Fashionable women shoes spring-summer 2018 photo

There is no limit to the fantasies of designers, but because the number of fashionable shoes in the new season of 2018 is incredibly huge. In fashion collections, designers created shoes with a variety of styles, differing in height and shape of the heel, texture of the material and decor elements.

But now let's look at fashionable women's shoes 2018. What do designers offer, and which ones to choose? The question is not at all simple. Recently, many of us prefer comfort, which means that shoes without a heel or low heels will be held in high esteem.

However, comfort and beauty occasionally do not combine, especially shoes. Assuming this incompatibility, designers created new and unusual forms of shoes, applied various materials. Shoes in the season 2018 have rounded socks, and square, and pointed, and heels change their shape - from thin, graceful stiletto heels to flared, concave and massive heels.

But let's talk about everything in order ...

First, let's pay tribute to comfort, so consider flat shoes, or, as they call it, flat shoes.

Fashion flat shoes spring-summer 2018

Flat shoes. But are they just slippers, and even slippers? Yes, it does. On the one hand, complete comfort, but on the other ...? And what to wear them with? Not everyone can just decide on shoes resembling ordinary flip flops. You should think about it before putting it on.

Sometimes you look at the girls and think - poor thing, I collected everything that was from my grandmother's chest and put it on. Previously, such images were considered complete bad taste, and today - the worse, the better. However, we turn to shoes without heels. If they already exist, we will choose the most beautiful of them. So take a look.

2018 low-heeled women shoes

Now that you’ve watched some of the best designer work without a heel, you can conclude whether to wear them or not. If you are for comfort, and a flat sole is not your option, you want to grow a little, without depriving yourself of comfort, then choose low-heeled shoes. There are an incredible number of options. The fact is that in shoes not only the height of the heel is important, but also its shape. In this regard, designers offer fantastic solutions.

As you can see, there are really many low-heeled models. And that's not all.

Shoes spring-summer 2018 - high-heeled models

Heels are different. If we talk about high heels, then in addition to the stiletto heel, the heel-column, heels-carnations, wedges, as well as fancy heels are still in fashion.

Pumps and Fashion Trends 2018

Pumps are unlikely to go out of style. Usually this model is accompanied by a stiletto heel or a shot glass. These shoes, of course, are suitable for going to a solemn event. The height of the heel makes it difficult to move, but the beauty and elegance of the image will not allow any other models to compete with them.

Classic boats can be found in the collections of Marta Jakubowski, Missoni, Ralph & Russo, Calvin Klein. They have no extra elements, each pair is made in fashionable shades. A little added decor in Tom Ford models as a small fringe, and silver sequins from Saint Laurent.

Extremely popular shoes with heels - "kitten heel", or as they call it - "cat heel", he is a heel-shot glass. With such a heel, the same boats, but they are very comfortable and will create the beauty and comfort of the legs for the whole day. These boats became popular back in the 1950s, and actress Audrey Hepburn often appeared in them, for example, in Sabrina, then in The Funny Face, in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Boats with such heels were preferred by many celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy. Today you will see them on the feet of many other famous fashionistas and simply beauties. Therefore, in the spring-summer 2018 season, “cat” heels can be found in the collections of famous brands.

Fashionable women's shoes in a man's style

Masculine and oversize style triumph on the catwalk and burst into the wardrobes of fashionistas. Unfortunately, many girls do not listen to stylists, and therefore, trying to keep up with fashion trends and proposals of designers, they look not even funny, but stupid. What kind of men's shoes do designers offer in 2018?

For fashionistas who seek to emphasize a feminine image, the most acceptable models are from the collection of Aalto Spring, Michael Kors, Thierry Mugler, Undercover. They have special elements that say that the shoes are for women. But the models Albino Teodoro, Molly Goddard and Jil Sander are completely devoid of femininity. Marni men's shoes were put on a multi-layer platform sole. We will not argue, each of us will choose according to our taste and style.

Shoes spring-summer 2018 with a cowboy heel

We will not go far from the masculine style, so we immediately notice that the style of American cowboys was often found on the catwalk, and therefore in shoes. Women's shoes were akin to the shoes of guys from Texas.

Fashionable Mule Shoes

In the spring-summer 2018 season, shoes without backs again took one of the leading positions. Trussardi, Jonathan Simkhai, Manish Arora, Marques Almeida. Designers presented their views on mules differently. Someone raised his mules on a stiletto heel, someone on a high column or heel, a looser, there is also a heel with a glass, and there are also completely flat soles, but this is a completely different shoe - called grandmothers. A different attitude to the pointed nose and decor.

Plastic in shoes 2018

Plastic in both clothes and shoes has become an important fashion trend. This material adds futuristic touches to the look. If you want to create something fantastic, or maybe cosmic, however, it is one and the same thing, watch once again all the science fiction films that everyone likes. And in the creation of a new image, shoes Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Toga and Off White will help.

Women's shoes with lacing, straps and ribbons

Lacing, ribbons and straps in shoes in the trend for more than one season. All of these elements create interweaving that designers are very fond of. The fact is that weaving can be done in different ways and elements, and therefore each model will have its own unique design.

For example, Aigner designers used all of the named decor elements, and it turned out very well. Aquilano Rimondi presented elegant shoes in red and black with wide straps that look like collars. Shiatzy Chen shoes decorated with ribbon weave.

Fringe & Tassel Shoes

Of all the decorative elements, fringe should be highlighted. In clothes, designers focused on very long fringe, and in shoes, fringe created a remarkable image.

Beautiful sequin and sequin shoes

Another fashionable decor trend in 2018 is sequins and sparkles. Some designers “showered” their shoes completely, others added a shiny embankment only to the heel, while most of them chose the simplest style. However, these shoes cannot be missed.

Stylists convince - to approach the brilliance thoughtfully. Do not forget that you can look like a Christmas tree toy only on the catwalk, therefore with such shoes all other items of clothing should not shine brightly.

But you can shine without sequins. In 2018, do not forget about silver and gold, about the brilliance of molten metal. The texture of the material with bright shine is no less remarkable, while it looks like a noble metal.

In addition to these decorative elements, there were large frills and ruffles, massive buckles, metal elements and rhinestones. These unusual elements to some extent visually change the volume of the foot.

Convenient trends

This year, designers have tried to make the boats even more convenient. This was helped by the return to fashion of the era of the 70s, when a thick platform and a steady heel were at the peak of their popularity among fashionistas.

The next season is convenience and practicality. Shoes combine elegance and sustainability. At the peak of popularity are shoes, rectangular heeled sandals. A trapezoidal shape is acceptable as a variation. A striking example is the Emporio Armani collection.

The designer successfully combined several bright elements: lacing, a trapezoid heel. Shoes are laconic, admissible catchiness. Giorgio Armani - proposed a unique shape of an inverted trapezoid, which slightly expands below.

Girls for whom walking on platform shoes is uncomfortable will have to choose shoes with a stable square heel. Head-hanging studs and tall bulky wedges gave way to a neat heel from 3.5 to 5 cm high, which got the cute name kitten heels.

But you can’t say that in the spring you will have to throw your stilettos away on the upper shelf in the closet, because this permanent heel is already too fond of fashionable women for their recklessness and sexuality.

Fashion nose

The boats acquired in 2018 even more pointed noses, which are already quite firmly entrenched as the classic design of women's shoes.

But why not make them more open and less formal? Closed shoes look strictly, but this spring everything has changed a bit in view of the trend for open-toed shoes.

Fashionable women's shoes 2018 - a bright palette and an unusual print

You maintain the brightness in the image, then choose shoes with rich juicy and non-trivial shades, the designers presented them in huge numbers. Original combinations of bright colors will also be fashionable, and this contributes to experimentation.

Pastel shades to match the clothes will not only decorate the shoes, but also create a feeling of freshness and lightness.

No less colorful will be models of shoes in which a bright print takes full responsibility for ensuring that the shoes are called the most fashionable. Flowers, stripes, cages, snake patterns - these prints adorn the models of the simplest styles that look stylish and luxurious.

Designers offer us rich colors - red, pink, blue, green, yellow. On the catwalk one could see black and white shoes, as well as shoes where red and black, yellow and purple combine.

Open in front

Shoes from which fingertips peek out are once again becoming popular. Particularly interesting specimens were presented by Rodarte, Michael Kors Collection, Bottega Veneta and Giamba. They tried their best, offering unique products that help skillfully emphasize the zest of the image, play with palettes and harmoniously arrange style accents.

Shoes made of silicone, PVC and other types of plastic, however, like clothes and accessories, have become the main trend of this season. Designers loved this material for its visual weightlessness - even the boots acquired a mysterious effect hovering above the ground.

Some designers chose to decorate with "invisible details" only certain parts of the shoe. For example, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang made only the lift line transparent, which made the neat boats look even more elegant.

Transparent heel is another original and by no means a new discovery. Stylish and extraordinary styles of shoes with transparent heels were presented by Versus, Prabal Gurung, Balmain and a number of other well-known brands.

Without heels

Shoes with a flat bottom are still in incredible demand among the fair sex of any age. It is not for nothing that it is widely represented on the catwalks dedicated to the spring-summer season, because with its help it is possible to supplement the trend image with absolute comfort for the legs. Most designers decided to prove that such shoes are not only suitable for gray everyday life. To do this, they designed individual copies with non-standard textures, choosing original styles with a silver coating as the base, which allowed emphasizing femininity and elegance.

Low heel shoes

Convenience and beauty are the two main rules of the season 2018. Now comfortable shoes are no longer a necessary measure.

Low heel has become a new trend in high and casual fashion. For those who at the same time value comfort and grace and do not want to refuse an elegant hairpin, the designers came up with a low heel kitten heel. Shoes on such a tiny heel look as feminine and elegant as on a high stiletto heel.

Flat platform

Shoes on the platform gradually fade into the background among designers, only a few well-known brands presented sandals on a flat or almost flat platform, the so-called flatform. But the designers had a wide opportunity to experiment with shoes. For example, Mary Katranzou made the platform multi-layered and very massive, complementing it with a lightweight top. And Gabriela Hearst's models were somewhat reminiscent of traditional Japanese geta sandals, only in a modern design and in combination with a zebra safari print.

Shoes without a back

Shoes without a back can have a variety of names. They are usually known as "mules", although if it comes to open-heeled boats, then in this case we are talking about "pump slingback". No matter what you call your favorite couple, the meaning of this will not change - in such models there is no back. Choosing these shoes, especially boats, you need to be extremely careful in combining them with other elements of the image. So, for example, they will look very elegant with dresses in the style of "new bow" or with light summer dresses in the office style. If you take trendy short skirts and skinny jeans, then in this ensemble such shoes look very doubtful.

Closed shoes

Paradoxically, it is relevant even on warm days, although it is more suitable for walking in bad weather. Creating such shoes, the designers decided to move away from the old canons and hid their entire legs, and in compliance with a laconic style: they preferred a monochrome gamut to bright palettes.

Platform and massive heel

If a thin hairpin is not to your liking, do not immediately go to the boots. Mary Katrantzou, Marc Jacobs, Maison Margiela came up with original shoes with a comfortable wide heel and a stable platform.

There is no need to talk much about the advantages of such models. They are known to everyone who at least once wore such shoes. Modern urban residents will definitely appreciate this fashion trend. Some designers added originality to the shoes, and in some places a frank "freakiness". It turned out something in the style of street-style, a little cheeky and at the same time feminine. In addition, such models visually add a few centimeters of growth, while remaining stable and as comfortable as possible.

Masculine shoes

Fashion designers are in no hurry to part with unisex, but are actively promoting it to the masses. For example, the year 2018 is marked by the predominance of rude monks, loafers, brog, derby. Such brutal patterns have not been combined with strict suits and jeans for a long time - they are complemented by delicate dresses, flying skirts and completely girlish looks.

Shoes with straps and buckles

In the fashion season of 2018, designers offer to pay attention not to color, but to form. Even dark autumn-spring shoes can look fashionable with an abundance of fancifully intertwined belts and fasteners.

It’s not worth getting coarse gladiators with weaving to the knee from the closet, but purchasing a pair of shoes with several straps from Mary Katrantzou, Bottega Veneta, Altuzarra will be quite appropriate. High fashion sometimes pleases us with practical shoes, which may well move from the catwalk to everyday life.

Kitten heels

Which season in a row the main trend in shoe design is its convenience. Sometimes this idea gets quite extravagant realization - for example, monstrous crocuses from the September Balenciaga show.But if you discard such shocking decisions, the synonym for comfort in the coming season will be the numerous options of the well-known kitten heels - miniature thin heels, “flying” or even running in which all day is easier than simple. Mules will be a great option, but you should write about them separately.

Fringed Shoes

The main element of the decor in the spring-summer season of 2018 was fringe, which revived and gave dynamism to even the most unremarkable shoes. Nobody would have paid attention to the light Missoni sandals with thin straps around the ankle if it were not for the multi-colored ropes that swayed in time with the movements of the models. The same goes for quilted Marco de Vincenzo slaps in swamp color - the “cherry on the cake” was a multilayer fringe that immediately refreshed their look.

Glam rock Christopher Kane shoes have become even more “driving” after being embellished with shiny rhinestone fringe. These mysterious ropes looked harmonious even in combination with a restrained casual style.


Nothing decorates fragile female legs like shoes made of expensive high-quality leather or suede. It seemed so before. Designers managed to turn over our ideas about what materials comfortable slippers can be made of.

In the collections we see a desire to use materials that are increasingly unusual for this detail of the image. Lace and chiffon give the shoes greatness, transparent plastic makes them look like Cinderella’s crystal shoes, and the atlas looks like little chervil’s, like the tsarina whom the heroine of Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka dreamed about.

But looking at these luxurious shoes made of soft matte leather, it is impossible not to want to put them on as soon as possible, because they are not only stylish, but also most comfortable. It’s a paradox, but it is shoes that are made of reptile leather, whose destiny is to be mundane, will elevate your image to fashionable heights, because their skin in the spring and summer of 2018 will be the most trendy.

Velvet - the fashionable texture of 2018 is used to design the platform, heels, the upper part of the shoe. It is applicable even to loafers who, in such an interpretation, look completely updated about.

Expensive and tasteful

Finishing shoes from the new collections made them extremely feminine. Delicate bows, delicate feathers and soft fur, as well as many, many flower applications, thanks to which your image will literally blossom!

And so that your legs shone in shoes, they were embroidered with crystals and sequins. If you shoe these shoes, select the rest of the image details minimalist.

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Such a functional detail as a strap-fastener on shoes can also make shoes trendy. This year, a T-shaped strap encircling your ankle is fashionable.

Besides him, the straps tied around the ankles are in fashion, like those with which ballerinas tie pointe shoes. Most often, these were textile satin ribbons, which makes shoes even more like weightless pointe shoes.

Gold is a sign of luxury, which was abundant in the collections of spring-summer 2018. Gold heels, metal finishes in Aurum color and materials painted in different shades of gold - these are clear signs of the gold rush in fashion.

Fashionable colors and prints for women's shoes spring-summer 2018

In the spring-summer season 2018, along with achromatic coloring in fashion collections, there was a place and a riot of bright colors. Among the current colorful compositions, stylish models of red, yellow, blue, terracotta, turquoise, olive and green shades. The calm range was represented by soft beige tones, as well as watercolor shades and pastels in the form of sky blue, pale pink and mint tones.

In the new collections an abundance of original novelties of brown shades. Of the prints, the leading positions are occupied by stripes, geometric patterns, original art strokes, abstract elements, as well as a permanent attribute of the warm season - a floral print in the form of drawings, embroidery or applique on fashionable shoes. Another trend that has migrated from past seasons is the contrasting color of the cape, although eminent stylists predict that this trend will soon sink into oblivion.

Retro style

Beautiful shoes in retro style have been relevant for several years. In 2018, they will still be at the peak of the fashion Olympus. In the spring and summer, women's shoes in the style of the 60s with a thick wide heel and a rounded toe will be in demand. A great addition to shoes of this style is lacing or catchy buckle. Retro shoes look very original in everyday life, especially with elongated vintage dresses and skirts.

Shoes vs Fur

The spring of 2018 will be filled to the brim with warm fur, warming the legs and just decorating the shoes. Moreover, he will be not only on top of the shoes, but also below, on the heel itself, which is an extremely modern and relevant solution. As for color, “predatory” combinations or neutral coloring are preferable - in general, for every taste.

Beautiful shoes are an example of pristine femininity. They are present in almost every wardrobe, and from season to season the personal collections of modern women of fashion are replenished with fresh haute couture models. So in the spring and summer of 2018 it is impossible without new products that attracted eminent designers. Among the abundance of styles, styles, decor and trends, it is difficult to single out unconditional favorites, so stock up on different options for all occasions!

Requirements for shoes spring-summer 2018

On the most famous fashion catwalks, designers presented clothes in a minimalist style. But strict and simple styles look dull if they are not complemented by expressive and bright shoes. Women's shoes do not just complement the image, but are an important element of the bow. Designers create shoes that are as comfortable as possible and meet several characteristics, namely lightness, quality, practicality, beauty.

When choosing women's shoes for spring-summer 2018, you need to take into account your habits and your own style. If a girl likes casual, then you do not need to choose high-heeled shoes, which is more suitable for feminine dresses. Also, shoes need to be selected depending on the style of the selected outfit. What do famous fashion designers offer us?


This classic model still remains relevant, as in the past. For the first time they conquered women's hearts in the middle of the last century and have not changed significantly since then. In the new season, fashion designers added a bit of originality to the classic style of pumps. They added fancy ankle-shaped webbing to traditional models. Some of them look like a belt from a cloak, others look like huge flowers, and others are decorated with pieces of natural fur.

On the catwalks boats are presented both on a very high stiletto heel and on a stable heel of medium thickness. In the 2018 season, designers propose combining stilettos with evening dresses and smart casual clothing. Pants, a pencil skirt, culottes and chinos harmoniously look with them. This shoe model visually stretches the silhouette and makes the legs visually slimmer.

Bright lacquered leather boats remain in the top, which most harmoniously fit into the image of a glamorous diva. Also in fashion are boats with lacing or with a logo decoration.

Shot Glasses

Model kitten heels (cat heels) is very popular among celebrities. Every now and then at fashionable parties in such shoes Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, etc. appear. It was the glasses-princess that Diana preferred. Designers presented delicate and romantic models of shoes that add elegance and style to the image of a woman.

In order for the heel to be considered a “shot glass”, its height should not exceed 5 cm. Due to the low heel, such shoes are very practical, comfortable and versatile. These shoes can be worn both at ceremonies and for everyday wear. They go well with dresses in retro style, skinny jeans, sweaters with pipes, trouser suits.

Flat shoes

The designers compensated for the lack of heel in such models with shoe decoration and decor. Weaving small roses or textured petals, abstract bright patterns on the surface have become a bright accent to simple classic models. Regarding the material for the manufacture of such shoes, the designers preferred lacquered and genuine leather, suede, denim dense fabric.

Decorated shoes

In the new season, designers preferred clothes, shoes and accessories made of shiny fabrics, rhinestones and sequins. This trend did not bypass shoes. On the catwalks were presented variations of shoes that were decorated with golden sequins and metallic-colored jewelry. Fashion designers have created entire works of art that are distinguished by luxury and glamor. Satin and fur inserts, sequins, pearls, stones and rhinestones - all this has found application in creating beautiful shoes. In most cases, these shoes have a very high heel and platform. Therefore, such models are suitable for attending social parties and red carpet.

Another peak of extravagance - classic shoes with an open heel and foam inserts that resemble kitchen sponges. Truly eccentric young ladies can afford this model.

Choosing decorated shoes for the celebration, you should take care of a simple and elegant outfit, as well as accessories. In this case, it is necessary to abandon massive jewelry and elaborate dresses, otherwise it risks turning the image into a gypsy, which visually reduces the cost of a woman’s common bow. It is important not to overdo the glamorous luxury and extravagance.

The peak of eccentricity and shocking among the collections of 2018 was open-heeled shoes in a classic style, decorated with foam inserts resembling kitchen washcloths.

Pump slingback shoes

Shoes with an open heel were first introduced into fashion by Coco Chanel herself. This model helps ladies with thin ankles and thin calves to visually stretch their legs and make them slimmer. However, if the leg is full, then such shoes only emphasize fullness.

Couturiers decorated the open part of the shoes with membranes with ankle clasps, ties or lacing along the leg. The most fashionable pump slingback models are beige pumps with an open heel and a closed black toe. However, other colors and various variations of the open heel cut are not less trendy.

The advantage of this model is not only graceful design, but also comfort, which is ensured by comfortable lifting and average heel height.

Transparent inserts

The fantasy of designers went beyond ordinary jewelry and came to the use of transparent plastic inserts in our usual shoe models. Shoes with transparent inserts create a bare foot effect (barefoot effect). This is one of the most trending shoe models to date.

The models of such neutral-colored shoes are universal and will fit almost any look, for example, a sheath dress or a flared beige skirt. Also, shoes with transparent inserts are suitable for cropped jeans or straight cut pants tucked from the bottom. Creating a summer look, you can combine bright medium-long shorts or a short skirt with shoes on a transparent wedge. For an evening look with such shoes, short cocktail dresses look more appropriate, since outfits on the floor hide shoes.

Fashion wedge heel

Wedge heels combines comfort, practicality and convenience, which is why many lovers of wide heels choose this model of shoes. This season, the trend is an eerily high wedge heel with a height of at least 10 cm. Despite this height, wedge shoes are very comfortable and stable. High-heeled shoes visually lengthen and slim legs.

An attractive feature of wedge shoes is an open toe. A thumb with a beautiful pedicure will create an attractive bow. Of the couturier's jewelry, they decided to use bows of various shapes and sizes, membranes on the ankle, however, it visually shortens the leg.

Heel height and shape

Of course, a high heel has always been and remains the most fashionable. However, designers offer a huge number of variations on medium heels (4-5 cm), elegant wedges and a massive platform. If the model is presented on a massive steady heel, then it is combined with a sharp toe. Thus, the massiveness of the heel does not burden the appearance of the shoe. Also in the trend are square bright square heels with a finish of silver or gold accents.

A thick steady heel also does not go out of style. The initial goal of shoes with such a heel was stability and comfort, but gradually the designers decided to decorate it. A thick heel is much more convenient and practical than a hairpin, so many girls quickly fell in love with it.

The brightest stable models of shoes can be called variations with unusual heels in shape, for example, consisting of two parts or a huge platform. Such models were presented in the collections of Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and other famous fashion designers.

Unlimited variety is the most suitable definition for women's shoes fashion trends in the season 2018. Designers presented bright colored, traditional pastel and monochrome colors of shoes. Also, full gold or silver shoes made a splash. Each fashionista can choose among this variety those shoes that are most suitable for her and visually correct the imperfections of her legs. Chanel autumn winter 2014 2015 Fashionable women's pants spring-summer 2019 How and what to wear leather leggings Fashionable images of autumn 2018 Country style in clothes How to choose a corset by size

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