Makeup for brown eyes of all shades

The general color scheme of makeup depends on the shade of skin and hair. A universal daily option for blondes with brown eyes is a nude makeup. The evening look is created according to the classical principle: emphasis is either on the eyes or on the lips.

Light porcelain skin is combined with a cold palette: sand, beige. For hair with an ash or platinum tint, you need to select gray, silver shades. Golden skin tone will harmoniously look with peach, chocolate shades. Wheat, honey and light brown blond hair are combined with caramel, warm beige tones.

The tonal remedy is selected tone in tone or one shade darker than the natural color. The concealer for masking dark circles is selected a couple of tones lighter. Do not use yellowish and pinkish tones. The former give the face a touch of fatigue, the latter are able to emphasize skin flaws.

Note! Blondes, in order to look brighter, often have to accentuate the eyes. The brown color of the iris with bright curls in itself looks bright. You can make your look even more expressive with the help of painting the inter-eyelash space, creating arrows, the smokey ice technique, cat's eyes or retro.

Almost any shade is suitable for brown-eyed girls. With fair hair, they should not be too bright. It is better to limit yourself to tones of bronze, lilac, peach, silver, gold and muted pink. On the eyelashes you can apply black mascara or color options: green, blue, purple. Brown-eyed blondes need to emphasize the eyebrows, but do not make them too wide.

Makeup for the brown-eyed blonde

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes begins with the creation of the perfect complexion. To determine the skin tone, you can conduct a home test at the mirror. In daylight, a blank paper sheet is brought to the face. It will help to understand the natural shade of the skin. Another test is carried out in a cosmetics store with the help of tonal creams. Several strokes from the scale of shades of tonal means are applied to the cheek in order. Then, tones are compared in daylight. The perfect tone will merge with the skin.

Blondes are important not to forget about the blush, so as not to look pale. In this case, it is better not to use a bronzer. Cold pink, coral tones with light brown eyes will look harmonious. Dark irises are combined with berry blush. Nude, brown blush can make your face sore.

Important! Brown-eyed girls can use a variety of shadow colors, except that pale ones should be avoided even with daytime make-up.

The most relevant shadows for blonde, brown-eyed girls:

  • brown, chocolate,
  • golden, bronze, champagne colors,
  • lavender, plum, dark pink,
  • copper, ocher,
  • silvery, turquoise.

Blue wide arrows on the eyelids will make the look mysterious if the rest of the make-up is restrained.

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair

The combination of brown eyes with blond hair is unusual, so it always attracts attention. On the Internet you can meet many lessons on how to do eye makeup step by step for brunettes, since dark hair and eyes are not uncommon. To meet in nature such appearance parameters as fair hair and dark eyes can be quite rare. Therefore, it is important to know how to apply cosmetics. Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair should emphasize an unusual appearance. When choosing shades, you need to take into account both skin tone and face contour.

Features brown eyes

Criterias of choice:

  1. Color type. For porcelain white skin, you need to choose a cold gamut of colors - neutral beige, sand. For a warm skin tone, a peach or chocolate shade is suitable,
  2. Yellow and red tones of tonal and corrective means give the person a tired look. Pink shades emphasize skin imperfections,
  3. For ash and platinum blondes, gray silver colors are suitable. Golden or wheat hair looks advantageous with warm beige caramel shades,
  4. In everyday makeup, it is recommended to adhere to natural Nude makeup. Its essence is to slightly improve the appearance given by nature,
  5. In evening makeup, it is also worth adhering to the principle of restraint and focusing on one thing: either eyes or lips. Unusual and bright appearance with active make-up looks pretentious, sometimes even vulgar.

You can create the perfect make-up for brown-eyed blondes by following the simple instructions:

Makeup for the blonde with brown eyes

  1. Choosing the right shade of tonal means. Be sure the cream should match or be 1 tone darker than skin color. The area under the eyes needs to be adjusted based on needs. If there are no special problems, then the concealer in tone can coincide with the foundation or be a couple of tones lighter. If there are dark circles, then the product should be pink, it well adjusts the blue.

Important! Depending on the texture of the products, you can use a brush, sponge or fingertip for application.

  1. A prerequisite for proper makeup for blonde girls is eye allocation. An opaque and even faceless appearance becomes interesting due to the emphasized depth of the shade of the eyes. This can be done using the arrows or staining the inter-ciliary space,
  2. The best shades of shades for brown eyes - lilac, bronze, sand, peach, gold, silver, dirty pink,
  3. Depending on the selected palette, you can use classic black mascara or experiment with color. The most suitable are green, purple, blue.


The choice of shade of lipstick depends on the emphasis on makeup and a combination of shadows. Eyes highlighted in dark tones will be in harmony with light lips. You can use pink, peach, beige lipstick with a matte finish. The evening version allows brighter colors: red, terracotta, wine, brown, dark pink. A glamorous look can be created using varnish lipstick. Burgundy-brown lips fit chocolate eyeliner, red lipstick will look great in contrast with the dark blue arrows.

Makeup day and evening

Features of creating daily makeup for brown eyes and blond hair step by step:

  1. After cleansing and toning, the skin is moisturized with a cream.
  2. Apply concealers (concealer, concealer) on the area under the eyes, skin defects. Then the face is covered with a matting tonal agent.
  3. Even for everyday makeup, blondes need a light layer of blush so that their face does not look pale.
  4. Eyebrows accentuate with a brown or gray pencil, in accordance with the color of the curls. Avoid too bright eyebrows. You can just comb your hair with special mascara for eyebrows, then lay it down.
  5. Arrows should be thin, brown or black.
  6. For eye makeup, a palette of three colors is enough, for example, purple with sand and brown. Copper with plum and taupe will look good. The middle tone covers the entire moving eyelid. The outer corner, the orbital fold, are dark. The lightest pigment highlights the inner corner, as well as the area under the eyebrow. Color transitions are carefully shaded.
  7. For daytime make-up you need brown or purple mascara with the effect of lengthening and separation of eyelashes.
  8. Well suited for the daytime image of lipstick shade nude or berry translucent shine.

Step-by-step process of evening make-up:

  1. After cleansing, toning, moisturizing the skin, a primer is applied. It is especially important to use a leveling base in the presence of defects.
  2. Concealer corrects flaws, dark circles under the eyes. Then apply a foundation with reflective particles.
  3. Give the face a blush with a shade of 1-2 tones darker than the skin. Apply with a wide brush in a diagonal direction along the cheekbones, touch the chin. Feather.
  4. Shine is added to the protruding areas of the face (cheekbones, a checkmark above the upper lip) through a golden highlighter.
  5. Emphasize eyebrows. If the arrows are planned to be long, then the eyebrow lines should also be slightly extended.
  6. Paint over the intermuscular space. Apply a wide dark eyeliner. This will be enough if the emphasis is on the lips.
  7. For an evening look, a palette of turquoise, olive, golden or silver shades is suitable. The texture is mother-of-pearl, shimmer, metallic. You can use the Smokey Ice technique, make an unusual make-up: emphasize the upper eyelids with plum and golden shades, highlight the lower eyelids with green.
  8. Black mascara should add volume, curl, lengthen the eyelashes. You can use invoices.
  9. Lipstick can be natural (peach, beige) or bright, glossy. It depends on the accent.

Those who plan to radically change their hair color should study eye makeup step by step for brunettes:

  1. The main condition for a beautiful make-up is a suitable face tone. Fair-skinned girls are suitable tonal means of natural shades. Avoid the cold undertone, which gives a grayish color to the face. To create a dark skin, you need an ivory tone.
  2. Daytime eye make-up is performed in a brown range, from beige to richly chocolate. Light, pale shadows are not suitable for brunettes.
  3. For an evening out, you can apply shades of purple, green, blue, dark gray or black. Wide arrows are drawn with a dark brown, black pencil or dark shadows. Lines shade, creating the effect of smokey ice, cat's eyes. Black voluminous mascara completes the makeup.
  4. If the emphasis was placed on the eyes, then it is enough to tint the lips with neutral lipstick, pink or brick color.

A distinctive feature of the makeup for brown-eyed brown-haired women is the need to match the image to the color of hair, eyes and skin. Brown-haired suits both warm and cold color spectrum. So that the face is not lost among the many brown tones, it is important to correctly highlight the brown color of the iris. The color of cinnamon, coffee, chocolate is suitable. Brown shadows should not repeat the shade of the eyes or hair. Warm beige, creamy, sand, cream color shades will help to refresh the image. Pink color is not recommended for brown-eyed brown-haired women.

Base or base color

On a note. In order to accurately determine skin tone at home, you need to take a clean album sheet, bring it to your face in natural daylight.

The white color of the paper shows the main skin tone well:

  1. Winter - porcelain snow-white or dark-skinned,
  2. Spring - pink or peach color,
  3. Summer - bluish, olive, milky tint,
  4. Autumn - transparent skin with gold.

On a note. When the skin tone is determined, you can easily find the right tool.

You can also take a test at the beauty shop. Take a few close shades, apply them on the cheek next to each other, slightly blend. Then you need to go outside and in the daylight consider the samples. The one that will not be visible on the face is the most suitable.

For tea-colored eyes, cold pink blush is most suitable, leaving in a purple undertones. Bright black blush most go to black eyes, nude shades give a painful look. In combination with blond or blond hair, pinkish, coral blush colors are suitable. To give freshness to the face, blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks, chin, the remains are distributed in the crease of the upper eyelid.

Shades of shadow

Almost the whole palette of colors suits brown eyes, but the correct makeup for brown-eyed brown-haired women, blondes and fair-haired is made up of nuances.

Important! Only light faded shades of shadows are categorically not suitable for this type of appearance.

Fashion is constantly changing, new trends are being introduced. In recent years, the most suitable and relevant shadow colors are:

  • Amber,
  • Turquoise or Tiffany's color,
  • Cinnamon or Chocolate
  • Dusty rose lavender
  • Golden, sparkling sand.

Moreover, depending on the occasion and time of day, makeup can be done both in a matte texture and with the shine of sparkles.

On a note. Makeup with blue shades may look quite impressive, but the image should be thought out in advance, the tone, blush, mascara should be very delicate, otherwise the image as a whole will look heavy, even theatrical.

An example of using blue eyeshadow in evening makeup

The best make-up options for the brown-eyed blonde

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair can be performed in a variety of techniques:

  1. Nude. The brownish-golden gamut fits perfectly with the warm blonde. The daily look can be complemented by simple brown arrows and a light layer of blush.
  2. Retro style. Black arrows and well-defined red lips are good for an evening look.
  3. Smoky Eyes. This option is based on the use of dark shadows and their thorough shading. It is mainly used as an evening make-up, as well as for any celebration, for example, graduation. Smokey Ice technique can be made with multi-color shadows with a metallic effect.

You can study the instructions on various make-up techniques from lessons on the Internet or get a master class from a professional makeup artist.

Makeup for the brown-eyed blonde

Makeup mistakes

Creating an irresistible image should eliminate the most common mistakes:

  • the overly saturated color of the eyebrows makes the image more coarse, pulls the emphasis on yourself,
  • do not paint the entire eyelid with just one color of shadows, the use of different pigments creates a natural relief, a play of colors,
  • bad decision - the shadows are identical to the color of the iris,
  • brown blush will add age, make the face painfully tired.

Brown eyes combined with light curls create a pretty strong accent even without makeup. Therefore, busting with cosmetics is unacceptable. It is better to keep moderation so as not to look artificial.

Features of makeup for various shades of brown eyes

Each girl has repeatedly wondered what perfect makeup should be: for brown eyes, one color is used, for blue - completely different, and even almost colorless eyes can be made bright and expressive with the help of correctly selected cosmetics and its competent application.

Consider the most common brown eye variations:

  • Light brown

Dark, but at the same time slightly blurry, with a wisp, such eyes look very mysterious. It is important to emphasize their unusual beauty, without eclipsing their interesting shade. To do this, brown, gray or black shades in combination with brown eyeliner are suitable. Use cosmetics in darker shades than your natural eye color, but do not abuse too dark colors: just shade the outer corner and crease of the eyelid.

Yellow pigment is quite rare. If you are fortunate enough to be born with this unusual eye color, emphasize it with golden, aquamarine or greenish shades of shade. Complete the look with a bright dark eyeliner to play favorably in contrast.

This variety of eyes is also light, but with an attractive greenish tint - brown-green eyes. The winning options are shades of light colors - golden, light lilac or pink. For the evening, you can use darker violet or brown colors.Do not be afraid to experiment with the color of the eyeliner, you can safely replace the classic black with the purple version.

  • Dark brown

Classic color among other shades. You don’t need to spend a long time at the mirror trying to make a beautiful make-up: any colors and shades will suit you, from restrained bronze to bright green. Experiment!

This eye color is found mainly in burning brunettes and girls with an oriental appearance. Use bright juicy paints of any shades (green, blue, violet), or, conversely, the delicate color scheme of the same colors. The main thing is not to abuse too dark colors, so as not to give the image excessive gloom.

You will not meet a person with monophonic eyes, unless he has used colored lenses. As a rule, one or several additional shades are mixed with the main eye color, which must be taken into account when applying makeup.

Advantageously shade hair color

  • Brunettes black ink is best suited, giving the eyes great mystery. Select shadows and eyeliner depending on the natural shade of the eyes, taking into account also the color of the skin. Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes is quite simple, because their appearance is expressive in itself. Dark-brown girls are perfectly suited for golden-brown tones, while fair-skinned “Snow White” can afford delicate and romantic shades of pink, lilac and blue.
  • The same tips would be appropriate. for brown hair , with the only difference being that the light tones of the shadows will not be able to emphasize your beauty favorably. It is better to use golden brown, gray and slightly darker blue and green colors.
  • Fair-haired brown-eyed girls it is preferable to use a dark brown eyeliner, as black will stand out too clearly against the background of your hair. On such girls, natural makeup looks great without obvious accents, but this does not mean that games with color are contraindicated to you. Use color eyeliner, cornflower blue, olive or violet, and eye shadow shades to highlight the eyes.
  • Hazel eyes are less common in blondes , and even less often in red . Owners of blond hair need to be especially careful with the choice of colors for makeup. you should give up black mascara and eyeliner if you do not want to look too defiant. Give preference to brown, blue, violet shades and choose shades of pastel colors - warm peach, sand or chocolate to create a light make-up that does not burden the look.

If the skin is naturally pale enough, then you need to avoid reddish tones, excessive yellowness and too bright greens, as they will give your face a tired, sickly look. Do not completely abandon such a color scheme: you just need to choose the right shades! For example, instead of lush greens, use olive shades.

Makeup stars with brown eyes.

Who else to learn, if not from the stellar owners of brown eyes? Professional make-up artists are engaged in their make-up, and there should be no mistakes here. Consider two typical examples with different hair colors.

Typical burning brunette with brown eyes You can call the incomparable Kim Kardashian. Being the owner of large expressive eyes, Kim perfectly selects both natural and dark makeup for brown eyes.

If you also have dark skin and black or very dark hair, then you should pay attention to the makeup of this diva.

For everyday makeup Use natural colors to match your skin. It can be powdery, pastel or smoky shades of shadows and black mascara. You can allow yourself the use of black eyeliner in daytime makeup, due to the color of your hair it will not look vulgar.

If you decide to highlight your eyes, do not focus on the lips, let it remain on one thing.

In evening makeup, Kim most often uses the popular makeup - smoky eyes. It perfectly shades the eyes, making them even deeper and more expressive. Dark-skinned brunettes can not be afraid to use dark shades, varying them from brown to black.

Consider makeup for brown eyes, suitable for blonde girls .

Jessica Alba will be a stellar example in those days when experiments with hair color led her to a blonde.

Daytime makeup for brown eyes with light shades of hair and skin provides the most natural colors. Ideally, it looks like you did not spend a minute on it. Brown eyeliner and soft warm shades of shadows give the face freshness and openness.

When creating an evening look, it is allowed to expand the arsenal of cosmetics used. The favorite effect of smoky ice is also suitable for everyone, the main thing is to choose the right shades and carefully blend them. For Jessica, we see a soft, enveloping look that can be achieved using warm smoky tones and brighter eyeliner. Owners of a cold blonde are allowed to use a blue and blue color palette.

Day makeup: step by step instructions

What do you think if you meet an girl in the early morning with brightly painted eyes and drawn arrows? This looks at least inappropriate, so you should draw a clear line for yourself between the daytime and evening type of makeup.

A little practice, and nude makeup will not take you more than 10 minutes!

Here's another example of a light day makeup for dark brown eyes:

Evening makeup lesson for brown eyes owners

Makeup "exit" allows you to make your eyes more expressive, using a variety of color palette. Here you can take advantage of the most contrasting combinations. Consider step by step evening makeup smokey ice for brown eyes:

  • Moisturize and correct the skin of the eyelids, eliminating all possible minor imperfections using the corrector and tonal foundation. Lightly powder your eyelids.
  • Evenly spread the base for the shadows on both the upper and lower eyelids.
  • The first step in creating smokey ice for brown eyes is to apply a pencil outline: the eye contour must be highlighted with a soft eyeliner. It is forbidden to use liquid eyeliner, it will create too bright a line that you cannot shade properly. Choose a shade based on your color type, hair and eye color.
  • It is not necessary to draw a perfectly straight line: in the future its outline will soften due to shading. Start with a thin line in the inner corner of the eye, gradually expanding it to the outer. Draw a line on the crease of the upper eyelid.
  • Draw a line along the contour of the lower eyelid, following the same instructions, with the only difference being that the lower eyelid will be thinner and softer.
  • Shade the drawn line as carefully as possible - this is the main feature of this technique.
  • Select the shadows from the same color scheme as the drawn outline line. You can use several colors. The main requirement is to create smooth transitions from one shade to another. They should not be noticeable, the eye should be evenly tinted, as if the shadows themselves had spread over the eyelid.
  • Paint your eyelashes thoroughly with mascara. To create an evening look, you can use false eyelashes.

For more detailed and visual instructions on creating smokey eyes, check out the following video:

Which arrows fit

To correctly place accents, makeup artists often use arrows in the makeup of brown-eyed blondes. In the daytime, the arrow should carefully frame the natural shape of the eye and delicately come to naught. Black eyeliner may look too bright, so gray, brown colors are more suitable. In evening makeup, you can make active graphic arrows. For a more dramatic effect, black eyeliner is acceptable. In this case, the basic elements of makeup should be calm.

Lipstick color

Shifting emphasis on the lips, you should choose deep saturated shades of lipsticks with a pearly or matte finish. Wine, plum, brown, dark pink color on lips harmoniously look.

Dark lipstick makeup example

Translucent shades and glossy textures make the appearance pale, so shines and tints should be abandoned in favor of a nude varnish lipstick or lip balm with a berry tint.

Nude makeup on lips

Day and evening makeup

Day makeup for brown eyes and blond hair step by step:

  1. Moisturizing the skin, applying a primer or base. If the skin is in good condition, then just apply a moisturizer,
  2. Correction of the area under the eyes, small imperfections (spots, pimples, vascular networks), toning of the face,
  3. Eyebrow shaping. The shade of the eyebrow product should be combined with the color of the hair or be 1-2 tones darker,
  4. Drawing shadows of a darker color in the crease of the eyelid, the main color on the entire moving eyelid, highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with light color,
  5. Mascara coloring. For daytime makeup, choose light mascara that separates the cilia, giving them a rich shade,
  6. Apply lipstick.

Step-by-step evening make-up:

Brown Eye Makeup

  1. Leveling base for makeup. For an evening out, it is needed, since bright shades are used in the make-up, which means that any imperfections of the skin will manifest themselves even more against their background,
  2. Applying foundation, oval correction with a bronzer, blushing, highlighting the protruding parts of the face with a highlighter (cheekbone, checkmark above the upper lip),
  3. Eyebrow drawing. It’s important that if the eye makeup extends beyond the eye, then the eyebrows should also be drawn longer and thicker.
  4. Drawing shadows in any technique. Drawing the ciliary edge with eyeliner,
  5. Eyelash tinting. You can take voluminous, lengthening, curling mascara or use daytime, but apply it in several layers,
  6. Lipstick application depends on eye makeup. If the eyes are highlighted brightly, then lipstick should be chosen in lip color or in beige. If the eyes are not an accent in makeup, then you can safely experiment with bright colors.

Top makeup options

For the unusual appearance of brown-eyed blondes, makeup techniques such as:

  1. Smoky Eye - create a smoky effect with smooth color transitions. Great for celebrations, graduations, parties,
  2. Nude is the most classic daytime makeup. He, like no other, emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl. Such make-up uses beige, brown, golden shades. It is even possible to draw an arrow, but a muted color, for example, brown. You can add freshness to the image with delicate blush,
  3. Retro style - it's clean lines, red lips with a clear contour and black arrows. Blond hair and dark eyes with such a make-up look especially impressive. The image of the fatal beauty is suitable for dates, evening outings,
  4. Textured makeup is built on various techniques: loop, wing, embossed and others. A competent arrangement of color accents comes to the fore in such makeup. It is allowed to use sparkles, glitter, bright lipstick, shiny textures. This is, to some extent, carnival makeup.

Basic makeup mistakes

Makeup Errors

  1. Incorrectly selected tone makes the image untidy, painful, and makeup - dirty,
  2. Eyebrows too dark
  3. Drawing one color of shadows on all eyelids. This leads to the fact that the sculpture of the eye is lost,
  4. Using shades of a similar shade with eye color,
  5. Do not use brick and brown blush.

Useful tips from the stylist:

  • The simpler the better. Brown-eyed blondes themselves have a bright unusual appearance, so applying a large number of bright decorative cosmetics can create an artificial effect, the face will look like a mask.
  • You can add radiance to the skin with bronzers and highlighters. With their help, you can hide traces of fatigue on the face, give a healthy tan, and refresh the skin.

On a note. Makeup for blondes with brown eyes is based, first of all, on highlighting an unusual combination.

To get a harmonious image, you need to think in advance which products will be used. An important role is played by a properly selected tone. In order not to be mistaken with color accents, it is recommended to focus on the shade of hair.

Basic principles

Owners of brown eyes most often have a rather intense appearance, so often you just need to adjust the proportions to get a spectacular look. To get a good result, you need to follow the makeup technology, without missing a single step. You should also use high-quality cosmetics that match the color type of the girl. For daytime makeup of brown eyes, stylists recommend limiting themselves to light, light, discreet shadows. The evening option may be brighter. The images of oriental beauties are best suited to brown-eyed ladies, but you can also make a bright expressive make up, emphasizing the mysterious depth of look.

1. Everyday makeup

It is easy to preserve the natural look of the face, but to give the eye a fashionable elongated, feline shape. This makeup option requires moderation and a firm hand. At the initial stage, you need to apply a small amount of beige eyeshadow to the moving eyelid. Then, with a thin brush, the shape of the future lengthening of the eyelash line is drawn, here you need to practice to make the line smooth and elegant. Further, the distance from the line to the eyelashes is filled with eyeliner to get a beautiful arrow. The final stage is the application of lengthening mascara on the upper eyelashes.

2. Expressive eyes

A beautiful make up will turn out with an emphasis on the eyes. Make it very simple - a step-by-step photo of the makeup shows all the steps in detail. First, shades of sand and bronze are applied to the eyelid, in the middle of the eyelid and at the current angle of the eyebrow small light spots are made, a more intense color is applied to the corner of the eye. Then, along the line of eyelash growth, a dark brown tone is applied with a brush, with which a small arrow is also drawn. Then you can draw a small black arrow on the outside of the eye with liquid eyeliner, but you can do without it. Makeup ends by applying lengthening mascara to the eyelashes.

3. Embodied tenderness

Owners of dark eyes can make light makeup with light tones and look very impressive at the same time. The basis of this makeup is created by white shadows that are applied to the entire moving eyelid. Then, with a dark pigment or a soft brown pencil, an arrow is drawn along the upper and lower eyelids, lengthening the shape of the eye. And then a thin arrow is drawn with liquid eyeliner along the edge of the upper eyelashes. You can even do without mascara to preserve the special tenderness of the image. This is a great daily makeup option for brown eyes.

How to make up brown eyes beautifully?

The indicated color of the iris is already a bright and independent accent that does not need additional amplification. Answering the question of how to properly make up brown eyes, professional stylists advise not to get carried away with saturated shades, so as not to overload the makeup. Make-up should be restrained and emphasize the natural tone of the iris, and not overlap it.

Brown Eye Makeup

The optimal solution in this case will be a nude pallet. Simple everyday makeup for brown eyes - a thin layer of matte cream eyeshadow on a moving eyelid and a dark gray-brown pencil along the growth line of the upper eyelashes. Classical black mascara will complete the image.To add freshness and radiance to such a light and natural make-up for brown eyes, you can lighten the inner corner a little with shimmering shadows or highlighter.

If you want brighter colors, it is better to use a colored pencil or eyeliner, ink. A bold daily make-up for brown eyes can be easily created with the help of a neat blue, purple, turquoise or dusty pink arrow on a moving eyelid. When applying a dark or black eyeliner, the following shadows will work:

  • champagne
  • peach
  • light brown,
  • golden
  • soft pink
  • caramel,
  • bronze
  • light gray
  • honey
  • coffee with milk.

Festive make-up and visage for attending parties, dates, nightclubs can be created using any palette of shadows if their color is different from the iris. Smokey ice makeup for brown eyes remains the most popular. It can be performed in the classic version, in black and gray tones, or decorated with more saturated and vibrant shades. Beautiful makeup for brown eyes does not imply any restrictions in the range. Stylists use bold and contrasting color combinations to emphasize the depth and mystery of the look. Recommended Shadows:

  • emerald
  • blue
  • purple
  • plum
  • gold
  • gray
  • metallic
  • herbal
  • Bordeaux,
  • pink
  • lilac
  • lavender,
  • bronze
  • black
  • indigo,
  • Chocolate
  • cobalt
  • lilac
  • salad and others.

Makeup for brown eyes step by step

Daily make-up is easy to carry out, even without any stylist skills. An elegant evening make-up for brown eyes is best entrusted to a professional, having pre-selected a cosmetics palette for clothes and hairstyle. Simple types of holiday makeup can be mastered on their own.

Easy make-up for brown eyes step by step:

    Apply a matte beige base to the entire moving eyelid. Select the outer corner with black shadows. Feather.

Brown Eye Makeup Ideas

Owners of iris of different shades of brown can not deny themselves experiments. Both nude makeup for brown eyes and evening make-up options in any gamut emphasize the depth and attractiveness of the look. The effectiveness of the make-up depends not only on the tone of the iris, but also on the color of the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, so stylists advise taking these criteria into account when choosing a palette of shadows, pencil and mascara.

Makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Fatal women with fair skin and dark curls will use a restrained make-up, because the emphasis on the face is already present. Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes can be done as simple as possible - black eyeliner or pencil and mascara. You should not achieve the effect of "spider legs", naturalness is in fashion. Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair with a natural skin tone is best done in cool shades. Warm range is recommended to dark-skinned women. Suitable shades for brown-eyed brunettes:

  • peach
  • beige
  • purple
  • blue
  • light brown,
  • golden
  • pink
  • gray
  • sea ​​wave,
  • olive
  • emerald
  • Bordeaux,
  • dark and light green
  • turquoise,
  • indigo,
  • mint.

Makeup for brown-eyed brown-haired woman

Chocolate hair and brown iris are the perfect combination, the look of such women is enveloping and alluring. A successful make-up for brown eyes in this case involves a beige-golden palette of shadows. Black eyeliner and mascara helps to emphasize the tone of the iris and make it more saturated. Day and evening make-up for brown eyes and coffee shades of curls stylists advise to perform using such shadows:

  • cognac
  • bronze
  • blue
  • blue
  • creamy
  • orange
  • cream
  • pink
  • Cherry
  • gold
  • dark brown,
  • olive
  • champagne
  • any shades of green
  • ocher,
  • black ones.
  • turquoise
  • bright orange
  • yellow green
  • purple
  • turquoise
  • indigo,
  • lilac
  • Cherry
  • dark gray
  • metallic
  • pink
  • coral
  • bronze
  • terracotta
  • blue
  • chocolate
  • Marsala,
  • dark green
  • copper.

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes

A dark iris and light strands are an amazing and rare combination, so the makeup must be selected carefully. Makeup for blondes with brown eyes and pale skin excludes the use of green, reddish and golden eyeshadows. The listed shades will give the face a painful, haggard look. Similarly, you should abandon black eyeliner and mascara, replacing them with dark brown makeup. Eye-catching colors can be applied to create makeup for brown eyes with a natural beige tone or dark skin. Other recommended types of shadows:

  • sand
  • coffee
  • peach
  • purple
  • soft pink
  • honey
  • light lilac
  • caramel
  • golden brown
  • turquoise
  • silvery
  • green
  • lavender
  • olive
  • light gray
  • mother of pearl blue
  • metallic
  • blue ones.

Makeup for brown-eyed redhead

Fiery curls already well emphasize the warm color of the iris. The correct makeup for brown-eyed girls with red hair helps to strengthen this effect. In daytime make-up it is better to do with discreet palettes of shadows, light and matte pigments. Calm makeup for light brown eyes can only be created with eyeliner and black mascara. Evening makeup options are performed using bolder shades of cosmetics:

  • bright green,
  • blue,
  • turquoise,
  • mint,
  • heavenly,
  • light blue
  • brick,
  • copper,
  • burgundy
  • olive,
  • dark brown,
  • bronze,
  • milk chocolate,
  • gold,
  • graphite
  • khaki,
  • swamp
  • ocher.

4. The shining look

The photo shows a step-by-step version of a light evening make-up for brown-eyed girls. Shiny shadows are a great choice for a party. Light shine should be applied to the entire upper eyelid, then a bronze shade is applied to the corner of the eye, with their help the border of the moving eyelid is drawn. Then a thin arrow is drawn with liquid eyeliner. The final touch is the application of mascara on the eyelashes.

5. Soft smoky look

Delicate Smoky eyes are perfect for girls with porcelain-fair skin and hair. Make it easy. In the first step, an expressive arrow is drawn in black or chocolate-brown pencil along the upper eyelid and in the corner of the lower. Then, beige and pink shades should be applied to the upper eyelid. Next, with a brush with dark shadows, the arrow is shaded in the outer corner to get a graceful haze in the corner of the eye. Then you need to draw an arrow with a pencil to get a clear line. The finishing touch is a soft shading that erases sharp contrasts.

6. Game of color

The beauty of brown eyes is perfectly emphasized by shades of blue and turquoise. Makeup with their help is done in the following sequence: first, sandy pink shades are applied to the entire upper eyelid, then the outer part of the eyelid is covered with blue shades, white shadows are applied under the eyebrow, they will help to “open” the eye. An arrow is drawn along the upper line of cilia growth using liquid eyeliner. Mascara can be applied to the upper eyelashes - holiday makeup is ready.

7. A bold look

For girls who are ready to attract glances in the afternoon, you can recommend pretty intense makeup using brown-purple eyeshadow. A step-by-step photo of bright makeup for brown eyes shows all the stages of applying cosmetics. First, purple shadows are applied to the upper eyelid, with increasing intensity to the corner of the eye. Under the bend of the eyebrow light shadows are superimposed. Then a light arrow is drawn and the eyelashes are tinted with mascara. Such makeup is suitable for everyday life, and for an evening out.

9. Classics of the genre

For evening going out it is not necessary to do a very intense makeup, in some cases, restrained make-up can emphasize youth and seriousness of the girl. First you need to apply light pink or sand shadows on the upper eyelid, then draw a graceful arrow on the upper and lower eyelids. The mascara applied to the eyelashes will complete the image.

10. The charm of the East

Sophisticated make-up in oriental style will give a special charm to a girl with brown eyes. First you need to apply light yellow shadows on the upper eyelid, then the corner of the eye is stained with chocolate brown shadows, then an arrow is drawn with charcoal black shadows and carefully shaded to get a thick shadow. At the last stage, eyelashes are well stained with lengthening black mascara.

If you are ready to share the secrets of makeup for brown eyes, send your step-by-step photos, we will publish them on the site. We are also waiting for your feedback and comments!

Watch the video: Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial. Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes (February 2020).