Whispers for all occasions and every day of the week - the verbal white magic of our ancestors

To make life easier for people, they are ready to go not only for various tricks, but also turn to white or black magic. It's no secret that serious magical rites are fraught with serious consequences. To avoid such troubles, you can resort to one well-known "grandmother's" tool, which is called a whisper. Consider whispers for all occasions that will help you cope with various life situations.

Whispers for all occasions

What is a magic whisper?

Slavic magic culture is rich in all kinds of conspiracies and rituals. Some of them relate to white magic and are not able to harm other people. As for the black rituals, they can not only negatively affect the health or life of a person, but also cause him to die. One of the simplest and most harmless magical influences are whispers, which relate to village magic.

In ancient times, healers lived in every village, whispers for all occasions of which helped people to solve difficult life problems. In those days, the use of magic was not something "out of the ordinary." People used her services constantly: getting up in the morning, doing household chores throughout the day or going to bed in the evening. Whispers for every day of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers have survived to this day in a somewhat “processed”, but “working” state. These are different magical whispers of the Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova, the plots of the famous Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga and many other famous and unknown healers and healers.

Love whispers

One of the most popular and sought after influences is whispers on love. They are light whipping-up conspiracies that help adjust the relationship between a man and a woman. Whispers of love for all possible occasions will help to establish relationships with a partner, return her husband to the family, attract the attention of a guy or an attractive girl. Let's consider some of them.

A whisper on the love of a girl or a guy is a powerful and effective way to attract the attention of a representative of the opposite sex. To arouse interest from the person you like, you can use the love whisper in the photo of your beloved. To do this, before going to bed, light a white or red candle and pick up a photograph of a man or woman you like. Then gaze into the eyes of the "object of your passion", imagining that it is next to you, and quietly utter the words of the conspiracy:

“Eye to eye, from heart to heart. I betray my love to you. I inflame a passionate passion in you, love me, I urge with all my heart. May it be so".

Then put the photo under your pillow, put out the candle, and go to bed.

If you see a loved one and don’t know how to attract his attention, use whispers in the back. Look closely at a man or woman, as if you want to "burn them with your eyes" and say:

“Sweetheart, turn around, look at me with your gaze. Make love for me, wish to be with me. "

And this whisper in the back can be read if the girl wants to fall in love with a guy:

“Let your body dry, let your soul dry. For you, only I, the Servant of God (name of a girl), is sweet and good. Together with you to be with me, only you to love me forever and ever, with infinite love. ”

You must pronounce the words of the spell quietly and imperceptibly.

Considering effective whispers from a distance, I want to highlight a conspiracy to the wind. To carry out this rite, you need to wait for the windy weather, go outside, stand on a hill facing the wind and read the following plot:

“Wind Vetrovich, you fly everywhere, you see everything, you know everything. According to my decree, fly to distant lands, bring my dear (dear) (name of a loved one) to me on the threshold. Spin his head around, enchant me with love. To be together forever, never to part. My word is strong, but true desire. "

After the end of the recipe, you need to quickly leave for the wind, without turning around and not talking to anyone. It is possible to carry out the ritual to the “breeze" at any time of the day, on any day of the week and in any lunar phase.

You can whisper the love of a man or woman while kissing. To do this, kissing a loved one, you need to "silently" read the plot:

“Mouth to mouth, breath to breath. My love is for you, and yours is for me. Today and forever. ”

Considering the most active conspiracies and whispers, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on whispers for food and drink. Cooking dishes for your loved one should be sentenced:

You can attract a man using a conspiracy to knit:

“Just as a thread with a thread is woven, so the fate of the Servant of God (the name of a loved one) is united with the fate of the Servant of God.”

With the help of whispers, you can speak any drink: water, juice, tea, coffee. Before serving it to your loved one, you need to drink three sips of the drink from his cup or glass, saying the following words quietly:

“I drink - you drink. You do not love anyone but me, do not kiss. "

This whisper is pronounced for each sip. In order for the conspiracy to work, your beloved must drink from the cup after you.

Whispers in bed

To bind a man sexually, you can use a whisper in bed. During sex, in a quiet whisper or "to yourself," you need to say:

“You are my king, I am your queen. You are my lion, I am your lioness. To be together forever, never to part. ”

In all the whispers of love and sex, you need to invest as much energy and confidence that you can do it. In order for your man to be sexually attracted only to you, during an orgasm you need to whisper:

“Your body is in me, your desire is with me. If you give your seed, you will become mine forever. ”

In the morning after having sex, while in bed with your loved one, stroke and move his hair and whisper:

“I will grow my hair, I will charm you to myself. My exhale is your breath, I want you to without me. "

Black “love spell whispers” will help to “recapture” the “swindling” husband from the opponent, the peculiarity of which is that they use human biological materials or turn to dark forces for help. To make a black whisper, collect the husband's sperm on the red cloth and pronounce the slander:

“Your seed is the Servant of God (husband's name) here and here is your happiness. I’ll attract you with seed, I’ll bring you back home from the woman’s home ”.

Then wrap the semen on the red cloth in a semblance of convolution and put it at the front door. When your husband returns home, take a bundle, softly whisper at him:

“You were called your seed. From now on, you will be with me and no one else. ”

After the embellishment, quietly put the package under the mattress of your matrimonial bed.

Whispers on marriage

What girl does not dream of a happy marriage? However, often harsh reality or mere bad luck crosses out the rainbow dreams of a successful marriage. But do not despair - to whisper the marriage and help get rid of loneliness. They can be used by a girl who wants to find a life partner, or by a mother or father who wants to marry her daughter or find a good wife for her son. In addition to slander and whispers to marriage, you can read prayers and “stock up” with the necessary amulets.

If “on the horizon” the girl does not yet see potential suitors, then a whisper will come to the rescue for an early meeting of the “second half”:

“Roads creep in - curl, but converge in one. So the fate of my lonely fate will converge with another. Everything that is conceived, made up is true. ”

You can read the plot at any time of the day or night and on any day of the week, the more often the better. It doesn’t matter when it will be: before going to bed or in the morning, the main thing is the right attitude and a firm belief that you will succeed. You need to pronounce the words in a whisper, and you must imagine who you want to meet.

What if the girl already has a groom, who, however, is in no hurry to lead her down the aisle? Among the many different whispers that can help in this problem, one old miraculous way stands out to push the guy to make a decision in favor of marriage. During the ritual, you need to take a crust of bread, sprinkle it with salt and quietly pronounce a whisper on a successful marriage

“Waiting for me guests in my house at a wedding feast. This year I meet them, bread - salt greet. To feed them with food, to live with a sweet one in happiness. ”

After filling, you need to eat bread and salt. You must read the plot while in the house in which you live.

Whispers from cheating

To help your “soulmate” “observe loyalty” to you and protect the relationship from adultery will help you choose the right special conspiracy. If you know that your man has another woman, say this whisper after him:

“Where you went, go there, you will return anyway. With me you are a brave fellow, and on the other a feeble old man. To be as I said. ”

You can return a swindling husband using the following ritual. If you are sure that your husband went on a date with another woman, then take his slippers by the socks and hit your heels on the threshold of your house. At the same time, one must say in an imperative tone:

“Immediately go home. I'm waiting for you".

To ruin the relations of your loved one with your rival, and to achieve his return to you will help the proven strongest whisper - a divorce that works even at a distance. This ritual can also be used to protect a son or daughter from an unfavorable relationship. Consider its simple algorithm:

  1. Before going to bed, on a waning moon or a full moon, light two black or white candles. The day of the week does not matter.
  2. Take photos of your loved one and his new “passion”.
  3. Fold them with their faces from each other and say: “I will put a high wall between the Servant of God (the name of your loved one) and the Servant of God (the name of the rival). I will dig between the Servant of God (the name of your beloved person) and the Servant of God (the name of the woman who was a separation) a deep chasm. Never be together with them, tear them apart forever. May it be so". Words must be pronounced clearly, quietly and without hesitation.
  4. Then the photo of the rival, burn the candles on fire.
  5. Put a picture of a man under your pillow and go to bed.
  6. In the morning, remove the photo from under the pillow and hide it away.
  7. Candles and ashes from the burned photo must be taken out of the house and discarded or buried.

To whisper your loved one with a rival will be able to whisper on ordinary salt. Take some salt and whisper on it:

“I whisper faithful words, I want to embroil the Servant of God (the name of your loved one) with the Servant of God (the name of the rival). Do not live in peace for you, do not know peace. Let anger and hatred flow like a river. To be like a cat and a dog. Let every quarrel end in a fight. My word is true, but my desire is strong. ”

Then you need to throw the charmed salt to the threshold of the house where your rival lives and where your beloved often happens. A whisper on a hated rival, said to her in the back, will help you get rid of her forever:

“You disgust him. I love him. You him hissing viper. I beckon him a sweet berry. You bitter bitterness to him. I'm sweet to him. Not with you, but with him to be. Not you, but him to love me. My words are spoken, tied in a strong knot. "

Whispers of longing and reconciliation

A whisper of melancholy will cause melancholy from a loved one and boredom and make him call or write. To carry out the ritual is necessary "for the coming dream." To do this, before going to bed, you need to light a white candle and, “resurrecting” the image of a loved one in your memory, whisper:

“I light a candle at night, sadness - longing for the Servant of God (name of man) I am sending. How much that candle burns, so much sweet for me to yearn. "

After the filling, go to bed, but you do not need to extinguish the candle - let it burn all night until morning. You can perform the ceremony as many times as you need - at least every day.

If your loved one is going on a trip, and you want to be bored and homesick when you are far from you, then quick short whispers on any thing or clothing that he takes with him will help. Take the thing and softly whisper on it:

“Near or far, let this (name of thing) remind the Servant of God (name of a loved one) about me. Let his heart bark, yearn. May the beloved of the Servant of God (your name) in distress grieve. "

Each time your beloved person takes a look, or touches a spoken item, he will definitely remember you. He will want to see you or at least make one phone call.

Quick whispers for a quick reconciliation will help restore peace in the family or in a couple. Most of all they act during the period of the growing moon and the new moon. You can read them at any time of the day: morning, afternoon, evening, and even if "in the yard" is "deep night". You need to whisper the following:

“The quarrel flared up in fire, burned to ashes. Take away the ashes of the wind, reconcile the Servant of God (your name) with the Servant of God (name of your loved one). ”

Whispers of luck and luck

The “radius of action” of a whisper on the fulfillment of desire is wide enough. It is simply indispensable for those who are in search of a good new job or want to succeed in the old. A whisper to fulfill a desire will help attract new customers and make the boss more restrained and more tolerant. If your cherished desire is a successful sale of a house or a quick purchase of an apartment, then here you can not do without his help. Consider the best and easiest whispers of desire and luck.

The most famous whisper of luck can be read by anyone in any situation. The most important thing is to always get out of bed in the morning with your right foot. But the magical morning “exercise” does not end there. Getting up from the right foot, you need to quietly say:

“The right leg leads, and the left foot keeps up. Where one - there and the second. Where I am - there is my luck. ”

This whisper helps well those who are going on a long journey or who have to "survive" the first day at a new job.

If you want to win the lottery or want to get something for free, whisper:

“Be the way I want. An angel flies above me, covers me with its wing. ”

This conspiracy will help the student to pass tests or exams, and the responsible employee with his help will be able to “get out of the water” during inspections at work. Using whispers to work, you can make your boss quibble less and not drive your anger at you. If you feel that “catch up” awaits you, entering the office to the chef, whisper:

“I'm on one side - you're on the other. Scream - I won’t hear, angry - I won’t know. ”

Prayer - a whisper for happiness will help to ensure that wealth and understanding reign in your home. The ceremony can be performed both day and night. Light a white church candle and, going around the whole house, room by room, whisper:

“Our Heavenly Father, just as our world is reasonably arranged by you, so help me make my life rationally. Take the veil from my eyes, enlighten me and show me the right path. Bring happiness and prosperity to my doorstep. They gave me and my family health and luck. Your Word and Your Will are always with me. Amen".

After reading the prayer, you can sprinkle all the rooms of the house with blessed church water.

Holiday whispers

There are a number of whispers that are read solely on the respective religious holidays. For example, in the Annunciation you can read a whisper from infertility on pregnancy.To get pregnant, a woman needs to whisper before intercourse with a man:

“Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Give me your mercy. Send me a son - a falcon and a daughter - a swallow. "

In addition to conspiracies, you can use special prayers and charms.

Clean Thursday and Palm Sunday are good days to cure diseases and protect against evil. During this period, with the help of special conspiracies and prayers, it is possible to remove damage, the evil eye and the curse. On Clean Thursday and Palm Sunday, whispers from illnesses, whispers to health and various protective holiday whispers on Thursday water and Thursday salt are read. To wash away the evil eye, spoilage or curse, you need to get up to the morning dawn and wash your face, say the words of a whisper into the water:

“I wash off everything that has been said to me. That with which the heart and soul toils, is washed away with living water on Pure Thursday. ”

On Pure Thursday, you can talk water to treat various diseases with its help and protect yourself from the "machinations" of evil people. To do this, put a silver object in the water, and then pronounce a whisper in the water:

“Clean water - help. Take away troubles and illnesses from me. Take evil eyes and spoilage from me, give me health and strength. ”

Spellbound water with a silver thing must be left overnight. The next morning on Good Friday, you should wash this water. So that the child does not get sick, he needs to be bathed in charmed water.

In addition to the fight against evil and disease on Pure Thursday, you can find wealth, which will be helped by a whisper in your wallet. Take a wallet with money and whisper:

“Like the sky is full of stars. Like rivers full of waters. So let my wallet be full of money. May it be so".

On this day, to attract wealth, you can speak a small silver coin with the following words:

“Coin to coin, money to money. Wealth in the wallet, wealth in the house. "

Then you need to put the charmed coin into your wallet and store it there permanently. It will help to make good profits and spend wages “wisely”.

Before Easter, kneading the dough for Easter cake, you can speak a family of illness and evil:

“The pigeon flew in, brought the holy water. The bird pecked grains, drove away all diseases. She waved her wings, evil and evil spirited away. I will bow to the pigeon, ask her for water. I will wash my face with that water, holy water. ”

On New Year's Eve you can read the amulet - a whisper from the failures that haunted you in the old year:

“The old year will go away - it will take away all troubles with itself. He’ll give them the New Year, and the New Year will give them to me. ”

To improve health in the new year and make sure that your child is not sick, you need to whisper with a watch:

“Everything that hurt, decayed and smoldered from the Servant of God (the name of a man) forever cuts off. I attract health, strength and joy to him. ”

On a birthday, amulets work well - whispers from lack of money and conspiracies on health.

Whispers for children

Talismans - whispers for children are designed to help parents cope with the difficult task of raising a child. So that your son or daughter does not get sick, you can read the following conspiracy:

“An oak tree has grown in the forest, strong and tall. "You can’t break anyone of that oak tree; I don’t know any sickness of my little one."

Among the whole variety of useful whispers on children, you can find those that will help babies sleep well. During feeding, the mother should softly whisper the following words:

“In a distant forest, in a dark forest, a dry oak stands. I will take restlessness from my baby and find him on that oak branch. My child’s sleep, and the oak tree suffers from ailments. ”

If your child wakes up at night and cries, read the whisper of fright above him. To do this, you need to pour into a glass of water, you can consecrated and, baptizing this glass of the child, say:

“Thin thought, go away from the Servant of God (Servants of God) (name of the child). From legs, from handles, from a body, from a head. Go away forever and never come back. "

Then let the baby drink water from the glass and wipe it with that water. In order for the child to eat well, you need to whisper during meals:

“I cooked porridge for our baby to eat. The cup is fragrant and tasty, our baby will be healthy and strong. ”

If your child has been influenced by evil people, and you suspect that he was jinxed, lick him on the forehead, spit over his left shoulder and read the whisper from the evil eye: “Salt and water into your eyes.”

The power of special words

Our ancestors constantly used special words in everyday life. They had whispers for all occasions. Apparently therefore, they were distinguished by good health, had friendly families and a large strong economy. Grandmother's whispers were passed down from generation to generation and were used in the most common everyday affairs and concerns:

  • cleaning the house,
  • work in the garden
  • cooking dinner.

Everyone in the morning drinks tea or coffee. You can use special words that will help you feel vigor and feel a rush of good mood for the whole day:

Almost every day, people take a bath or shower. Water washes away not only dirt, but also negative energy, fatigue and worries of the past day. To finally get rid of the negative accumulated during the day, it is useful to say such words during the water procedure:

Note! You can use it when washing your hands. It will help you feel cheerful, cheer up and forget about the troubles that occurred during the day.

Words for cleaning the house and cooking

Cleanliness in the house is not only the disposal of dirt and debris, but also the cleansing of energy blockages that are not visible to the eye. In addition to cleaning equipment, our ancestors used herbs, salt and holy water for this.

Special conspiracies and whispers that are uttered at the time of cleaning the house have reached our days:

When restoring order, when it is necessary to arrange small objects in places, as well as when rearranging furniture, you can say the following magic words:

Even at the time of sweeping the floor, you can say special words that will really please the house-keeper and he will certainly thank for them:

Need to chop cabbage? Why not take advantage of this and bring money into the house with these words:

You can use the cooking of soup to attract happiness, good luck and wealth into the house, at the time of stirring and cutting the ingredients, the following sentences:

Porridge has always been a favorite dish of our ancestors. And they did not miss the opportunity to use it to attract money luck. When cooking porridge it’s enough to say such quick words:

People know that sprinkling salt is a quarrel. Therefore, they are very scared when this happens. But if you know and apply the correct ritual in time, then the consequences of this event can be neutralized. To do this, take a little spilled salt in your right hand, throw it over your left shoulder and say these words:

Now you can be sure that quarrels and troubles will bypass.

Women's beauty rituals

It is very important for every woman to have beautiful and thick hair. Our great-grandmothers boasted thick long braids. But nowadays, unfortunately, this is becoming a rarity. Even gentle care and the use of special products do not help. Hair continues to thin and grow poorly. White magic can help.

When the moon grows, cut off a small strand of hair from your head and rinse it off in a stormy stream of water. Ideally, if it is a stream or a river, but in the absence of it, an ordinary toilet bowl is quite suitable. The main thing is to throw your hair there and immediately click on the drain so that they do not lie in it for a second. To say such words:

Every morning usually begins with a washing procedure. Why not take advantage of this and attract good health, beauty and youth. Moreover, this can be done very easily with the help of such words:

Another rite for beauty and youth:

And how much energy and patience are put by women to keep themselves in shape and not to gain excess weight. Neither diet nor exercise helps, hated kilos continue to increase. There is a very effective ritual for this situation. Just do not think that now you can overeat at night and spend all day lying on the couch. White magic will help only if a woman tries to limit herself in food and leads an active lifestyle.

Note! For this ritual, you will need the land on which the pigs walk. Therefore, it will be more convenient to conduct this ceremony in the village.

When the moon is waning, take a bath, while saying to the water:

After the water procedure, draw water from the bathtub into a container of any volume, even an ordinary glass will do, go outside and pour water on the ground where the pigs passed. This must be done very quickly so that the ritual is guaranteed to work.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to conduct a ceremony in the area where the pigs live, so there’s a very simple way to lose weight especially for modern residents of megacities. To do this, on the night when the moon is waning, look at it and say three times:

It is important to know that the more often magic words are pronounced, the more tangible the result will be. There isn’t much in this business. Therefore, it is good to use every opportunity to speak magic words.

Hex for sweet dreams

People regularly have terrible dreams. One more often, the other is rare enough. But surely no one likes when nightmares come in a dream. People are afraid that they portend trouble. But they don’t know how to avoid them. It turns out that there is a very easy way to get rid of bad dreams and never see them again. The next time you have to make a clean bed instead of the old one, say two words:

In order to quickly fall asleep and watch only pleasant dreams, you need to put your head on the pillow and say quietly:

Insomnia comes at the most inopportune moment. Especially when important events are coming up in the morning and you need to be collected and well rested. And now the sheep have been counted and lullabies are sung, but there is still no sleep. It turns out there is a very good way to always sleep well and soundly.

Before you go to bed, remove slippers and put them in different corners of the room, saying:

And how many times unfortunate women had to stay up at night, lulling a child who did not want to fall asleep. But all you had to do was whisper in your child’s ear the following words:

Whispers for all occasions - it all depends on the situation

Our great-grandmothers knew whispers for all occasions. Magic often helped them in their daily affairs. In olden times, a woman could turn to otherworldly forces during most ordinary household chorescooking, cleaning and even weeding the garden. Our ancestors almost always managed to create strong families, differ in enviable health even in old age, receive good incomes and help children and grandchildren with money. Their secret is knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Almost every person drinks tea or coffee in the morning. Even if you prefer milk or juice, you can whisper special words on them. They will give strength and vitality, regardless of how early your morning begins and how much you managed to sleep:

I drink strength, I drink health, I drink the energy of this day.

Many people prefer to take a shower or bath in the evening. True, not everyone at the same time thinks about the fact that the shower washes away not only physical dirt, but also fatigue, bad emotions and negative energy. In order to get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and bad energy, whisper while swimming:

Wash off the negativity, erase the grievances, wash out the longing.

So you can pronounce while washing your hands. These magic words improve your mood and help you relax. You will quickly forget about such a problem as a mood all-day-craving after an unsuccessful working day.

Household Chores - Witchcraft Helpers

Cleaning is an important activity. By removing physical trash, you can deal with energy pollution. For this, the housewives used salt, holy water, decoctions of cleansing herbs and many others. The whispers that are read during cleaning in the house have reached our days:

I clean my house, I fill it with luck, money and love.

During rearrangements and just laying out small things in places, you can whisper:

I put the house in order so that happiness (money, joy, love - depending on what you are missing) lives in it.

While sweeping, you can hum a song for a brownie:

A broom walks on the carpet, walks from corner to corner, the old grandfather of the brownie, you will not be offended by me!

Domovenok will be very happy with such a show of attention and will definitely please you with something.

Not only cleaning can be a magical occupation. This also applies to cooking. For example, when slicing cabbage you can whisper for money:

I chop cabbage, add money. Chop cabbage, throw money in my wallet.

You can whisper to soups while stirring and cutting the components of the dish for happiness, wealth and health:

I cook soup so that everyone ate, becomes healthier and richer, so that whoever eats my soup will know happiness and love.

Porridge has always been considered a money dish, so it’s better to whisper money words on it when stirring:

Porridge cook boil money, multiply, add.

Everyone knows the sign of spilled salt - this is a scandal. To avoid such problems, folk signs recommend many different manipulations. You can also do the following: take a pinch of spilled salt with your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder. In this case, we must whisper like this:

Salt, salt, salt, pain, pain, pain, but not the same. Amen.

A bad omen after such a whisper on salt will not come true. You can not be nervous waiting for a scandal or a showdown.

How to drive away diseases

Everyone takes care of their health. But how many can boast of them? People are overcome by various diseases. They prevent you from enjoying life, take a lot of money, energy and time. Our ancestors knew how to maintain good health for many years and, fortunately, passed this knowledge on to us.

With morning washing and washing your hands, it is enough to say the following words every time:

You can also add these words:

To get rid of fatigue and recharge with energy, you should repeat as often as possible when taking water procedures:

How to get rid of enemies

The enemy can be not only the enemy in the war. In ordinary human life, sometimes someone else's envy or an evil word spoken after lies in wait. Negative energy surrounds a person everywhere and harms him. But not only energy can harm, but also something more material. Perhaps ill-wishers are plotting something unkind against the person. How to protect yourself from enemies and return to them what they want? Whispers for all occasions will help.

At the moment when a person heard unpleasant wishes, wait until the ill-wisher turns his back and say:

Another similar, but no less effective words:

It happens that on the way there are people who artificially cause scandals in public places. Perhaps these people are energy vampires and are fueled by negative energy. You can protect yourself from such a person and return his negative to him with the help of such a slander:

To stop the quarrel that has begun and to cool the ardor, you can use this method.

Look back at the neck of a cursing man and say:

If there is a suspicion of the evil eye, you can say these words:

But it is better to be safe immediately upon leaving the house and call on your guardian angel:

There are words that will help protect the house from thieves. Each time, leaving home, pronounce, looking at the front door:

But if you have a long absence, then it is better to agree with the brownies:

Whispers on losing weight and beauty

Every girl knows how beautiful a hairstyle is important in creating an image.However, if the hair grows slowly, and medicines either do not help or are too expensive, you can try to do as women did a couple of hundred years ago. It is known that before the girls had very long and thick braids, and the secret of such luxurious hair is simple.

On a growing moon, you need to cut a small strand of hair and throw it into any fast flow of water. It can be a river or a stream, but if there is nothing similar to such a reservoir nearby, even a toilet will do - it can provide a fast flow of water, just press the drain button right away. While whispering, you need these words:

Grow my hair as fast as this water flows.

During washing, you can read whispers of beauty and youth. After such magic words and powers are added, and vivacity appears:

Angel of water, give beauty, health, vitality, remove wrinkles.

And so you can whisper into the water for washing, to smooth wrinkles and look much younger than their years:

My smooth, delicate skin, with the skin of a baby is only similar.

Whispers on losing weight can turn any woman into a top model. But this does not mean that you do not have to make any effort. In total, magic will not do for you, you still have to stick to a diet and exercise. However, the desired result due to such witchcraft can be achieved much faster.

If you have the opportunity to pour at least a glass of water on the ground where the pigs go, the whisper on weight loss that is used in the villages now is suitable for you. During the waning moon, try to take a bath more often, and whisper into the water:

The pig is getting fat, not me. I don’t get fat, but a pig. Amen. Amen. Amen.

After bathing, pour any amount of water that remains after it to where the pigs are. You need to pour it immediately after bathing, do not delay this process, otherwise it will not work.

Of course, not everyone who wants to lose weight is familiar with the owners of pigs. There is another whisper to lose weight, they say it on the waning moon. In this case, you need to look at the moon. Whisper three times:

As you decrease, so I decrease. Fat leaves, goes to the pig. Amen.

The more often whispers to lose weight are repeated, the better the result. Ideally, you should whisper such words every day, but only on the waning moon.

Whispering rules

Knowledgeable women who use conspiracies and whispers in practice are called grandmothers - whispers in the villages. However, this is a perfect stereotype, absolutely everyone can read short whispers, not necessarily hereditary witches. Many people consider this occupation not a charitable deed, but in reality they have nothing to do with black magic, on the contrary, they have a positive meaning and help to direct energy in the right direction.

Whisper to fall asleep quickly and see good dreams

It is difficult to find a person who would not want to get rid of scary dreams forever. From time to time, they are dreamed by all people, and we do not always have such dreams for something bad. There is an old trick that will help get rid of such dreams that can greatly ruin the mood. When you make a new clean bed, whisper on it:

Only two simple words can provide only pleasant dreams. There is a special whisper to quickly fall asleep and see only pleasant dreams. Once you put your head on the pillow, whisper:

Pillow, pillow, warm my ear. Send me a good dream, like a fairy tale.

If you suffer from insomnia, before you go to bed, put slippers in different corners of the room and whisper on them:

You should stand in these corners, but before dawn I will not wake up to sleep. Amen. Amen. Amen.

If a small child does not want to sleep, whisper in his ear:

Sleepyhead napkins, feed here, howler-howl-eaters, feed away.

How to read whispers?

  1. You need to focus on what is being said so that the words carry the message of energy.
  2. The belief that the words spoken will be valid must be sincere.
  3. It is required to control your emotions with the efforts of the will.
  4. Gradually, practice will help to maximize the effect of the work done.
  5. During the ritual, no one and nothing should distract.
  6. You can read a whisper as many times as you need to feel that it really works.
  7. In the morning, whispers are read east, in the evening (after lunch) west.
  8. If you need to read water, it must be alive, for example, from a well. Bottle and plumbing are not good.
  9. If the impact is on another person, then the whisper is addressed not to him, but to higher forces, which they turn to for help. It should be pronounced so that it is barely audible to a person, but well audible and intelligible to those to whom it is addressed. Loud words attract the attention of evil forces.

Whispers of fatigue and good health

Health is a really important part of our life. Save it until old age is not so simple, especially given the modern ecology and rhythm of life. However, even in the distant past, people seemed to need magic words to strengthen their health and increase vitality.

Every time you wash your hands or wash, you can whisper the following words:

The dew of Solomon, the water of Irita, washed away from the slaves of God’s twigs. Amen.

Similarly, when washing, washing hands or showering, one can get rid of tiredness from diseases with the following words:

Water-voditsa, God's sister. Wash me off, you know that.

Another whisper from fatigue and to increase the level of vital energy:

I wash my face with clean water, gain strength!

Whispers on love:

If you want to attract the attention of a person, say a love whisper after him: "As the grass spreads in the spring, so you will lay before me."

If you want to discourage a beloved from another woman, imperceptibly put a head of garlic in his pocket and say: “Throw out the garlic, throw it out of the heart and (name of the rival).” Naturally, finding garlic in his pocket, a man will take it out and throw it away.

Eif the husband leaves, after him say: "As water from earth to heaven returns, so you are destined to return to me."

From cash loss, theft and loss:

So that the money is always safe and sound, as well as for its rational use, on the day you make a profit, on the way home, say a whisper: “I bring wealth, I go with money, I hold it tightly with my hands. I’m not carrying it for strangers, but for my own. Amen".

To increase profits:

At the new moon, take a bowl of water. Put a coin there. Splash a little of this water on the threshold of your house with the words: “Water is water, money is a river. Amen."

So that the house always has prosperity:

Take grain or cereal, sprinkle near your house or under the window with the words: “Birdies, fly, collect grain, bring me prosperity. Amen."

To drive money away:

If you want to get rid of financial problems by whispering for money, bake a cake, put a coin inside. Putting the cake in the oven or oven, say: “I bake, bake, I’m rich myself. To the world - bread, to me - a life of comfort ”. Cut the cake into several pieces and distribute to people.

To attract money:

This whisper plot is read on the day you receive the money. Returning home with money, hold a purse in your hands and say the words: “I carry a purse of coins, the devil will leak them, but the servant of God (name) does not.”

Charm followed:

There is a whisper after those people whose work is dangerous. Whisper conspiratorial words in the back of your husband when he will go to work: “At thy mercy, Lord, I trust and entrust to you, our keeper, the servant of God (name). Amen."

In bed for love: “You are a lion, I am your lioness, you are my dove, I am your dove. Love me as yourself, and more than anything else. Amen."

Whisper to the ceiling (in abundance):

To make you happy and rich, go to the house where you live well and richly, look at the ceiling and whisper: “As you have the way and the treasure, what you have will be ours. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Whisper to the wallet so that the money is not transferred: “Just as there are a lot of stars in the sky, as there is enough water in the sea, so is my wallet, so that there is a lot of money and always is enough. Amen."

For a successful purchase: whisper to the wallet where the money is, seven times: “Everything evil is forgotten, everything intended is bought. May it be so! May it be so! So be it! ”A whisper is pronounced before leaving the house for a purchase.

To argue:

Before starting a new business or while continuing the previous one, it is very correct to set yourself up, and then everything will work out. Say this whisper to the instrument of your work (pen, computer) “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Lord, teach, Lord, help the servant of God (name). Hallowed be Thy name today, tomorrow, always. Amen, amen, amen. " Cross three times.

If you are rude or have not had a very good conversation, say a whisper in the direction of the interlocutor, preferably looking into his neck from the back: "Go in peace, and I will go." Or: “I give it back to you for free. Someone else's evil is not necessary. "

If you stumble or hit something, say a whisper: "I stand on my feet firmly, like a turnip in the ground."

When cleaning the house, say: “I clean my house, I fill it with luck, money and love.”

When you pick up money, do not be too lazy to read a whisper for money:“How many fingers on my hands, so many times the money in my wallet will increase.”

Before putting on clothes, shake them off with your hand and say: "Shake it, work hard for me!" Then the things in your wardrobe will begin to bring good luck.


When cutting cabbage - “I chop cabbage, add money. Chopped cabbage, money to fall into my wallet. "

Soup - “I cook soup so that everyone eats, is healthy and rich, so that whoever eats my soup will know happiness and love.”

For porridge - "Cooking money for a porridge, multiply, add."


“I erase the dust - I remove all the bad (evil, negative, etc.). The dust will be erased all the bad (or whatever you want to remove) will be removed. "

Watering flowers - “You grow in my wealth to bloom, how do you grow so I don’t have to lose money.”

Well, that’s it - “I put the house in order so that happiness (who needs something here too) lives in it.” (It’s good during tidying up little things, decorating).

If spilling salt:

Take a pinch or a grain from the spilled one, use your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder with the words: “Salt is salt, the pain is painful, but I have no pain. Amen".

There is a good way to accelerate hair growth:

On a growing moon, cut off a small strand of hair and with the words "Grow my hair as fast as this water flows" throw it into a strong stream of water ... for example, pronounce the words, drop them into the toilet and wash off ... 100% ACT

Before leaving the house for shopping, whisper, speak directly to the front door:

“The door opens, the door closes, and (his name) with which he plans to return.”

So that the money after large purchases back.

After the purchase, stand facing the wind and as you exhale say: “Came, gone, twisted, turned, brought back. May it be so!"

Words on the Wind when it blows on you: “BLOW, BLOW, BROTHER WIND OF VETROVICH DRIVE AND REMOVE EVERY DARE from me. So that the dashing and bad could not keep me, with the wind that it would leave and not return. MAY IT BE SO."

Conspiracy for good luck:

You want happiness and luck to come to your home. Then grab a dusty rug, a fistful of potato peels, and a broom. Potato peeling should be thoroughly washed under the tap, squeezed and scattered on the carpet, and then sweep with a broom, but in no case towards the front door. During this procedure, you need to chorus: “A broom walks on the carpet, walks from corner to corner, the old grandfather of the house, you will not be offended by me!” According to old legend, the house keeper should like such a song, and he will definitely give you a present.

These whispers will help in difficult situations, set up in the right way and attract good luck. Remember that when pronouncing any whisper or conspiracy, it is important to put all your energy and strength into your words.

Whisper on the enemy - how to protect yourself from ill-wishers

A whisper on the enemy will protect you from a possible evil eye, someone else's negative energy, which inevitably is thrown into the world around us during quarrels and scandals. Do you need such a negative? It can be returned to the person who is the "author" of such energy. There are special whispers that protect against more material problems that ill-wishers can arrange.

So, if the enemy expressed a bad wish, read such a whisper in the back to the outgoing ill-wisher:

Almost everyone knows that turning your back on the enemy is dangerous. Do not do this, it is better to wait until the enemy makes such a mistake and whisper in his back. You can use this text to protect against bad wishes and negativity:

In public places there are often people whose goal is to cheat and raise their mood. By the way, most of them are energy vampires who feed on the energy of other people. If you have poured a lot of verbal slop, use this whisper:

Your negative, you live with him, but I don’t need someone else.

Do not hesitate, if the boor really deserves punishment, he will definitely get it. What else can be said after an unpleasant conversation or quarrel with neighbors, colleagues and other people? Here are a few examples of strong whispers from the negative. For example, this one will cool the emotions and prevent the quarrel from continuing. Whisper while looking at the enemy at the base of the neck from behind:

And so you can whisper to get rid of the negative energy of the evil eye or quarrel:

I give it free to you. Alien evil is not necessary.

Of course, it is better to protect yourself from evil people in advance, right at the exit from the house. For this, our ancestors called on the guardian angel:

My angel come with me, you go ahead I follow you.

These are strong protective words, they will protect you from any troubles.

If you are afraid of thieves, whisper a whisper from theft on your front door:

Take your hands and feet off the thief on my doorstep.

These simple words will protect your property from the attacks of people who earn a living by theft. But if you leave for a long time and worry about the safety of things, whisper with brownies:

The owner of the brownie! Do not buzz in the night, lie on the stove, take on guard, house-housekeeper, lay the dishes, I will arrive soon. Key lock in the mouth. Amen.

To strengthen relationships

The use of whispers in different situations will help correct the energy in relations and direct it in the right direction. A wife can read whispers to her husband for drink and food.

When preparing a feast for the faithful, it is required to say the following words:

“I will bless the food with prayer,

I’ll feed my sweetheart.

My body is saturated with refreshments,

The feeling of love for me flares up. ”

Whispers for every day of the week - according to the calendar

On Monday, they make a wish, still lying in bed in the morning, and then get out of bed from their right foot with such a whisper:

It will come true, I believe, it will come true. May it be so!

Tuesday is supposed to call for luck, going beyond the threshold of the house with these words:

Good luck on Tuesday, I won’t pay. Amen! Amen! Amen!

On Wednesday, during morning wash, they whisper to luck:

I wash my face, I call for luck. Come true!

On Thursday you need to get out of bed and immediately turn to the east in order to whisper yourself from problems and turmoil:

Thursday Chetvergovich, grant not bitterness!

On Friday, when putting on clothes, invoke joy:

Good Friday came, brought me joy.

Saturday is a day of protection from enemies and requests for retribution for enemies. Brushing your hair and putting yourself in order in front of the mirror in the morning, whisper all the enemies:

Saturday, Saturday, may all the enemies die.

Sunday is a great day for fulfilling wishes and magic of luck. When you open the front door for the first time in the morning, whisper three times:

Mistress of the week - Sunday, let me live this day according to my desire.

In general, whispers for all occasions are not too difficult to remember. They can be used in almost every day-to-day situation when magical help is needed. Using such folk wisdom is not too difficult, but it can seriously improve life, attract good luck and wealth, help you feel better, maintain beauty and youth for many years.

Whispers on a good day

It is extremely important in the morning to be charged with energy for the whole day. Special morning whispers that will make the start of a new day as positive as possible, improve your mood and attract good luck can do this very well. It is enough to say after waking up:

“I get up, I go towards my happiness!”

Enough and once. It is only important to remember all the rules and clearly pronounce all the words in a strict order. Exclusively in this case, the desired effect will be achieved.

Another effective quick slander is pronounced in the morning when a person leaves home. It is important to look at yourself in the mirror. The text is as follows:

After these words you need to smile at yourself and you can go about your business.

There is still such a conspiracy on a good day:

“I’ll leave one, I will return another. Everything will turn out, as said, so done. ”

You should also read it in front of the mirror, preferably in the morning, but you can also do it all day if you had to return home for some business.

If at a certain point in time you need support and luck, in order to achieve some goal, you can use this whisper:

“I am doing my job boldly. Angels guard me, they direct my hand. ”

This phrase will help calm down and direct thoughts in the right direction.

Whispers from enemies and ill-wishers

Often conflict situations occur in everyday life. Almost every person has enemies. Certain words are called upon to cope with them. They must be spoken, looking at the back of the head.

For example, if there is a meeting with an ill-wisher, then you can secure yourself using such a whisper:

“You have no power over me. You are not for me. ”

It will help to feel protected.

The following words will also help protect against bad actions or conspiracies of enemies:

"Let the birds cry, and let my enemies be silent."

This phrase must be read when looking at any bird.

If you want to bring failure to a person so that he can’t prevent him from achieving any goal, you can use this simple conspiracy:

We must speak in the back, and the phrase also affects the stranger.

There are longer, but also more effective conspiracies from enemies.

Conspiracies by day of the week

A powerful ritual, performing which, really get rid of many troubles and problems that haunt in life. To do this, just use whispers for every day of the week.

You can start from any Monday. Waking up in the morning, make a wish, get up with your right foot and say:

When leaving home on Tuesday, say the following words:

On Wednesday, while washing, do not forget to say:

Getting out of bed on Thursday, turn your back to the west and say:

On Friday, putting on clothes in the morning, say:

On Saturday, standing in front of the mirror, putting yourself in order and combing your hair, be sure to say:

On Sunday, opening the front door to leave the house, say three times:

Using whispers for any occasion is easy enough, the main thing is to remember to pronounce them in suitable situations. By the time it becomes a habit, unpleasant situations, quarrels and illnesses will become less, and eventually they will completely die.

When cutting hair

These words can be used both for a home haircut and a haircut in the salon. They are pronounced in a quiet voice if the haircut is carried out independently, and in the mind if someone helps. Words should be learned, it will not be difficult:

“My hair, my health, no one will pick up, not pick up on the road, it will not hurt me. The word is strong. My luck is with me! ”

You can speak in a whisper only after a haircut, first put the hair on fire, and throw out the ashes. During the last procedure and repeat the words three times.

Whispers of wealth and good fortune

When buying a new wallet, a ceremony is performed so that the money is always intact, and there is plenty in the house. For this, banknotes of large denomination are folded into the wallet and pronounced:

“As a coin is collected for money, so prosperity happily seeks and collects for me; in my new wallet, money flows to the coin. And in my wallet it always rings and rustles, on a shiny ring, on new clothes, but enough for everything. My word is strong. To them is earth and sky, a castle and a key. Amen".

Put the wallet in the bag and say:

"My wallet, my wallet rings, wealth is already flying to me." About the rite should be silent and not tell others about it.

If you are lucky enough to buy a new wardrobe item or jewelry, you need to whisper quickly 12 times to the new thing:

“As a squirrel wore a fur coat, did not bear it, so would this (call a thing) bring me luck. Today, tomorrow, always! May it be so! Amen".

The enchanted thing will bring good luck, and if you wear it to work, it will certainly attract money to its owner.

You should not miss the opportunity to attract wealth by walking past a pregnant woman. In case of such a meeting, read the magic words:

"You give birth, but I multiply the good."

Meeting a pregnant woman is a good omen.

When cooking porridge for your family, you can also appease higher powers. You need to look at the porridge, stir it and say:

“Kasha will cook, money will be found in the family, grow, increase, benefit in favor”

If luck unexpectedly left a person, probably someone had a magical effect on the fence of success. To do this, collect holy water, utter a whisper above it:

“Whoever led away my luck will turn away from that, turn to me. Black eye, gray eye, white eye - stick off me, leave me alone, stop spoiling my life, but don’t stop, you’ll become a forest stump, you won’t say a word, you won’t look with your eyes, you will dry up, you will wither - not by my evil intention, but by my evil according to your thoughts, what you gave to me, you will receive back, your evil will stick out from me, it will stick to you, and with me my luck, peace, peace, and God's grace, so that I can see happiness sooner . Amen".

This prayer will allow you to bring good luck to life again and not let anyone take it again.

To the beauty

Any woman wants to have a beautiful appearance. This is completely natural. An important component of an attractive image is a hairstyle. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to have beautiful hair. But there is a way out. In this situation, you can apply such a conspiracy:

“Grow my hair as fast as this water flows”

But it is necessary to pronounce it in the afternoon, cutting off a small part of your hair and throwing it in flowing water, preferably in a fast river.

Many women want to lose weight. For these purposes, there is a short phrase spoken to the moon:

“The moon is waning, and I am losing weight. The moon has golden horns. I have a thin body. ”

The text is spoken at a fast pace 9 times. And not one night, but during 9. It is important to understand that you can’t rely on these words only, you need to take care of yourself, go on a diet. Only in this case will there be any effect.

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast a beautiful attractive face. This problem can be solved by the following sentence made during washing:

“My skin is smooth, tender, just like a baby’s skin.”

The plot will remove wrinkles and give the face health and beauty.

Whispers on the fulfillment of desires

If a cherished desire has not been fulfilled for a long time, you need to say before bedtime:

“A blanket and a sheet are my protection, and a pillow is my girlfriend! Everything that I plant will come true in reality! ”

Do not talk to anyone until morning. In the event that someone finds out about the deed, a whisper will not work. Conduct the ceremony all week. Another whisper is aimed not only at the fulfillment of a dream, but also protection in the dark from evil forces:

"Let in a dream and in reality, be the way I want."

The main thing in carrying out these rituals is to prevent negative thoughts until the wish comes true.

Quick whispers to make everything good

Such whispers are best pronounced in the morning, immediately after the awakening of the body. During this period, consciousness is receptive and sensitive, it contributes to a better effect. They will bring luck and prosperity.

For example, before drinking water, say:

"I drink water, my health is good, I am full of strength and energy."

It is important to drink water on an empty stomach.

To work

When searching for a job, one should at a certain frequency (the more often the better, but one should not speak one after another) pronounce the following whisper, especially before going to an interview:

“Wherever I go, I will find work there, I have no refusal anywhere. Amen".

Words will help to cope with excitement, calm nerves and tune in the right calm confident manner.

Whispers to beauty

Every woman strives to look attractive and young. To complete any image, it is beneficial to emphasize the appearance of a beautiful hairstyle. However, not everyone can boast of smart hair. In this case, do not be disappointed. It will help to solve the problem of whispers in the water.

The girl must wait for the growing moon, cut off a small curl and throw it into a fast water stream. The river will be the best option, but if there is no open source nearby, you can use the toilet:

"Grow my hair as fast as this water flows."

This ceremony is recommended during the day, before sunset. In order to attract beauty, rejuvenate, before washing, say:

"Angel of water, give beauty, health, vitality, remove wrinkles."

A plot to help get rid of hated wrinkles, the first signs of skin aging:

“My skin is smooth, tender, just like a baby’s skin.”

It is recommended to pronounce these words at night, before a long sleep.

To trade

In order for the trade to go well, immediately after the very first successful big deal, it is recommended to go through all your products with money earned, while saying:

“Money to money. Buyer to buyer. Our goods are for sale, a strict calculation is being made. ”

Time doesn't matter. It is allowed to repeat the procedure at least every day. It is also important to ask the first client to pay the calculation.

In the back of a bad person

Often in life there are people with negative thoughts. These are just envious people, evil people and ill-wishers. In order not to be afraid of the negative energy of such a person, and to exclude his bad impact, there is such a whisper:

“What you want, then you have it, leave everything evil in yourself”

It is important to pronounce the phrase while looking at the back of a bad person.

Antique quick bedtime plot

Whispers, which are pronounced before bedtime, help to ensure that all dreams and desires come true in the shortest possible time. For a quick and guaranteed result, you should carry out the procedure every evening.

The following phrase will affect not only the fulfillment of all desires, but also fight nightmares:

"Let it be in a dream and in reality as I want."

It is important to pronounce this phrase every time immediately before bedtime.

For luck

Many people really lack luck in many life situations. In order for luck to be everywhere, the following sentence may turn out to be extremely effective:

“Where the right foot is, there and the left one, where I am, my luck is there.”

And it is advised in the morning to get out of bed only with the right foot, pronouncing this phrase in a quiet voice. You can also do this in front of the mirror, so the spell will work better, the quantity in this case does not matter.

Whispers to a guy call

If a girl needs to be called by a guy he likes, she must do the following ritual. You need a red candle large enough and a blank sheet of paper. On the sheet in black ink should write the name of the guy, and in full. After that, it is required to light candles with fire, uttering along the way:

"The body and soul burn in the fire until you call me."

Repeat this three times before the whole sheet burns.

Whispers for the girl to call

Not only do the guys want a girl to call them, but vice versa. And for such cases, there are special whispers. Here, a very important role is played by internal mood, concentration and concentration. One must also believe and wish that this happens.

For example, a simple whisper that is allowed to be pronounced at any time of the day, while the gaze is directed to the moon or the sun:

“An Arab travels in the sky, interferes with the stars with the sun, appoints the planet day and night! I will stretch out my hands to her, so that my beloved (name) will be bored. To stop eating and drinking, she only suffered about me! May he desire my words more than the rest. Amen!"

The effectiveness of this conspiracy directly depends on the internal state, concentration and deep faith in the spoken words.

So your loved one is back

The most common conspiracy in this situation is the following phrase:

“I’m waiting for you, I wait, I boast of new clothes. The servant of God (name) of His Guardian Angel sent for you. May he bring you to me. My word is strong. Amen".

It is recommended that you have a photograph of your loved one in your left hand, and put the other hand to your heart. Repeat thrice.

Pretty simple way. However, he will act quickly. The speaker will either call or come in a couple of hours. It is allowed to repeat if there was no result.

For money

To attract money after purchasing a new wallet, read:

“As the moon is full in you, so you should not be empty. Amen".

Moreover, it is advised not to put anything in the wallet before the full moon appears. The plot itself is read under the moonlight, first you need to put your wallet in the light.

So cute missed you

If a woman wants her man to miss her and be faithful, she should say to herself after her beloved in the back after he leaves the house:

“Go dear, hurry up, and don’t forget me, return to your home threshold quickly, and don’t know the way to other women.”

You can not say these words out loud, it is allowed only mentally. No stranger should hear a woman. It is forbidden to think about your beloved all the time, to dream about him and constantly want that desire to come true. This may have a negative effect.

From cheating

It often happens that the love relationship between two people weakens and gets colder. But at the same time, I do not want to diverge, since people still value each other. There is a desire to fix everything and love with renewed vigor. To exclude the possibility of treason on the part of the partner, there are some whispers. Here are the most powerful of them:

“Go where you went, you’ll come back anyway. You’re coming from me as a gelding; you’ll be a stallion in the house. As I say, it will be so. ”

It is advised to pronounce the phrase next to her husband when he leaves the house.

To the moon to fulfill a wish

First, you need to decide on the mascot. He is chosen on the basis of desire. The subject should be only symbolic.

It is not necessary that the moon be full.

If it is already evening and all preparations are completed, you need to stand at the window so that the moon is clearly visible, take your talisman in your left hand. It is important to calm down and focus on words and your desire. The following phrase is pronounced:

“Mother moon, share your strength. Direct your energy to my advantage. My wish ... fulfill. May it be so".

Repeat three times and put your subject on the windowsill under the moonlight until morning.

Whisper for sale

For the trade to be successful, you need to read the prayer “Our Father” before the opening of the work shift.Next, cross the product with the words “Lord, bless!” And make a sales request:

“Deeds, Lord, of her rivers and with thy pure lips, for without me you cannot do anything. My goodness. Lord, by faith help my sinful soul, God’s servant (name), this life, our trade in the purchase, sale, change and in everything. You, Lord God, do it yourself in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Holy Archangel Michael, we trade in your holy name. Save, save and bless with holy prayers the servant of God (name) to begin and complete a happy and prosperous trade. In the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen".

At that moment, when the buyer picks up the goods, you should whisper to yourself:

“Here and now, if you buy, you will remove the evil eye. Amen".

When leaving a store or outlet, it is recommended that you cross the workplace and go home. A prayer for trading can be read once a week, and a whisper can be said several times a day.

Whispers for different life situations

This option to attract good luck is especially suitable for those who live in a private house. In order for fate to develop as you wish, there are whispers in all spheres of life. You have to go out into the courtyard, face east, saying:

“Mother of Earth Cheese! "Take away all reptile unclean from a love spell and dashing business!"

Turn west:

“Mother of Earth Cheese! "Swallow the evil spirits in the abyss of seething, into the combustible resin."

Looking south, whisper:

“Mother of Earth Cheese! Satisfy the midday winds with inclement weather, calm down the loose sands with a blizzard. "

Facing north, say:

“Mother of Earth Cheese! Take away the midnight winds with clouds, restrain frosts with blizzards. "

Such a ritual can protect against all troubles, give more energy to a person reading whispers for all occasions. There is no doubt in the forces that can bring prosperity and complete harmony in everything to fate.

Every day there are a lot of ill-wishers who are able to attract black forces and destructive energy with their whispering. To reflect the bad, there is a whisper:

If you pronounce it every time the enemy wishes something bad, you don’t have to worry about doing evil slander. Aggression can be found in public transport. Having heard rudeness in your direction, say:

"Your negativity, you live with him, but I don’t need someone else."

Especially a lot of envy and negative energy comes from enemies at work who want to annoy a colleague. There is a whisper, which is aimed at quickly reflecting negative thoughts and words spoken by an employee:

So you can protect yourself until the end of this day and calmly do the work. To prolong the effect, it is important to say such a whisper for every day before going on shift.

When there is not enough vigor, you should make coffee or tea, say over the drink:

"I drink strength, I drink health, I drink the energy of this day."

After drinking, you can immediately feel how energy is spreading through the body.

When cleaning the house should say:

“I clean my house, I fill it with luck, money and love.”

A whisper will help drive away evil spirits and appease the brownie. If the little house periodically plays pranks, hides things, makes a mess, he is advised to pour milk and put a piece of candy for the night.

Every time the weather rages, you can read a whisper in the wind - it will save a person from the evil crafts of the enemies and cleanse the energy:

“Blow, blow, brother Veter Vetrovich, drive away and take away all the dashing from me. So that dashing and bad could not hold on to me. With the wind to leave and not return. Amen! Amen! Amen!".

Specialists recommend creating small plots for all occasions in life on their own. You just need to concentrate all the energy, the desired message into the words and read them when the heart prompts.

Daily short plots

There is a variant of whispers by day of the week:

  1. On Monday, make a wish right after sleep, get up from his right leg, saying: “It will come true, I believe, it will be fulfilled. So be it!".
  2. On Tuesday, crossing the threshold of the house, you need to call for good luck: “Tuesday for good luck, I won’t pay. Amen! Amen! Amen".
  3. On Wednesday, wash your face in the morning, call out luck: “I wash my face, I urge good luck. It will come true! ”
  4. On Thursday, after waking up, look east, take on the protection from the problems: “Thursday Chetvergovich, grant not bitterness!”.
  5. On Friday, putting on clothes, during the day you can bring joy: "Holy Friday came, brought me joy."
  6. On Saturday, it's time to get rid of enemies and give back. To stand in front of the mirror, comb, saying: "Saturday, Saturday, may all enemies be ill."
  7. Sunday is a great day for whispers to fulfill cherished desires, improve fortune in life. Cross the threshold of the front door early in the morning, whisper: "Lady of the week - Sunday, let me live this day according to my desire."

Popular wisdom says that if you regularly use whispers for every day in the week, happiness will surely come and a happy chance will turn up.

Protective whispers

It is always necessary to think about your own safety. Useful whispers for every morning are for anyone who wants to protect themselves for the current day. The prayer is:

“You know how, you know everything in the world. Today I am such (such). ”

Morning whispers are pronounced every day. They will allow you to create a magic shield around a person, will not allow negative energies to break through and will help in all your endeavors.

When there is a feeling that a steady gaze is directed at the back of the head, pronounce without turning back:

"What he gave me, he took it back to himself, took it!"

To complete the protective ritual will help the language, which requires to draw a cross in heaven three times.

They can also protect whispers from those who direct magic to a person who is trying to harm him. In case there is a suspicion that the enemy was up to something wrong, you should tighten your toes, tightly clench your fists, hide your thumb in your palm, say in your mind three times:

“I know no one but God, I’m returning yours to you. Amen".

Such a whisper can destroy the effect of even the most powerful rite on spoilage. The latter method is used as a purge, and then when work was done on death. The needles that are stuck in the door of the object, bring misfortune to the house. Seeing this picture, you need to do the ritual according to the advice indicated above, and with a rag to pull out the needles, burying them away from home.

So that whispers on all spheres of human destiny, on all everyday events, are positively influenced, they are recommended to be carried out in a comprehensive manner - at the same time attracting health, love, wealth, luck to life. In order not to lose good conspiracies, it is advised to have your own collection of whispers for all occasions. Then they will always be at hand and at any time will be able to help.

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