which each unmarried girl can predict her fate. Below we present the following simple fortune-telling for love at home:

  1. In one of the halves of the walnut shell, you need to put a short candle and lower it in a bowl of water. After that, you need to wait until it burns out.If this happens quickly, then you can get ready for the wedding, and vice versa.
  2. Many coniferous branches should be scattered in a chaotic manner on the floor in the room. Then, closing your eyes, you should choose one of them and carefully examine it. If the bark on the branch is rough, the young man will be financially secure, and vice versa.
  3. The next fortune-telling was held on Christmas Eve or at Christmas time. At midnight, the girl ran out into the street and shouted "Au." From the side where the echo came from, she should have expected the appearance of the groom.

Fortune telling with wax

With the help of this fortune-telling, you can not only clarify the heart side of your future, but also get information on any issue that concerns you. Fortune telling has been beloved by Slavic people since ancient times, for its truthfulness, colorfulness, and special mystical sensations.

Pour into a large glass or deep bowl of clear water, remove the ring that you constantly wear from your hand, and place it on the bottom of the vessel.

Then you need to put pieces of wax in a tablespoon and melt it over a burning candle, whispering: “Burn the candle clearly, the hot wax of the swamp-swamp, show me darling.” Immediately start pouring wax onto the ring.

Remove the ring and remove the resulting wax figure. You will have to determine your fate in the form of wax. Here are some common interpretations.

Wax, which has taken the form of stripes, is literally perceived as roads, predicting trips to the fortuneteller.

Asterisks, snowflakes mark a successful study or service.

If the figure looks like a little man, a new good friend will meet on your life path.

The animal, on the contrary, warns of the appearance of an ill-wisher, an enemy in the near future.

But the flower - portends a quick family happiness.

Fortune telling with candles and wax

Guessing about a loved one can be with a candle. Particular attention must be paid to the color and shape of the candle. A spiral candle will help to predict fate, but the simplest candle from the church, on which you need to scratch the name of a loved one, tells about the narrowed one.

To carry out the ritual, you need to retire, no one should interfere. When you are as relaxed as possible, you can light a candle.

Further, all attention should be paid specifically to the flame. If it is calm, then success in any endeavors is guaranteed. Bifurcated flames speak of future troubles. If the flame goes out, fate will bring unexpected blows.

Another way of divination with a candle. On a small leaf you need to write the name of your beloved. Mentally ask if you will be with this person, and burn the sheet with the name on the candle flame. All the ash that has formed, you need to collect in the palm of your hand and at midnight go to the window. Putting your hand through the window, watch out: if the ashes lie in the palm of your hand, then you are with this person for life, and if you fly away, this person will soon leave you or you just leave.

For the future and every day

Guessing with a sheet and pen is possible not only for love. Among them there are interesting ways to find out the answer to an exciting question or to events that will occur during these days or in the future.

For fortune telling on a specific day, you need to write the date in words, as well as your last name, first name and patronymic. Then cross out the repeating letters and count those that were left without a pair:

D e v a d re a l b a c g I v a n a n a v a z a n a n a M a c s i m a n a

C, p, p, l, i, y, w, k - 8

  • 0 - nothing special will happen
  • 1 - good news
  • 2 - sad events,
  • 3 - travel,
  • 4 - some significant news,
  • 5 - there will be many compliments,
  • 6 - an interesting adventure,
  • 7 - boredom,
  • 8 - romantic day
  • 9 - deceit from someone.

If the number turned out to be two-digit, then by folding you need to get a single-digit number, for example, 11: 1 + 1 = 2.

There is still a fortune telling about a desire that will answer whether it will come true.To do this, you need to concentrate on the question and write a lot of sticks in a row on a piece of paper, then mentally say “stop” to yourself. Then you need to alternately connect them, in the form of the letter "H". If all the sticks are connected, then the desire will come true, there is only one left - then this is not to be expected.

Fortune telling on love

Buy a simple single-row comb, preferably a wooden one. Before you go to bed, run her hair through and say: "Come, my dear, my darling, and you will be combed." After the comb is placed under the pillow. In the morning, carefully consider the comb, if there are hairs on it, you will meet with the groom very soon, perhaps this year.

Fortune-telling cards

Fortune telling is the easiest and most popular. To carry out such fortune-telling, you need to have a card reader. You can find it both on the Internet and in any bookstores.

For fortune telling, you need to shuffle the deck of cards, while you need to formulate the question to which you want to get an answer. With his left hand, part of the deck is removed, and lies under the bottom. Now you need to lay out nine cards in a fan, while you can not peek or flip the deck. Using the interpreter, you can find out the meaning of the cards and analyze the answers that were received.

Take a deck of 36 cards, mix thoroughly and mentally ask a question. Put the deck in your right hand, remove the part with your left and put it underneath. Lay out the cards as shown.

  • card number 2 - the near future,
  • card number 3 - the distant future,
  • card number 4 - the distant past,
  • card number 5 - things that interfere with the fulfillment of your desire.

By cells

The advantage of such fortunetelling is that it is not necessary to know the full name of the guy you want to turn on. With your left hand you need to draw a heart of any size. Then you need to cross out four cells, but only those that go in a row horizontally or square. The remaining count and see the answer:

  • not a single one - a strong feeling between partners, they literally cannot live without each other,
  • one is bored
  • two - so far shows only sympathy,
  • three - jealous of a common acquaintance,
  • four - a fortuneteller dreams of him,
  • five are friendly feelings
  • six is ​​absolutely indifferent.

The cells must be crossed out whole, that is, those that do not intersect with the drawn line.

Fortune telling of playing cards

Fortune telling on simple playing cards is very popular from the moment cards appear until today. The following are classic interpretations of cards that will help you answer questions through divination.

  • 6 - for a date.
  • 7 - to easy flirting without serious consequences.
  • 8 - someone is interested in you.
  • 9 - to great joy, love.
  • 10 - house, hearth.
  • Jack - love affairs.
  • The lady is a married woman.
  • The king is a pleasant fair-haired man.
  • Ace is great joy, often love news.

  • 6 - late road.
  • 7— a small gift or a small amount of money.
  • 8 - business interest.
  • 9 - receiving money, often returning debts, large gifts, winning the lottery.
  • 10 is a lot of money.
  • Jack is a true friend, colleague who will help solve your problems.
  • The lady is an energetic elderly woman.
  • The king is a middle-aged, serious and reliable man.
  • Ace - victory over all difficulties, wealth.

  • 6 - empty road.
  • 7 - petty worries, quarrels and troubles.
  • 8 - tears, slight malaise, bad mood.
  • 9 - sadness or illness.
  • 10 - unexpected results.
  • Jack - empty chores.
  • The lady is a lover, intrigues.
  • The king is an official, often a military man.
  • Ace is a government house.

  • 6 - a fun road.
  • 7 is a good offer.
  • 8 - a good meeting.
  • 9 - hearty news.
  • 10 - a good trip.
  • Jack is good news, often a wedding or having a baby.
  • A lady is a girl or a single woman, girlfriend.
  • The king is a young man, a friend.
  • Ace is a happy ending to problems.

Another version of card fortune telling: you need to perform all the actions described above. But in this case, the cards are laid out in a cross. The first card lays in the middle, then on top, next on the bottom and last on the left. Decryption should occur according to the following scheme:

  1. The top card will help you find out what will happen soon.
  2. Right - you need to expect events.
  3. The lower is the past that has been forgotten.
  4. The left card will tell you about the difficulties in life.

Method "Rodnistl"

Fortune-telling a guy whether or not on paper with a pen using magic is more difficult. This method is called "Rodnistl." Fortune telling requires attention. With it, you can find out what feelings the chosen one experiences. For divination, you must write in two lines the name, surname and patronymic of the partners. Then you need to cross out alternately matching letters in both personal data:

And in and about in and L y d and m and l and M and x and y l about in n and

S u r and k o v A aleksey Petrovich

Here is the result:

And in about n and in L y d m and l and M and x and y l about in n

S u r and k o v A aleksey Petrovich

Now you need to count the letters that were left without a pair:

  • n, a, u, d, m, l, a, m, and, x, a, l, c, n, a - 15,
  • s, y, p, k, e, k, s, e, p, e, t, p, h - 13,
  • 13+15=28.

Now you need to write in the column the word "Rodnistl" and count its letters to 28:

Opposite the letter "H". Interpretation:

  • P - is jealous,
  • Oh - loves
  • D - thinks constantly
  • N - hates
  • And - wants to invite on a date,
  • C - missed you so much,
  • T is yearning
  • L - loves.

Fortune telling with love

One of the most serious and accurate divinations for love is the rite with a mirror. This fortune-telling is shrouded in many different tales with a happy and scary ending. But the power of mirror divination to this day attracts young girls.

You will need two rather large mirrors, a candle and an opaque shawl. At midnight, preferably during the winter season, try to stay alone at home, put the mirrors “face” to each other, sit between them and keep a lit candle in front of you.

Carefully look over your shoulder in the reflection of the second mirror and say out loud: "Narrowed, mumbled - come!" After a while, a fairly clear image of the man should appear. Try to quickly remember his features and throw a scarf on the mirror.

Old New Year is a kind of holiday that could only appear in our country. But we will not delve into a very distant history, and get into thought about the appropriateness of its existence.

The most interesting fact is that the January night from 13 to 14 has mystical properties and you should not miss the rare opportunity to use a fortune-telling little look into the future. There are a lot of options for the sacrament, you need to choose the one that will be most liked and will be most simple to perform.

Modern divination methods

Today, there are modern methods of divination. One of them needs a phone. To carry out the ritual, you need to dial any number and at the same time think about your betrothed, the decoding will be the answer that will be heard on the other end of the wire.

For this fortune-telling you need a regular phone. Mentally think about your lover and dial any number that you think up on the go. What you hear on that end of the wire will be the transcript of this simple fortune-telling at home:

  • there are no beeps - he does not love you,
  • the line is busy - take a wait position, soon everything will fall into place,
  • “Subscriber unavailable” - no need to make a serious decision now, be patient a little.
  • “Wrong number dialed” - most likely the beloved will treat you, completely not the way you think
  • “Hello” - everything will be fine with you,
  • “I listen” - the beloved has serious plans for you,
  • “Yes” - in the near future everything will be adjusted and changed for the better,
  • “Say” - soon you will hear the cherished - “I love you”,
  • “Where are you calling?” - wait for the scandal,
  • “On the wire” - the beloved is bored and wants to spend more time with you.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that guessing at home is not so difficult. Simple rituals will provide answers to questions that concern you greatly.

For questions

Another fortune-telling on the guy’s paper is called “Yes, no, I don’t know” and is carried out according to this scheme: it is necessary to use three signs “+”, “-”, “=” to answer questions, each of which corresponds to the word “yes” , "No," or "don't know." There are 34 questions in such a fortune-telling for a guy:

  1. Love him?
  2. And he is you?
  3. Have you met for a long time?
  4. Your peer?
  5. Have bad habits?
  6. Did you go to the club together?
  7. Do you often think about him?
  8. Were there any kisses?
  9. Does your photo carry with you?
  10. And you him?
  11. Grieved? Made you cry?
  12. Do you want to be together?
  13. Seen from the other?
  14. Did something offend him?
  15. And he?
  16. Did you get into fights because of you?
  17. Considers beautiful?
  18. Did you like your parents?
  19. Do you want to suffer?
  20. Always doing the right thing?
  21. And you?
  22. Does your happiness depend on him?
  23. Do you want to be alone now?
  24. Escorted home?
  25. Are you bored?
  26. Did you quarrel at least once?
  27. Did you share secrets?
  28. And you?
  29. Talked about feelings?
  30. Called herself?
  31. Looked in the eye?
  32. Did you dream?
  33. Do you want to be his bride?
  34. Can you love another?

For each of the questions you need to give an answer and put a sign. Then calculate how many of them individually happened. Thus, there will be three numbers.

  1. Guessing a guy dreaming.
  2. Considers better than others.
  3. I realized my mistake.
  4. Meets with someone else.
  5. In love.
  6. All his thoughts are only about fortunetellers.
  7. He wants to be together.
  8. Not destined to meet.
  9. Very jealous.
  10. He understands that he is not indifferent.
  11. You will kiss.
  12. There is another.
  13. Loves.
  14. Will send a letter.
  15. The fortuneteller likes his friend.
  16. He wants to meet.
  17. He wants to tell something.
  18. Will offer only to be friends.
  19. The couple will disperse.
  20. Will stay with a girlfriend.
  21. Awaiting a present.
  22. There will be a quarrel.
  23. The couple will converge.
  24. Will bring flowers.
  25. Will change.
  26. The fortuneteller does not like his comrades.
  27. A rival will appear.
  28. Parting is inevitable.
  29. There will be an acquaintance with another.
  30. Dream will come true.
  31. The fortuneteller will cause the guy suffering.
  32. There will be a serious conversation.
  33. The wish will come true.
  34. The guy loves a lot.

Fortune telling using spoons

After the festivities have ended, everyone should leave his spoon on the table. If in the morning the spoon lies deepening down, then the whole year will be successful, if the spoon is turned upside down, you should pay close attention to your health, and you should not risk it.

When there is frost in the yard, young girls can freeze water in a spoon and, if the ice turns out with a bubble, then this is a sign of good health for many years. The appearance of a hole in the ice threatens troubles and possible diseases for the one who is guessing or his relatives.

Fortune telling at home

If you want to know how this or that business will turn out, or just want to receive information about the future, then use fortune telling on the croup. For this fortune-telling you will need a handful of rice and a handful of buckwheat in approximately equal amounts. Mix the cereal and throw it in a bowl of water. Then carefully watch which cereals are left on the surface of the water.

  • If there is more rice, then luck and happiness await you ahead.
  • If there is more buckwheat, then in the future you will not have everything so smoothly.
  • If both rice and buckwheat on the surface of the water are approximately the same amount, then everything will depend on you.

Fortune telling on 10 sheets

For this method of divination, you must have ten sheets, a pen and minimal drawing skills. It is necessary to depict 10 drawings on them:

These sheets must be folded and shuffled, clearly asking yourself the question of interest and pulling out one of them. The interpretation can be seen in the table:

HouseIn order to implement the plans, you need to enlist the support of family people. If the conjecture is connected with the family, then it will come true
DoorIf a lot of effort and effort is made, a successful resolution of the issue is guaranteed
FenceThe fortuneteller will soon get rid of obstacles in the way. Perhaps friends will help him in this.
TreeThis symbol portends financial difficulties. And if the desire of the material plane, then it will not come true
RiverTo fulfill your plan, you must travel or make new friends who will take part in its implementation
FlowerThere is a surprise. But it can be both good and bad
CatAhead of a difficult period of life. Conceived is unlikely to be fulfilled
BirdDesire will remain only a dream for a long time, if not to exert efforts
The manAnother person will help with the implementation of the plan.
FemaleNow it’s better not to trust anyone

Enchant on love, desire or future is always interesting. Someone takes fortune-telling on a piece of paper seriously, and someone, as entertainment. But in any case, you can try and check whether the prediction turned out to be true.

Fortune telling on love

An unmarried girl needs to prepare a gold, silver and copper ring, put in a pot with cereal and mix. With closed eyes, you need to lower your hand there and get a handful of cereals, if there is a ring, then in the coming year she will have a wedding. In the case when the ring turned out to be gold, the groom will be the richest.

Candle Fortune Telling

Fortune telling with a candle is recommended in the evening, after sunset. Light one candle and ask a question that interests you mentally. Do not stop looking at the flame and think about your question. You should be as focused as possible. Take a close look at how the fire behaves.

  • If the flame burns evenly, then your situation will not change.
  • If the fire begins to smoke heavily, then difficulties await you ahead.
  • If the flame bursts, then the mystery is realized in your favor.
  • If the flame goes out, expect trouble and frustration.
  • If the fire began to flutter from side to side, then you will have to make efforts to implement the plan.

Ritual with pen and leaf

There are a huge number of rites that allow you to know the future of man.
Such rituals are carried out both on cards and on paper. Now we will consider the ritual for the love of a betrothed. For him, you need a piece of paper in a small cage and a pen.

With your left hand you need to write the name of the narrowed in the corner of the sheet, and in the center draw the heart with the same hand. The left hand is drawn by those with the main hand on the right, left-handed people do the opposite.

Now you need to separate all entire cells along the contour of the heart from those that touched the line-contour of the heart.

Next, whole cells of three things are crossed out, and those that remain are the result of the ritual.

  • one cell - a young man loves you and wants to be with you, but it is quite possible he still cannot admit to himself such feelings. Therefore, you can take a little initiative - and a happy future will noticeably come closer.
  • two cells - love for you does not live in the guy’s heart. Naturally, this may change, but it will take time.
  • no cells. It is possible that everything will work out in the best way for you, but you will need to wait.

Rituals on paper are very simple to perform and even a person who is not knowledgeable in magic can make such a rite. And the result of such a magical event is true.

One card

This rite on the cards allows you to quickly and easily find out the future with your loved one. To perform it, you need a fortune-telling deck. After shuffling, you should shift the part of the deck onto yourself with the little finger of your left hand and lay down.

The next map after the shift will tell you about the relationship of the narrowed one and your prospects.

  • worms are love
  • crosses are difficulties
  • tambourines - happiness,
  • peaks are troubles
  • six - news,
  • the seven are joys
  • figure eight disappointments
  • nine is a kiss
  • ten is a happy future
  • jack - love
  • the lady is a rival
  • the king is an assistant in love affairs,
  • ace - strong relationship.

On the cards, using this ritual, it is not difficult to find out the future with your beloved young man, you just need to want to find out everything and complete all the actions. This rite on the cards is best done late in the evening on odd numbers.

Fortune telling at home is one of those methods that allows you to find out the answers to questions of interest regarding narrowed, personal happiness and much more. Naturally, the most common are divination by love.

Exactly following all the tips regarding the performance of the ritual, whether it is a rite on paper or cards, is a guarantee that a person learns exclusively the truth.

Fortune telling with needles at home

There are a variety of ways to help you learn what your loved one feels for you and how your relationship will develop. To do this, you can use various magic attributes: flowers, books, wax, tarot cards, playing cards and so on. But the most basic thing in the art of conducting such rites is the interpretation of the results.

Quite often, an answer can be explained only by a person with a rich imagination or someone who is already quite experienced and has performed more than one such ritual. There are a very large number of fortunetelling in which needles are used.

In order to conduct this ritual, you will need to prepare in advance 13 long thin needles or pins. 3 of them must be bent in half, the remaining 10 should remain intact. Take varnish or markers and mark one of the needles. This will be your needle.

If you are guessing at any specific people, mark the needles that will be responsible for them. Now you need to put a blank sheet of paper in front of you. Take all games in your left hand, lift them above the white sheet and drop them down.

So what will the thread color say?

  • Black - your boyfriend is staring at other girls, he’s not ready for a serious relationship, and most likely, he’s cute.
  • White - It is this person who will lead you down the aisle. It is hard to say whether this marriage will be successful in the future, but at the moment this man can make you happy.
  • Red thread - this person will always love you strongly, faithfully and with all his soul. Do not push him away, as he is ready to do everything to make you happy.
  • Green - A man is ready to be with you, but you will have to take responsibility for making decisions and your family. If this state of affairs does not overshadow you, then you can safely continue this relationship, the man will not leave you.
  • Blue - This male object is more likely to be a friend to you than a lover. Reconsider your relationship, maybe they burden the lives of both of you.


Russian girlish fortune-telling "on the narrowed". Usually held at Christmas time or Christmas night.
Running out into the street, the girl loudly calls and listens to the echo. In which side it will respond, in that side it will find a husband. In this case, you should pay attention, soon or long echo, thinly or thick-voiced. The longer the echo, the longer the upcoming marriage, the finer it is, the more harmonious the future husband.

Fortune telling by water

The simplest fortune-telling involving water was known to the ancient Persians. The fortuneteller, covering his head, stood in the open space in front of a large bowl of water and in a low voice spoke his question. If the water in the bowl fluttered, success was true. The Sicilians, Ebeyans and the ancient Romans preferred to observe the movement and color of the sea waves, the ancient Greeks preferred to throw three pebbles into quiet still water and judge the future by circles on the water.
Of all such fortunetelling, only divination with a ring and a cup has survived to this day. For this fortune-telling you need to take a vessel, fill it with water, then hang a ring on the thread and hit it several times along the edges of the vessel. It is believed that splashes of water can be used to judge the outcome of a conceived or initiated case.

In ancient times, experiments with freezing water were popular in Russia.

  • The first way. On New Year's Eve, all the fortunetellers took a teaspoon of water and took it out to a cold place, and in the morning they watched: whoever had the water frozen in the hole, then in the coming year unhappiness was waiting for the disease, and for whom it was smooth or with a tubercle - good luck awaited.
  • The second way. A ring was lowered into a glass of water and exposed to frost. Then they looked: how many tubercles, so many sons will be born, and how many pits - so many daughters.

Fortune telling by hair

Fortune telling involving hair is popular mainly with women. It is recommended to use it no more than once a year! This predictive technique should be addressed when a person feels that he is facing a choice, and any of the further actions can lead to consequences that are extremely important for him.
On a moonlit, windless night, a fortuneteller cuts off a strand of hair and burns them on a fire, watching how they burn:

  • if they light up right away - success in the planned business, quick changes for the better,
  • if they burn long and brightly - major acquisitions, spiritual growth,
  • if they do not light up for a long time, they smolder - this portends a serious nuisance, illness, even death,
  • if they don’t die out - betrayal, betrayal of a loved one,
  • burn, but smoke - to changes in life.

Another, less common technique of divination by hair is that the hair of a seriously ill person, cut off on a moonlit night, is rolled into wax and immersed in a basin of water in which this patient was previously washed. If hair drowns, he will die; if not, he will recover. Similarly, they divined when baptized children. It was believed that drowned hair - to death soon, surfaced - to a long life.

Less serious (reliable) fortune-telling: tear out your own hair and wind it on your finger, counting the number of turns. Chet - a positive answer, odd - a negative. Of course, hair for such fortune-telling is needed long enough, and therefore it is usually used only by women who have long hair.

Another girl’s fortune-telling, almost forgotten in our time, was to find hair in the snow under the house at Svyatki or on Epiphany evening. What color is the hair, with the same hair color will the husband be, if the hair is not found, then the girl will not marry this year.

There is also fortune telling indirectly associated with hair. One of the holy evenings, the girl puts a cleanly washed comb / comb under her pillow, saying: “Narrowed-up! Brush my head. ”The betrothed must appear in a dream. If in the morning there was hair on the comb (sometimes this happens), by their color you can judge what “suit” the future husband will be.

Fortune telling in a pan

  • The first way. To find out the name of the future bridegroom (bride), fortunetellers must put straw that has been knocked down on a table, then put a frying pan on this lump, put a stone on the pan and pour a little water on it. After that, each fortuneteller slowly and slowly begins to take out a straw, and according to the sound made by a stone in a frying pan when hesitating, they imagine the name of the narrowed one.
  • The second way. Pour water into a pan and lay stones. On top of all this put flakes of flax or hemp, light them and cover with a pot. If the water is very sluggish, then the daughter-in-law will have a grumpy mother-in-law, the son-in-law will have a mother-in-law.

Fortune telling in the snow

  • The first way. On the Epiphany Eve at sunset, nude girls go out into the street, pour snow, throw it over their shoulders, and then listen: if something is heard on either side, they will give it in the wrong direction.
  • The second way. They lay back down in the snow and went in the morning to watch: if the track remained as before, then the future husband would be calm, if this place was excised, then he was absurd and pugnacious.

Fortune telling with a ring

An ordinary glass is taken with a completely flat bottom, without any drawings. Pour 3/4 of water into it and carefully lower the wedding ring, previously cleaned, into the middle of the bottom.If you look in the middle of this ring for a rather long time, many claim that you can see the face of the future groom (bride).

Fortune telling

  • The first way. In order to see a prophetic dream, you need to eat something very salted. In any case, it was thought so in the old days, and some girls, going to bed, sentenced: "Who is my betrothed, who is my mum, will give me a drink."
  • The second way. Fortune telling with salt and onion flakes is still common in some Ukrainian villages. On New Year's Eve, 12 scales are broken off from the bulb and given them the names of 12 months - from January to December. A pinch of salt is poured on each flake and left overnight.

In the morning they look at what happened to the salt. according to its state, they make a forecast of possible events for the next year:

JANUARY. If the salt has melted, you will need help. If the salt is swollen, you should pay more attention to children in the winter, otherwise they may get off hand. If nothing has changed - profitable business awaits.

FEBRUARY. If the salt has melted - a good forecast for winter fishing.

MARCH. If the salt has melted - quarrels, disputes, disagreements. If the salt is swollen - guard the husband and wife, and the husband’s wife, in such spring eyes and eyes are needed! If nothing has changed, the cold spring in love is red.

JUNE. If the salt has melted, do not leave anywhere from your home, otherwise you will call trouble, but the beginning of new household chores promises success. If the salt is swollen, hunting, fishing promise success, and replenishment in the family is possible. If nothing has changed - successful trips and trips.

JULY. If nothing has changed, it’s good for relaxation.

SEPTEMBER. If the salt has melted - the most favorable time to relax. If the salt is swollen - a new interesting profitable job. If nothing has changed - the restoration of lost ties.

OCTOBER. If nothing has changed - single / single girls / boys this month can start a family.

DECEMBER. If the salt has melted - a good purchase. If the salt is swollen - make new acquaintances.

If the salt turns black, this portends the illness of a fortuneteller or one of his relatives. The whole month will be very difficult. Intractable problems may suddenly appear, the need for large cash costs will arise, the work will not bring the desired result. This is a sign of loss, the collapse of hopes, disappointments.

If the salt is blackened with onion flakes, this is a harbinger of accidents (accidents, fires, theft, violence, injuries, loss of property, etc.). Someone from relatives or friends may die.

If the onion flakes wrinkled, it means that Fortune is turning away from you. Danger is coming from outside. Previously, this sign promised the involvement of the family in a long feud, litigation (for example, with neighbors), trouble in relations with the authorities. In a general sense, it means bad luck. It is recommended to sharply limit contacts and communication, not to trust anyone, to fear slander.

Fortune telling

To do this, he uses a lump of paper, which they put on a saucer, set fire to it, and then, when it is burned out, they bring it to the light and examine the shadows that it casts on the wall. The symbolism of the interpretation of shadows is as follows:

  • a shadow resembles a mountain or a triangle - this means that some secret will trust you. In addition, this sign may be associated with travel or moving,
  • a tree means dramatic change for the better,
  • hare (hare ears) - meeting a nice person,
  • ship (sail) - a pleasant surprise, the realization of an old dream,
  • cat - beware of the enemy
  • wings are good news
  • domes of the church (Makovka) - you need to repent of your sins, for you will face the test on which your fate depends,
  • birds are good news
  • dog - help from a friend is waiting for you,
  • tiger - there will be an opportunity to realize yourself,
  • flower is a love adventure
  • turtle - you should be quick
  • hell - trouble.

Some fortunetellers believe that a note should be put inside the burnt paper with your wish or question. When viewing the shadows, the saucer must be rotated strictly clockwise, and after divination, break a lump of ash and see if your note burned out. If the fire did not touch her text, then the fortune-telling will come true only thanks to your efforts, if the text burned out completely or partially, then everything will happen almost without your participation (or even contrary to your efforts).

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